11 Top Korean Cushion Foundations for All Skin Types

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Looking for the top Korean cushion foundation this year?

Korean cushions have become more popular than ever. That’s because we no longer want foundations that feel heavy on the skin. 

Asian woman applying foundation using a cushion puff

The makeup industry is moving towards products that still give us a flawless finish — without compromising our comfort and skin health.  

Featuring innovative technologies to improve wear time and skin-loving ingredients that nourish the skin underneath, Korean cushion foundations ultimately make the skin look more radiant. 

Who doesn’t want that, right?

If you’re on the hunt for the top Korean cushion foundations right now, keep on reading!

CLIO Kill Cover Glow Cushion
Editor’s Choice
  • Makes skin look bright and radiant
  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Natural extracts that hydrate the skin
Missha M Magic Cushion
Budget Pick
  • Covers skin imperfections for a flawless finish
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Absorbs sweat and excess oils
Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion
Premium Pick
  • Gives you  a natural-looking glow
  • Buildable coverage and fade-proof
  • Color-correcting and oil control properties

Benefits of Korean Cushion Foundations

Korean beauty is all about having a flawless but natural-looking complexion. If you want to achieve this, then it’s time to try Korean cushion compacts!

Compared to your regular powder or liquid foundations, they offer these benefits:


Korean cushions are ideal for on-the-go application. You don’t have to worry about foundation spilling inside your bag or your makeup brush getting contaminated.

Everything is housed in a convenient compact — including a cushion applicator puff.

Buildable coverage

Korean BB cushions were initially known for their sheer coverage. But now, there are so many cushion foundation options to choose from. You can find light-medium or medium-full coverage cushions.

Most will also have buildable formulas to cover skin imperfections while adjusting the coverage to suit your skin type and needs.  

Different finishes

Korean cushions are known for giving a dewy and glowy finish. This is the key to their flawless but natural complexion.

However, this can be too greasy for oily skin types. To address the market, Korean brands recently released cushion foundations for oily skin. They typically have a matte or semi-matte finish. 


Korean cushions feel light and comfortable on the skin. Don’t be fooled though; they also have long-staying power.

Korean brands utilize skincare innovations to create cushion formulas that adhere well to the skin while keeping the consistency light. 

They also formulate their products to prevent fading, smudging, caking, or flaking.

More than just makeup

Korean cushions are more than just makeup. They contain the top Korean skincare ingredients to hydrate, protect, and repair the skin. 

More than just concealing, it’s about healing the skin for a healthy and youthful complexion.

Top Korean Cushion Foundations for Different Skin Types

Looking for a new cushion foundation? Or is this your first time? Check out the top that Korean cosmetic brands have to offer!

Top Korean Cushion Foundations for Acne-Prone, Oily Skin 

Missha M Magic Cushion

We love this Korean cushion foundation as it makes skin look dewy and flawless!

Key benefits: Long-lasting and full coverage; easy and smooth application; no caking or oxidizing effect


  • Bamboo water and baobab fruit extract to refresh and hydrate the skin
  • Witch hazel extract that helps soothe skin, control sebum production, and minimize pores
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ protects the skin against harmful UV rays

A lightweight cushion that covers blemishes and imperfections while keeping skin fresh.

The Missha M Magic Cushion is one of our favorite Korean cushions for oily skin. Believe it or not, you only need 1 to 2 dabs of the cushion foundation puff to achieve full coverage.

This is ideal for concealing blemishes and skin imperfections. However, the formula is still very lightweight and breathable.

It has hydrating and soothing ingredients that feel light and comfortable on the skin. There’s also bead powder that helps absorb sweat and excess oil. It’s perfect for midday touch-ups!

Clio Kill Cover Cushion

This Korean cushion foundation keeps oily skin clean and beautiful all day long.

Key benefits: Long-lasting and full coverage with a matte finish; patented oil-control ingredients; water-drop shaped puff for precise application


  • Hybrid formula that prevents the foundation from darkening and separating
  • Ingredients that hydrate and soothe the skin while controlling excess sebum
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays

This cushion foundation is formulated with ingredients that fight acne and regulate sebum production.

This Korean cushion foundation favorite won’t make your skin look or feel greasy. It has a long-lasting matte finish that won’t break down or transfer — even during humid weather.

This is like a transfer-proof, full-coverage liquid foundation in cushion compact packaging. You can easily achieve full coverage to conceal acne spots, pores, and fine lines. 

The formula also adheres well to the skin without feeling too heavy or thick.  

Clio Kill Cover Cushion’s patented oil-control formula also helps regulate excess sebum production, while aloe extract soothes and hydrates the skin. 

Putting this on feels especially good whenever your skin is feeling irritated or sensitive. 

Top Korean Cushion Foundations for Dry Skin 

Age 20’s Signature Essence Cover Pact Intense Cover

Show off hydrated and well-nourished skin with Age 20’s Signature Essence Cover Pact Intense Cover.

Key benefits: Double-layer coverage with satin finish; blurs pores and covers imperfections; antibacterial and hydrating ingredients


  • Triple latte shades that blur and color-correct for a radiant complexion
  • Contains 71% essence to hydrate and brighten the skin
  • SPF 50+ PA++++ offers broad-spectrum sun protection

A skincare-makeup hybrid that gives you a moisturized and flawless complexion.

Korean makeup brands are known for adding skin-loving ingredients into their products. So it’s no surprise that this cushion foundation is infused with 71% essence that helps keep skin hydrated all day.

It has a satin formula that feels comfortable on the skin. You can build it up to medium coverage.  

This lightweight cushion compact foundation can even blur pores and even out skin tone for a more radiant complexion. You’ll always be selfie-ready wherever you go! 

Self Beauty Uniconic Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Air Cushion Foundation

Illuminate and brighten dry, flaky skin with Self Beauty Uniconic Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Air Cushion Foundation.

Key benefits: Buildable coverage with a dewy finish; soothing skincare ingredients; hypoallergenic and cruelty-free


  • 64% hyaluronic acid to hydrate and lock in moisture
  • Jewelry powder complex for a soft and luminous effect  
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ for all-day protection from the sun

An aurora glow cushion foundation that deeply nourishes your skin for a flawless look!

The perfect Korean cushion foundation will complement your skin type. Listen up, ladies, because this one’s a worthy contender!

The Self Beauty cushion foundation offers all-day hydration with 64% hyaluronic acid and other nourishing ingredients such as green tea, Centella Asiatica, and rosemary.

The lightweight formula just melts into your skin and effortlessly covers up imperfections. 

Also, this beautiful cushion is formulated with a jewelry powder complex, containing ruby, diamond, amethyst, and pearl to give you a luminous and radiant complexion.

Top Korean Cushion Foundations for Combination Skin

Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion

Enjoy flawless skin without looking like you’re wearing any makeup!

Key benefits: Light to medium coverage with a soft, skin-like finish; a fade-proof formula that doesn’t cake or flake


  • White flower complex for moisturized and radiant skin
  • Hue balancing powder has color-correcting and oil-control properties
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ for a cushion-sunscreen hybrid product 

This Korean cushion conceals, corrects, and brightens your skin to give you that coveted youthful glow.

There’s no doubt that renowned Korean makeup artist Jung Saem Mool knows the secret to naturally flawless skin.

That’s what makes the Essential Skin Nuder Cushion one of the top K-beauty cushion products.  

It has medium coverage that helps you achieve a glowy no-makeup look. Whether your skin is dry or on the oilier side, the formula feels very light on the skin.

You won’t have to worry about excess shine and oxidation, as well as flakiness or patchiness. 

The innovative formula adheres well to the face and helps neutralize any redness. Best of all, it smoothly conceals blemishes on your skin.

The Essential Skin Nuder cushion comes in 7 shades with different undertones, making it easier to find a match for your skin tone. 

The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Cushion

The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Cushion offers the right amount of coverage for daily use.

Key benefits: Concealer-like coverage with lightweight and natural finish; blurs and covers imperfections; adjusts to your skin tone


  • Pore controller complex maintains water-oil balance for longer-lasting coverage
  • Quince, lemon balm, orange, and blossom extracts for calming and rejuvenating skin
  • Triple-layer adhesion sticks to the skin without causing crumbling or darkening 

A cushion foundation that keeps the skin looking fresh and flawless throughout the day!

Enhancing your natural features has never been this easy! Saem’s cushion foundation has a concealer formula that hides skin imperfections to reveal a smooth and natural complexion.

It has a lightweight finish that allows the skin to breathe. There are also plant extracts that help soothe, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin.

The formulation has triple-layer adhesion technology to ensure that it stays on your skin all day, without the cushion crumbling, fading, or darkening. 

Its pore controller complex absorbs sweat and sebum too, so you can get through the day without looking oily!

Top Korean Cushion Foundation for Sensitive Skin 

IOPE Air Cushion Cover

This K-beauty cushion foundation stays put on the skin — even under face masks.

Key benefits: High coverage with a lightweight matte finish; transfer-resistant formula; seamlessly sticks to the skin


  • Crystal concealer powder for covering redness, dark spots, fine lines, and pores
  • Mineral prism water to hydrate skin and lock in moisture
  • Super-fit film former technology to prevent smudging and fading 

Definitely one of the best Korean cushion foundations for a flawless complexion.

The IOPE Air Cushion Cover will make your skin look natural and bright!

It’s like a foundation and concealer in one — perfect for covering up redness and other skin imperfections. 

As a cushion though, it still has a lightweight and powdery texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

Applying this cushion foundation is pretty easy. The 3D honeycomb sponge has a dense structure that dispenses the right amount of product on your skin.

And with a transfer-resistant formula, you can enjoy a seamless finish without worrying about fading and smudging.

Because this foundation has SPF 50+, you can confidently wear this cushion while you are out and about. 

Dr. Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation

This nourishing foundation serves as skincare and foundation in one!

Key benefits: Dual function to conceal and heal the skin; full coverage with a dewy finish; soothes sensitive skin


  • 50% glow water essence that moisturizes, brightens, and covers the skin
  • Peptides and natural relief complex nourish the skin and reduce irritation
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ protects against sun-induced skin damage

A serum cushion that heals the skin inside and out for a flawless, youthful complexion

Dr. Althea believes that it’s not enough to conceal your skin imperfections. You also have to address your underlying skin concerns.  

The Double Serum Balm Foundation was created with that in mind. It has both skincare and makeup elements for truly healthy-looking skin.

As you dab this foundation on, you’re also nourishing your skin with ceramides, chitosan, baobab tree extract, and other natural ingredients, as well as protecting your skin against acne, wrinkles, and irritation.

Its glow water essence provides full but dewy coverage. The marbling effect represents three components: beige to conceal imperfections, lilac to brighten the complexion, and white to moisturize the skin.

This serum cushion is suited for those with mature, blemished, textured, and sensitive skin types.

Top Korean Cushion Foundations for All Skin Types 

CLIO Kill Cover Glow Cushion

Flaunt skin that glows from within!

Key benefits: Long-lasting staying power; light, radiant finish; moisturizing ingredients; long-lasting wear


  • Upgraded formula that sticks to your skin and won’t transfer
  • Babassu seed oil, marula seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and calendula extract to lock in moisture and maintain oil-moisture balance
  • SPF 50+ PA++++ to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays

Clio Kill Cover Glow Cushion hydrates and conceals for well-moisturized, gleaming skin.

The ever-popular CLIO Kill Cover Glow cushion was upgraded to feature better-staying power and skin adhesion. 

You can now achieve a radiant glow that won’t smudge or stain your face mask!

The cushion is infused with plant seed extracts that lock in moisture and control oil production for a healthy, non-greasy finish.

For a seamless and even application, the compact comes with a needle-perforated cushion puff. This makes the application and blending easier, even in delicate and hard-to-reach areas. 

Aekyung Luna Long-Lasting Conceal-Wear Cushion

Easily adjust coverage depending on your skin’s needs.

Key benefits: Sheer to full coverage with a semi-matte finish; oil and moisture control; long-lasting formula


  • Plant-based serum that maintains oil and moisture balance
  • Amino acid coating powder covers blemishes, pores, and other imperfections
  • SPF 50+ PA ++++ for convenient and adequate sun protection

A multifunctional cushion with skincare ingredients, good skin coverage, and long-lasting formula.  

There are days when you want something light and sheer on your face. Then, there are special occasions when you absolutely need something full coverage.

The Aekyung Luna Long-Lasting Conceal-Wear Cushion offers you both!

It has a weightless formula that allows you to decide whether you want light or full coverage and achieves exactly what you want. 

The semi-matte finish also gives the perfect amount of glow to your skin.

Even with a sheer layer, the amino acid coating powder helps cover up any skin imperfections that you may have. Meanwhile, its oil- and moisture-control properties prevent the cushion from darkening, smudging, and separating.

Best of all, this cushion foundation provides a brightening and anti-wrinkling effect and broad-spectrum sun protection.

Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow

This luminous foundation feels light on the skin even after all-day wear.

Key benefits: Lightweight but long-lasting; brightens and covers redness; natural finish; buildable coverage


  • Double glow technology gives you a soft and radiant complexion
  • 3 moisture complex with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ protects from the sun’s harmful rays

A long-lasting cushion that guarantees you naturally glowing and hydrated skin.

The Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow feels super light on the skin, but you’ll be surprised at how long it stays on!

Despite its watery, non-drying consistency, it adheres to your skin the whole day without feeling greasy or heavy.

The buildable formula does an excellent job covering up redness and other skin imperfections. It has a bright, glowy finish but still feels natural and skin-like. 

Best of all, this dependable Korean cushion won’t cake or crease on you!

young Asian girl with natural makeup and beautiful hair on grey background

Choosing the Top Korean Cushion Foundation for Your Skin Type

There are many Korean cushion foundations in the market to choose from. The key is to use Korean cushions that complement your skin type. 

Not only will you be flaunting a spotless complexion all day, but you’re also rewarding your skin with long-term benefits and nourishment with K-beauty cushion foundations.

So what are you waiting for? Go try them out today!

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