6 Stunning Rose Gold Hair Dyes to Try in 2023

6 Stunning Rose Gold Hair Dyes to Try in 2023

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Rose gold hair is one of the edgiest and most stylish trends of the season.

If you’ve done your share of scrolling through social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen photos of celebrities sporting this trend or beauty articles about it more than once.

a hair stylist applying rose gold hair dye to her short haired client

Anyone from Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski has hopped onto this gorgeous trend. The next question is — will you?

By now, it’s safe to say that rose gold hair color isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So if you want to try it out, now is a perfect time.

And we’ve got all your rose gold hair dye needs covered. Check out our recommendations for the six best rose gold hair dyes to try this year.

What Is Rose Gold Hair Color?

Rose gold is a gorgeous shimmery blend of pink, red, and blonde shades, and it has just the right mix of cool and warm tones.

This may sound too extravagant to wear daily, but it’s surprisingly versatile for every day and can be adjusted to suit various skin shades and complexions.

It has chameleon-like qualities that allow it to be tinted in a warmer or cooler shade, depending on what looks best on the wearer.

Plus, different combinations from blonde, pink, coral, or brown can be added to it, allowing everyone to try the rose gold hair trend whether they have naturally light or dark hair.

The options on this shade are endless. 

Check out our picks for rose gold dyes that surely will give you the best rose gold hair color!

Ion Rose Quartz Semi Permanent Hair Color (Rose Quartz)
Editor's Choice
  • Creme consistency
  • Has vibrant pigment
  • Long-lasting, fade-resistant color
L'Oreal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Rose Gold
Budget Pick
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Vivid color pigment
Wella Instamatic Hair Color in Pink Dream
Premium Pick
  • Provides matte gloss and refreshing color
  • Has a gentle ammonia-free formula
  • Formulated with a fine blend of color molecules

Finding the Perfect Shade of Rose Gold

Ever wonder how salons personalize their dye mixture per client? This is done to give you the perfect shade that’s best suited to you. 

If you want to try doing it yourself, it may require some practice.

After all, hair technicians can whip up the perfect blend of hues thanks to years of mastery, experience, and an excellent familiarization with colors.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do it at home. You can definitely come up with a rose gold blend that you’ll love. 

Here’s what you need to know in building the perfectly balanced rose gold hues:

Based on Your Undertone

As far as the hair color wheel theory is concerned, rose gold isn’t typically a color that is ideal for everyone.

Since it has a mixture of warm hues, it may clash with the cool undertones. It is most often recommended for people with warm and neutral undertones.

But don’t worry. This versatile shade can easily be altered and adjusted to suit those with cooler undertones too.

How do I know what my undertones are?

Determining your undertone can be done in simple steps that you can do while reading this article.

You have a warm undertone if:

  • Gold jewelry suits you better than silver.
  • The veins on your wrist appear to be green.
  • Your eyes are brown, green, hazel, or have a bit of a gold hue in them.
  • Your skin looks yellowish when wearing a white shirt under natural light.

If you have a warm undertone, the gold and peach under your skin look flattering against a shade of rose gold with a more copper or bronze hue. 

You have a cool undertone if:

  • Silver jewelry suits you better.
  • Your eyes are blue or cool brown.
  • The veins on your wrist appear to be blue or purple.
  • Your skin looks pinkish when wearing a white shirt under natural light.

When matched with cooler undertones, the warmth from a rose gold shade can accentuate the redness and imperfections on the skin.

Because of this, if you want to try rose gold dye, opting for a mix with pinker tones like platinum or metallic rose gold is best.

You have a neutral undertone if:

  • Gold and silver jewelry suit you equally.
  • You wear a white shirt in natural light, and it suits you. 
  • The veins on your wrist look like a mix of blue and green.

Having a neutral undertone means that your undertone is about the same color as your actual skin tone. Neutral undertones have the same warmth that complements the golden-pinkish hue of rose gold.

a close up image of hair strands with rose gold color

Based on Your Skin Tone

Now that you know more about your undertone, you have the first vital component to create a fully-customized rose gold color.

The next is to match it to your skin tone.

For fair or light skin tones

The perfect hue for light skin tones is pastels or softer pinks. 

You can choose a rose gold leaning towards the blonde, pastel pink, or subtle peach. The distinct brightness of these shades will highlight your skin and make your complexion stand out.

For medium skin tones

The best option for a rose gold color is to go warmer.

The bright warmth from muted pink colors can emphasize the glow of your natural complexion.

Medium skin tones with warm undertones are best paired with coral, and peachy rose golds, while those with neutral undertones can absolutely rock the dusty pink variant.

For deep skin tones

Go easy on the toning if you have deeper skin tones.

Deeper hair shades go well with deeper skin tones, and it would be best to go for colors that have deep honey, copper, bronze, or antique rose gold tints rather than pale, pastel ones.

Based on Different Hair Shades

If you’re worried about whether your hair is light or dark enough to ensure that a rose gold color will really pop, the beauty of a rose gold shade is its ability to be mixed and matched with different hair bases.

Blonde hair is the perfect canvas for soft, dreamy rose gold pastels and fun, vibrant shades as the color naturally clings to the yellow or white hair base. 

The color won’t clash with dark pigments that can interfere with the warm hues. The result complements the rose gold color and perfectly highlights your desired color.

Be sure to give it an excellent toning to keep it from getting brassy.

Brown, brunette, or dark hair is the type of hair color that has to be lifted and lightened depending on the rose gold shade and style you want to achieve.

So, one way or another, you’ll have to use a hair color remover or bleach

If you’re trying to avoid too much hair damage and opting out of creating an ultra-light base, you can loosen it up with the lightning, which would still lead you to a gorgeous rose gold hair color for dark hair.

6 of Our Favorite Rose Gold Hair Dyes

L'Oreal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Rose Gold

If you aren’t sure about which hair color to try or which will look best on you, give yourself a preview with a color spray that goes away with one wash.

Primary Benefits: Lightweight; quick-drying formula; vivid color pigment


  • No gloves needed
  • Ammonia-free formula
  • Works on non-bleached hair 

Get stand-out rose gold hair without the commitment!

If the situation calls for a temporary rose gold color hair dye, you can enjoy the beauty of this without the commitment, with L’oreal Paris Colorista Spray 1 Day Color.

It’s a washable spray that distributes a vivid rose gold tone into your hair and looks just as good as the treated hair color without bleaching

You can also customize your style and color application with its precise spray cap. And since it’s free from ammonia, strong odors won’t bother you when applying it.

Although it applies smoothly, you should still be cautious when spraying your hair as the product requires you to spray it a specific distance from the hair to avoid clumps, stiff portions, and uneven colors.

The color also intensifies as it dries, so build the color slowly. 

Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Dye (Dark Rose Gold)

If you’re concerned about the products you put in your hair, lather up on a treatment that’s rich in natural ingredients.

Primary Benefits: Made from 80% natural ingredients; no-drip creme formula; gentle on all hair types and textures


  • Lasts 28 washes
  • Enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera
  • Formulated without ammonia and parabens

This is a semi-permanent dye that takes more time to fade, unlike the others.

Looking for a natural-looking cool rose gold shade that doesn’t go overboard with the pink hue and has no orange tint?

Seems like a tall order, but we have the perfect pick for you.

Try Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye.

It’s made of 80% naturally derived ingredients, uses no ammonia, and is infused with coconut oil and aloe vera for a gentle coat of color without the commitment. 

This no-drip creme formula that feels more like a conditioner is easy to use at home. And since this is a semi-permanent dye, it will gradually fade and last up to roughly 28 washes before it washes out completely. 

This allows you to enjoy the color temporarily without damaging your hair.

But be sure to follow the instructions to get radiant and healthy-looking hair. 

Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Brights Crème Hair Color (Rose Quartz)

The best fade-resistant formula that colors the hair from deep within each strand.

Primary Benefits: Creme consistency; has vibrant pigment; long-lasting, fade-resistant color


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Works with the power of micro-pigmentation 

Get a guilt-free full hair color experience with a dye made with the finest ingredients that is not tested on animals!

If you think you can’t achieve salon-quality hair color at home, then you haven’t seen what Ion Color Brilliance can do. 

This brand has been formulating one of the best and budget-friendliest rose gold hair box dyes.

It delivers outstanding performance by providing bold contemporary hair color that lasts, and the Rose Quartz variant is no exception.

The formula comes in a creamy consistency made of prime natural ingredients and high-tech compounds.

You don’t have to worry about the pigment getting washed off quickly, as this permanent rose gold hair dye stay on due to its microscopic pigments that penetrate deep into the hair cortex.

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color (Rose Gold)

With its easy applicator and foam technology, this is the best at-home rose gold hair dye you can try!

Primary Benefits: Fuss-fee application; non-drying; vivid color pigments


  • Formulated with secret magic oil 
  • Easy to maintain and prevents further scalp damage
  • Comes with 3 solutions, a hair mask, disposable gloves, and a vinyl cape 

Let’s admit, who wouldn’t want hair like one of the members of Blackpink?

Want to get the best at-home rose gold hair dye? Foam it up and apply it as a shampoo!

With one of the leading Korean girl groups as their brand ambassadors, it’s easy to see why this brand made our list. And if you think having K-Pop icons on the boxes is the best part about this product, then wait ’til you see what’s inside. 

This dye is the complete set with everything you need for fuss-free application.

The box has a protective cape, gloves, an aftercare mask, and an easy shake bottle to mix in all the solutions before you attach the pump. You won’t need anything else.

Although the product clearly states that it contains bleach, it’s so subtle that it won’t cause much damage. And the product offers rich hydration and protection too. 

The secret “magic oil” is enriched with lavender, Madonna Lily, and chamomile extract to help keep hair soft and smooth. 

Wella Instamatic by Color Touch (Pink Dream)

With the Wella Instamatic, you won’t just get a salon-like dye formula; you’ll also get a virtual guide from professionals in the comfort of your own home.

Primary Benefits: Provides matte gloss and refreshing color; has a gentle formula free from ammonia; formulated with a fine blend of color molecules


  • Color lasts up to 15 washes
  • Also great for color correction
  • Ideal for low commitment, fun color 

This is the soft pastel pink of your dreams! Plus, it’s customizable!

This dreamy pastel shade used by salon professionals is available for you to use at home.

Wella Instamatic by Color Touch in the shade of dream pink can give you an adaptable shade of pink that you can manipulate and work on to get the perfect rose gold shade.

Instamatic has a gentle formula formulated with a fine blend of color molecules that gradually coats every hair strand. 

It can last up to 15 washes, allowing you to change your color if you do not like it.

The brand has also released a helpful rose hair color formula guide to help you find the exact shade you want. 

IroIro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color (Pastel Rose Gold)

The best vegan rose gold that will ever touch your hair!

Primary Benefits: Gentle formula made from organic ingredients; easy to apply; 100% vegan and cruelty-free


  • Has a sweet yuzu-cranberry scent
  • Infused with coconut oil and quinoa protein
  • Free from PEGs, parabens, ammonia, peroxide, PDD, and alcohol 

This dye gives you gorgeous color and sweet-smelling hair even after treatment!

If you want a semi-permanent hair dye that you can apply over and over, choose the one packed with all the healthy ingredients.

Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent dye is the best vegan option if you want a rose gold that doesn’t go over the top with lightness and brightness. 

You should lighten your hair a bit if you’re looking for a true pastel rose gold hair dye. If not, the peachiness may take over.

This color may fade faster than expected, but since it comes with no harsh chemicals, you can add this to your regular dyeing routine without any worries about damaging your hair.

The coconut oil and quinoa protein infused in the product will coat each strand with added protection.

Plus, it has the sweet scent of yuzu mixed with cranberries that lasts long after the dye is applied.

Rose Gold Color Aftercare 

Once you’ve found the best-looking rose gold hair dye, the most crucial part of maintaining it is after-color care. This will determine how long the color will remain vibrant and how you can keep your hair healthy.

Follow these tips to enjoy your rose gold goodness longer:

Revamp your routine and choose the right products

Getting the perfect rose gold hair may require you to bleach your hair to the lightest extent, and this can damage your hair, affect its natural texture, and determine how long the color lasts.

You can update your hair care routine to give your lovely rosy locks better maintenance and longevity.

The first thing to change is how often you wash your hair. Since most of the moisture and oil in your scalp will be drained from dyeing, shampooing less will give your scalp time to re-moisturize. 

Shampooing two to three times a week will maintain your hair’s natural oils and help the color last longer.

Next, look at labels on your shampoos and conditioners and ensure they’re suitable for newly colored hair. The safest option is to choose products that are sulfate-free and formulated to be color-protective.

Restructuring and revamping your hair care routine keeps your color vibrant and opens the doors for introducing more products into your haircare routine.

Hair masks, serums, and other color-protecting and damage-repairing treatments can be your new best friends. 

Lastly, dry shampoos come in handy to keep your scalp feeling refreshed and clean between shampoos. Choose products that volumize and leave no white residue to keep hair looking bouncy and healthy while smelling fresh. 

Try to avoid heat styling

We all know how styling tools can damage the texture of our hair when overused or not used properly. But you may not know that heat can also strip temporary pigments from the hair. 

When you color your hair, try to lay off heat styling to preserve the color. 

Another option if you need to use heat-styling tools is to add a trusty heat protectant to your haircare routine. Using one is good, even if you’re ditching the hot tools.

Why? Because the sun’s heat can also induce long-term damage and premature color fading. 

Skip the pool or the ocean for a while

One of the healthiest decisions you can make for color-treated hair is to prevent exposure to chlorinated water or salt water for a certain period after the treatment.

The length of time you should keep away from swimming depends on the type of dye you use and the color you have.

For permanent or demi-permanent dyes, try giving your hair at least one week of rest. The harsh chemicals from the permanent dye in your hair may react to the pool water.

Since the chemicals used in your treatment aren’t as harsh in semi-permanent dyes, they are less likely to lead to a chemical reaction. You can swim again, giving your hair as little as three days to rest.

Aside from the water, sun exposure during a pool or beach trip is another enemy of your new hair color.

If you can’t avoid going out in the sun or swimming, wear a swimming cap or wet your hair with fresh water before swimming. 


Is Rose Gold Hard to Maintain?

Like any pastel or light dye shade, the upkeep with rose gold is a bit harder as it tends to fade easier than darker and more natural-looking shades. 

Most types of hair dye in this shade are demi, semi-permanent, or temporary, which is excellent for those who like experimenting with different colors but not practical for those who want to keep a permanent rose gold mane.

How Long Does This Shade Last?

Typically, rose gold color can last for 15 to 28 washes or four to six weeks. The length of time a color will last depends on your hair condition, hair type, products used, and hair routine. 

When Rose Gold Color Fades, What Color Does it Become?

It’s all fun and games with dye until the color starts fading.

It can be a wild roller-coaster ride seeing how you start with one color and then it slowly fades and shifts into another.

As for the shade your rose gold color may become, the color can range from blonde, coral, or brown depending on your natural hair color and how light you bleached your hair before adding your rose gold dye.

What’s the Difference Between Strawberry Blonde and Rose Gold?

Strawberry blonde is very close to rose gold, but it’s not the same.

Strawberry is a warmer and lighter shade of red, like pale pink.

It’s a rare hair color that appears blonde in dull or muted lighting but possesses a slight tint of pale pink or faded red in bright or natural light.

Rose gold, on the other hand, has a mixture of more complex colors. It’s a blend of golden blonde, copper, coral, and soft pink tones that are ashier and more metallic than strawberry blonde.

Rose Gold Hair Dye Can Work on Anyone 

Rose gold is a fun and exciting hair coloring experience that is customizable depending on your skin tone, hair, and preference.

All you have to do is be willing to experiment, and you’re sure to find the perfect rose gold shade for you.

This may require a little work, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you can find an excellent shade for your hair. If you need help, you can also try asking a professional hair colorist for input and advice. 

Once you find the right rose gold dye and shade for you, you’ll be ready to rock this gorgeous fashion trend.

Do you love coloring your hair? What are your favorite shades?

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