What Are SNS Nails? (+20 SNS Nail Design Ideas)

What Are SNS Nails? (+20 SNS Nail Design Ideas)

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Have you heard about SNS nails?

They’re not exactly new, but they’ve become popular just recently.

Wondering what are they and how you can benefit from them?

Let’s find out. In this post, I’m going to talk about what is SNS nails, pros and cons, and more.

What are SNS nails and what do its initials mean?

Wondering what do SNS nails stand for?

SNS means Signature Nail Systems.

It’s a revolutionary system that involves dipping the fingernails into a special kind of powder and is accompanied by applying gel-based nail polish.

Available in a wide array of shades and colors, SNS dipping powder contains titanium dioxide, acrylic ester polymer, and benzoyl peroxide. These components serve to strengthen rather than wear down your nails.

How are SNS nails different from conventional nail polishes?

There are several distinctions that set both apart; this aside from the fact that SNS nails bank on dipping powder more than polish.

In addition, SNS nails require no painting and zero drying time.

How are SNS nails different from acrylic and shellac nails?

While the finished product for each looks virtually the same, there are substantial distinctions.

Here are the main differences between SNS nails and acrylic or shellac nails.

The first distinction is the aesthetics. SNS powder nails are natural-looking compared to shellac or acrylic nails.

And these SNS dipping nails are strong yet feel light. Compared to the usual acrylics, they are more durable but flexible.

Plus, the SNS application is quicker too.

NexGen Nails vs. SNS: How are they different?

If you’re a fan of beautiful nails, then you’ve probably encountered NexGens Nails and wondered how is it different from SNS nails.

Both have similar concepts when it comes to nail care; they’re just different brands.

Did you know SNS is good for your nails?

Yes, it is. And it all boils down to exposure to UV lights.

You see, the SNS dipping nail system doesn’t need UV lights for it to bond with your nails.

A study conducted by researchers from Georgia Regents University Division of Dermatology revealed the potential dangers of frequent exposure to UV radiation emitted by nail-drying lamps in nail salons.

While a single visit to the salon may not be a cause of serious concern, eight can increase the risk of skin damage.

With the SNS dipping nail system, there is no setting, curing, or drying of the nails under UV light.

In fact, the main adhesive ingredient used in SNS is just a special type of glue.

Here are some of the other benefits when you stick with SNS nails.

  • SNS dipping powder is gentler on your nails.
  • There’s less filing with SNS nails compared to other manicure techniques.
  • SNS nails give off fewer fumes.
  • Covering your nails with SNS dipping powder can make it resistant to chips.
  • SNS nails last twice as long as Shellac or acrylic nails.

How to apply SNS nails

Ideally, you go to the nail salon to have yours applied.

To give you an idea of how these nails are applied, here’s the process.

First, the nail technicians will file your nails, shaping them to their ideal form. Then they will be cleaned using a primer.

Next is the application of resin on the nail plate.

After that, the nail technician will dip one finger at a time into the color powder. Then another coat of resin is added.

Lastly, an activator will be brushed on then followed by a glossy top coat, which gives the nails shine and luster.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder No Liquid, No Primer, No UV Light - 267-1oz
  • SNS nail dipping powder gelous colors
  • Super shiny, flexible, last long until 2-3 weeks
  • Non-returnable item for hygiene purposes

How long do SNS nails last?

Did you know they can last up to four weeks?

You may want to get a touch-up around the second or third week; that’s about the same time your nails will start to grow out.

Or you can choose to remove the SNS dipping powder off your nails.

Here’s how to remove SNS Nails.

You can sand off the top-most gel layer. Never mind the color underneath the gel layer.

Then soak your nails in polish remover for about 10 to 20 minutes. You can also use cotton balls soaked in acetone, placing one on each fingernail.

After 10 to 20 minutes, see if the nail polish can be wiped away with a paper towel. If not, continue soaking them for another 10 to 20 minutes then try wiping them off again.

Looking for design ideas on SNS nails?

If you’re suffering from skin allergies or sensitive to odors, you might want to consider this innovative nail system.

It’s long-lasting, doesn’t involve gels or UV light, and makes your nails stronger.

If you’re considering getting SNS nails, check out these design ideas.

1. Who says nude nails are boring?

With this cute design, it gives off a lively and happy vibe that’s fit for springtime.

It’s simple yet gorgeous. This is a lovely nail design that you can wear for everyday office or if you’re looking to party over the weekend.

Classy and elegant, don’t you think?

It’s an elegant piece that doesn’t have a lot of elements that make it look “busy.” And that’s what I love about it.

So if you’re looking for a sultry nail design that can catch people’s attention, try out this beautiful piece.

2. Here’s another simple yet seductive SNS nails idea.

Minimal doesn’t mean boring.

Check out this gorgeous design. It is simple yet looks glamorous.

If you want something that looks sweet and sexy, give this beautiful design a try. Look at how the luscious nude color perfectly settles in.

This lovely piece is perfect for your next romantic date or if you’re looking to attend a formal event.

3. You’ll love this design idea: SNS with tips.

Check out the distinct shape of these gorgeous nails.

It curves as it goes to the tips.

Coffin nails, as what they are called, look edgy and fierce. This sultry design is perfect if you want to make a bold and daring statement about your choice of nail fashion.

If you’re blessed with long nails, why not give this a try?

And if you want to amp it up, check out these SNS nails tips. These nails are easy to recreate and the results will be just as stunning.

4. Want to add some serious glamour to your nails?

Do you want to give your nails a sultry look?

Check out this purple design.

How’s that for some serious glamour.

See how this piece features various shades of purple. And check out the glitters as they create visual contrast and extra interest on these nails.

Bring your nail game to a whole new level with this beautiful piece.

5. Leopard Print SNS Nails.

Are you looking for a chic design?

Check out this stylish shade of green. It’s edgy and bold.

With this beautiful color and textured design, people will be turning their heads. It’s a classy piece that’s perfect for work and play.

6. If you enjoy an iridescent design, you’ll love this one.

Here’s another edgy design that can give a big boost to the look of your nails.

It’s somewhat shimmery and definitely eye-catching. This beautiful design packs a punch. You’ll look good wearing it at work or when you and your pals are grabbing drinks after office hours.

7. Here’s a great pairing of nude and black.

Turn a minimal design into something more eye-catching with this great blending.

Don’t this beautiful piece turn heads?

It may be low-key but it’s definitely gorgeous. Elegant and sophisticated, if I may add.

If you love simple designs, don’t forget this ravishing piece.

8. Do you like your nails pink?

You’ll love the captivating soft shade of pink in this enchanting design.

Delectable and low-key yet it captures the right blend of simplicity and elegance.

Do you want to turn minimalism into something with pizzazz?

Check out this gorgeous piece.

9. Breathe vivacity with these bright yellow nails.


Want to give your nails a fun-loving personality?

Check out this bright nail design. This piece is perfect for summer and springtime fashion.

It’s cute and carefree.

10. Here’s another alluring design for summer and springtime.


Are you looking to change it up?

Match the sunny days with this beautiful piece. It’s a gentler, lighter shade of yellow that’s easy on the eyes.

Dress up your nails with this gorgeous nail idea.

11. Add an assortment of colors into your nails?


If you think one shade isn’t enough, then you’ll love this melange of colors.

With this design, you get a beautiful assortment of colors. It’s simple yet brings out a gorgeous blend that can grab people’s attention.

12. Classy nails with a playful twist.


Want to give your nails a sultry look?

Add some serious glamour by mixing these colors into your nail design.

Don’t they create an interesting mix and contrast?

If you’re looking to amp up your nail game, give this beautiful piece a try.

13. Check out this sherbet of colors on SNS nails tips.

Do you love having lots of colors on your nails?

Add a bit of twist and a lot of pizzazz on your mani with this beautiful assortment.

This enchanting design will surely look good as part of your everyday get-up to work. Or if you’re looking to party, this gorgeous nail idea is perfect as well.

14. Do you want a gorgeous blue nail design idea?

It’s not my usual go-to color for my nails. But this one surprisingly looks great.

For an unexpectedly beautiful nail design, check out this blue look.

Check out how it perfectly blends with the overall design. And with the glittery stuff, now that’s a uniquely sultry look.

15. See how violet can make gorgeous nails.

Check out this violet nail design with shimmery embellishments.

Don’t these nails look stunning?

It’s a simple design that’s quite easy to do.

Dress to impress with this beautiful piece. It’s perfect for special occasions and romantic dates.

16. When it comes to nail color, red simply looks ravishing.

What’s your favorite nail color?

If you ask me, it’s got to be red (I love black as well).

Check out this sexy nail design. It’s an interesting piece that will surely turn heads and grab people’s attention.

If you ask me, it’s perfect for a romantic date. It goes well with a sexy dress.

17. Nails like candies.

Don’t these nails remind of candies?

The artist probably took inspiration from those sweet M&Ms.

I mean, just take a look at those pretty nails; aren’t they delectable?

If you’re looking to play with colors, check out this rainbow-inspired design. A sherbet of colors to give you a sexy yet playful look.

18. Don’t they look sexy?


Are you looking to pull off a sultry look for your nails?

Check out these long and slender nail design.

Doesn’t this design spell grace and poise, beauty and elegance?

What I also love about this piece is that it doesn’t have a lot of clutter in its design. Just a plain, glossy look. Indeed, there is beauty in simplicity.

19. I just love this red SNS manicure.

It’s a sexy shade of red, which I absolutely love.

This design looks seductive and elegant.

And to add visual interest, check out the contrasting design on the ring fingers.

Isn’t this nail design an embodiment of beauty and grace?

20. You’ll love this wonderful mix of colors.

Looking for a playful mix of hues on your nails?

Check out this lighthearted design. It’s a gorgeous piece that’s perfect for women who like to mix and match different hues.

Don’t these SNS nails look charming?

With the beautiful melange of colors, indeed they are.

What do you think about SNS nails?

There are a lot of benefits to them.

They make your nails stronger and look beautiful. Plus, the process doesn’t involve exposure to UV light.

It’s a great alternative to a traditional manicure if you struggle with skin allergies or sensitivity to smell.

Want to give SNS nails a try?

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