15 Top Korean Eyeliners for Stunning Eye Looks

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Eyeliner is a staple in K-beauty makeup routines.

From bold looks that many K-pop idols wear to subtle and natural looks that stay trendy all year, eyeliners can enhance any style. 

Looking for the top Korean eyeliner to add to your makeup collection? You’re in luck.

A young asian woman with her eyes closed while a woman is using a black eyeliner on her eyes.

Since the K-beauty industry is huge, there’s a wide array of Korean eyeliner options to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that will fit your needs.

But with the seemingly endless list of choices, how do you select the one you need?

We’re here to help! We’ll provide a list of some of the top Korean eyeliners on the market that will help you create gorgeous eye looks!

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner
Best Overall
  • Has a soft brush tip that lets you draw sharp lines
  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Comes in black and brown
Clio Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner
Budget Pick
  • Has a smooth texture that easily glides on the skin
  • Self-sharpening
  • Lets you draw sharp lines with every use
  • Available in six colors
Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp & Pen
Premium Pick
  • Comes with a stamp that allows you to achieve a perfect wing
  • Water- and sweat-resistant formula
  • Smudge-proof for all-day wear

How To Choose Korean Eyeliners

When choosing a Korean eyeliner to get, there are several considerations you need to make.

Some of them include the following:


Eyeliner comes in different types, which vary according to their texture and consistency.

The most popular ones in Korean makeup are as follows:

  • Liquid eyeliner: This eyeliner has a more fluid, watery consistency that dries up after application. It may come as a pen with a brush or a felt tip or in a container with a thin wand applicator.
  • Cream eyeliner: This type of eyeliner has a soft and blendable texture that offers a more natural look. It may come in a pot with a brush or in pencil form.
  • Gel eyeliner: Like cream eyeliner, gel eyeliner is soft, but it’s bolder and more vivid like liquid eyeliner. It also comes in a pot with a brush applicator or pencil form. 


Several Korean makeup brands offer eyeliners that come in different colors. The more common colors are black and different shades of brown. 

If you’re looking to create a sharp, bold look, black is the way to go to make a statement. Meanwhile, finding a brown that complements your skin tone will work wonders for a more natural look.

Additionally, over the years, more brands have produced brighter and bolder eyeliner colors like blue or green, with which people can create makeup art.

15 Top Korean Eyeliners To Try

Liquid and Pen Eyeliners

IM UNNY Skinny Fit Art Liner

This eyeliner is one of the top ones on the market due to the precise lines it can make.

Key Benefits: Lets you draw precisely defined lines; stays on for hours; soaks up excess oils from the skin


  • Uses an advanced film coating system to prevent smudging and quick fading
  • 0.01-millimeter microtip for ultimate precision
  • Comes in black and deep brown

Turn your eye makeup into art easily with the help of IM UNNY’s Skinny Fit Eyeliner!

IM UNNY’s Skinny Fit Art Liner is a thin Korean eyeliner that lets you draw the most precise lines with its 0.01-millimeter microtip brush.

So it’s perfect for creating sharp wings and turning your makeup into art!

It also has a smooth formula that doesn’t skip, meaning it helps prevent breaks in the line you’re creating. 

Plus, it dries quickly and resists smudges to keep your look intact all day long.

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner

This eyeliner is a holy grail, thanks to its budge-proof formula and impressive ability to make sharp, gorgeous lines.

Key Benefits: Allows you to draw beautiful lines in various thicknesses; stays on all day; provides rich color payoff


  • Has a soft, easy-to-control brush tip
  • Water- and sweat-resistant formula
  • Formulated to be easily removed and cleansed

Elevate your eye look with Etude House’s Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner!

There’s a reason why many believe this one is the top Korean liquid eyeliner out there. 

This Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner from Etude House is loved by many for its long-lasting formula and amazing color payoff.

It features a brush-type tip, letting you draw sharp, precise lines in varying thicknesses for a wide variety of makeup looks.

Available in black and brown, try this liquid eyeliner out and experience why people hype it so much. 

Colorgram Shade Re-Forming Brush Liner

We love this liquid eyeliner for its lightweight but pigmented formula.

Key Benefits: Makes drawing lines effortless and precise; lasts all day; doesn’t smudge or flake


  • Has a smooth pigment formula that easily glides on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Comes with a felt tip for ultimate precision

You’ll never worry about flaking eyeliner again when you use Colorgram’s Shade Re-Forming Brush Liner!

The Share Re-Forming Brush Liner is just one of Colorgram’s Korean makeup eyeliner offerings, and it’s definitely one of the best around.

It has a smooth, lightweight formula that lets it easily glide across the skin. But that’s not all — it’s also suitable for every skin type, even for those with sensitive skin.

Of course, this eyeliner is also vibrant and budge-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the color diminishing as the day progresses. 

BBIA Last Pen Eyeliner

Creating sharp, vivid lines is going to be a breeze when you use this pen liner. 

Key Benefits: Lets you create precise lines with sharp ends; makes eyeliner application easy; lasts all day


  • Uses an ink-tank system to avoid skipping
  • Features a quick-drying formula
  • Has a strong coating layer that prevents it from smudging once it dries 

Looking for a liquid eyeliner that’s convenient to apply? Check out BBIA’s Last Pen Eyeliner!

If you need an easy-to-apply eyeliner or want to learn how to do Korean eyeliner techniques, this pen liner from BBIA is just for you. 

This beginner-friendly liquid liner features an ink-tank component that offers a smooth and consistent supply of ink with each stroke, ensuring your lines won’t skip.

On top of this, the formula dries quickly and leaves no mess or smudges after.

In short, this long-lasting and convenient eyeliner pen is a must-try!

Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Waterproof Eyeliner

There’s a reason this liner has been popular for years, and it's time for you to reap its benefits. 

Key Benefits: Defines the eyes beautifully; helps you easily create bold lines; has long-lasting, vivid color payoff


  • Has a highly pigmented formula
  • Comes with a firm, wand-type applicator for easy use
  • Available in black, brown, or gray

Try this Korean liquid eyeliner to achieve a gorgeous cat eye!

Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Waterproof Eyeliner doesn’t come out of a pen, unlike the other liquid liners on this list. 

Instead, it’s your traditional wand-type liner. Using it involves dipping the tip into liquid before application. 

Does this make it any less amazing? No! Many people prefer this applicator, and it’s just as precise as pen-type liners.

It also gives you more control over the amount of product you use.

Of course, other than this, it glides on smoothly to help you draw beautiful lines in quick strokes and resists smudging no matter what.

Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp & Pen

This liner started as a novelty, but it’s become one of the Korean eyeliner must-haves we recommend!

Key Benefits: Ensures effortless application; doesn’t smudge; creates dark, continuous, and pigmented lines


  • Comes with a stamp that lets you achieve a perfect wing
  • Has a slim but flexible pointed felt tip
  • Cruelty-free

Try out Kaja’s Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner to achieve that perfect wing!

When this product came out, it went viral, with people believing its wing stamp was just a gimmick. However, this Korean eyeliner pen and stamp is more than a fad.

Apart from helping you achieve a perfect wing with its stamp, this eyeliner has a precise tip that allows you to create sharp lines to match the wing.

It also has a formula that resists smudging even when you sweat!

Need to master that signature Korean-style eyeliner wing? Make things easier with Kaja’s Wink Stamp eyeliner!

Antique Alive Merry Monde Multicolor Eyeliner

Just starting out with eyeliners? This beginner-friendly pen liner is for you!

Key Benefits: Lets you make smooth and precise lines that don’t skip; doesn’t budge for the entire day; glides smoothly across the lid


  • Comes in many colors
  • Has an ultra-fine felt tip for precise, well-defined lines
  • Vegan formula 

Create fun eye looks with the Antique Alive Merry Monde Eyeliner’s many colors!

It’s easy to make fun looks with this incredible Korean eyeliner.

Antique Alive’s eyeliner comes in black, brown, and even pink, opening up the possibilities for unique and colorful eye looks.

On top of that, the formula for each eyeliner is smooth and smudge-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

It also has a fine felt tip, helping you create beautiful, sharp lines without any gaps. 

Gel and Pencil Eyeliners

Tonymoly Gel Eyeliner

Why settle for less if you can use this top-of-the-line gel liner? 

Key Benefits: Gives you dark and stunning lines that don’t smudge; long-lasting; helps nourish and hydrate the skin


  • Has a creamy formula
  • Comes with a precise brush applicator
  • Contains grapeseed and macadamia oil that helps nourish and hydrate skin

Make your eyes pop with Tonymoly’s Gel Eyeliner!

Arguably the top Korean gel eyeliner out there, Tonymoly gives you the best of both worlds: the creamy formula of gel eyeliner and the sharpness of liquid eyeliner, ensuring easy, comfortable application and stunning, flawless lines.

It comes in a pot with a brush applicator and even has a nourishing formula.

This gel eyeliner is made with grapeseed and macadamia oil, so it helps nourish and hydrate the skin on your eyelids. 

Vibrant and long-lasting, see why people rave over TONYMOLY’s Gell Eyeliner!

Clio Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner

When you look for a high-quality Korean liner, this is definitely at the top of most makeup lovers’ recommendations, and it’s not hard to see why!

Key Benefits: Helps you easily create sharp lines; rich color payoff; never skips


  • Has a smooth, creamy texture 
  • Self-sharpening for ultimate ease and convenience 
  • Ultra-thin tip that guarantees precision

Keep your eyes looking fabulous with Clio’s Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner!

This Korean pencil eyeliner is known for its smooth texture and its ultra-thin tip with a self-sharpening component.

This means its cap has a built-in sharpener that shapes your pencil tip into a point every time you use it. 

This component ensures that every time you use this pencil eyeliner, you have a pointed tip that helps you draw razor-sharp lines with impressive definition.

On top of all that, CLIO offers this pencil eyeliner in 6 different shades, making it a breeze to find the right shade you want. 

Whether you want a soft, romantic look or an edgy rock star look, CLIO’s got your back with their Sharp So Simple Waterproof Eyeliner.

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner

It’s time to make your eyes pop and stand out with this gel liner!

Key Benefits: Gives you clear and well-defined lines; prevents skipping and smudging; can be used as eyeshadow


  • Has a creamy formula for comfortable application
  • Has a 3-millimeter tip that lets you draw fine lines
  • Comes in 15 different colors

Do more with your eyeliner using BBIA’s Last Auto Gel Eyeliner!

If you’re looking for brown Korean eyeliner for a natural look, check out BBIA’s Last Auto Gel Eyeliner in Soul Brown.

Its hue can complement any skin tone. Plus, it has a 3-millimeter tip, which lets you draw fine lines if you want subtle yet striking eye definition. 

It also has a smooth gel formula that glides on the skin without any skipping or smudging.

Even better, you can use its lighter shades as eyeshadow. 

Budge-proof and vibrant, this gel liner is definitely something to add to your makeup bag.

IM UNNY Skinny Fit Slim Eyeliner Pencil

Looking for the best waterproof Korean eyeliner pencil? Look no further than this one from IM UNNY.

Key Benefits: Provides amazing control when drawing lines; offers smooth application; lasts up to 24 hours


  • Has a slim tip for precise lines 
  • Formulated to absorb excess sebum around the eyes
  • Soft texture

Show off your beauty with IM UNNY’s Skinny Fit Slim Eyeliner Pencil!

IM UNNY’s Skinny Fit Slim Eyeliner Pencil has an ultra-slim pencil that lets you draw perfect lines every time.  

This quick-drying eyeliner is also formulated to help absorb excess oils from the skin, preventing unsightly smudges that can ruin your look. 

Its formula is also smooth and waterproof. In fact, it can last up to 24 hours!

Etude House Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner

Make sure your makeup bag has this eyeliner because of its incredible staying power!

Key Benefits: Enables you to draw lines that look sharp; ensures all-day wear; very easy to use 


  • Has a super slim 1.5-millimeter tip for precision
  • Formulated with an emulsion polymer film that enhances its staying power
  • Available in three colors

‘Achieve stunning eye makeup using Etude House’s Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner!

Etude House has a wide array of high-quality liners, and this super slim gel pencil liner is one of them.

At 1.5 mm., this eyeliner lets you draw with as much control and precision as possible. 

Besides that, the formula contains an emulsion polymer film that keeps the eyeliner in place all day. This is why it’s both smudge-proof and waterproof. 

It’s also a great pick for tightlining or applying eyeliner to the area under the lash line to make your eyes pop and create the impression of thicker lashes.

Clio Extreme Gelpresso Pencil Eyeliner

Putting on eyeliner doesn’t have to be complicated when you have this pencil liner.

Key Benefits: Adds definition to the eyes; helps you create precise lines in a single swipe; prevents flaking, smudging, and fading


  • Boasts a velvety smooth formula 
  • Has an easy-to-hold packaging  
  • Features a slower drying time that provides wiggle room correction

Up your eye makeup game with CLIO’s Extreme Gelpresso Pencil Eyeliner!

Searching for the perfect Korean brown eyeliner pencil that naturally enhances your eyes? Look no further than Clio’s Extreme Gelpresso eyeliner!

This automatic pencil eyeliner has a highly pigmented formula with a deep brown color that defines your eyes subtly but noticeably. 

It also sticks to your skin all day, staying in place even with the buildup of sweat and oils on your eyelids.

The formula is also velvety smooth. When it dries, it stays put, but the drying time gives some leeway for mistake corrections or additional styling. 

This is perfect for beginners and eyeliner veterans alike!

THESAEM Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner

Never worry about irritation or smudging around your eyes with this eyeliner. 

Key Benefits: Allows you to achieve thin, sharp lines without a hitch; stays on your eyelids for the entire day; doesn’t irritate the skin


  • Features a tip twice as thin (2 mm.) as other pencil liners
  • Made for people with sensitive skin
  • Comes in six shades

Create amazing eye looks using THESAEM’s Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner!

THESAEM’s Eco Soul Powerproof Eyeliner is something you should get if you’re looking for a slim pencil with a waterproof formula that can last all day.

This product helps you draw dark, precise eye lines that complement any look.

Its use isn’t limited to your eyelid either; this might be the top Korean eyeliner for your waterline or the skin between the base of your lash line and your eyes. 

You can safely apply it to your waterline to define your eyes because it’s formulated to be free of irritants, meaning it won’t harm or irritate that delicate area. 

Made cruelty-free, this product is great for those who want to make ethically conscious makeup choices while ensuring they purchase a high-quality product.

Colorgram Artist Formula Cream Liner

Unleash your creativity by coming up with stunning looks using this liner. 

Key Benefits: Helps you apply sharp and thin lines; doubles as eyeshadow; ensures quick application by moving smoothly across the eyelids


  • Slim eyeliner pencil that’s only 0.09 inches thin
  • Has a creamy formula 
  • Comes in four different colors

Need a lightweight eyeliner? Try Colorgram’s Artist Formula Cream Liner!

Colorgram’s cream liner pencil boasts a liner formula that’s among the smoothest on the market.

Not only does it glide on easily, but it’s also lightweight and vivid. Also, because it’s only 0.09 inches thin, it gives you the control and precision to draw lines that look sharp and stay put throughout the day.

It has a smudge-proof formula. And it can also work as eyeshadow.

A woman is applying black eyeliner to her eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Koreans Use Black or Brown Eyeliners?

Many Koreans prefer brown eyeliners, especially since they help your eyes look more defined while looking natural. 

Can Korean Eyeliner Help Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Black and deep brown Korean eyeliners help make your eyes look bigger, especially if you apply them to your waterline. 

This will help define your eye shape, open up your eyes, and make your lashes look fuller, making it look like you have bigger, wider eyes. 

Achieve Expressive, Beautiful Eyes With the Top Korean Eyeliner

A good eyeliner can work wonders with your overall makeup looks.

From adding dimension to creating the illusion of bigger eyes, eyeliners have become integral to makeup routines.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find a Korean eyeliner to add to your makeup bag confidently.

Yes, there are a lot of choices, but this also gives you a lot of room to play with your eye looks.

From loud colors to subtle and soft eyeliners, there’s a Korean liner for you!

Want to make your eyes more stunning?

Try out some of the top Korean eyeliners, and see why they’re in everyone’s makeup bag!

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