Chocolate Cherry Hair Color: The Tasty Shade of Fall 2024

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Seasons change, and so do the colors around us. The sun now sets into a red sky, and trees rain down leaves in copper and mahogany hues.

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Because autumn is known for its deep, warm colors, hairstylists are always inspired to come up with shades that complement this season.

Are you ready for this fall’s hair trend? It’s chocolate cherry hair!

Inspired by one of our favorite desserts, the chocolate cherry pie, this warm shade goes well with the colors of autumn and reflects the sweetness of the pastry.

The result? A deliciously stunning hair color that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Find out how you can slay chocolate cherry hair.

What Is Chocolate Cherry Hair Color?

True to its name, this shade is a combination of cherry red and chocolate brown

That’s why you can’t simply describe it as brown, red, or auburn. It’s a dark color that’s redder in tone than black cherry and more brown than burgundy.

The chocolate cherry shade is such a magical color; it looks deep brown when you’re indoors and turns reddish when you’re under the sun.

So if you want to look a bit playful but still want to keep a warm, sophisticated look, then this shade is perfect for you.

Can Chocolate Cherry Complement Your Complexion?

Chocolate cherry color is a versatile tint that you can easily match with your makeup and clothes.

However, it flatters only the right skin tone and eye color.

Since this shade has warm undertones, it’s a perfect fit if you have a warm complexion. It’ll surely bring out your golden skin and highlight your features.

Identify Your Undertone

If you’re not sure whether you have warm or cool undertones, we’re here to help you.

Cool UndertoneWarm UndertoneNeutral Undertone
Pink skin toneGolden or yellow skin toneA mix of cool and warm; can even be olive
Blue or purple veins on the wristGreen veins on the wristBlue-green veins on the wrist
Silver jewelry looks great on youGold jewelry suits you bestLooks good in all colors
Your skin turns red and burns fast without sunscreenYour skin tans easilyYour skin tans but can also burn

If you have warm undertones, you can confidently dye your locks with a chocolate cherry color.

If you have neutral undertones, you’ll have no problem because any color suits you.

As for those with cool undertones, you can still try to have chocolate cherry hair but keep this tip in mind: Customize your color by adding a bit of a purple tinge so it looks closer to cherry cola hair dye and complements your cool undertones.

Chocolate Cherry Hair Looks

Warm-toned people can join this color trend whether they have fair or dark skin and short or long hair.

Plus, it’s a great hair dye to use with different techniques.

Full Color-Treated Hair

Do you want to go all out with this hair color trend?

The richness and vibrancy of this shade make this hair dye blendable throughout your locks.

It can also add dimension and extra thickness to your look.

You can also play around with chocolate cherry and come up with the following hues:

  • Dark chocolate cherry color
  • Warm chocolate cherry color
  • Chocolate cherry mahogany hair color

These shades work great for short hair like pixie and bob cuts, but they work well for long hair too.

Chocolate Cherry Hair Color Ombre

Now if you’re someone who doesn’t like drastic changes, you can start with this shade.

Doing an ombre style can let you test if the color will suit you. Because it’s only applied at the tip, you can chop off your hair or change the color easily if you do not like it.

The chocolate cherry hair color can still add life and warmth to your locks without the commitment of getting full color.

Chocolate Cherry Hair with Highlights or Lowlights

If you want to add flare to your chocolate cherry hair, get some highlights. The highlights give more warmth, dimension, and definition to your hair.

Chocolate cherry hair with blonde highlights actually looks wonderful!

We recommend putting on highlights using the balayage technique. It looks especially great on both straight and wavy locks.

On the other hand, it’s equally stunning if you add chocolate cherry as lowlights to blonde hair. It’s like wearing a mouthwatering dessert on your head.

Top 5 Chocolate Cherry Hair Dyes

If you want to achieve this hair color, we recommend going to a professional colorist.

But if you’re not new to coloring your hair at home, doing it yourself isn’t a problem.

You have 3 hair dye options for getting this lovely shade:

Semipermanent Hair Dyes

This type of hair coloring product is what you can use if you don’t want to commit to having chocolate cherry hair for a long time.

Semi-permanent hair dyes can start to fade in as early as 2 weeks.

You see, the pigments from this formula don’t seep into the hair strands. As a result, the color easily washes off.

Professional Hair Color

As for professional hair dye, it can be hard to achieve the shade that you want if you don’t know how to mix colors like a pro

That’s because professional hair dyes only come in tubes of coloring cream. They aren’t sold with a developer.

Hairstylists customize the color for each hair type and base hair color. They know which colors to combine and the volume of the developers they need to dye your hair.

If you ask them for a chocolate cherry shade, they’ll combine a brown shade with a red tint. They’ll add in a darker brown if you want a dark chocolate cherry red color.

While if you want a redder chocolate cherry, they’ll add more red tint.

Boxed Hair Dye

Using a professional dye can be complicated so boxed hair dye is our most recommended option.

It comes in kits of ready-made chocolate cherry shades and the specific volume of the developer you need. It’s generally made for all hair types as well. 

Boxed dyes are very convenient to use. Simply follow the instructions, and you’re good to go!

Top Chocolate Cherry Hair Color Box Dyes

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour - 3VR Deep Cherry Brown

This hair dye is really easy to use. You won’t need a hairbrush applicator for coloring because this is a foaming formula!

Primary Benefits: Foam formula; penetrates strands for deep saturation; spreads easily into roots and hard-to-reach areas


  • Doesn’t damage your hair
  • Great for brunettes
  • Vegan-friendly

Get salon-quality, stunning chocolate cherry hair the easy way with John Frieda Precision Foam Color!


This kit comes with a foaming bottle where you’ll mix the cream and the developer, making the application much easier. It also has great gray coverage.

Even though John Frieda can be on the pricey side, it is true to color and gives flawless results. Definitely worth the price.

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Hair Color - 4.68 Chocolate Cherry

We love how the dye comes in recyclable packaging that’s different from the typical hair dye box. It’s not just gentle on you, it’s also gentle on the environment!

Primary Benefits: Nourishes hair; gentle formula; vibrant chocolate cherry color


  • No ammonia, silicone, and alcohol
  • Contains botanical oat milk, soy protein, and argan oils
  • Ideal for dark blonde to light brown hair

Dye your hair without compromising its health with Schwarzkopf Simply Color!

It’s an easy-to-use product. Simply put the color cream into the bottle with a developer, give it a good shake, and apply it to your hair.

Moreover, the gentle formula ensures that your hair won’t get damaged when you use this product. However, that gentleness may be the reason why the color doesn’t last very long on your hair.

Despite that, Schwarzkopf Simply Color still made our list because it has a great color payoff and a non-damaging formula.

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme - 452 Dark Reddish Brown (Chocolate Cherry)

This cream formula has color boost technology for vibrant color results even on dark hair.

Primary Benefits: Rich, radiant color that lasts; visibly healthier hair


  • Has color boost technology
  • Contains avocado, olive, and shea oil
  • Ideal for light brown to dark brown hair

Be ready for lots of compliments on your chocolate cherry hair after using this product!


Garnier’s color boost technology lets the dye pigments penetrate deep into the hair strands to take color better.

Plus, the kit contains fruit oil concentrate that works as a hair-protecting serum and a triple-oil conditioner.

The only downside is this product’s strong chemical odor.

If you want to come up with better hair than before you color, try this hair dye out!

Clairol Nice'n Easy Permanent Hair Dye - 4RV Burgundy

Clairol Nice’n Easy’s color is intense and long-lasting, ensuring your chocolate cherry hair stays vibrant even after fall.

Primary Benefits: Creamy, non-drip formula; lowlights and highlights in one simple step


  • Contains dye molecule ME+
  • Has a blend of 3 tones and highlights
  • Perfect for naturally red hair base

Make your hair more alive with blended hues of chocolate cherry!


There are two notable things about this product. The dye molecule ME+ and its color blending technology.

The dye molecule ME+ helps reduce the risk of hair dye allergy, while the color blending technology adds highlights for dimension.

True to its name, this product is really easy to use and offers incredible results!

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour - 36 Deep Burgundy Brown

Multi-faceted shimmering tones coat every strand of hair when you use this box dye, making your hair shiny, vivid, and brilliant.

Primary Benefits: Color works well even on dark hair; 


  • Liquid gel formula
  • Adds shine to your tresses
  • Perfect for brown hair

Transform your hair from boring to brilliant with L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color!


This product contains more than the usual boxed dye kit. Aside from the color and developer combo, it also has

  • aromatic shimmer serum,
  • conditioning shampoo,
  • color booster, and
  • power shimmer conditioner.

All these products are in the kit to deliver intense, bright color without damaging your strands.

Hair Care Routine for Chocolate Cherry Color-Treated Hair

Chocolate cherry can be low maintenance because it stains the hair more and doesn’t fade as fast as other red-based permanent hair dyes.

But of course, you still have to make changes to your hair care routine to extend your color’s longevity.

How to Keep Your Color Vibrant

  • Wait at least 48 hours after coloring before you wash your hair.
  • Use color-safe and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a toning shampoo once every 2 weeks when more red tones start to show.
  • Deep condition your hair or use a hair mask to help seal in the color.
  • Avoid heat from the sun and styling tools.
A young woman with chocolate cherry hair, wearing a white t-shirt, and wearing headphones around her neck

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chocolate cherry a natural hair color?

Chocolate cherry is not considered a natural hair color because it’s a vivid combination of red and brown hues.

While you may find someone who has a natural hair color that’s a bit close to chocolate cherry, it’s extremely rare. And the color won’t be as vibrant as dyed chocolate cherry.

That’s why it’s a unique color that can turn heads when you walk by.

Is chocolate cherry hair color for short hair?

Yes, people with short hair can still attractively sport chocolate cherry hair. It can be dyed fully into pixie or bob cuts and would look just as great as with long hair.

Is chocolate cherry hair color for dark skin?

If you have a dark skin complexion with warm undertones, you can take advantage of the warmth of the chocolate cherry shade. It’s almost as if this color was made for you.

The warmth in this shade adds depth, texture, and dimension to your hair.

Having red hair can be daunting for people with dark skin. Chocolate cherry is actually an option if you want to have reddish hair without being too bold.

Can I dye chocolate cherry hair at home?

You can dye chocolate cherry hair at home using the products that we recommended above.

Tips for Effective DIY Hair Coloring

  • Choose the correct color.
  • Make sure your hair is in a healthy condition.
  • Follow instructions carefully.

Get Chocolate Cherry Hair

Chocolate cherry is a versatile shade that’s great for all hair types. Whatever your hair length and coloring technique is, the result will always be a stunning color.

It works best on skin complexions with warm undertones.

Whether you visit the salon or do the coloring at home, you’ll have sweet-looking, brilliant locks that blend perfectly with the colors of fall.

Considering other hair dye shades?

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