40+ White Nail Design Perfect For The Winter Season

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Did you know that manicures can be curated depending on the season? Since it’s wintertime, you might be looking for the perfect nail inspos for this season. 

A woman's hand with white nails with sweater design on ring finger

To capture the essence of the cold, nothing beats getting white nail polish in the winter! White textures and shades may work for any season, but they match incredibly well with the frost and winter snow.

Aside from that, white manicures are an elegant combination of modern and classic. Best of all, white nail design can complement just about any look! 

If you’re planning to get nail designs in white, this article is meant for you. Read below as we present 45 cute white nails with designs perfect for the winter season.

Now, let’s get into it!

Why Choose White Nails This Winter?

When it comes to nails, there are no definite rules about what colors you should wear during any season. 

But if you want to make a statement with your nails during winter, you might be wondering whether white nail polish is the best thing to get. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose white nails this winter.

Resembles Snow

White may not be the first color that pops into your mind when thinking about winter due to the holidays, but it’s definitely an emerging color trend for the colder months. 

Since white resembles the color of snow, white is perfect to wear to embody and feel the spirit of the cold season. 

Perfect for Any Events

You can wear this elegant shade to match any upcoming occasion or event you’re about to attend — whether birthdays, dates, or even weddings during this season. 

Moreover, whether you’re looking for a clean, crisp set or something more dramatic, you can achieve that with classy white nail polish and designs!

Highly Customizable

If you think your nails will be drowned out by the snow, feel free to customize your white nails and add a hint of glitter, shimmer, or even handpainted nail designs perfect for winter. 

Doing so can make your nails stand out against the winter landscape and give them that extra oomph for an elevated look. 


Looking for that perfect nail shade that goes with any other colors? White is the ideal shade to get for your nail polish! 

Being a neutral shade, white goes well with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. That means it goes well with nearly anything! 

Pair your white nails with either dark hues or bright ones, and the combination will still look stunning.

So if you’re daring enough, never be afraid to try out white nail polish during the wintertime. With the perfect white shade and a sprinkle of creativity, you can definitely pull off any white nail design this winter!

Cute White Nail Ideas Perfect for Winter

Want to try a white nail design for winter? Check out these beautiful white manicure inspos you can ask your nail technician on your next nail pampering session!

Matte White Nails With Glittery Accents

If you don’t want excessive nail designs, you can achieve subtle yet sophisticated nails by coating them with white matte nail polish and painting accent fingernails with a transparent coat topped with gold and holographic glitter. 

Glazed Soft Off-White Nails

For a trendy yet classy look, opt for these glazed soft white nail designs. You can top this off with fine blue and pink shimmer if you want.

French Tip with Modern Twist 

Try this modern French tip topped with holographic confetti glitter nail polish for more festive nails during winter. 

Nude and Off-White Nails

You cannot go wrong with nude nail colors! With these, your nails will look much more natural compared to other white nail designs. 

You can also add vertical accent swirls on some of your nails if you want.

French Tips With Pearls

Planning to elevate your regular French nails? Spice it up with a soft-glittery top coat and some pearl details!

Maddy Euphoria Inspired Nails

This nail design is inspired by Maddy in the Euphoria TV series. If you’re a fan, get this sophisticated white nail design and add some rhinestones to your nails. 

Snowcap Frenchie

Mimic the snowy slopes subtly by adding swooping French tips. Add a hint of glamor by painting gold twinkles. 

Coffin Nails with Butterfly Details

Make your nails look good on social media by flexing these gorgeous white coffin nails designed with butterfly pieces and gemstones. 

Icy Tips

Instead of French tips, make your nails more fun by painting them with white nail polish, and then adding some glitter on the tips! This design also resembles snowfall, which is fitting for the winter season!

Comic Book 3D Nails

Are you a fan of comic books? What if we told you that you could achieve stunning comic book nails? Get these 3D-looking white nails in the art style of classic comic books! 

Zebra Black & White Tips

Add flair to your tips and get these zebra-inspired black and white stripes for your next nail sesh!

Chrome Nails, aka the Glazed Donut

A set of nail recommendations isn’t complete without chrome white nails, also called the Glazed Donut

Thanks to Hailey Bieber, this design has become one of the hottest nail designs now. Try these flashy white chrome nails today!

Black & White Ombre Nails

Ombre nails, primarily black and white ones, are a chic gothic nail detail you can pair with dark-colored outfits for the winter season!

Extravagant White Coffin Nails

Looking for ways to be extra? Get these coffin acrylic nails with white slanted French tips topped with extravagant gemstones. 

White Chrome Nails With a Mini French Tip

Chrome nails are elegant nail designs that you shouldn’t miss this winter. You may also add a mini French tip to add flair to your chrome nails!

White on White

Who says you can’t paint some white gel nail designs on top of your white nails? Well, actually, you can! Check out this white nail set with cute snowflake nail art!

Detailed White Nail Design with Dollar Ornament

Want to try something new? Try this detailed, textured white nail design and some dollar nail art studs to manifest and welcome wealth throughout the year. 

Milky White Nails with Gold Snowflake Sticker

This simple nail design is a fresh take to the classic milky white nails, thanks to the added rhinestones and gold nail sticker. 

Winter Nails

Get this set of white nail designs infused with a touch of glitter and snowflake nail art to suit the winter vibes. 

Knitwear and Snowflake Nails

These nails are glamorous and fitting for the season! Just incorporate knitted patterns plus pink rhinestones and snowflake designs, and you can achieve this look!

Outline Frenchie

Ask your nail tech for this new twist of white French tips — the outline Frenchie!  

White Coffee Latte Nails 

Everyone loves coffee during wintertime! Why not make coffee as an inspo for your winter manicure? 

Flex your white and coffee-colored nails and add some French tips on top of the latte nails. Trust us, this design will look great as you grab a cup of coffee.

Ombre Nails with Cow Print 

These nails are fun and animalistic yet sassy when worn. Simply ask for glossy white and nude ombre nails and top it off with rhinestones and a cow print nail design!

French Ombre Nail 

This sophisticated and cool ombre variation presents a classic look that beautifully works across any occasion!

White Cloud Nail Art

You can also ask for fun hand-painted nail art on your nails. This set is designed with clouds and a hint of blue French tips.

White Pearl Chrome

With an off-white, pale shade and a glossy finish, this white pearl chrome manicure can be worn for almost every occasion — from family gatherings to weddings. 

If you’re looking for a delicate and sophisticated shade, this white nail design is for you!

White Holographic Nails

Want to achieve a baddie look? If that’s the case, ask for this ballerina holographic white nail set. This is also one of those eye-catching white nail designs for short nails. 

White Sweater Nails with Gold Dust

This white nail design is perfect for the new year and winter season! Its texture is inspired by sweaters and comes with a touch of gold dust, which is an ideal way to upgrade regular white nails.

Powdery Winter Nail Art on Almond Nails

Want to match your nails with the snow? You can do so with these powdery winter nails designed with snow-like slanted designs and snowflake nail art! 

Sugar Nail Design with V-Tip Accents

If you want something fresh to add to your nails this winter, you might want to get white sugary nails and some V-tip accents for variations. 

White Swirls 

For a more uncomplicated yet sophisticated nail design, try getting these off-white nails with white swirls to capture the ambience of the cold season. 

Classic White Gel Polish

Go back to the classics by choosing this creamy white gel polish. This white nail design is perfect on any nail type and shape!

Classic White and Metallic Combo

Paint the classic white nail polish on your nails and add one or more metallic accent nails of your choice. It’s a perfect nail statement, which is enormously trendy nowadays.

Semi Opaque Matte with Gold Foil 

If you like shiny nail polish coats, this semi-opaque nail design accentuated with gold foil is perfect for you! 

Long White Coffin Nails with Pixie Crystals

If you wish to go the extra mile, you can always opt for long white coffin nails topped with stylish crystals and stones of your choice!

Milky White Matte

Looking for sheer white matte nails? This is the perfect natural matte style you can rock anytime. 

White x Neon Nails

Want to be more creative? You should try white nails with colorful accents!

Sprinkle subtle glitter on white nails and add accent neon nails with silver swirls. This set of nails is fun and chic at the same time. 

Cool, Sheer White With Rhinestones

Get an underrated traditional color with a subtle antique look using cool, sheer white shades that look glossy and milky on the nails. Top it off with a few rhinestones and you get an elegant white nail set.

Pure White Coffin Nails With Blue Outlines

For a simpler look, try out this all white nail design outlined by a faint blue hue. This look is subtle and would look great on any nail length.

Negative Space Frenchie

Make your nail design special with negative space Frenchies for that sophisticated yet simple look that is perfect for almost any occasion. 

White Side Tips Coffin

Side tips are a variation of French tips. Nude nails paired with elegant white nail designs are perfect for all occasion, especially weddings. 

White Nails with Hand-Painted Flowers

If you’re looking for a feminine, dainty look this winter, you can achieve that white almond nails designed with hand-painted flowers. 

Vanilla White Nails

If you want to try a shade of white but are a sucker for nude nails, this vanilla white manicure is for you. This versatile shade is a cross between white and nude, which means you get the best of both worlds. 

Glittery White Nails

If you have a whimsical, bold personality, you’ll love white nails packed with glitter. 

With a bright white base and a silver-toned glitter overlay, this nail design creates a sparkle similar to freshly fallen snow!

White Stilettos With Extravagant Glitters

This particular nail design is the perfect representation of a glamorous winter. With the fancy stilettos covered in rhinestones, studs, snowflakes, and glitters, what more can you ask for?

Abstract White Nails

These cute nail designs can easily be achieved. All you need is to strategically place white swerves on nude nail polish and you get abstract white nails.

We Love These White Nail Ideas

White is definitely IN this winter season! 

If you’re planning to ask for white nails for your next nail session, feel free to choose one of the white nail designs listed above depending on your mood and preferences. 

Fortunately, you got endless options for white nail polish in the winter — from muted vanilla to bold white nail colors.

With our curated nail designs for white nails, your manicure will surely be in season. 

Let us know which nail design you like! 

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