Best of 2013: Beauty Tutorials

Best of 2013: Beauty Tutorials

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Happy Holidays! To celebrate the year that was, we’re bringing you trios of the best and most popular posts of 2013. We know our readers love our reviews of the latest products on the shelves, but they love a good beauty tutorial even more. Let’s take a look back at our most shared beauty tutorials of 2013! ~ wht

Zooey Deschanel Makeup Tutorial by Elle Leary

We were honored to have celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary drop by wht this year with a few of her fun and informative videos. In this video, the lovely Elle shows us how to get that Zooey Deschanel wide-eyed flirty look in just minutes.


Nail Art Tutorials for Beginners – and Pros too!

Everyone loves nail art, but some of us lack the skills to create our own. Luckily, Stef came to the rescue with two fab designs (a simple floral trick and a free hand graphic look) that can be done by beginners and pros alike.


False Lashes 101: 13 Tips and Tricks

If you have a New Year’s Eve party to attend, or just want to add some extra oomph to your look, false lashes are a must. For those that need a little guidance, Marilyn helps you get those lashes straight with her 13 Tips and Tricks.

we heartsters – What beauty tricks did you learn this year?

8 thoughts on “Best of 2013: Beauty Tutorials”

  1. All of these tutorials were SO good–really helped me to up my lash game. This year, I mastered tightlining (ok, maybe “mastered” is a little strong, but I’m way better at it)and I learned that a combo of Tarte Maracuja oil and sea buckthorn berry oil is the magic combo for my skin.

  2. Thank you! Since I had so many pairs of lashes to try, I really did need to learn to apply them and do it well. It’s not as hard as it seems, you feel SOOOOO glam while wearing them, and there are tons of cheap falsies that look fantastic.

  3. These were great! I liked watching makeup artist Elle Leary teaching us how to get that Zooey Deschanel wide-eyed flirty look in just minutes! She made it look so easy to do! Thanks!

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