10 Top Automatic Hair Curlers for Easy, Perfect Curls

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Do you want to achieve gorgeous bouncy curls but feel tired thinking about all the effort required to use a conventional curling wand?

red automatic hair curler machine on a wood table

You’re not alone! The struggle is real, which is why automatic hair curlers might be perfect for you!

They are a great alternative to conventional curling wands. Despite curling irons giving you great curls, they can be tiring if you don’t know how to use them properly.

After all, when you use a curling iron, it can take over an hour to get through your hair (or more if your hair is thick). That can be tiring for your arms, and you even risk burning your fingers.

And what do you get? Curls and waves that may not be even? That can be exhausting after all that effort.

But there is an alternative! If you don’t have the time and patience to use a curling wand, you can use an auto curler for hair instead.

We’ll show you some of the top automatic curling irons to get those gorgeous waves faster with less effort.

Lena Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand
Editor's Choice
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Anti-stuck mechanism
  • Tourmaline ceramic care
  • Circular heating unit
Chi Spin N Curl Hair Curler
Premium Pick
  • Adjustable temperature settings for different types of hair
  • Anti-tangle function
  • Dual curl direction
  • Dual voltage
Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler
Budget Pick
  • Dual heat settings
  • Ceramic ionic technology
  • 2-way rotation

What Is An Automatic Curler?

If you have never heard of an automatic curler, it’s safe to assume that the name encapsulates what it is and does.

Also known as a rotating curling iron or hair suction curler, an automatic curler is a curling iron that curls for you. It does the twisting on its own, so you don’t have to do it.

When plugged in, the wand heats up and rotates, curling the lock of hair around it. All you need to do is wind the hair in and hold it in place.

While their purpose is the same, many of these auto hair curler devices have different looks. 

Some have the same vibe as traditional curling wands, while others have chambers where you thread your locks.

With the top automatic curling iron, you’ll achieve beautiful, uniform curls in a much shorter time with less effort.

Traditional Hair Curlers vs. Automatic Curling Iron

So how is a regular curling wand different from automated ones?

Simply put, their primary difference is how much effort you need to put in to achieve the curls you want.

Both are machines to curl hair and both can give you gorgeous curls if you know how to use them properly. Their differences are mostly a matter of convenience and preference. 

Let’s take a closer look.

With traditional curling wands, you wrap your hair around the hot barrel using your hands and hold it firmly for a few seconds.

This can present some problems. 

For one, your arms may get sore from being up for a long time (especially if you have thick hair). Plus, your fingers can get burned while wrapping your hair around the hot barrel.

And after all this effort, you may still not get the curls you want if you can’t expertly work the curling iron.

Now with automatic hair curlers or curly hair machines, you just push your strands into the tool, press the button, and the machine does all the work twisting the hair while heating it.

All you have to do is wait for the machine to unleash your curled locks.

How to Choose the Top Curling Machines

There are numerous automatic hair curlers available, and they all have one purpose. But they are also built differently. So how do you pick the top self-curling iron for you?

First, you must consider your hair type, length, lifestyle, and budget. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together some considerations you need to keep in mind when picking your perfect hair curler.

The Build

Most people buy something without considering the specifications as long as the product is pleasing to the eye. But when purchasing an automatic hair curling iron, it should be more than just the looks.

There are other physical characteristics of the machine that you should consider.

Barrel Size

The thickness and length of the barrel are essential when it comes to choosing a curler.

The size will help determine if you can use the curler for your hair length. 

Most self-curling irons can be used with long hair no matter the width, but the top automatic curling iron for long hair is one with a longer barrel or wand.

On the other hand, for short hair, the top automatic hair curler barrel is approximately 1 inch thick.

Another thing that the barrel size can determine is the type of curl the machine delivers. Larger wands create wide, loose waves, while thin barrels give tight spiral curls.


Though this factor is often disregarded, it’s still something you should consider. After all, one of the reasons you’re getting an automatic curler is convenience. 

With that in mind, a lightweight curler is more convenient to use.

Moreover, a lightweight and compact styling tool is easier to bring with you when you travel.


Speaking of convenience, you can also find cordless automatic hair curlers. These are battery-operated, so you can be mobile while curling your hair.

However, despite this convenience, some prefer corded curlers for the steady power flow. After all, you don’t want to get interrupted halfway through your curls when the machine loses power, right?

If you opt for a corded automatic hair curler, choose one with a 2-meter cord, so it’s easier to use.


Aside from the physical build, another important thing to consider is the features of the automatic hair curler.

Heat Settings

Each curling machine has different heat settings.

The basic settings include low, medium, and high, while other machines offer multiple heat options. Some hair curlers may even be customized with adjustable temperatures.

Heat settings are important because different hair types will do better with different heat levels.

When you have fine hair, you need a lower temperature to avoid damaging your locks. Limit the heat to only 250°F.

Higher temperatures of up to 400°F are suitable for coarse or thick hair for quicker curling.


Automatic hair curlers also vary in the different things they can do. For some, this can be their unique selling factor.

Some notable features of automatic curling machines include:

  • Two curl directions
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Anti-tangle alarm
  • Ceramic wand
  • Tourmaline ceramic wand
  • Titanium wand
  • Dual voltage

Choose a curler with the most features you think you’d need.

For example, a dual-voltage curling iron is perfect for those who constantly travel.

For those worried about the damage heat styling tools can cause, one with a tourmaline ceramic wand will protect against heat damage.

10 Top Automatic Hair Curlers for Every Hair Type

Now that you know what an automatic hair curler is and the different things you should look at when choosing one, let’s narrow down your search, so it’ll be easier to find your perfect machine.

Check out the best-selling and most highly-rated automatic curling irons.

Chi Spin N Curl Special Edition Rose Gold Hair Curler

We know how annoying it can be to wait for your curler to heat up before using it. That’s why we love this hair curler. It’s ready to use in seconds!

Primary Benefits: Creates flawless curls and waves; reduces frizz and static; adds exceptional shine


  • Ideal for shoulder-length hair between 6 to 16 inches
  • Dual buttons to control curl direction
  • Anti-tangle function
  • Auto shut-off

If you’re looking for an automatic hair curler that works for all hair types, the Chi Spin N Curl is for you.


Heat settings: Pre-set temperatures that can be adjusted

Power: Dual voltage

Cord: 9ft (2.7m) swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1-inch ceramic barrel

You can create beautiful curls and waves with just a press of a button with the CHI Spin N Curl. 

The section of hair is drawn into the curl chamber, which is expertly heated and timed to give perfect curls.

There are pre-set temperature settings for every hair type:

  • Low 370°F for fine hair
  • Medium 390°F for medium hair
  • High 410°F for coarse hair

But you can still adjust the temperature according to your preference or what works best with your hair.

What’s more, you can also adjust the heat-up times. All these settings are easily customized with the digital display and handy buttons.

In addition, Chi Spin N Curl uses ceramic heat technology to produce infrared heat and negative ions for shinier, healthier hair.

chi spin in curl automatic curling iron in rose gold on a marble table.

Lastly, this automatic rotating curler comes with a cleaning tool too.

With all this tool’s features, it’s definitely worth the price.

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

What we like about this product is how easy it is to change the direction of the wand’s rotation. With one push, you can vacillate between inner and outer curls.

Primary Benefits: Reduces frizz; delivers healthy and shiny curls; tangle-free results


  • Patented automated spinner
  • Tangle prevention
  • 2-way rotation
  • Ceramic ionic technology

Bring the salon to the comfort of your home with Kiss InstaWave automatic curler!


Heat settings: Dual heat settings (high and low)

Power: 110 to 120 V

Cord: 5.7ft (1.8m) swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1-inch ceramic ionic barrel

Kiss InstaWave is a fully automatic curling iron that’s super easy to use! Get instant waves at the push of a button. 

Just place the hair section as you would on a curling wand and let the curler do its job.

And you don’t have to worry about tangles because its innovative design prevents the spinning wand from getting stuck. And the ceramic coating makes hair smooth and shiny after curling.

This curler is lightweight, and the wand’s length is excellent for both long and short hair.

Kiss InstaWave can give you the same beautiful curls you’d get at a salon in the comfort of your own home. 

Lena Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand

This auto hair curler has an intelligent "anti-stuck" sensor that prevents hair from getting tangled or stuck in the curl chamber.

The power automatically cuts off when it senses pulling and tangling. And it's easy to detangle the hair and remove it from the barrel without damaging your locks.

Primary Benefits: Minimizes damage to your hair; voluminous wavy hair that lasts for hours


  • 60 minutes auto shut-off
  • Anti-stuck mechanism
  • Tourmaline ceramic care
  • Circular heating unit
  • 2-way swirling

Get a fabulous new look in minutes with Lena Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand!


Heat settings: 4 temperature settings

Power: Dual voltage

Cord: 7ft (2 m)

Barrel Size: 1-inch tourmaline ceramic barrel

Make styling more effortless with the Lena Geniecurl! All ages can use it with or without any experience. Get your hair done in minutes and enjoy a beautiful wavy hairstyle all day.

To use this curler, just insert a strand of hair in the chamber and hold the spin button until you hear the beeping sound. 

You can take out your hair after the beep or keep the curling process going longer by waiting a few more seconds before releasing it.

Giving it more time will give your hair more shape, especially if it’s thick or frizzy.

And you don’t have to worry too much about heat damage because the tourmaline ceramic heating barrel with a double-layered heat protection cover prevents burning so that it won’t cause hair damage.

Lena Geniecurl is a hair tool that works wonders but won’t break the bank.

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

The Conair Unbound has a safety tangle feature that sets off an alarm and reverses the barrel to release the hair so you can curl your hair without the tangles!

Primary Benefits: Can be used cord-free for up to an hour; offers professional curl results; easy-to-use digital display


  • 4 timer settings
  • Ceramic coated barrel
  • Multi-directional curl action
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Styling your hair couldn’t be easier with Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler. This revolutionary technology allows you to curl your hair anytime, anywhere.


Heat settings: 3 heat settings

Power: Micro USB charging

Cord: Cordless

Barrel Size: 1-inch curling barrel

This cordless tool is perfect for travel and on-the-go styling, as its small and light body easily fits in any travel bag.

It has an average run time of 60 minutes, but if used with a low-heat setting, it can last up to 90 minutes. Just remember that the run time may also vary depending on your hair type.

Plus, the Conair Unbound preserves battery life with its auto-off feature that makes the device shut off when idle for 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, this curler won’t work while charging, so you must ensure it’s fully charged before using it, especially if you have thicker and longer hair.

TYMO Rota Automatic Curler

This tool features ionic protection to keep your hair healthy and moisturized as you achieve smooth, bouncy, touchable curls.

Primary Benefits: Long-lasting curls and waves; reduces frizz caused by friction; 50% less breakage with smoother glide


  • One push left and right rotation
  • Nano-processed titanium coating
  • Ionic system
  • 60 minutes auto-off

Achieve salon curls with just a touch of a button by using TYMO Rota Automatic Curler.


Heat settings: 5 temperature settings

Power: Dual voltage

Cord: 7.9ft (2.4m) 360° swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1 ¼ inch wide, 5.5in long nano titanium barrel

Tymo Rota automatic curler looks similar to conventional curling wands, but don’t let how it looks fool you.

It’s a self-rotating curling wand. All you need to do is clamp a section of your hair and let the curler do the twisting. This will reduce your styling time by up to 50%.

This tool is designed for chest length or longer to create natural beach waves. You can change the heat settings depending on your hair texture and condition.

Suggested Temperature Settings

In addition, the tool comes with a travel bag, hair clips, and a heat protection glove.

What this styler can improve on is the size of the buttons. They are a bit small and can be difficult to see and press.

Overall though, the TYMO Rota is great for those using automatic curlers for the first time.

Salon Tech SpinStyle Pro

The wand has a built-in comb that detangles and smooths hair as you curl, ensuring great-looking, tangle-free curls.

Primary Benefits: Get effortless, long-lasting curl with less damage; frizz free; lightweight, compact design


  • Patented curl dial technology
  • Cool anti-scald tip
  • Ionic ceramic barrel

Salon Tech SpinStyle Pro is an innovative automatic curling iron for perfectly curled hair.


Heat settings: 5 adjustable temperature settings

Power: 110 to 120 V

Cord: 9ft (2.7m)

Barrel Size: 1.25-inch

Curling your hair is as easy as 1-2-3 with the SpinStyle Pro! Unlike conventional curling irons, this rotating curler delivers simplicity with perfection like a professional stylist.

Salon Tech SpinStyle’s patented curl dial grabs your hair effortlessly as it spins around the wand.

Plus, it’s 25% smaller than the brand’s previous curlers! It also comes with a heat-resistant travel pouch, so you can keep it right after using it. 

The SpinStyle Pro is the perfect styling tool for people who constantly travel and love to curl their hair.

Conair InfinitiPro Curl Secret Hair Styler

This automatic curler provides great curls and is energy efficient with a sleep mode for auto-power reduction and safety automatic shut-off features.

Primary Benefits: Reduces frizz and boosts shine; does no damage to your hair; delivers uniform curls


  • Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • Tangle-free technology
  • Auto-beep indicator

With Conair InfinitiPro Curl Secret Hair Styler, you get soft, shiny, beautiful curls every time.


Heat settings: 2 heat levels

Power: 110 to 120 V

Cord: 360° swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1-inch curl chamber

InfinitiPro Curl Secret shouldn’t be a secret to anyone who loves curls.

Its auto-curl technology gently draws hair into the curl chamber, where it is held, timed, and evenly heated from all directions to form the perfect curl.

With this tool’s dual heat and multiple timer settings, you can get curls that look just the way you want them.

The curler has three timer settings starting at 8 seconds, then 10 seconds, then 12 seconds.

For looser waves, you can choose a shorter time and lower temperature. For tighter curls, choose the high heat setting of 400°F and the longest timer setting.

Some users even recommend holding the hair in the curler for longer after the beep before releasing the curl.

This curler uses a brushless motor designed to last, making it an excellent investment because it will work for years.

The downside is that it takes practice to use this tool without getting your hair stuck. We suggest starting with only thin sections at the time.

And if your hair gets tangled inside the chamber, don’t worry! It’s easy to untangle as the curler automatically stops and releases the hair so you can easily pull it out.

Prizm Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

This curler is coated with modern titanium nano, a strong and lightweight metal that conducts high heat up to 450°F for quick curling without damage to the hair.

Primary Benefits: Easily change curl direction with position reset and left and right rotation; enhances moisture; keeps shine; reduces frizz


  • Auto shut-off
  • Auto dual-voltage
  • LCD display

Get beautiful curls with ease with Prizm Auto-Rotating Curling Iron.


Heat settings: 6 adjustable temperatures

Power: Micro USB charging

Cord: Cordless

Barrel Size: 1-inch ceramic tourmaline

You don’t need extensive skills to use the PFUM cordless automatic curler. This device can make slight, soft, or strong curls in seconds, even if you’re just a beginner.

Moreover, the six adjustable temperature and time settings let you customize your curls.

Its compact design lets you curl anywhere with no cable constraints. Just make sure you charge it fully overnight to ensure long-lasting power.

Prizm Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

This curler is coated with modern titanium nano, a strong and lightweight metal that conducts high heat up to 450°F for quick curling without damage to the hair.

Primary Benefits: Easily change curl direction with position reset and left and right rotation; enhances moisture; keeps shine; reduces frizz


  • Auto shut-off
  • Auto dual-voltage
  • LCD display

Get beautiful curls with ease with Prizm Auto-Rotating Curling Iron.


Heat settings: 11 adjustable temperatures

Power: Dual voltage

Cord: 360° tangle-free swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1 ½-inch titanium nano

Prizm is a leading brand in beauty and hair tools, and to provide better hair styling solutions, they have come up with this auto-rotating curl iron to help you achieve salon-style curls.

As a self-curling iron, you can operate this curler using only one hand. The rotation will curl the strands for you.

Just choose the correct temperature and heating time for your hair type.

  • 250°F for thin and soft hair
  • 330°F for normal hair
  • 390°F for thick and coarse hair

This device also comes with hair clips and a glove for more conventional styling.

Miuopur Automatic Hair Curling Iron

The digital temperature setting lets you customize time and heat settings according to your hair type and the kind of curls you want to achieve.

Primary Benefits: Heats up in 30 seconds; seals moisture in the hair; eliminates frizz and static


  • Smart sensor anti-stuck design
  • Double-layered heat protection cover
  • 60-minute auto shut-off

Create attractive curls quickly with Miuopur Automatic Hair Curling Iron.


Heat settings: Adjustable temperature

Power: Dual voltage

Cord: 360° swivel cord

Barrel Size: 1-inch ceramic barrel

If you’re looking for an automatic curler that’s easy to operate, nothing gets simpler than this one. You’re good to go by choosing the right temperature and timing according to your hair type.

To curl your hair, just put it in the curler and press the rotation button. Then, take out the curls when the buzzer starts to ring.

Plus, the curler has constant temperature technology, which heats your hair thoroughly and evenly, creating beautiful curls that stay longer.

Using an Automatic Hair Curler

No matter the look and build of auto curlers, they have the same goal and are used similarly.

To get the best curls, regardless of which curler you choose, follow these hair care tips:

  1. Make sure your hair is dry and thoroughly brushed. If you have curly hair but want to achieve smoother waves with the automatic curler, use a hair straightener before curling.
  2. Apply a heat protectant.
  3. If you have thick hair, it’s best to put half of your hair up and curl per section.
  4. Set the time and heat best suited to your hair type.
  5. Grab about an inch of a section of your strands and clamp or insert it in the curl chamber.
  6. Press the button and let the curler rotate and curl your hair.
  7. Release the button when the hair is entirely around the curling iron.
  8. Wait for the timer indicator. If you want tighter curls, keep the hair around the barrel for a few more seconds before you release it.
  9. Do the same series of steps for the rest of your hair.
  10. Wait for your curls to cool before brushing them to make loose waves.

Here’s a video of how to use one of our top automatic curling irons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do automatic hair curlers cost?

A good quality automatic curler costs around $70 to $100. Some cordless curlers are more affordable, although some users claim that some cordless ones only last for two years.

When it comes to styling tools, it’s best to invest in a reasonably priced device that you can be sure will last longer.

How long do wireless curlers last on one charge?

A wireless automatic curler would need about 3 hours to charge fully. On a full charge, you can enjoy about an hour of curling.

Find the Top Auto Curler for You

Because automatic hair curlers rotate your hair around the barrel on their own, they make styling your hair much more effortless! 

black and silver automatic hair curling brush

You don’t have to worry about twisting and turning the curling iron yourself. And you’ll never burn your hands again!

The top automatic hair curlers promise gorgeous touchable curls, have multiple settings for different hair textures, and most come with features that prevent hair damage. 

Understanding your hair type and how you want to use the auto curler can help you pick the top one for you.

Once you find that perfect curler, you may not want to back to conventional curling again.

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