15 Best Acrylic Nail Powder Brands in 2022

15 Best Acrylic Nail Powder Brands in 2022

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Looking for the best acrylic nail powders?

Want to achieve a professional look with your nails?

If so, then acrylic nail powder is the way to go. Acrylic powder for nails is a polymer that adheres to the natural nail and can be built up in layers.

How do you apply it? The process of applying acrylic powders is very simple!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to apply them as well as which are the best acrylic nail powder brands out there.

Pink and white acrylic powder on black table

How to apply acrylic powder for nails

Step 1: Get the right tools

The first thing you need to do before you start your manicure is to make sure that you have all the necessary tools. This includes nail clippers, files, cuticle pushers, buffing blocks, cotton balls or pads and an acrylic nail powder in your preferred color.

Step 2: Remove existing polish

The first step in applying acrylic powder is to clean the nails with acetone to remove any residue from the last application or nail polish.

Step 3: Buff nail

After you have cleaned the nails, buff them to remove the shine. This will help the product hold better to the nail. Once you have buffed wipe away the nail dust with acetone.

Step 4: Apply nail tip (optional)

If you are going to apply your acrylic nail powder on a nail tip now is the time to do so. Apply the nail glue to the nail and then press the nail tip down, holding pressure for a few seconds (roughly 10) until the nail tip has stuck.

Using tip cutters clip the nail to the desired length. Then shape the nail with a file.

Step 5: Dip brush into the monomer

The monomer is a liquid that is used in acrylic powder to help it stick and harden.

Dip your nail brush into the liquid and remove the excess liquid so it is wet only at the tip of the brush. Dip the brush into the acrylic nail powder and collect enough powder to make a ball of product that will cover the entire nail. Let the product become glossy before placing it on the nail.

Step 6: Apply acrylic product to the nail

Place the bead of product near the cuticle (but not on the cuticle) and work the product up towards the tip of the nail. Spread the product with the brush. If the acrylic is not pliable enough dip your brush again into the monomer and it should help.

Step 7: Let the acrylic nail dry

Wait about two minutes for your acrylic nails to dry. Dry nails should make a click sound not a hollow sound when tapped.

Step 8: Finish the nail

After the product is dried file the nail and buff the top if necessary, then seal with a topcoat.

How to apply acrylic nail powder tutorial


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The best acrylic nail powders

Looking for the best acrylic nail powders? Here are our top picks.

1. Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Clear Acrylic Powder

Mia Secret Acrylic powder is a Professional Acrylic Nail Powder. It is made in Germany and contains no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP (phthalates).

This professional acrylic nail system comes in white, pink, blue, green & yellow (and now clear). This Professional powder has no odor.

Reviewers like it because of its color consistency and fine texture.

2. Modelones Acrylic Powder Set

Modelones Acrylic Powder Set - 24 Colors Acrylic Nail Powder Set DEJA VU Pure Color Professional...
  • AMAZING EFFECT: 24 colorful acrylic powder provides a variety of energetic and elegant acrylic nails to add some shine to your day. Mixing up different Christmas decorations nail designs of acrylic powders to personalize your own colors. Perfect for all nail DIY lovers who enjoy making acrylic nails, nail carving, french nail, or 3D nail art design.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & MONEY-SAVING: Modelones acrylic powder kit system is prepared under the strictest quality control, made of special advanced non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration. Achieve bright and vivid nails with our highly pigmented, ultra-fine powders that give you a perfect manicure in seconds for a fraction of the salon cost.
  • NO NEED CURING & LONG-LASTING: Modelones acrylic powder system doesn't need a nail lamp to cure, which can avoid damage of skin from a nail lamp. A breakthrough formula loaded with rich pigments for this fast air-dry manicure that actually lasts up to 28+ days without lifting.

Modelones Professional is a company that consistently makes high-quality products.

Modelone’s acrylic powder set comes with everything you need for professional, salon-quality nails at home. The acrylic powder has an ultra-fine particle size which gives it its strength and ensures the longest-lasting results. It sets quickly without any clumping or lumping.

Reviewers report it is a beginner-friendly acrylic nail system.

3. Modelones Acrylic Powder, 12 Colors Acrylic Powder Set

Modelones Acrylic Powder, 12 Colors Acrylic Powder Set, Bule Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder,...
  • AMAZING EFFECT: Modelones acrylic powder includes 12 shades of solid color and glitter powder to choose from, focusing on peacock tones, such as sapphire blue, and lime green with sparkle of a classic silver glitter. The combination of different colors can let your imagination run wild and help you create your own exclusive nail looks.
  • LONG-LASTING: The Modelones acrylic nail powder is made of a chip-resistant formula, which can form a hard protective layer on the nail surface with the combination of liquid and powder, and keep the color bright, non-yellowing, giving you 2-3 weeks of wear without nail lamp curing.
  • EASY TO USE: The acrylic powder is used with acrylic liquid monomer (NOT INCLUDE). Simply combine them with nail brush to start your nail art DIY anywhere anytime. It is suitable for all nail extension, french nails, 3D nail art design, and nail carving with other nail decoration.

This set gives me total mermaid vibes with the glittery blues and greens. It is a great price point for 12 stunning shades. 

4. Saviland Acrylic Powder Set – Glow in the Dark

Saviland Acrylic Powder Set - Glow in the Dark Acrylic Nail Powder Set 10 Luminous Colors...
  • 【GLOW NAILS POWDER SET】Saviland gorgeous colors acrylic powder nail set includes 10*10g luminous polymer powder, which can be used on natural nails, false nails, half cover nail tips, acrylic nails and french nails. 10 vivid colors glow acrylic powder set is an perfect gift for elegant woman on holidays such as Christmas.
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT GLOW IN THE DARK】Saviland professional acrylic powder is high-quality that can strong glow in the dark when absorb enough light. The luminous effect of acrylic nails make you became midnight party queen. There is a fluorescent effect during the day and a glow effect at night.
  • 【EASY TO USE & WIDE APPLICATION】 Saviland acrylic powder set system with no need of LED/UV nail lamp can save time of curing. Luminous professional polymer powder can mix with UV gel or dip nail powder to do nail extension, french nails and decoration, so you can DIY your beautiful nails at home. Perfect for nail lovers make nail art design.

Saviland Professional is a company that specializes in at-home acrylic nail systems.

They have a large selection of powders available for sale online.

One set, in particular, is their Glow in the Dark Professional Acrylic Powder Set comes with everything you need to create beautiful nails at home. It includes ten different colorful acrylic powders so you can mix and match.

5. Morovan Nude Pink Acrylic Powder

Morovan Nude Pink Acrylic Powder - 4.23oz Professional Acrylic Nail Powder Polymer Nude Pink Nail...
  • Morovan Nude Pink Acrylic Powder - Morovan 4.23oz/120g large capacity nude pink acrylic powder, can enhance your natural nails and offer a variety of style nails.Acrylic powder can be used in all acrylic liquid systems. Acrylic powder can make you create more imaginative nail art decoration and DIY your own nail art style.
  • High-Quality Acrylic Powder- Morovan acrylic nail powder is high-quality, This nude pink acrylic powder provide a smooth self leveling finish and superior adhesion, that can ensure color clarity, long-wearing, and prevent yellowing or dulling. Acrylic polymer powder system forms a protective layer to promote longer and stronger nails without cracking or peeling.
  • Long Lasting & Easy to use: Morovan acrylic nail powder provides amazing control with its ability to self level and adhere to the natural nail that makes the acrylic powder nail last for about about 3 weeks.nude pink acrylic polymer powder is to do french nails, acrylic nails, Nail Carving flowers,nail extensions and nail decoration, for nail Lovers.

Morovan Pink Acrylic Powder is a high-quality cosmetic grade powder that will help you create long-lasting nails with an intense color and shine.

It adheres well to the nail surface and there is no yellowing.

This product sets quickly so it is not as beginner-friendly.

6. AZUREBEAUTY Nude Pink Glitter 8 Colors Pastel Acrylic Dipping Powder System

17 Pcs Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter, AZUREBEAUTY Nude Pink Glitter 8 Colors Pastel Acrylic Dipping...
  • 【What You Get】 AZUREBEAUTY has what you need to create any shades: Up to 17 pieces of dip nail kits——8*0.42 oz color powder, 4*0.34 oz dip powder liquid set(base coat/activator/topcoat/brush saver), 1*nail brush,1*nail file, 3*dip powder liquid brush replacement. A truly complete dip nail system that comes with everything you need.
  • 【Long Lasting Vibrant Shades】This anti-cracking dipping powder is on effortlessly & lasts more than 21+ days under daily use - no quick broken peeling off nails here! Most fashionable style colors, full but natural-looking, lightweight, breathable, waterproof. 8 popular and fashionable colors, more than 500+ shades combos can be designed. Available in natural to bright shades, any luxury nail art is possible with our AZUREBEAUTY nail dip powder kit.
  • 【No Need Nail Dryers & Easy to Use】AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail starter kit doesn't need a nail lamp to cure, dry faster, and be skin-friendly, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging nails. Create your beautiful nails with a 3-steps dip liquid set, an ideal choice for professional manicurists and nail beginners that enjoy the fun of DIY nails.

This set comes with all you need to do beautiful dip acrylic nails. It includes eight gorgeous colors, the base coat, activator, topcoat, brush saver, brush and file.

7. Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit 

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit - Glitter Acrylic Powder Monomer Liquid Set Professional Acrylic Powder Set...
  • MOROVAN ACRYLIC NAIL KIT: The professional acrylic nail kit comes with everything you need to do acrylic nails, acrylic powder in 3 colors, acrylic monomer, 12 colors of glitter powders, gel top base coat, nail tips and other basic nail art tools, ideal for both professional nail technician and DIY nail starter lover.
  • 12 COLORED GLITTER POWDERS IN ACRYLIC NAIL KIT: Glitter powders come in 12 different colors in this acrylic nail kit, fine and shiny, colorful and gorgeous, add charming by mixing acrylic powders to create unique and sparkling nail extensions or nail carving. Optimized for all seasons.
  • ACRYLIC NAIL KIT - ACRYLIC POWDER SET: The acrylic powders included in this acrylic nail kit is available in 3 colors, clear, white and pink, developed with non-yellowing formula, bubble-free polymers, providing flawless consistency, superior adhesion, and exceptional strength, providing natural-looking to nail enhancements.

This kit comes with everything you could ever need to do powder acrylics. This is a great option if you don’t have any nail tools and want to build up your collection for an affordable price. 

8. Beetles Acrylic Powder Nail Kit 

Beetles Professional Acrylic Nail Powder Nude Color Acrylic Powder 2 oz, Without Monomer Acrylic...
  • 【2 OZ Nude Acrylic Powder】 The nude pink acrylic powder will bring you a different personal image, you can sculpture, match it freely to create your own style, which can be perfectly adapted to your needs on different occasions. Should be used with liquid monomer(any brand).
  • 【Buttery & Smooth】Evenly micro-fine powder absorbs monomer quickly and efficiently ,giving excellent self-leveling for fill and overlay. Maintenance-Free.It's strong enough, not easy to crack or chip, keeping your nails beautiful for a longer time.
  • 【Various Ways to Play】 Acrylic powder can be used silky not only for fixing natural nails, but also for extension and 3D nails of fake nails, half-tip nails, acrylic nails and French nails. Have fun with your creative imagination!

I’ve used other Beetles nail products in the past and have been very impressed and this one doesn’t disappoint. 

This is a great budget-friendly powdered acrylic option coming in at under $10 for 2 oz. 

It comes in three color options, clear, pink, or nude. 

9. BORN PRETTY Acrylic Powder Set Crystal Clear Pink White Acrylic Powder

BORN PRETTY Acrylic Powder Set Crystal Clear Pink White Acrylic Powder for Nail Extension Nail Art...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS:3 popular classic colors acrylic nail powder set(clear acrylic powder,white acrylic powder,pink acrylic powder),1oz/jar. These colors could be used on natural nails and false nails to make 3D nail art decoration or mixed with glitters or overlaid with shell、opal flakes for outstanding results,get your own style!
  • NO NEED CURING, SAVING TIME: BORN PRETTY acrylic powder system doesn't need a nail lamp to cure, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging skin from a nail lamp. It is a better way to make your nails faster without curing the nail every time of applying.
  • HIGH QUALITY LONG LASTING: BORN PRETTY acrylic powder create a protective layer, strengthen your own natural nails, promote longer and stronger nails which don't split or peel, provide a fantastic natural look for your nails.Acrylic powder can be used for nail extension or decoration on natural nails, false nails, half cover nail tips, acrylic nails and french nails.

This set comes with clear, pink and white. 

Reviewers reported that this powdered acrylic was easy to work with and had great consistency.

If you like doing dip nails, this product is reported to work for dip nails too. 

Best Professional Acrylic Powder

10. Young Nails Acrylic Powders 

This professional acrylic nail powder is a fan favorite. Many reviewers commented that this is by far the best acrylic nail system. 

11. Vafee Professional Clear Acrylic Powder 

This acrylic nail system includes the liquid monomer and the acrylic polymer powder. This is a professional acrylic nail system. All professional products have a strong smell because they do not have MMA. The products are FDA approved but have a strong smell so make sure you have good ventilation when using a professional acrylic powder.

12. Glam Glits Acrylic Powder 

This light nude is subtle and beautiful. If nude isn’t your style there are lots of other colors in the listing from Glam and Glits. 

This is a one-ounce container and has 3,500 reviews at 4.5 stars. 

Reviewers have also commented that they used this powder for dip nails and it worked wonderfully. 

Drugstore Acrlyic Nail Powder

13. Kiss Acrylic Powder

Kiss Acrylic Powder Clear 0.33 Ounce (2 PACK)
  • For Sculptured Nails, Tips And Overlays, Will Not Yellow Or Lift, Bubble-Free Formula, Crack-Resistant, Self-Leveling
  • 2 Pieces - 0.33 Ounce (10ml), For Sculptured Nails, Tips And Overlays, Will Not Yellow Or Lift, Bubble-Free Formula, Crack-Resistant
  • Provides great flexibility and adhesion, Great for personal and professional use, Easy and Hassle free to use

Looking for powder acrylics at a drugstore price point? This budget-friendly option includes two clear acrylic nail powders for less than $10. 

With hundreds of raving reviews it is worth trying!

Best Acrlyic Powder Nail Monomers

What is the acrylic liquid called?

When doing powdered acrylic nails you dip your brush into a liquid called a monomer. Monomers are the activating agent that mixes with the acrylic powder. 

14. Mia Secret Liquid Monomer

With a rating of 4.5 stars and nearly 25,000 reviews the Mia Secret Monomer is one of the top monomer choices. 

The Mia Secret monomer works best with Mia Secret powders.

15. Professional TRUE-EMA Liquid Monomer 

Professional TRUE-EMA Liquid Monomer 8 oz, Advanced GlamourShield acrylic formula, no MMA,...
  • Let your imagination run wild with Advanced Acrylic Liquid Monomer by IntiMD. Used exclusively by artists and professionals to breathe life and emotion into the artistic expression.
  • 8 fl oz of advanced professional-grade liquid monomer. No MMA, non-yellowing, quick dry, highly forgiving and maneuverable for easy application and strongest adhesion. Perfectly balanced for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.
  • GlamourShield. Proprietary formula developed to deliver stronger foundation with smoother surface that allows color to be more vibrant and lasts longer.

This professional monomer is quick-drying, non-yellowing, and MMA free. 

As this is a professional product and MMA free, there is a strong odor so be advised and have ventilation when using this acrylic monomer. 

How to remove powdered acrylic nails

Step 1: Clip the nail

Clip your nail to a shorter length (if not trying to preserve the nail tip) and efile off the topcoat. This will let the acetone penetrate the product better.

Step 2: Soak in acetone

This step is pretty easy – all you need to do is soak cotton pads with remover and place them on each fingernail for about 20-30 minutes or until the product starts to dissolve.

This step works best with warm acetone. Acetone is highly flammable so do not expose to extreme heat or microwave. To warm run it under warm water.

You can use foil to hold the cotton pads on or reusable silicone cotton pad holders.

Step 3. Wipe off product

If you have waited the allotted time the acrylic polish should wipe right off.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails Tutorial


Conclusion: The Best Powder Acrylic Brands

We hope this post has helped you better understand the basics of acrylic nail powders.

Going forward, it’s important to remember that there are many options for powders and monomers which will affect your experience with powdered acrylic nails.

Some people prefer a thinner consistency while others may want more thickness or durability in their nail application.

It can be difficult to know what is best without experimenting first-hand so we highly recommend testing out a few different types before settling on one specific brand or type! 

If you have tried some I would love to know, what is your favorite acrylic powder?

Share them in the comments below so we can keep this conversation going! 

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