Supplies For Acrylic Nails: Everything You Need

Supplies For Acrylic Nails: Everything You Need

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If you are looking for supplies to do acrylic nails, this blog post is for you!

Here we will cover everything from what supplies are needed, the tools and equipment required, how much each item costs, where they can be purchased online, and more.

Scroll down below for the full list of supplies for acrylic nails!

Supplies for acrylic nails

To do acrylic nails you will need the following items:

  • Acid-free nail primer
  • Acrylic powder (can be purchased in a variety of colors. View some of our favorite acrylic nail powders here)
  • Liquid monomer
  • Mixing bowl or cup for acrylic nails supplies (not plastic)
  • Dappen dish
  • Nail brush (for applying the acrylic product)
  • Acetone for cleaning your supplies (and your skin and nails)
  • Nail file or buffers to shape, smooth and finish your acrylic nails
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Topcoat polish

Woman's hands with acrylic nail supplies and tools

Optional products for acrylic nails supplies

  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle Presser
  • Powder-free gloves
  • Nail tips

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Tools for acrylic nails

Now that you know what supplies are needed for acrylic nails, let’s take a look at the tools required. You will need the following tools for acrylic nails:

  • Nail drill (optional)
  • Tip Cutters (if using a nail tip this is super convenient to have)
  • Nail Scissors (for cutting tips to size if you don’t have tip cutters)
  • Acid-free nail primer:

What do you need for acrylic nails?  

Acid-free nail primer: 

Acid-free nail primer is necessary when doing acrylic nails because it primes the nails to prepare them for acrylics.

Primers are also formulated with special ingredients that strengthen, prevent yellowing and increase nail durability when applying gels or any other supplies used in acrylic nails.

Morovan Professional Natural Nail Prep Dehydrator and Nail Acid-Free Primer Set, Acid Free Primer &...
  • GET STRONG ADHESION: Preparing the nail plate to create a foundation is the most important step in any professional artificial nail application. This set includes nail...
  • NO LIFTING: NAIL DEHYDRATOR is especially to get rid of the oil and dry up the whole cuticle in the nail bed area. ACID-FREE NAIL PRIMER is less corrosive and works like...
  • BALANCE & PREVENT: MOROVAN Nail Primer Dehydrate Bond is perfect to reduce nail oil & to create a strong foundation! And Nail Bond Acid-free Primer is to create a perfect...

Acrylic powder:

Acrylic powder is one of the key ingredients when doing acrylic nails. It is used to create a solid, durable and more natural-looking nail.

Nail supplies that contain acrylic powder usually come in pastes or gels which need to be mixed with another liquid solution often referred to as a monomer.

You can read about our favorite acrylic powders and monomers here.

Liquid Monomer:

Liquid monomer is used in conjunction with acrylic powder to create an acrylic paste or gel that can then be applied to your nails.

Dappen Dish:

A dappen dish is a small, shallow container that is used to hold your liquid monomer.

You will dip your brush in the monomer and then into your powder to make your bead of product that you will apply to your nails.

4 Pcs Acrylic Dappen Dish Nail Dapping Dish Nail Powder and Liquid Holder Glass Bowl Crystal Cup...
  • 4 X Glass Dappen Dishes, Size:1.25" x 1.2"
  • Small but enough weight, so the liquid not easily spilled over
  • Easy to use and clean, work for both professional nail salon and home use

Nail Brush:

A nail brush is a must-have when doing acrylic nails because you need one for mixing, applying supplies and more.

An acrylic nail brush is made of either natural or synthetic bristles that are very soft.

KADS Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush Red Wood Pen Nail Brush for Nail Art Manicure Tool (12#)
  • Made of precious rosewood and 100% Kolinsky Sable Brush.
  • Ideal for drawing lines & fine drawing on nail tips.
  • Nail brush hair does not fall off easily and can be used for a long time.

Nail file:

When doing your acrylic nails you will use a nail file to smooth and shape your nails.

You can find nail files in different materials, shapes and grits that will determine the strength of filing you want to do on your nails.

Nail Files and Buffer, TsMADDTs Professional Manicure Tools Kit Rectangular Art Care Buffer Block...
  • 【Diy yourself freely as like at salon】 - Professional nail file and buffer set,they have rough grit that can sand down the large ridges in your nails,it also helps...
  • 【Nail manicure tool set】- 6 pieces nail files and 6 pieces buffer sanding block; Size: the nail buffer block is 3.74 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches/ 9.6 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm, the...
  • 【Double sided emery boards】- file and rough up the hard fingernails and toe nails in 100 grit, and use 180 grit smooths up your nail edge with refined shape


Acetone is used to clean up your acrylic nail supplies and remove excess product that may have gotten on your skin.

Pronto 100% Pure Acetone - Quick, Professional Nail Polish Remover - For Natural, Gel, Acrylic,...
  • PROFESSIONAL NAIL POLISH REMOVER: Formulated to gently remove nail polish, glitter or nail glue from your nails. Our formula acts quickly and effectively, removing even...
  • FOR NATURAL, GEL OR ACRYLIC NAILS: Pronto Pure Acetone easily removes nail polish, gel or shellac polish, sculptured nail forms and nail art, artificial nails, glitter...
  • EASY TO USE –Moisten a little cotton ball, then, massage nail bed pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip and wipe clean. Use cotton swabs to remove polish from...

Lint-free wipes:

While you can apply your acetone to a cotton swab, it is best to use a lint-free wipe when doing acrylics.

This prevents fibers from being left behind on your nails before and during application.

960 pcs Lint Free Nail Wipes Cotton Pads Remover to Soak Off Acrylic Gel Nail Polish with Pumb...
  • Bump bottle can adjust the amout of liquid, working with nail wipes and cuticle pusher help you more efficiently.
  • Can't absorb product within short time means less waste of your precious nail polish when nail art.Long time with polish remover will have better effect.
  • Can remove any excess residue before correcting mistakes. Leave no fiber and lint.

Top coat nail polish:

After applying the acrylic products wait a few minutes until they have sufficiently dried then apply your top coat of nail polish.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear - .5 oz. oz
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Optional Supply List For Acrylic Nails

Powder-free gloves:

When doing any kind of nail service you should always use powder-free, non-latex gloves to protect yourself from infection by using them while applying supplies

Med PRIDE Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves (Large, 100-Count) Latex Free Rubber | Disposable,...
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  • Thick, Heavy-Duty Resilience – Crafted with a 4 mils thick PVC, these versatile medical gloves are stronger than nitrile or latex while still giving you the dexterity...
  • Commercial or Industrial Use – These vinyl medical exam gloves can be used by emergency personnel, home or hospice care, lab technicians, elder care specialists,...

Cuticle Pusher:

A cuticle pusher is a staple supply for acrylic nails because it helps you push back your cuticles and also aids in the creation of a more professional-looking manicure/pedicure.

Pushing back your cuticles before applying your acrylic supplies can help you stretch your acrylic manicure longer.

Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle Pusher -YINYIN Cuticle Remover Cuticle Nippers Professional Stainless...
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  • 【Cuticle Pusher and Cutter】YINYIN nail cuticle pusher set are ergonomically and non-slip handle designed for painless cuticle maintenance; Sharp to cut or scrape away...

Cuticle Oil:

You use cuticle oil on your nails to nourish them and keep your cuticles moisturized.

This is especially important when you are pushing back your cuticles because it helps prevent damage to the surrounding skin area.

Cuccio Naturale Milk and Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil - Moisturizes and Strengthens Nails and...
  • Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil is a unique natural complex of rich oils to provide moisture, protect, and nourish dry, brittle, cracked cuticles,...
  • Its Lightweight and deep penetrating formula is created from high quality natural cold pressed oils and vitamins to provide intense hydration that replenishes and...
  • Crafted by beauty professionals & artisans, this cuticle oil is elaborated with milk to soothe & soften skin along with honey, one of nature's natural humectants that...

Soaking bowl:

A small plastic or glass bowl is needed when soaking off acrylics during the removal process. You can submerge the nails in acetone or soak cotton pads with acetone and then wrap each nail in foil.

WXJ13 4 PCS Manicure Bowl Soaking Soak Bowl Nail Art Polish Remove Wash Manicure Spa Tool
  • PACKAGE: You will get 4 pcs nail soaking bowls in 2 colors, 2 pcs pink and 2 pcs purple
  • SIZE: The manicure bowl is 15 x 12.5 x 6 cm/ 5.9 x 4.9 x 2.4 inches, perfect size for women hand care
  • MATERIAL: Made of high-quality plastic, the manicure bowl non-toxic, eco-friendly, durable, skin-friendly, non-break, safe for use and easy to clean

Nail Tips:

Acrylic nail tips are usually made of a thin, flexible plastic that allows you to adjust them for different nail sizes and shapes.

These are optional, but if you are going for additional length or a dramatic style like coffin nails it can help you achieve the look. If you

To apply the nail tips you will need to purchase a nail glue to adhere them to your nail.

Feugole French Nail Tips Acrylic Flake Nails Half Cover 1000PCS Artificial False Nails Half Tips &...
  • High-Quality Materials: Half cover french nail tips use high-quality ABS materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly, and have no odor. These sturdy fake nails...
  • Numbered Boxes: French acrylic nail tips are stored in numbered boxes. The box is made of sturdy plastic material, which can protect the nails well and prevent them from...
  • Strong and Durable:False nails french tip have thickness, very strong, not easy to bend, suitable for nails, easy to shape, smooth and even surface, can be applied...

Tools For Acrylic Nails:

Nail drill:

A nail drill is used to remove the old acrylic products from your nails.

You can use the grinder to remove the top layer of acrylic before soaking the nails in acetone. Grinding down that top layer helps the acetone penetrate the product better.

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical Professional Nail File Kit for...
  • Multifunctional: Designed with 6 kinds of metal bits (also works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits) and 6 sanding bands, which are used for grinding, carving, cutting,...
  • Adjustable Speed: 0-20,000RPM with a speed control button, which makes this electric nail file easier to polish your nails.
  • Low Noise and Low Heat: This electro file is with a powerful yet quiet motor. Also, the smart heat dissipation can avoid overheating efficiently. (no more than 20 minutes...

Tip cutters:

Tip cutters are used to trim nail tips (if you use them). It is much easier to trim down the tip with cutters than with nail scissors.

Elegant Violet Red Premium Adjustable Stainless Steel Artificial Acrylic Fake False Nail Tip Clipper...
  • Made of Premium Quality Stainless Steel & High Quality Painting Material(Nitrogen Resin) -- Good quality material guarantees you will receive an Excellent product
  • Electrophoresis Processing Technique-- Unlike other painting technique, this gives better protection to the clip and looks much more beautiful
  • Powerful & Sharp Clip-- Gives you full support to clip your nail very easily.

Nail scissors:

If you do not have tip cutters you can use nail scissors to cut your tips down it just takes a bit more practice.

After trimming the nail tip use a file to shape the nail.

Refine Nail Scissors
  • Made in Italy
  • Specially curved blades to follow the curve of the nail
  • Sharp blades leave smoother nail edges

Preparing your nails for acrylics:

Step one: Remove existing product

If your nails are already done, you will need to remove them first.

You can do this by soaking cotton balls with nail polish remover or gently pushing back cuticles on natural nails.

Step two: Buff nails

After removing the product (if applicable) buff your nails to remove the shine. This will help the acrylic adhere better to the nail.

Once you have buffed your nails remove any nail dust with a lint-free wipe soaked with acetone.

woman using acrylic nail supplies to buff woman's nails during a manicure

Applying The Nail Tip:

Here are the steps to apply an acrylic nail tip or forgo this section and apply the acrylic to your natural nails for an acrylic overlay

Step one: Choose the size

Select a size of nail tip that fits your nail bed.

Step two: Glue the nail tip

Use glue to secure the nail tip to the nail bed. Press down on the fingernail for ten seconds to help the nail stick to the nail tip.

Step three: Clip to your desired length

Using a tip clip or scissor trim down the nail tip to your desired length.

Step four: File the Nail Tips

File both sides of your acrylic nail tip to make them smooth, then file the free edge so it is round.

Step five: Clean nail tip

Finally, remove any dust from the nail and prime the nail with an acid free-primer.

Applying Acrylic:

Step one: Pour your monomer liquid

Begin by pouring your monomer into your dapper dish. Then dip your brush into the liquid.

Step two: Dip into acrylic powder

Next, dip your wetted brush into the acrylic powder until you have a bead of product built up at the end of your brush.

Step three: Apply the acrylic bead

Now apply the bead of acrylic product at the base of your nail bed (near the cuticle) and work the product up towards the tip of your nail.

Step four: Sculpt the acrylic

Continue to sculpt the acrylic product. You can pat down with the brush to smooth out the surface of the product. If you need more product at it at this point.

Step five: Dry the acrylic

Allow the acrylic to dry. This should only take a few minutes.

Step 6: File the nail

File along the edges of the nail and use a smooth file to smooth the top of the nail.

Step 7: Add a top coat

To finish your nail, add a top coat to seal the product.

How to make your acrylic nails last

Here is a quick tip, when you are doing acrylic nails it is important to wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning as these supplies can damage the acrylic.

Also, try to avoid exposing your new nails to water for at least 24 hours so they can set.

Do you need a lamp to do acrylic nails?

No, you do not need a lamp to cure the acrylic nails. The product will air dry. You can use a lamp to speed up the drying time if desired.

There are many top coats on the market that are air dry, but if you choose a gel top coat it will need to be cured under a lamp.

How do you clean your acrylic supplies?

There are a few different ways to clean acrylic nail brushes.

One is by using liquid monomer and another is with acetone polish remover.

Acrylic brushes with natural bristles require more care. If you have natural brushes use your liquid monomer and wash them carefully. Then tip them upside down to dry.

If you have a synthetic brush you can use monomer or acetone. However, acetone can still dry synthetic brushes out over time.

nail supplies on a light background

Conclusion: Supply List For Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a popular choice for many people that want to have long-lasting manicured looking hands.

This list of supplies for acrylic nails will help you build up your nail kit with everything you need whether you are a nail tech or just want to do your acrylic nails at home.

What are your favorite products for acrylic nails?

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