Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know

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Have you been wanting to know the secret behind your favorite celebrities’ stunning and voluminous hair? 

The answer is… extensions.

Our hair is our crowning glory, and it sure does make a huge difference to a person’s overall appearance and confidence if we keep it thick and long.

If you are like most women who have problems with thin spots and dull hair, keratin bonds hair extensions may be a helpful option to bring back life and volume to your locks!

a close-up image of what keratin bond hair extensions looks like

This may sound like a new form of extensions, but hairstylists have been using this for quite a while now.

If you have yet to hear about keratin bond hair extensions, let us give you an easy rundown of all the things you need to know about this hair fix favorite! 

What Are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Before going to the salon and requesting for keratin bond hair extensions, you may want to acquaint yourself with these first.

Keratin bond hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that use keratin to bond the extension to natural hair, instead of the tapes or synthetic glues. 

These are also commonly known as “keratin fusions.”

These extensions consist of unprocessed human hair strands with tiny beads of keratin adhesives found at the tip of every strand.

The bonding adhesive is made of keratin protein.

Manufacturers create these adhesives from keratin, which are sourced from horse hoof, hair, and feathers, among others. These are steamed at high pressure for several hours. 

These extensions blend perfectly with natural hair because they are attached near the roots and are carefully positioned in rows. 

To further understand how keratin bond extensions are installed, read on.

How Are Keratin Bond Extensions Installed?

a hair stylist melting the keratin bond to her client's hair extensions while the rest of the hair are sectioned in a alligator clip

It is highly recommended to book a schedule at your favorite hair salon and entrust the installation of keratin bond hair extensions to trained stylists.

The complete process takes roughly two hours and more. You may want to bring your favorite book to the salon as you patiently wait for the completion of the procedure.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how this popular hot fusion method is done:

  1. Your natural hair is washed to remove dirt and excess oil. Then, it is gently combed to remove knots and tangles.
  2. After your hair has been sectioned, a small part of your natural hair will be taken and the pre-bonded extensions are placed ½ inch from the root underneath it. 
  3. The extensions are attached to the natural hair by melting the keratin bonding adhesive via a hair extension tool.
  4. After the keratin adhesive has melted, the stylist shapes it into a secure attachment by rolling it between their fingers. 
  5. The stylist will continue this process from the bottom section, then slowly move up.
  6. Once all the extensions are in place, you can comb through your hair and style it as desired.

Is there another method that doesn’t involve heat?

While the hot method is the more traditional procedure that has been proven effective over time, you may also opt for the contemporary installation called the “cold method.”

This modern method is also known as the cold-fusion technique or micro-link extensions.

This uses ultrasound waves or sonic technology to bond keratin extensions to your natural hair. 

The science behind this technique is that the ultrasound waves cause the keratin-based adhesive to crystallize, thus creating a strong bond to the natural hair. 

This enables attachment to the natural hair without heating and melting the adhesive.

Why Get Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Keratin fusion bond hair extensions have these various benefits that make them popular among stylists and customers to date. 

Safe to Use

You don’t need to worry about having allergic reactions and severe hair damage if you’re planning to have keratin for extensions. 

As previously mentioned, keratin is also found in bio hair; so, it is safe to use. It is also proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive scalp.

It is also not harsh on the hair if properly installed. Hairstylists attach the keratin extensions to your natural hair in a way that doesn’t give you headaches and other unpleasant sensations. 

If extensions are installed very close to the scalp, they add extra tension and pull on the natural hair which may result in further damage and hair loss.

Feels and Looks Natural

This hair fix is not only flawless; it also feels and looks realistic!

Keratin bond extensions are bonded to the natural hair in small portions and are positioned to follow the natural layers of your hair. 

This way, extensions are easily kept hidden underneath your real hair. The placement of the bond allows free movement, which feels comfortable and looks natural. 

a before and after of keratin bond hair extensions where the hair is looking natural and more volumized

Boosts Hair Length and Volume

This is the top reason given by most women who gave keratin bond hair extensions reviews. They get keratin bond hair extensions for added length and volume. 

Usually, women with short and over-processed hair prefer keratin bond extensions to bring back their thick and fabulous tresses. 

If you are in the same situation as these women who get keratin bond extensions, it is highly recommended to give this magic trick a try and become the popular head turner in town!

Highly Durable

If keratin bonds maintenance is done properly, they can last up to three to six months. 

But even if you don’t know how to take proper care of them in the beginning stages, they will still hold without severe tearing and breaking. However, expect some minimal shedding due to natural causes.

One of the ways to maintain keratin bonds is to regularly brush and wash them using a delicate shampoo. 

And the best part? The process of replacing and removing these extensions by a professional stylist would only take thirty minutes to complete!

Easily Styled

Apart from the volume and length, you can try on different hairstyles depending on your mood for the day!

The fun part of wearing keratin bond extensions is they can be easily curled, straightened, temporarily dyed, and customized just like your natural hair.

You are given this much freedom because they are lightweight, manageable, and highly durable.

The process of replacing and removing these extensions by a professional stylist would only take thirty minutes to complete.

Care Tips After Getting Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Although keratin bond hair extensions last for several months, they are still semi-permanent and need proper care. 

Here are some easy-to-remember care tips to help your keratin bonds extensions last longer:

  • To completely seal your newly installed keratin bonds, wait 48 hours before washing your hair.
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Keep your washes to a maximum of two per week because doing it often will result to keratin bond extensions damage.
  • Cold water is better than warm water as it prevents hair from tangling.
  • Use shampoos that are best used for hair extensions. The product must be free from silicone, sulfate, and alcohol.
  • Avoid oily and creamy hair products such as conditioners. These will make your roots greasy which may result in slippage of the bonds.
  • Before going to bed, wrap your hair up using a ponytail to avoid tangling and knots.
  • Best to own a special detangler brush. Use this in combing your extensions.
  • When styling using hot tools, do not apply high heat to the bonds because this will cause them to melt.
  • Avoid exposure to saltwater and chlorinated pool water. Otherwise, it will damage your keratin bond extensions.
  • Visit the salon regularly for a blowout treatment. This will keep your extensions smooth and silky.

Considerations Before Getting Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

This hair trick favorite may be incredible for some, but their situation might be different from yours.

There are many things to consider before getting keratin bond hair extensions, like whether or not your natural hair is healthy enough to support the bonds. 

We recommend that you look into these matters first and try to weigh whether or not getting keratin bond hair extensions is the right solution for you.

The Cost

If you want a durable, semi-permanent hair fix, we suggest you get premium keratin bond hair extensions. 

More often than not, high-quality extensions may cost you a dime depending on your preference.

Prices of keratin hair extensions vary from one salon to another.

If you want to add an average volume of hair, about 100 strands, they can cost around $500 to $800. If you want a full head of extensions, prices may go up to $3,000.

Length of Hair Extensions

The length of your keratin bond hair extensions depends on the length and volume of your natural hair. 

Those with shorter, thinner hair prefer mini-bond extensions, while those with long hair opt for medium-sized extensions.

Thickness of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions that are too thick or too thin might give more harm than good. So it’s best to choose the right thickness that’s best for your needs!

Extensions that are too thin may easily slip off your head, while super thick ones may stress your natural hair and feel uncomfortable to wear. 

For women with short to mid-length hair, we suggest you go for half an inch thick. For those with thick and long hair, it’s best to choose extensions that are one inch thick.

a hair stylist checking the finished keratin bond hair extensions of client at the mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you change keratin bond extensions?

As mentioned, you should change your keratin bond extensions after 3 to 6 months, depending on how you maintain them and how fast your natural hair grows.

Unlike other hair extension types, they do not require removal and reinstallation every 6 weeks.

When removed, there is no leftover residue and the hair returns to how it was prior to the point of attachment.

This prevents excessive removal of keratin adhesives/resins/beads, which is advantageous for clients because they can save money on added reinstallation costs.

Can you reuse keratin hair extensions?

The life of your hair extensions greatly depends on how well you take great care of them. 

With the right shampoo products and regular gentle brushing, your extensions can be reused up to three times with the assistance of a trained hairstylist.

How often should you wash your hair with keratin bond extensions?

After getting keratin bond hair extensions, you can only wash them up to two times per week.

Washing regularly will cause the keratin bonds to break. When you do wash your hair, avoid forcefully scrubbing the roots, and use shampoos with no sulfate, silicon, and alcohol. 

This is one of the most important points that you should remember about keratin bond hair extensions care.

Can you wear your hair up with keratin extensions?

Yes, you can wear your hair up even with keratin bond extensions. 

The extensions blend in easily with your natural hair, so you can style it any way you wish including wearing it up in a bun or ponytail.

Are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Worth It?

Hair loss continues to be a nightmare among women. With keratin bond hair extensions, it may just be the perfect hair fix for this prevalent problem.

These extensions are ideal for those whose dream is to have voluminous hair from the roots without worrying about complex maintenance. 

Just don’t forget about how to care for keratin hair extensions!

Although it may need time, patience, and money, we say, a little investment won’t hurt if you want to feel and look your best. 

Give these a try and say goodbye to your bad hair days. 

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