10 Top Brushes for Acrylic Nails In 2024

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Doing acrylic nails, whether professionally or just by yourself at home, is one of the major scenarios where you’ll need the right tools for the job.

Choosing the acrylic monomer, acrylic powder, gel polish, and other paints with the best quality is important, but having the right brushes for acrylic nails is just as vital.

manicurist using a nail brush to apply acrylic nails

However, choosing the top nail brushes can be easily overwhelming because many options differ in brush shapes and sizes.

You also have to consider the materials used in an acrylic nail brush — especially for its bristles — because they can decide how well you shape acrylic nails and add nail art to them.

So keep reading for your quest to find the top brushes for acrylic nails much easier!

Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush Set
Editor's Choice
  • Includes six brushes
  • Holds acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache well
  • Comes with a roll-up PU leather bag
Pana Acrylic Nail Brush
Premium Pick
  • Made with premium kolinsky sable hair
  • Designed for long-term use
  • Flexible and easy-glide bristles for accurate nail art
Patelai Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Set
Budget Pick
  • Lightweight design with protective cap
  • Non-slip ferrules for better grip
  • Fine brush tips for precise nail art

How to Choose Top Acrylic Nail Brush

So what is the top acrylic nail brush to use?

Much like in painting, there are tons of brush options for acrylic nails. They vary in the materials used for their bristles and the shape of the brushes.

The top brushes for acrylic nails are also available in different number sizes.

These factors can influence the result of your DIY acrylic nails and the design you create for them.

Quality and Materials

Acrylic nail brushes can be made from nylon, sable hair, or a mix of both. 

But most experts agree that good acrylic brushes for nails often feature pure kolinsky sable hair for the same reason that it’s also the best material used on conventional paint brushes.

Sable hair fibers are thin and more flexible than other materials. They also do well in holding coloring products. And their ductility makes for a smoother application of oils, acrylics, watercolors, or gouache on acrylic nails.

Brush Sizes

At the very least, you must know which brush sizes suit your skill level.

Numbers identify acrylic nail brush sizes, usually from #2 to #24. A higher number indicates a larger-sized brush, which can hold more product and a bigger acrylic ball. 

That’s why professionals prefer bigger brushes as part of the so-called one- or two-ball method to do the job faster.

But that doesn’t necessarily apply to beginners. They’re typically advised to start with acrylic nail brushes #6 or #8 because they’ll give you better control. 

And if you’re shopping for brushes to use on nail art, you want to go for smaller brush sizes for more precise strokes.

10 Top Brushes for Acrylic Nails

Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush

Say goodbye to annoying product buildup and stuck acrylics on your nail brushes with this Modelones kit! 

Key benefits: Fast and easy acrylic application; brush holds its shape well; classic design


  • Pure kolinsky sable hair
  • Wooden handle
  • Pointy tips

The best acrylic nail brush for beginners that won’t break the bank.


Are you new to acrylic nail work but want to have professional-grade tools that are affordable yet work great? Then check out this three-piece acrylic nail brush set from Modelones!

It comes with sizes 8, 10, and 12 brushes designed to work for acrylic nail art, nail extension, and nail carving.

More importantly, they all have pointy tips, making each brush essential for drawing fine pieces of art that require precision.

It has received tons of positive reviews praising these Modelones brushes for how easy and fast they apply coloring products on acrylic nails. You can thank its pure kolinsky hair bristles for that!

Using premium materials also means you’ll worry less about acrylic products getting stuck in the bristles, which comes with proper care and maintenance for each brush.

Many of the top nail brushes for acrylic nails come with colorful handles as an extra incentive. But if you’re looking for brushes with a classic wooden handle, this is perfect!

The handle is also designed to deliver a comfortable grip to elevate your experience in working on acrylic nails.

KADS Kolinsky Sable Red Wood Acrylic Nail Brush

Your search is over for a brush that works great for filling the base of acrylic nails!  

Key benefits: Great for applying acrylic nail base; glides easily; even and smooth acrylic product application


  • Handle made from rosewood
  • Alloy brush tube
  • Soft bristles

A beautifully applied acrylic base can make or break your nail art, and this brush will help you achieve that.


What we love most about this one is it’s basically a hybrid round-flat brush. The roundness is more pronounced on its tip, but the bristles are longer, giving it quite a flat shape.

So among all the products listed here, this is the top nail brush to apply acrylic. And its shape will also allow you to get into the cuticle line when applying acrylics.

That makes this brush quite beginner-friendly. But if you’re a professional or an acrylic DIY expert, the flexibility of this brush also works great for making nail art.

You’ll instantly feel that you’re using a good-quality acrylic nail brush because of flexible bristles that don’t easily fall off, paired with a sturdy rosewood handle.

Saviland Acrylic Nail Brush Set

Why buy just one brush when you can get three with great quality that’s all beginner-friendly?

Key benefits: Flexible bristles; suitable for beginners and professionals alike; ergonomic handle for comfortable use


  • Three-piece brush set
  • Premium kolinsky hair
  • Firm connection of tip and brush body

The handle isn’t just sturdy; it comes with a fun cow design too!


Whether you’re new to doing DIY acrylic nail designs or this isn’t your first time, this brush set from Saviland is a great option for you!

What’s great about this set of brushes for acrylic nails is that it comes in three different sizes. So you have ample options to give you more control when you paint designs on your acrylic nails.

It also uses premium kolinsky hair, making its bristles flexible so precision wouldn’t be an issue.

The bristles initially have a wax seal. So before using it for the first time, make sure you soak it in warm water for about a minute.

But be careful and ensure you’re only soaking the bristles so you don’t compromise the brush connection to the handle. 

L'arbois Acrylic Nail Art Brush Set

It’s a complete set for designing acrylic nail art but for the price of one!

Key benefits: Softer bristles and absorbs water better; free brushes for detailed designs; sturdy brush handle


  • Pure kolinsky sable hair
  • Smooth liquid acrylic handle
  • Stylish glitter handle design

You’re getting an oval brush for a wide range of applications and extra brushes for more precise designs.


Some of the top acrylic brushes for nails use kolinsky sable hair because it’s more flexible. And that’s what you need for creating nail art on a small canvas like a fingernail.

You have to be wary of some brushes, however, as some brands mix kolinsky sable hair with nylon. So you may not get the best experience, especially if you’re just starting your acrylic nail art journey.

But you don’t have to worry about that with this brush set. L’arbois maintains it uses 100% kolinsky sable hair for the bristles, so it’s soft and durable to use.

What you’ll love even more about this purchase is it comes with two free brushes for more detailed designs.

The set includes a two-head point pen and a lining pen that are great for creating dotted lines, flowers, and other lovely 3D patterns.

iBealous Acrylic Nail Brush

Here’s an affordable acrylic nail brush without compromising quality and is easy to use even for beginners.

Key benefits: Longer bristles that match international standards; smooth and easy use; dense bristles for long-term use


  • Special handle with liquid glitter
  • Soft, high-quality hair 
  • Sturdy metal stamping

Tired of acrylic nail brushes with bristles that easily fall off? That won’t be an issue with this iBealous product!


The iBealous has one clear advantage over most acrylic nail brushes out there — even on the ones that also feature kolinsky hair.

The brand makes its brushes with longer bristles so you can easily dip more into the product when creating acrylic nail art.

It comes in three different sizes (8, 10, and 12), so you have an option based on your skill level in designing acrylic nails. But each brush is designed to work on nail carving, acrylic powder, and nail extension.

There’s also less chance of forking — a common scenario where the bristles get clumped together in bunches, making it no longer usable. 

That’s because it utilizes separate straight tubes to protect each brush head. So it’s easily one of the top brushes to do acrylic nails.

And its clear acrylic handle is the cherry on top, as it’s filled with liquid shimmery glitter that moves around while you work on your nails.

Patelai Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Set

You’ll love how this acrylic nail brush set feels and works like premium products while still within your budget.

Key benefits: Fine-tip brushes for easier application; works great for 3D nail art; lightweight design and material


  • Three brushes in different sizes
  • Protective cap
  • Non-slip ferrules

With its lightweight design and added protective cap, you can expect to use this for a long time!


Brushes may seem like small tools, but they must also be made with good-quality materials, which is the case for this three-piece acrylic nail brush set.

Many of its users love how soft its bristles and others attest to how well it works even for 3D nail art. 

As one of the top kolinsky acrylic nail brushes, expect it to glide easily when you’re expressing your creativity through acrylic nails. 

And with quality brush fibers, the bristles are less prone to splitting, shedding, and clumping.

The brush is also well designed with a lightweight metal handle that comes with non-slip ferrules to give you better control.

As a bonus, it comes with a protective cap too! So you can maintain its good condition for a long time.

All things considered, this is definitely one of the top cheap acrylic nail brushes you’ll find on the market!

Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush Set

Looking for the best nail acrylic brush set with different sizes and shapes? Here it is!

Key benefits: Works on different coloring products; holds nail paint well; easy to carry


  • Six pieces of good acrylic brushes for nails
  • Aluminum handle and cap
  • Set includes round and flat brushes in different sizes

It’s made of premium materials, is stylish, and is easy to carry around. What more can you ask for?


There are tons of good brushes for acrylic nails that you can purchase in sets. But this kit from Makartt is one of the best out there because it provides you with everything you need for various nail painting products and designs.

This set has six brushes, including a #2 pointed tip for acrylic, #4 round and #4 flat for gel polish, #6 round and flat for gel nails, and #8 for acrylic nails. 

Each brush comes with an aluminum cap. The same material is used for its durable handle.

The entire set also features high-quality kolinsky hair, so they all work smoothly for nail painting. And you won’t have to worry about the bristles falling out! 

The variety of brushes all work for your choice of nail product, such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache.

Its clear acrylic handle is even filled with rhinestones, so the entire set is also functional and stylish!

Lastly, you’re less likely to lose any of the brush because every purchase comes with a roll-up PU leather bag, making this an incredible set of professional acrylic nail brushes.

Pana Acrylic Nail Brush

A fan-favorite acrylic nail essential with a well-thought-out design and excellent durability.

Key benefits: Long-lasting brush; lightweight and easy to handle; great for drawing grid lines, flowers, and 3D nail art


  • Soft bristles made from genuine kolinsky hair
  • Available in four stylish designs
  • Bristles attached in durable alloy crimped ferrule

You’ll have to invest more in the best professional acrylic nail brushes, and this one from Pana is certainly worth it.


This set uses real kolinsky sable hair, providing incredibly soft bristles that will help you draw precise nail art. So it’s easily one of the top nail brushes you can find!

At the same time, the bristles are durable, and they’re firmly attached to an alloy crimped ferrule, so the bristles are less likely to fall off even after several uses. 

You can keep and use it longer than other acrylic nail brushes.

Its smooth glide and flexible bristles are just what you need to make your nail art ideas happen. 

This one’s a bit more pricey than the rest of the brushes in this article, especially since you’re only getting one brush per purchase. But the results you get and the set’s longevity make this  a worthy investment.

Pana may be one of the top acrylic nail brush brands there is, and the thousands of positive reviews on its products are enough proof. And their brushes, like this one, are popular for several reasons.

Beaute Galleria Acrylic Nail Art Brush Set

If versatility is what you want from your next acrylic nail kit purchase, this Beaute Galleria set will deliver it for you!

Key benefits: Great for drawing fine lines and details; holds nail paint well; suitable for oils, acrylics, watercolors, or gouache


  • Three kolinsky sable brushes (#4, #8, and #10)
  • Seamless ferrules
  • Fine point brush tip

With its classic, elegant design, you’ll definitely feel like an artist painting gorgeous acrylic nails.


When looking for a nail brush set, it’s best to find one with different brush sizes. It would also be great to find brushes made from materials suitable for different nail paint types.

That way, you’re getting the best value for your money. And you’ll get all that from this three-piece Beaute Galleria set.

All items are oval brushes, but they come in three different sizes. And they also have fine brush tips, so it’s easy to work on designs for your acrylic nails.

Whether you’re using oils, acrylics, watercolors, or gouache, these brushes will hold these products well. And with its high-quality fibers, you can apply them smoothly and easily.

But its fine tips make this the top acrylic nail brush set for drawing custom nail art patterns.

MGGSUG 100% Pure Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush

Its soft bristles aren’t just great for applying acrylics; its quality material also makes the brush easier to clean!

Key benefits: Soft, flexible bristles; easy to clean and reshape; handle won’t easily rust


  • Non-slip handle with stylish embossed design
  • Comes with a protective cap
  • Alloy handle that won’t get easily deformed

It holds acrylic products well, and it’s easy to handle, so it’s not surprising that even long-time nail techs love this acrylic nail brush.


The top acrylic brush for nails should also be easy to maintain because its high-quality hair won’t collect acrylic products over time. 

And many swear by how easy it is to clean MGGSUG brushes. Acrylics don’t get stuck in the bristles, and the brush doesn’t lose its quality after use.

If you want an acrylic nail brush with a protective cap, this one’s also a great option. Its handle comes with a chic gradient and an embossed design, giving you a better grip than other brushes.

What Is a Good Acrylic Nail Brush and Why Do You Need It?

Out of the many options for the top brushes for acrylic nails out there, you have to pay close attention to the materials used for both the bristles and the brush handle.

manicurist applying acrylic polish to fingernails with a nail brush

Choosing good brushes for acrylic nails will certainly help you achieve a good acrylic base that will serve as the canvas for your beautiful nail art and colorful gel polish.

But it doesn’t stop at choosing the top acrylic nail brush. You’ll also have to be keen on maintaining the condition of your brushes. And that starts by washing them thoroughly after every use.

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