7 Best Lavender Hair Dyes For an Ethereal Look

7 Best Lavender Hair Dyes For an Ethereal Look

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If you think blonde and brunette hair is so last season, switch to a more striking and beautiful hair color: lavender!

This unique hair shade has taken the world by storm with its dreamy and ethereal appearance.

hairstylist applying lavender purple hair dye on a clients hair

While dyeing your hair with this soft, muted tone of purple may seem like a great leap of faith, trust us when we say you will never be disappointed with the results.

In fact, a lot of beautiful women have already expressed their individuality and creativity with their lavender hair!

If you’re ready to hop on this trend and transform your hair color, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the best lavender hair dyes on the market in this article. Check them out below! 

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Periwinkle Hair Dye
Editor's Choice
  • Vibrant color payoff
  • Cruelty-free
  • Deep conditions
Celeb Luxury Color-Depositing Colorwash Shampoo in Lavender
Premium Pick
  • Color-depositing product
  • Moisturizes and softens hair
  • Maintains and refreshes pastel color
Revlon ColorSilk Digitones Permanent Pastel Lavender Hair Color (92D)
Budget Pick
  • Delivers vivid color
  • Infused with keratin
  • Salon-quality results

Factors to Consider Before Getting Lavender-Colored Hair

Take note of the important factors you need to consider before dyeing your hair lavender below. 

Hair Health

Prior to getting a dye job, it’s vital to take the condition of your hair into account first to achieve the best possible results.

If you suffer from dry, damaged, or brittle hair, it’s best to prioritize the health of your hair and focus on its restoration first before dyeing it.

However, if you really wish to dye their hair, you may opt for semi-permanent hair dyes, as these do not include harsh chemicals found in permanent hair dyes.

Current Hair Color

Additionally, your current hair color can affect the final results of your dye job. If you have dark-colored tresses, you may need to lighten your hair with bleach before dyeing it lavender for richer color payoff. 

The bleaching process can be damaging to your hair, so it’s important to take the proper precautions and follow the instructions for bleaching your hair at home carefully.

You can also consult a professional hairstylist for advice on how to achieve your desired hair color safely and effectively to prevent bleaching disasters. 

Skin Undertone

Lavender hair can look stunning on a wide range of skin tones

However, it’s still crucial to consider which shade of it goes best with the undertones of your skin color to ensure you get the most flattering results. 

Lavender is a cool shade of purple that typically matches those with cool undertones. That said, if you’ve got warm undertones, vibrant or warmer shades of lavender can make your skin look radiant.

If you have a neutral undertone, lucky you! You can wear any shade of lavender and look fabulous. 


Lavender hair requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. 

You may need to touch up your roots every few weeks. Plus, you’ll also have to avoid using harsh shampoos and heat-styling tools to prevent your hair color from fading too quickly.

Additionally, you’ll need to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner such as the Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair for proper color maintenance.

Preferred Type

Thanks to the many available options on the market, you are given the liberty to choose the type of dye you want! 

Lavender hair dyes are available in both semi-permanent and permanent formulas. So whether you want a short-lived hair color or a long-lasting dye job, you’re free to make the call.

To help you make the right choice for your needs, consult this table to see the differences between semi-permanent and permanent hair dye.

Permanent Hair DyeSemi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Designed to penetrate the hair shaft
  • Uses ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to open the hair cuticle
  • Provides long-lasting color for up to six to eight weeks
  • Can cover gray hair
  • Requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient option for busy people
  • Gives professional-looking results that look natural and polished
  • Designed to partially penetrate the hair shaft
  • Don’t contain ammonia
  • Typically uses a small amount of peroxide to open the hair cuticle
  • Temporary; typically lasts for a few weeks
  • Gradually fades over time when the hair is washed or exposed to external elements
  • Can be a good option for people who have sensitive scalps or dry and brittle hair 0
  • Great for those who want to experiment with a new color without committing to a permanent change

Dye Ingredients

Remember that it’s always important to read the ingredient list of your chosen hair dye product carefully before making a purchase, especially if you have sensitive skin. This way, you can avoid potential irritants or allergens. 

Here are a few common dye ingredients that may irritate your scalp or pose health hazards:

  • Ammonia — This ingredient is commonly used in hair dyes to open up the hair cuticle and allow the color to penetrate the hair shaft. However, it can be harsh and irritating to the scalp.
  • Parabens — These chemical preservatives are often used in hair dyes and other personal care products to prevent the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, several studies have linked them to different health issues, including hormone disruption.
  • PDD — Paraphenylenediamine or PDD is a common ingredient in permanent hair dyes that helps create darker colors. However, it is determined as a potential allergen that can cause skin irritation and even anaphylaxis in some people.
  • Artificial fragrances — These are often added to hair dye formulas to mask the odor of strong-smelling ingredients like ammonia, but the problem is they can be a potential irritant and may even cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin. 
  • Drying Alcohols — Solvents such as ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are found in hair dyes because they act as preservatives and help distribute colorants and other ingredients evenly in the dye formula. However, they can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Be sure to thoroughly read and follow the instructions provided on the packaging of the hair dye.

Some hair dyes, despite giving excellent results, could still contain harsh chemicals that can cause adverse reactions to the skin if not used properly. 

Also, we recommend doing a patch test first before applying any hair dye product all over your head.

It’s a simple process that can help you prevent potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivities that may be caused by the hair dye.

Lastly, it’s always best to opt for hair dye products with nourishing and hydrating formulas. Not only do they help you achieve the hair color you want, but they also give your hair the care it needs!

Professional vs. DIY Dye Job

If you have dark, damaged hair, it may be best to have a professional colorist dye your hair lavender. They can help you achieve your desired shade and ensure that the color is applied evenly.

However, if you’re confident enough in your hair dyeing skills and experience, you can try dyeing your hair lavender at home. 


Other considerations you need to make before dyeing your hair include your job and your lifestyle.

Some professions may have hair color restrictions that prohibit employees from sporting unnatural hair colors. So make sure to check the dress code at your workplace before you head to the salon. 

Additionally, if you lead an active lifestyle, you may need to wash your hair more frequently, which can cause the lavender color to fade more quickly.

In this case, it may be best to either opt for a permanent lavender hair dye product or go for a natural, lower-maintenance color that’s closer to your current hair color to avoid tedious upkeep. 

Best Lavender Hair Dyes

Excited to have a deep dive into our collection of the best dyes for lavender hair? Check out our top picks below! 

Take note that these products work best on those with naturally light-colored or bleached hair.

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Periwinkle Hair Dye

Are you big on cruelty-free hair dyes? Get this amazing vegan product from Arctic Fox!

Key Benefits: Provides vibrant color payoff; doesn’t stain; deep conditions your hair


  • Semi-permanent
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, alcohol, and PDD

Expect well-conditioned hair after dyeing your hair lavender with this cruelty-free product!


We found a cruelty-free, all-natural hair dye product from Arctic Fox that contains no drying alcohols, PDDs, and other harsh chemicals.

It has a highly-pigmented formula that also hydrates your hair after dyeing, keeping it healthy and moisturized. Plus, it’s designed to bleed and stain less, ensuring hassle-free application.

This hair dye offers incredible results that give you a dreamy lavender hair color while making your hair soft and smooth to the touch!

Revlon ColorSilk Digitones Permanent Pastel Lavender Hair Color (92D)

Has lavender always been your dream hair color? Make your hair goals a reality with Revlon’s permanent lavender hair dye!

Key Benefits: Delivers vivid color; leaves hair shiny; contains keratin


  • Permanent
  • Free of ammonia
  • Salon-quality results

Get shiny lavender hair without compromising your hair health by using this ammonia-free and keratin-infused hair dye!


Revlon’s expertly-formulated permanent hair dye comes with a very affordable price tag, which means you can easily get that long-coveted lavender hair color because of its very affordable price tag!

This product contains high-definition pigments that deliver vivid color payoff, giving you a hair transformation like no other. 

Plus, it has a gentle formula. Not only is it made without ammonia, but it’s also infused with hair-loving ingredients such as keratin to leave your hair softer, stronger, and healthier.

A great find, isn’t it?

Celeb Luxury Color Depositing Colorwash Shampoo (Lavender)

Want a product that cleanses and dyes hair at the same time? The Celeb Colorwash Shampoo can do both!

Key Benefits: Has a non-damaging formula; moisturizes and softens hair; maintains and refreshes pastel color


  • Semi-permanent finish
  • Plant-based and cruelty-free
  • Color-depositing product

This fantastic 2-in-1 product is definitely a must-try!


One of the major breakthroughs of cosmetic technology is the formulation of a color-depositing shampoo, which can cleanse and dye hair at the same time. 

You’ll thank us later for finding one such product for you, namely this marvelous shampoo from Celeb Luxury!

This semi-permanent, plant-based product is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is apply this to wet hair for 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse and repeat the process to increase color intensity. 

This process will leave your hair clean while giving your hair a vibrant lavender color!

Additionally, because it’s formulated without harsh and irritating chemicals such as ammonia and sulfates, it also moisturizes and softens your hair.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Mochi (Lavender)

Looking for a DIY-friendly product that gives you a super-saturated lavender hair color without making a trip to the salon? Gives this amazing product a try!

Key Benefits: Damage-free, deposits vibrant color; moisturizes and boosts shine


  • Semi-permanent finish
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Has a sugary citrus vanilla scent

Don’t sleep on this amazing hair dye so you can flaunt your coveted beautiful lavender hair!


The Lime Crime Unicorn hair dye deposits super-saturated, vibrant lavender color to pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair. If this is your current hair color, the lavender hue will definitely show on your tresses!

This amazing cruelty-free hair dye is infused with hair-loving ingredients like fatty acids and vitamins that moisturize your hair and boosts its shine after the dyeing procedure. 

The best part? It’s free of harsh chemicals such as PPD, peroxide, and ammonia! So you can stand out from the crowd with lavender hair without worrying about hair damage later on.

Adore Creative Image Semi-Permanent Lavender Hair Dye (90)

On the hunt for pastel lavender hair dye that’s free of harsh chemicals and offers a luxurious color payoff? We found a great dye for you!

Key Benefits: Provides rich color payoff; leaves hair soft and silky; makes at-home dye jobs easier


  • Semi-permanent
  • Free of ammonia, alcohol, and peroxide
  • Comes with a tint applicator brush

Attract attention with your shiny lavender hair with this affordable, one-of-a-kind product!


Adore’s semi-permanent lavender hair dye features an exclusive formula with a perfect blend of natural ingredients that leave your hair with a rich lavender hue while keeping it soft and shiny!

It infuses each strand with a vibrant burst of color without using harsh chemicals like ammonia, alcohol, and peroxide.

Plus, it also comes with a tint applicator brush that enables easy and non-messy application at home! 

Ion Permanent Brights Creme Lavender Hair Color

Searching for a lavender hair dye that delivers vivid and intense color that lasts for a long time? Don’t miss out on this amazing dye product!

Key Benefits: Fade-resistant, superior gray coverage; vibrant color


  • Permanent color finish
  • Has creamy consistency
  • Relies on micropigmentation that allows deep penetration into the hair cortex

Create a stunning and eye-catching lavender-colored hair that can make a bold statement with Ion’s Permanent hair dye!


This lavender hair dye promises vibrant, long-lasting color results and also offers a great grey hair coverage!

Its micropigmented formulation is designed to penetrate the hair shaft deeply, ensuring that the color stays saturated. This means it won’t fade quickly! 

The product’s creamy consistency makes it super user-friendly and accessible to both at-home color enthusiasts and professional hairstylists alike. 

Crazy Color Hair Dye (Lavender)

Steal a second look from the crowd with your stunning lavender hair with the help of Crazy Color’s hair dye!

Key Benefits: Hydrates the hair; bright color payoff; easy to apply


  • Semi-permanent finish
  • Cruelty-free
  • No harsh chemicals such as alcohol, peroxide, and ammonia

Add an instant lavender burst to your tresses with this must-have hair dye product!


Be daring and dye your hair lavender with this hair dye product from Crazy Color! Many users swear by its high color intensity and longevity.

Why? Its cream formula is designed to penetrate the hair shaft deeply, ensuring that the color stays vibrant even after 10 to 12 washes.

The best part? It is packed with hair-conditioning ingredients such as triple oil complex, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and raspberry oil. So expect your hair to feel extra nourished after application.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is Lavender?

Many people use the hair colors lavender and lilac interchangeably, but they are not the same. 

Lavender and lilac are both shades of purple, but they have different hues and tones.

Lavender is a pale purple color with a slightly bluish tint. It is cooler and more blue-toned compared to lilac. 

Lilac, on the other hand, is also a shade of purple with a slight reddish tint. Compared to lavender, lilac is brighter, warmer, and more pink-toned. 

Does Lavender Hair Dye Work On Dark Hair?

Lavender hair dyes typically work best on light-colored hair, such as blonde or light brown hair. 

It may be more challenging to achieve a vibrant lavender hue on dark hair without bleaching it first.

If you use lavender hair dye for your dark hair, it may only leave a slight purplish tint that’ll only be visible under the sunlight.

But on the bright side, this can be a great option for dark-haired gals who still want to try out lavender hair dye but can’t sport an unnatural hair color at work because of strict office policies! 

Plus, if you don’t like lavender, you can opt for darker shades of purple that will suit your naturally dark hair. 

Does Lavender Hair Color Fade Fast?

The longevity of permanent and semi-permanent lavender hair color can vary depending on several factors. 

Permanent lavender hair color typically lasts longer than semi-permanent ones. Permanent hair color can last for several weeks to months, depending on how quickly the hair grows or how well the aftercare is done.

On the other hand, semi-permanent lavender hair color gradually fades with each wash and typically lasts for about 4 to 8 weeks.

Apart from that, factors such as the quality of your chosen hair dye, the condition of your hair, and the post-coloring routine you follow also heavily dictate how fast your lavender hair color fades. 

To help prolong its life, consider using color-safe and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. You can also try washing your hair using cool or lukewarm water. 

Also, using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil can help keep your hair hydrated and protect your lavender color against quick fading.

It’s also worth noting that even with proper care, soft pastel hair colors like lavender will inevitably fade over time. However, regular touch-ups can help keep your color looking fresh and vibrant. 

Get that Dreamy Hair Color with the Best Lavender Hair Dye!

Many people are drawn to dyeing their hair lavender because of the color’s soft and feminine look. 

But besides looking pretty, this hair color also conveys a sense of whimsy and originality. 

If you want to make the bold move of changing your hair color to lavender, then go for it and use one of our featured lavender hair dyes!

We’re excited to see you tread the path of the road less taken.

So don’t hesitate to be bold and be you!

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