10 Top Hair Extension Tape-Ins That You Should Try Now

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Have you always dreamed about getting thicker, longer, and luscious hair, but your genes just aren’t cut out for it? 

Five pieces of tape in hair extensions on a white background.

Tape-in hair extensions will make your hair dreams a reality. 

Why do we believe in its magic? Installing them into your natural locks is easy, non-invasive, and would only require minimal effort for you to achieve the look of volumized and silky-smooth hair. 

However, finding the top hair extension tape-ins is not always a walk in the park, considering the thousands of bad options available in the market.

Don’t have any idea where to start finding? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re sharing with you our top 10 top picks of tape-in extensions and what you should look out for in selecting one. 

Ready to invest in the best quality tape-in hair extensions? Scroll down and pick the top ones for you.

GOO GOO Tape-in Hair Extensions
Editor's Pick
  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Strong hypoallergenic invisible tape
  • Can last up to two to four months
Hairro Tape In Hair Extension
Premium Pick
  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Durable, hypoallergenic tapes
  • Long life span
YoungSee Tape in Hair Extensions
Bduget Pick
  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Can be styled using hot hair tools, up to 356°F
  • Uses durable, hypoallergenic double-sided tape

About Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are among the quick and easy methods of upgrading your hair game. 

But how do we classify them from the other types of extensions? 

Tape-in extensions are made of virgin human or synthetic hair (manufactured fibers) that are pre-taped on strips that are about four centimeters wide using medical-grade glue. 

The tape or adhesive base that is used is very thin; that’s why it feels almost weightless, lies flat when worn on the head, and blends in seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Its installation is usually called a “sandwich method,” which is pretty easy to visualize. This method requires placing a thin layer of your natural hair between two wefts, and they are all taped together at the roots.

To guarantee the most natural look, make sure that the extensions are installed and distributed evenly in terms of texture, length, and volume around your head. 

Excited to give them a try? Before you jump the gun, let us first show you a quick run-down on what you should expect from this type of hair extension:

Light and painless when wornMay cause hair damage and scalp irritation if not installed properly
Hard to detectTakes 45 minutes to 1 hour of application time
Semi-permanent (can last four to eight weeks)Needs readjustment depending on hair growth
Reusable by adding a new tapeUsing oil-based products such as conditioners may cause slippage
Suitable for thin and very short hair
Available in several shades and textures
Can be washed, dyed, and styled
Can be installed at home

Consider These When Buying Hair Extension Tape-Ins

Tape-in extensions are becoming increasingly popular, and a lot of people are willing to invest a good amount of money in order to own a few pieces. 

When you’re just ordering hair extensions with tape online, make sure to be on the lookout for these quality signs:

Human Hair

When looking for the finest quality of human hair extensions, make sure they are made from 100% Remy hair.

The term Remy refers to human hair extensions that underwent very minimal processing and were not stripped off of their cuticles. 

Since the hair strands’ cuticles are still intact, they have an unbeatable life span and give the same lustrous shine as healthy human hairs. 

Seamless Skin Wefts

Another detail that ensures the premium quality of human hair extension tape-ins is if they are seamless, rooted skin wefts. 

What are skin wefts? This type of tape-in extension uses silicone to effectively mimic real hair growing from your scalp, making them hardly detectable. 

With skin wefts, there are no shiny panels unlike regular tapes because the hair strands in skin wefts are threaded all the way to the top.

Why Only Buy Human Hair Tape-Ins?

You will have noticed by the end of the article that the top tape-in hair extensions we recommend are made from human hair or premium Remy.

Although hair extensions can be made from synthetic hair-like fibers, we don’t really recommend them for tape-in extensions because they aren’t as durable, they can’t be styled as often as human hair, and they aren’t popularly recommended by beauty enthusiasts.

Tape-in extensions are meant to be semi-permanent and should last for up to four months, depending on how well you maintain them.

Even though human hair extensions are worth a higher price tag, they will allow for more extended wear and more styles as the wearer pleases.  

We value quality, so we want to ensure that you’re getting the best buy for your buck. If you want to go all out, go big!

Top Hair Extension Tape-Ins

Now that you’ve reached this part, we’re sure that you’re now totally convinced that tape-in hair extensions can solve your hair woes.

Excited to know what we got for you? Check out the top human hair extension tape-ins out there now!

GOO GOO Tape-in Hair Extensions

Make your hair thicker and longer without worrying about damaging your hair and scalp!

Key Benefits: Can last two to four months; easily installed and removed; thick from top to end


  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • With strong hypoallergenic invisible tape
  • Has seamless skin weft

Have fun choosing from the 18 different colors of the brand’s hair extensions!


Apart from the 18 available colors of GOO GOO’s tape-in hair extensions, they also offer different lengths that can match your desired hairstyle!

Whether you’re going for 14, 16, 20, 22, or even 24 inches long, you’re sure to find it from GOO GOO.

Their specially developed double-sided tapes are not only powerful and durable, but they’re also hypoallergenic. As such, these tape-in extensions guarantee long-lasting wear and skin-friendly adhesives.  

SUYYA Tape-in Hair Extensions

Looking for one of the best brands of tape hair extensions? Try the SUYYA Tape in Hair Extensions because it offers 100% premium quality!

Key Benefits: Feels smooth and soft; free from shedding and tangles; can last two to three months  


  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Has reusable, quality tape
  • Has seamless skin weft

What makes this brand one of the best is that it has 19 different colors of the same style. Got blonde or ebony black locks? They got extensions for you.


If you’re planning to invest in tape-in hair extensions for your own hair goals, we totally recommend the SUYYA Tape-in Hair Extensions.

The hair extensions are made from 100% premium Remy hair and feature smooth strands that are light on the head. They don’t shed or tangle too, which means easier installation and removal!

The icing on the cake? Since their tapes are of high quality, they are reusable and easily replaced. Extra replacement tapes are also packed with the hair extensions upon purchase! 

Rich Choices Real Human Tape in Hair Extensions

Want to achieve that salon-finish hairstyle in the comfort of your home? Invest in these long-lasting, lustrous smooth hair extension tape-ins. 

Key Benefits: Can last three to four months; temperature resistance up to 250 °F; doesn’t damage hair


  • 100% quality Remy human hair
  • With quality invisible tape
  • Has seamless skin weft

This quality tape-in hair extension also promises the same volume from head to tail. Totally the instant hair fix you need!

Save time and money by skipping the salon and owning one or more of Rich Choices’ Real Human Tape in Hair Extensions.

These extensions are resistant to heat with a temperature of up to 250°F, so you don’t have to worry about curling or straightening them according to your preference! Also, you’re safe to wash and even bleach them. 

The brand also offers more color options to match your style. From Natural Black to Dirty Blonde and from Highlight to Balayage, you’re free to choose the most suitable look for your needs!

Full Shine Tape in Real Human Hair

Searching for affordable tape-in hair extensions that are still of premium quality? We recommend the Full Shine Tape-in Real Human Hair Extensions! 

Key Benefits: Gentle to natural hair and scalp; can last four to six weeks; ideal for fragile and damaged hair


  • 100% real human hair
  • Has seamless skin wefts
  • Has 31 color options

With over 30 color options, this brand surely has the best extension tape-ins that can turn your hair dreams into a reality!


If you’re a bit tight on the budget and don’t want to spend a hundred bucks for hair extensions, the Full Shine Tape in Real Human Hair might just be the one for you. 

This is one of the most popular brands for tape-in extensions. It is light on the head, gentle on the hair and scalp, and reusable depending on how well you care for it. 

Do note that you are not allowed to bleach these extensions, but you are allowed to dye them with a darker color. Make sure to keep this in mind so your extensions last longer!

DOORES Human Hair Extensions Tape-in

One of the best tape-in hair extensions that we recommend is the Doores Human Hair Extensions Tape-in. This brand can help you achieve your hair goals fast and hassle-free! 

Key Benefits: Doesn’t shed or tangle; easy to install and remove; can last two to three months


  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Has transparent, durable, hypoallergenic tape
  • Has seamless skin weft

Apart from its incredible benefits, you can also select from its 22 color options! Pick the ones that will best suit your taste!


One of the best features of this hair extension is its transparent adhesive tape that’s hypoallergenic and durable. 

Once taped to natural hair, this product won’t cause hair loss or fall off easily. 

You can freely wash, straighten, or perm these as you please too. However, we do not recommend dyeing this hair extension because doing so may injure the cuticles. 

We suggest dyeing your natural hair prior to purchasing one, then choose from the 22 options available to top match the shade of your natural locks. 

Hairro Tape-In Hair Extension

Another best pick for tape-in hair extensions that wouldn’t compromise comfort over beauty? This could be one of your best bets!

Key Benefits: Easy to use; long life span; restylable


  • 100% premium Remy hair
  • Durable, hypoallergenic tapes
  • Seamless skin weft

What do you say about a product that has several color styles and textures? Amazing, right? Check this out now!


Whether you’re going for a solid, balayage, or piano color style, you can find them all in Hairro Tape In Hair Extensions! They also have multiple lengths. Choose from 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches. 

What makes this brand stand out is that their tape-in extensions can be restyled by bleaching, dyeing, or curling, and you won’t have to worry about frizz! 

The bonus part? The package contains 10 additional tapes that you can use to replace the used-up adhesives. 

ABH AmazingBeauty Tape-in Hair Extensions

Want to check out another great option for tape-in hair extensions that you can style? We highly recommend this brand for beauties like you who want to upgrade their hair game!

Key Benefits: Reusable for up to four times; painless to wear and install; can be styled using hot hair tools


  • Made from 100% real Remy hair
  • Has strong adhesive tape
  • Seamless skin weft

Many have been saying that when they install these on their heads, they often forget that they’re wearing them. Sounds totally promising!


This brand of hair extensions uses multi-tonal technology that allows them to blend seamlessly with natural hair without anyone noticing. 

Freely select from its 22 colors and multiple length options, and style them however you want! 

This comes as a pack of 20 pieces that you can install and arrange as you please. The tapes don’t pull on your natural hair or cause hair breakage and scalp problems. 

If done at home, ask for some assistance to ensure proper installation!

YoungSee Tape in Hair Extensions

Are you looking for an alternative that’s light on the wallet but still promises premium quality? You shouldn’t miss out on trying Youngsee’s Tape-in Hair Extensions!

Key Benefits: Free from shedding and tangles; feels smooth and soft; can be styled using hot hair tools for up to 356°F


  • From 100% premium Remy hair
  • Uses durable, hypoallergenic double-sided tape
  • Has seamless skin weft

Despite its affordable price tag, you can still choose from various color styles and lengths to realize your dream hairstyles!


Compared to the other extensions we shared, this one is rather more affordable, but it can still effectively compete with the others in terms of quality. Such a rare find, don’t you think?

Although this comes with skin-friendly double-sided tapes, we recommend heating them first for better adhesion, especially during low-temperature seasons. 

Also, if you opt for darker-colored hair extensions, avoid bleaching them so as not to cause irreversible damage to the extensions. In addition, keep in mind to remove them if you’re planning to take a plunge in the sea or pool.  

YMEYME Human Hair Extensions Tape in

This is a popular brand among salons because they are silky smooth as the hair in shampoo advertisements! Care to give them a try?

Key Benefits: Can be worn for up to six weeks; appears fluffy and silky; reusable


  • From 100% luxury Remy hair
  • Has seamless skin weft
  • With a specially developed, durable, painless adhesive

If you’re aiming for volumized, silky hair, this brand of tape-in hair extensions can do the fix!


This product’s specially developed adhesive tape sticks firmly yet painlessly on the head. 

Whether you’re wearing them while dancing onstage or riding a roller coaster, these extensions won’t fall off! Sounds almost unbelievable, but it’s possible with YMEYME Human Hair Extensions Tape In!

As long as you take good care of them, you can wear them for six weeks. They’re perfect for any occasion, whether it’s just for regular days at school, date nights, or your ex’s wedding! You can slay any hairstyle with these tape-in hair extensions!

Lacer Tape in Hair Extensions

Another lightweight and blendable option for premium tape-in extensions is the Lacer Tape in Hair Extensions!

Key Benefits: Easily styled; reusable; can last up to a year or more


  • From 100% Remy hair
  • Has seamless skin weft
  • With available 32 color options

These do not require chemicals and other tools for installation, so you don’t have to worry about hair damage!


Because the brand uses 100% premium Remy hair, the extensions are almost undetectable when worn with your natural locks!

What makes this one of the top hair tape extensions is they offer versatility by being easily styled or dyed, depending on your preference. Not all tape-in extensions allow these, right?

Also, they can last for up to a year or more if cared for properly! Just make sure you change the tapes every four to six weeks for best results. You should give these a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tape-In Extensions Good for Thin Hair?

Tape-in extensions are a popular choice for people with thin hair, as they give the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. 

They are lightweight and don’t damage or put too much stress on the scalp or natural hair.

Because they’re attached using medical-grade adhesive tape, they remain secure for several weeks before they need to be replaced with new tapes. 

Tape-in extensions are also less expensive than other types of extensions, such as fusion or microbead extensions, making them an attractive option for people with thin hair who want to add volume and length without breaking the bank.

Can I Get Tape-In Extensions for Curly Hair?

Yes, you can certainly get curly tape-in extensions! 

Tape-in extensions are ideal for all types of hair, including curly and kinky textures. As mentioned, they also come in various styles and colors for you to choose from.

The adhesives won’t damage your natural curls either as they use a special bonding technique that is easy on the hair and scalp. 

Plus, the tape-in method allows you to customize the look of your curl pattern with any type of texture or wave. 

With tape-in extensions, you’ll be able to have a fuller, thicker head of curls in no time!

So Are Tape-In Extensions Worth the Investment?

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions on the market today. 

People with thinning hair can greatly benefit from the added volume that tape-ins provide. 

The best part is that these extensions can be taken out and reapplied as often as you like without damaging your natural hair! 

So if you’re looking for an easy yet effective way to switch up your style, invest in tape-in hair extensions! 

We can’t wait to see your hair transformation!

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