7 Top Auburn Hair Dyes For Every Skin Tone In 2024

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The wind is getting colder and leaves are changing colors. Yes, fall has arrived. Things around you are turning red, orange, and brown. And, that includes people’s hair.

beautiful woman with dark auburn hair smiling

There’s something about this season that makes people want to look for the top auburn hair dye.

It’s like they love how the rich auburn color gives life and warmth to the cold and gloomy season, and they want to express that with their hair.

While some people want to blend in with the autumn theme.

Or, for others, auburn hair dye is so flattering that it just keeps on coming back as a trend, year after year.

And, if you want to join the trend, we’re here to help you find the right auburn shade for you.

Clairol Natural Instincts, Light Auburn
Best Overall
  • Demi-permanent
  • Perfect for warming up the hair
  • Gentle, hair-loving ingredients
Clairol Nice’n Easy, Medium Auburn
Budget Pick
  • Permanent
  • Easy to use
  • Made with natural ingredients to lessen hair damage
Madison Reed Color Therapy Color Depositing Hair Mask, Zucca
Premium Pick
  • Semi-permanent
  • Condition while you color
  • Adds boost and shine

Why Should You Try Auburn Hair Color?

Are you thinking of becoming a redhead but just couldn’t commit to the drastic change? Then dyeing your hair an auburn tone can be your first step.

Auburn is a combination of red and brown. It has the perfect balance of the warmth, life of red hues, and subtlety of natural browns.

Furthermore, this color flatters pretty much everyone. Whether you have warm or cool undertones, auburn can still suit you.

So, if you want to spice up your hair but you don’t want something as bold as red, then auburn is the perfect option for you.

The Auburn Color

Is it red or brown?

As I’ve said, auburn is a mix of red and brown. But, it belongs to the red family. Think of this shade as red’s rich, sophisticated cousin.

It’s similar to the color of rust. There’s a hint of red, brown, and even orange. Additionally, auburn hair is sometimes mistaken for copper hair.

Is it warm or cool?

Auburn has both warm and cool tones, but it’s mostly warm.

This makes it a great color option for any skin tone.

Finding the Top Auburn Hair Dye Shade

Auburn is such a versatile color. There’s a shade for every skin tone, hair type, and even personality.

So, there’s little to no worry about choosing what shade works best for you.

The Undertones

It’s pretty easy to tell your skin tone.

People’s complexion:

  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Dark

It’s the skin’s surface color, and it can change depending on the environment or skincare products.

But, there’s a thing called an undertone, which is the shade under the surface of your skin.

The 3 undertones are:

  • Warm (peachy, yellow, or golden)
  • Cool (blue, pink, or red tinge)
  • Neutral (balanced between blue and yellow)

You can identify your undertone by looking at your veins. Blue veins mean you have a cool undertone, and green veins mean you have warm.

But, if you can’t be sure whether your veins are blue or green, then you have a neutral undertone.

People with warm undertones can opt for redder auburn to compliment their skin. But, warmer brown-based shades of auburn hair dye can look good, too.

If you’re cool-toned, look for cool auburn shades with tinges of brown, burgundy, or maroon.

Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Whether you prefer an auburn shade that’s so subtle it doesn’t even look like red, or a bright ginger auburn, this color can add depth and warmth to your look.

Light Auburn

This shade is a rich, vibrant auburn, the kind of hair you’ll think of when ginger is mentioned.

Light auburn hair complements both cool and warm complexions. It’s also perfect for auburn highlights.

Dark Auburn

This is a very chic shade that flatters warm and neutral tones.

It’s a rich, chocolatey color that gives a vivid contrast if you have fair skin. If you don’t want to stray too far from your brown hair color, then go for dark auburn hair.

Auburn Brown

Another deep color is auburn brown. It leans more on red hues, so it looks like dark maroon.

It’s the perfect shade if you want to have a mysterious and sophisticated look.

Natural Auburn

Some people have natural auburn hair that tends to be coppery or gingery. This is known as the classic auburn color.

This color warms up the complexion and looks great on everyone, but it’s best for people with pale skin.

Rich Auburn

This deep auburn has more red pigments than brown, so it looks like a dark red. It’s perfect for textured hair because it intensifies the waves.

Red Auburn

Red auburn is a bolder shade, like a warm berry that’s so appealing to the eyes.

It’s the perfect shade of red to use as highlights to natural brown shades.

young woman with beautiful auburn hair looking at a tempered glass of building

Dyeing Your Hair Auburn at Home

While we suggest that you let a professional do the coloring, it’s not impossible to achieve this trending hair color at home.

With all the auburn hair box dyes available on the market, it will be easy to make your hair auburn.

Just make sure that you choose the right shade for you, as we stated above.

Also, take note that the color you will achieve will depend on what color your hair is now.

If your has is naturally light, then that’s a good base for getting any auburn shade.

But, if your hair is brunette or darker, you may need to pre-lighten your hair first especially if you want to have a lighter or brighter auburn.

What’s more, if you still can’t pick from the wide range of readily made auburn hair dye, you can mix your own colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Lastly, follow your hair dye application with the top hair care to maintain your auburn color.

Finding the Perfect Auburn Hair Dye

Now that you’ve decided to take the DIY route, you need to understand how hair dye ingredients work. This will help you pull off a satisfying result.

First, let’s talk about the different hair dye types.

Temporary Hair Dye

This hair dye can change your hair color instantly. It coats your hair with color, but it will not be absorbed by the hair strands. It’s only good for a day of fun, as it will wash off in the shower.

Temporary hair dyes are in powder, spray, chalk, or gel form.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a blend of conditioning ingredients and color. It has no ammonia and doesn’t need to be mixed with a developer.

You can apply it directly to your hair. That’s why it’s also called direct dye.

This type of dye only deposits on the hair and doesn’t lift, so you can’t go lighter than your actual hair color. Plus, the color will fade in 4-12 washes.

If you have brittle, damaged hair, this hair dye is for you.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

This type is chemically milder than permanent dyes because it has no ammonia and it contains a low level of hydrogen peroxide.

It can get inside the hair cuticles, so it has a little lightening effect. Demi-permanent hair dyes can also add shine, so they’re used as hair gloss.

Permanent Hair Dye

It’s called permanent because it permanently changes your hair. The color will fade gradually, but it will not completely wash out.

Permanent hair color can be used to lighten or darken hair, as it can go deep into the hair cuticles.

7 Top Auburn Hair Dyes

You’ve learned about the different auburn shades and hair dye types. Now, we’ve narrowed it down to these top picks for the top auburn hair dye.

Top Temporary Auburn Hair Dye

High Beams Intense Spray-on Hair Color, Auburn

We love this perfect tool for adding subtle highlights or making a bold statement. This Salon Grafix product is great for streaking, tipping, or frosting your hair. 

Primary Benefits: Salon-quality, full coverage formula; washes off easily


  • Spray-on, easy to use
  • Washes off in one shampooing
  • Will not harm your hair
  • Best for warm tones

Add highlight or color to your hair, instantly!

Top Semi-Permanent Auburn Hair Dyes

Madison Reed Color Therapy Color Depositing Hair Mask, Zucca

We love how this hair mask is quick and easy to use. Just apply directly to your hair in place of your conditioner and wait for 5 minutes, and you’ll have your much-needed color boost!

Primary Benefits: refreshes color and tone; intensely hydrating


  • Formulated with hair-loving nutrients
  • 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free
  • Works best on blonde, brunette, or auburn hair
  • Suits warm, cool, or neutral tones

If you want your hair to look and feel good, then this hair mask is the one for you!

dpHUE Gloss+, Auburn

We love this color-boosting, semi-permanent hair dye, and deep conditioner. You can nourish while you color.

Primary Benefits: Enhances and deepens your natural hair color; doesn’t cause damage to your hair


  • Use whenever, no mixing is needed
  • Vegan formula
  • Adds shine to your hair
  • Great for all skin tones

If you can’t have a salon appointment yet, freshen up your color with dpHUE Gloss+

Top Demi-Permanent Auburn Hair Dye

Clairol Natural Instincts, 6R Light Auburn

We love that Clairol has a demi-permanent box dye option. It’s perfect for a low-commitment hair change.

Color will last up to 28 washes and won’t cause much damage to your hair.

Primary Benefits: radiant, healthy-looking hair; good for gray coverage; easy to apply


  • Has coconut oil and aloe vera extracts
  • No-drip, cream formula
  • Gentle on all hair types
  • 80% vegan ingredients
  • Best for cool tones

Brighten your locks the natural way with Clairol Natural Instincts!

Top Permanent Auburn Hair Dyes

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, 4.68 Dark Auburn

We love this permanent box of hair dye because it delivers rich color. It also comes with a protecting serum, perfect to use on the tips of your hair.

Primary Benefits: Doesn’t dry out hair; good staying power; intense caring color


  • Enhanced with Kbond-plex for less hair breakage
  • Full gray coverage
  • Gives strong contrast to cool, pale skin

Say goodbye to grays and hello to youthful hair with Schwarzkopf Keratin Color!

Clairol Nice‘n Easy, 5R Medium Auburn

We love its easy-to-use, non-drip formula and its affordability. Plus, the color lasts for up to 8 weeks.

And aside from medium auburn, there are 49 other shades available!

Primary Benefits: natural-looking color; perfect for covering graying red hair


  • Uses Color Blend technology to create highlights and lowlights
  • Covers grays
  • Has mild scent
  • Best for warm tones

The medium auburn shade looks great after application and even looks better as it fades. We definitely recommend this hair color.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color, 45 Bright Auburn

We love the Bright Auburn shade because it makes your hair stand out.

Primary Benefits: natural-looking, long-lasting color


  • Works best on warm blonde or light brown hair
  • With keratin for deep conditioning
  • Can be used on salon-treated hair
  • Suits cool tones

If you want to have a noticeable hair change at home, try the Revlon ColorSilk in this shade!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Auburn Over Brown Hair?

Dark auburn shades can be put over brown hair. This will add a tinge of red to your hair color. 

However, you won’t see noticeable results if you apply light auburn shades on dark brown hair.

Do You Have to Bleach Your Hair to Dye Auburn?

If you have dark hair, you need to bleach your hair first so you can achieve the right auburn shade.

But, if you have light brown or blonde hair, your base is good to go.

Young female with red auburn hair in white dress holding white dove

Go Get That Auburn Hair!

Auburn hair is popular this season, but to be honest, you can rock it any time of the year. It really never goes out of style.

If you want to dye your hair auburn, choose from the many shades and dye types we’ve recommended.

It’s easy to buy, and easy to apply, so you’ll be slaying that spicy look in no time.

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