15 Top Crystals for Beauty: How They Work + Ways to Use Them

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Did you know that crystals can help manifest beauty and boost physical attractiveness?

It’s true! Consider using crystals for beauty, especially if you want to feel and look your top naturally.

Over the past several years, crystals have increased in popularity as more and more people have begun using them for various reasons.

different kinds of crystals for beauty laid in a stone table top with stones

Many crystal lovers claim these beautiful stones can help in several ways — attracting abundance, lowering anxiety, improving sleep, encouraging healing, and even providing positive energy.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, and Adele have shared their love for these mystical rocks!

However, the many benefits of crystals aren’t all supported by scientific evidence, and while many people say they are real, others believe these positive effects may be merely psychological.

Whichever way you lean, it’s undeniable that crystals are prevalent, and crystal healing has been a part of many people’s beauty routines for a long time.

And why not? Incorporating these healing beauty stones into your beauty regimen feels very luxurious, right? So why not give them a whirl?

After all, there’s no harm in trying. And you may end up being pleasantly surprised.

What Crystals Are Used for and How They Work?

Crystals have been used in crystal therapy, also known as crystal healing, for many years.

Crystal healing involves using gemstones to help create balance in the life and mind of an individual.

This is grounded on the theory that crystals have an unchanging and unique energy field or resonance, providing special properties that can help bring harmony to a human body’s unstable energy field.

Other crystal users believe crystals have healing powers and can help improve a person’s well-being and energy.

Lastly, some crystal lovers think they need to amplify the surrounding energy to make the crystals work.

a young woman wearing skin tone tank top is massaging the sides of her eyes with crystal rollers

In modern skin care, beauty experts claim crystals can improve skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, and acne by using crystal-infused products.

Moreover, some crystals are supposed to foster clarity and tranquility of mind, which is key to allowing natural beauty to shine through.

There are also claims that crystals can help reduce inflammation and boost collagen production.

Moving forward, check out the common crystals that make you more attractive and help manifest beauty!

What Are the Top Crystals for Beauty?

Several crystals are available for beauty, but the most popular ones include rose quartz, jade, clear quartz, and amethyst.

These are some of the many crystals that can help make you more attractive and radiate a good aura.

You can try these crystals if you want to manifest, restore, or enhance beauty inside out.

Want to know more about them? Keep reading to discover the most used beauty crystals and how they work.

Rose Quartz

A woman is smiling while holding a piFace skincare, portrait and Asian woman with roller in studio isolated on gray background.

Ancient Egyptians believed rose quartz could help combat skin aging by reducing stress and promoting new cell generation.

This translucent pink stone contains minerals like oxygen, magnesium, and iron that help reduce inflammation and exfoliate dead skin cells.

If you want to boost your self-confidence, this so-called “love stone” can also help you as it attracts relationships and love.

Thanks to the powerful energy of rose quartz, you can use this crystal to retain youth and manifest love and beauty.

It is one of the top crystals for anti-aging because it is frequently linked with renewal and femininity.


cropped view of african american girl using stone facial roller, isolated on grey

These days, jade rollers have become a mainstream beauty staple! And this beauty tool has taken over the cosmetic industry for a reason.

Jade is said to relax tension and reduce undereye puffiness. It can also calm your face’s redness, inflammation, and swelling, all because of its cooling properties.

Additionally, its strengthening effects can boost your skin’s natural defenses against skin problems like blemishes.

Jade is also renowned as the crystal for beauty and youth.

Jade and rose quartz are two of the top crystals for clear skin and the most frequently used in skin care because of their growth and regenerative-related energies.

Clear Quartz

A young woman is holding a clear jade roller happily on a red hue background

As its name suggests, clear quartz promotes clarity. Besides giving you a rational mind, this clear crystal can also help manifest clearer skin.

It can help prevent blackheads, blemishes, skin impurities, and excessive oil, leaving you with the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Clear quartz is also widely used to clarify body impurities because of its detoxifying properties.

If your skin appears dull, there’s a high possibility that you may be full of toxins.

If that’s the case, you can attempt manifesting overall clarity with clear quartz and see your inner beauty shine through.


Amethyst is a clarifying and relaxing crystal known to be incredibly healing and protective.

This beauty stone is also believed to help you put aside negative sensations like sadness, anxiety, and stress by raising your vibration.

This raised vibration resulted in healing for the body and soul and soothing the body’s physical and emotional tension.

As for skincare, this purple crystal promotes a healthy complexion by detoxifying the skin, increasing your circulation, and helping you sleep better.

Apart from that, amethyst is also excellent for restoring balance.

So, if you’re currently suffering from breakouts or hormonal acne, amethyst’s energy can help bring equilibrium to your skin and hormones.

This stone brings harmony to beauty. The energy of this crystal helps you balance improved self-assurance and de-stress while protecting and cleansing the chakras


3 turquoise crystal for beauty in a white background

Turquoise is said to make you feel and look confident and help cleanse the soul and body. 

It is also famous for its healing properties and is even used as a good luck charm!

If you have oily skin, this stone is ideal as it can help minimize breakouts and acne. 


The moonstone is the perfect crystal for manifesting beauty as it has a graceful and natural feminine quality that helps bring out the goddess in you. 

This crystal is rumored to possess the moon’s soothing energy and symbolizes new beginnings and peace. 

Moonstone releases a glowing vitality that helps reenergize the body and mind, washing away negativity. 

When you wear a moonstone, you will be more accepting of change since it can relieve the fear of change. 


Aquamarine is a beautiful stone associated with the ocean for centuries. 

This gem is thought to promote the kind of clarity and tranquility that you would feel while gazing out at blue, calm waters.

Moreover, it is an excellent addition to any skincare routine since it can help with anti-aging. 

And if you are looking for a stone that can boost self-assurance and help you de-stress, aquamarine is for you. 

Black Obsidian

a girl massaging her chin with black obsidian jade roller

Black obsidian, also known as the “mirror stone,” is a jet-black stone with a texture similar to glass. 

Famous for its detoxifying properties, this crystal promotes a blemish-free, clear complexion as it clears toxins from the skin. 

Hence, black obsidian is a fascinating stone to manifest having clear skin. 

You can also use this gem to help center and ground yourself. It also protects you from harm by negative energies, making it a notable crystal for protection. 

Red Jasper

Known as the “goddess crystal,” red jasper represents passion and beauty. 

This crystal also helps restore your skin tone and balance and regulates the circulatory system for a healthy blood flow. 

If you have scars, dark spots, or other skin discoloration issues, red jasper is the top stone to help even them out. 

And just like many red crystals, you can also boost your libido with red jasper! It can make you feel more erotic and physically attractive. 

So if you want a healthier complexion and some spice in your relationship, this red gem is a must-have!


If you are looking for crystals for anti-aging, seek no further because emerald is here for you!

Since this green gem is famous for being linked to “evergreen beauty,” this crystal represents the balance of energies and is known to be best for people who want to restore aging skin. 

Emerald not only helps to nourish your skin deeply, it can also help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look firmer than ever.

Aside from health rejuvenation and anti-aging properties, this crystal enhances your skin tone, repairs skin damage, prevents loss of pigmentation and moisture, and boosts collagen production.


sodalite crystals for beauty in a white canvas

Sodalite is known for its stunning, deep blue color, which is popular among women. 

This gemstone is known to restore skin hydration, fortify the skin cells, improve beauty, regulate the endocrine system, and promote overall healing. 

Thus, if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance that affects your skin, you may purify your skin with blue sodalite. 

Sodalite is also known to help balance emotions, which can give a more positive outlook and help relieve your stress. 

As a result, you will achieve a glowing and healthy skin complexion!


Do you have dark circles? You may be overworked. 

With dark under-eye circles, you look dull and unhealthy. You’ll need the glow and radiance that we always wanted.

Who would want that to happen?

Fortunately, the bright energy of citrine can help generate an energetic frequency and vibration that manifest extra energy, mindfulness, and wakefulness. 

Even the strongest cup of coffee can’t defy the energy that citrine radiates!

Rainbow Moonstone

This crystal is one of the most powerful crystals that can help you completely appreciate the beauty surrounding you. 

If you wear this magical stone, you harness the moon’s energy, release positive energy, and bring out your natural radiance.

It also provides emotional and physical balance and promotes harmony and inner peace. 

Women mostly pick this gorgeous gem because of its feminine, soft quality, which makes it one of the top crystals to emanate inner beauty, 

Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline crystal users claim that this gem’s propensity can benefit people with oily skin, especially when the pink variety of this crystal is used.

Oily skin can be an ideal breeding ground for irritants and dust, which can cause skin irritations, acne, and sensitivity. 

Thankfully, pink tourmaline is believed to bring harmony to your skin by maintaining proper moisture levels and eventually keeping sebum secretion in control. 


close-up image of garnet stone for beauty

Garnet is widely used in jewelry. However, did you know that this red gemstone also has impressive effects in beauty? 

Yes. You can use garnet to improve how your skin looks!

This vibrant gemstone has both metaphysical and physical properties that make you beautiful. 

First, garnet can stimulate blood circulation, which helps improve your skin’s appearance. Moreover, this gem is said to detoxify and purify the body, improving your skin’s health. 

Aside from the physical benefits that garnet offers, it is also said to boost your creativity and self-confidence. 

How to Add Crystals to Your Beauty Routine

Now that you know the top crystals to help manifest and improve beauty, you might wonder how to add these stones to your daily beauty regimen.

Here are some of the effective crystal-infused skincare routines that you can try to harness the healing energy of these unique stones:

Crystal Bath

two types of crystal salts in a container for bath essentials

A crystal bath is a wonderful and relaxing way to use crystals.

You can turn your regular bath into a cleansing ritual by adding salt, candles, and crystals.

If you do this, your entire body will thank you for immersing it in the numerous potential benefits these mystical stones can offer while you wash your cares away in a warm bath.

However,  not all crystals are safe for water use. So, it would be best if you only used crystals that are safe to use in water such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst.

Nothing’s better than having that rejuvenating and relaxing soak after a long day.

Placement Method

The easiest way to use crystals is to put them directly on your skin as you sleep or meditate.

You can even use smooth tumbled stones to massage your skin to help minimize puffiness, calm irritation, and even smoothen wrinkles.

Doing so can also help improve your blood circulation and help bring back the shine of your complexion.

Make Crystal Essence/Elixir

Rather than using store-bought facial spray and toner, you can make your concoction with crystals like amethyst or rose quartz.

Beauty experts recommend putting your crystals in a ceramic dish or glass with distilled water. Let them sit outside and allow their energy to soak in the sunlight or moonlight.

But make sure not to expose these crystals to the sun for too long. Too much sunlight can harm these precious beauty stones and may even cause them to lose color.

After you concoct a crystal elixir, you can use it as a face mist or toner for a refreshing and rejuvenating crystal facial.

Crystal Face Massage

If you don’t have a gua sha or a crystal roller yet, you should absolutely check them out and add them to your daily beauty routine ASAP!

This 4-in-1 Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set are a must-have if you are new to infusing crystals into your skincare routine. 

These beauty tools are usually from rose quartz, jade crystal, and even amethyst. 

For a more effective way of fighting skin puffiness in the morning, spritz on crystal-infused finishing oil or water and massage your face with a clean and cool gua sha or jade roller.

The colder they are, the more effective they become, so best to keep them refrigerated for best results. You can do this in the morning and before bed for improved skin.


What are the top crystals for anti-aging?

Some anti-aging crystals promoting wellness and longevity include amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, clear quartz, and labradorite.

To fully experience their anti-aging properties, here are different ways you can use them:

  • Meditate with them.
  • Place them under your pillow and sleep with them.
  • Wear them as jewelry.
  • Carry them around with you.

What are the top crystals for clear skin?

Invest in gems and healing crystals like amethyst, jade, rose quartz, clear quartz, and rainbow moonstone to achieve glowing, clear skin.

Remember that these crystals are not an alternative for professional skin treatments. However, they can supplement your skincare routine and provide your skin with a much-needed boost.

Additionally, for persistent skin concerns, you should also contact a certified dermatologist to help you treat skin issues you may have.

Get These Crystals for Beauty Today!

infographic about crystals for beauty

Want to step up your skincare regimen? Adding crystals and gemstones to promote healing and beauty is a great idea! 

If you put your mind and intention into these crystals while using them, you will definitely see improvements in how you feel and look.

If you use the right crystals properly, you may even experience total rejuvenation and feel beautiful inside and out — resulting in natural, glowing, and radiating beauty!

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