Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Fact Or Myth?

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Nothing beats the sensation you feel after a good cry, whether sad or happy tears. After letting everything out, you feel better as crying helps release stress hormones and even boost your mood. 

A close up photo of a woman's eye with tears falling down her face

However, after your sob session, you’ve probably observed that your eyelashes suddenly looked longer, thicker, and darker while looking in the mirror. 

What does it mean? Can crying make your eyelashes longer? Do tears help your eyelashes grow?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the answer is no. There’s no scientific reasoning that proves that crying can make you get longer lashes. However, crying may make them look longer and fuller. 

What creates the illusion of longer lashes after crying is actually the clumping of moisture on your lashes. As a result, they become darker and more noticeable than before. 

But even if you can’t achieve long lashes by crying, you can try other alternatives that promote eyelash growth (more on this later!)

Read on to discover the misconception behind tears as lash lengtheners and learn how you can achieve long lashes using the right lash products.

Why Do We Cry?

Let’s start from the basics. Why do humans cry?

Crying is a normal response to extreme emotions like empathy, anger, happiness, and sadness. It is the welling or dropping of tears from one’s eyes. 

You know you’re about to cry when your heart begins to race and you feel a lump in your throat. 

However, humans don’t just cry due to joy and pain. In fact, there are several other reasons for crying.

Basal Tears

Basal tears are not the usual tears that you are familiar with. Instead, it is a protein-rich antibacterial liquid that helps keep your eyes moist whenever you blink.

Basal tears serve as a protection to shield your cornea from dirt. These tears remain in your eyes throughout the day to keep them nourished and lubricated. 

Reflex Tears

Reflex or irritant tears are caused mainly by irritant substances like perfume, spray, onion fumes, wind, smoke, or dust. 

If you are sensitive to these substances, you may experience irritant tears. 

Tears of Sorrow

A closeup image of a woman's green eyes, crying

Humans naturally cry in response to intense emotions. These tears are caused by sadness, pain, and/or grief. 

But the good side of crying out these tears is that it can be self-soothing and pain-relieving after. 

Tears of Joy

Aside from sadness, humans experience crying over happy times as well! Tears usually drop from our eyes when we get overjoyed and exhilarated. 

What Are Tears Made Of?

To answer whether crying can make your eyelashes grow, you should know what tears are made of. 

A three-layer tear film protects your cornea. These are mucus, water, and lipid (oil).


This innermost tear film layer distributes the layer of water over the surface of your eye, keeping your eyes moist. 


Your tears are mostly made of water. Water is the bulk portion of every tear, which serves as the eye-cleaning agent that helps eliminate particles from your eye. 

Lipid (Oil)

The lipid is the outermost layer of a tear film. The oil helps from a smooth surface on tears, which serves as a protective barrier that keeps the water layer from drying out. 

Can Crying Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

Beauty enthusiasts have been looking for the best ways to make their lashes look longer and thicker without constantly using products like lash extensions and mascara. 

Throughout the years, there have been many unverified rumors about the natural ways to make eyelashes longer; one of these rumors is by crying. 

Because of this, people are eager to go extreme to achieve that full eyelash look they are promised. It doesn’t matter if it means watching sad movies all over again. 

So do tears make your eyelashes grow longer? Can your eyelashes grow from crying? Is binge-watching a sad soap opera the key to achieving natural long lashes?

Sadly, there’s no scientific proof that crying can help your eyelashes grow and get fuller.

Moreover, none of the tear’s components are proven to make your lash grow. Hence, this misconception is ruled out and is classified as false information as of now.

While tears release oxytocin and crying is a way of self-soothing, it remains unclear whether crying can stimulate or promote hair follicle growth. 

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Crying as Lash Lengthening

Researchers believe that the experience is correlated to how cortisol — stress hormones — affect the hair follicles. Though releasing such stress hormones may promote growth, they are less likely to result in longer lashes. 

After having a good cry, your tears keep drawing onto your lashes. Other people believe that tears can help make your eyelashes grow longer since it’s being continuously washed out with water. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to support this claim too.

Moreover, some believe it will take weeks to see results. If you are curious, try crying for a couple of weeks and check if you can find any changes. But as far as research is concerned, no scientific facts can back it up.  

Regardless of these unsupported claims, that does not mean that crying offers no other benefits. 

Benefits of Crying

Here are the following benefits you can get if you cry:

Tears Have Different Functions

The three types of tears act as different functions

Continuous and reflex tears help clean, lubricate, and protect your eyes from infection.

Meanwhile, emotional tears can release endorphins — the feel-good chemical that gives pleasure and relieves pain and stress.

Tears Keep You Healthy

According to psychologists, crying is one of the best and most effective ways to release one’s pent-up emotions, which, if left bottled up, can weaken your immune system and make you anxious. 

Crying can improve your mood, dull pain, help you self-soothe, restore emotional balance, and more!

Tears Bring People Closer

Two women hugging each other while other woman is crying

Sure, there are many ways to gain a friend that doesn’t involve crying. However, research has revealed that crying can actually inspire empathy in people surrounding you. 

This happens because crying can send a message to your family and friends that you need support. 

How to Make Eyelashes Longer

Your eyelashes’ length mostly depends on your diet, health, and genetics. 

Since it is already clear that crying won’t make your eyelashes longer, here are some alternatives you can try to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes. 

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lash fibers that are applied strand by strand to your natural eyelashes. 

A professional lash tech typically performs this procedure. 

These lashes are perfect if you want to achieve long eyelashes effortlessly, giving you a youthful and beautiful look.

However, lash extensions can be high maintenance. They need extra care to help them stay longer on your lashes. 

Lash extensions last for three to six to eight weeks. But if you want to maintain them, you must have them refilled every two to three weeks.

False Eyelashes

Do you have an important occasion to attend to? If that’s the case, you might need longer, beautiful lashes to look extra beautiful for that event. 

Applying false lashes is one of the best instant lash-enhancing techniques you can achieve in just minutes!  

They are easy to stick on and remove. Just ensure to be careful as you take them off. Never pull or tug them if you don’t want to damage your natural lashes. 

This hack is ideal for those who don’t have the time to get professional eyelash extensions or those who are not ready to commit to the maintenance of lash extensions.

Use an Eyelash Curler

If you want an instant lash lift, you can use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. 

This tool can help your straight lashes have that curl, which can be enhanced with mascara. 

Apply a Lengthening Mascara

A blonde woman looking at the mirror while applying a mascara

If you have short eyelashes, a lengthening mascara is for you, like the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lengthening mascaras contain tiny lash fibers that latch onto your natural eyelashes as you apply the mascara.

These fibers extend the tips of your eyelashes, making them look fuller and longer, just like eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Serums

Lash serums are made to promote eyelash growth. If used regularly, lash serums can help prolong your lash growth cycle and develop healthier and stronger lashes. 

Many lash growth serums available today are said to increase lash length and keep them from quickly falling out. 

The following lash serums have nourishing ingredients that nourish and strengthen eyelashes:

These serums are some of the top beauty favorites on the market, with rave reviews! 

Natural Oils

There are plant oils that can help your eyelashes become longer. These oils include olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. Natural oils can also strengthen and hydrate your lashes. 

Moreover, oils that contain vitamin B can help your lashes grow thicker and longer through conditioning and moisture.

Among the plant oils mentioned above, castor oil is known as the best oil that boosts lash growth. 

Brushing these oils onto your lashes will stimulate your lash follicles for growth. 

Quick Tip

For best results, use lash serums and oils once or twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) every day for two to six months.

However, serums and natural oils may cause redness, sensitivity, and irritation in some people. If this happens, see if your lash line has any signs of infection or blockage, and stop using any lash if necessary. 

Also, contact your eye doctor as soon as possible and have them checked if irritation appears.

Crying Does Not Make Your Lashes Grow

So do tears make your lashes grow?

Sure, crying offers a lot of benefits. However, it does not include growing your lashes. Hence, crying won’t make your eyelashes grow. 

If you want longer lashes, you can try the other lash-lengthening alternatives listed above. 

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