How to Mix Hair Colors Like a Pro

How to Mix Hair Colors Like a Pro

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Mixing hair color can be a fun and creative way to change up your look.

There are a variety of hair colors available, so you can find the perfect one for your personality.

You can also choose to mix different colors together to create new shades.

With so many options available, there’s no reason not to experiment with hair color.

woman squeezing hair dye into a bowl to mix hair colors

Can I Mix Hair Dye?

The answer to this question may surprise you.

A number of hair dye products are available in a variety of colors, and many people believe that you can mix them together to create a new color.

The reality is that mixing hair dyes can be dangerous and potentially irreversible.

If you’re considering mixing different hair dyes, be sure to do so only under the supervision of a professional.

Many people are curious about the possible interactions between hair dye and other medications because there have been some reports of color changes or allergic reactions when these products are used together.

However, the FDA has not yet issued a warning about mixing hair dye products.

It’s always best to consult with your doctor before using multiple hair dye products, as their individual ingredients may interact in unpredictable ways.

Mixing different types of hair dye can create unexpected results, so be careful!

What Combination Of Hair Color Is Popular?

Combination hair colors are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many different ways to create them.

Whether you want to add some color to your hair or just change it up a bit, there is a color option for you.

Here are five combinations you can try using two different hair colors at once:

1) Blonde and brown hair

  • A beautiful, classic combination
  • Brown tones can add depth and richness to blonde hair
  • Blonde highlights can give brown hair some life

2) Blonde and red hair

  • Red tones can make your blonde hair appear more vibrant
  • Add brightness to your look
  • Pairing red with blondes is a popular choice
  • Unique look – very different from a typical blonde-haired woman

3) Blonde and black hair

  • Very unique combination
  • Add dramatic contrast to blonde hair
  • Adds interests

hair dye in a black bowl with pink brush and mixed hair color samples

Hair Color Mixing Guide

This hair color mixing guide is designed to help those who are considering coloring their hair.

While there are many hair color combinations that look great, some may not be the best choice for your skin tone or hair texture.

Pay attention to the following tips when choosing a hair color:

1. Research

This is no time to skimp – Do your research to find the right color!
Check websites for hair color recommendations – based on skin tone and hair type

2. Plan time spent in the salon

  • Consider the amount of time you plan to spend in the salon
    It is easy to go crazy with hair color, but if you are going to be away for long periods of time – #notsomuch 

3. Easy maintenance

  • Choose a color that is easy to maintain
  • Choose a low-maintenance hair color
  • Don’t choose a color that is too light (will make it hard to cover gray hairs)

4. Consider the look

  • Consider the type of look you are going for
  • Certain colors will make you stand out (while others will blend in)

5. Try something new

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Going to the trouble of getting your hair colored? Consider all your options!
  • Refresh your look with a new blend of colors

You don’t have to go crazy, but a little lighter or a little darker can add that extra touch!

6. Find an experienced hair colorist

When mixing hair color it is no time to wing it!
You will want to be sure to choose a hair colorist with experience. – This can save you a lot of buyer’s remorse. #trustme

7. Ask for help!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you want to feel confident in your choice  Remember, all of us were once beginners!

8. Hair color is not permanent

  • Remember hair color is not permanent. (It will fade, grow, out)
  • You’ll one day again be faced once with the dilemma that plagues women all over the world:  To color or not to color?!  
  • Knowing color isn’t permanent also gives you the freedom to try something new without feeling stuck with it for life. Phew!

9. Unrealistic expectations

  • Don’t expect the results to be perfect right away
  • Don’t be discouraged – It takes time for the color to develop and look natural

What Do You Mix Hair Color With?

Mixing hair color can be a fun way to add variety to your look.

Some people like to change up their hair color every few weeks, while others stick with one color for years. #toeachtheirown

There are a lot of different hair color combinations that you can try, so find one that works best for you.

While there are endless combinations of hair colors that can be mixed together, there are some basics that should always be considered.

For hair color to look its best, it is important to:

  1. Match the shade of the hair to the desired hue of the hair dye
  2. Read the ingredients carefully in order to avoid any allergens or adverse reactions
  3. Some prefer to mix different shades of hair color together in order to create unique hues

Hair Color Mixing Calculator

There are many ways to mix hair colors, but if you want them to look accurate and natural-looking, the best way is to use a professional hair colorist.

Follow these easy tips to get the perfect color match:

1. Digital photo of desired hair color

Start by recording the digital photo of your desired hair color before you start mixing different shades together. This will help you keep track of your progress and ensure that the final product is looking accurate.

2. Skin tone

Analyze your skin tone in relation to each hair color that you plan on using.

For example, if you have a medium skin tone with a lot of pink in it.

Then the best hair color to use for you would be a cool-toned blond with golden undertones and red highlights.

3. Consult a professional

The best way to figure out which color is the right one for you is to consult with a professional hairstylist.

4. Consider color family

Try to use colors from the same family.

For example, if you are trying to mix red and blond hair colors together, try to use colors from the same family (red and blonde).

5. General rule of blending colors

A light color over a darker color is generally easier to blend together.

6. If you have your hair colored at a salon, ask the stylist what type of products they use in their shop.

How to Mix Hair Colors At Home

Mixing hair dye at home is a popular way to create a unique hairstyle.

There are many hair color formulas to choose from, so it is important to choose the right one for your hair type and skin tone.

Follow these four tips to mix hair colors successfully at home:

1. Choose the right hair color formula

Many hair color formulas come in a variety of shades, so it is important to find the right one for your skin tone and hair type.

Try several formulas to find the best one.

  • Dark hair and pale skin – try light-brown hair coloring or light blonde with a golden undertone
  • Black hair – use a brown or red formula.
  • Medium-brown hair – use a dark brown or red formula
  • Light-medium hair and fair skin – golden blonde with a slightly yellowish undertone

2. Check the hair dye mixing color chart

If you are uncertain which color to choose, check the hair color chart to find a shade that is closest to your skin tone.

3. Make sure the formula has UV protection

UV light can fade hair color faster and make it look dull and dry. #notagoodlook

It is also the main cause of hair breakage, so it is better to choose a formula that protects your hair from UV rays.

4. Only use professionally-manufactured products


5. Do not comb or brush your hair after you have colored it

Your hair deserves a rest coloring – give it some breathing room.

6. Use a diffuser to dry hair

Dry your hair with a diffuser or hair dryer.

A hair diffuser is a great way to reduce the amount of heat that your hair receives from a blow dryer or flat iron.

Added bonus: It also helps to reduce frizz and flyaways! #praisethelord!

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In conclusion, hair color mixing is a great way to achieve the perfect shade for your hair.

It is also a way to experiment with new colors and find the perfect combination for your skin tone and personality.

So, if you are looking to change up your hair color, give hair color mixing a try!

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