30 Rose Gold Hair Ideas to Try in 2021

30 Rose Gold Hair Ideas to Try in 2021

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Are you looking for rose gold hair ideas?

You came to the right page!

I’m going to feature 30 of the most irresistible rose gold hair color ideas.

Don’t think about getting the rose gold hair without reading this post.

Somewhere between the redhead look and the full-on pink blonde lies another favorite hair color of mine.

Who would have thought a shimmery blend of gold and luscious pink would result in something so gorgeous?

And with the right formulation, surprisingly, having this color can look natural.

Rose gold hair is one of the hottest color trends.

If you check fashion magazines, you’ll come across celebrities like Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner rocking the do.

Flip through the pages and you’ll also find the many variations of the style.

Now, if you’re looking to achieve this gorgeous hair color, you should definitely leave it to the professionals to do the job.

Sure, you can DIY it. But there’s a huge risk you may end up doing a bad job at it.

Imagine ending up with orange hair instead of the flowy rosy locks that you wanted.

With a hair accident like that, you’ll have to pay a professional to get that fixed.

So why not jump ahead to getting awesome hair without having to go through all that mess?

Looking for rose gold hair color ideas to try?

Do you want to rock this gorgeous hairstyle?

Need the inspiration to achieve the look you have in mind?

Check out these creative ideas.

1. Do you want dark rose gold pink hair?

Don’t you just love the perfectly placed streaks of rose gold here?

Look at that multifaceted style as it creates a warm and interesting do.

Want to give your hair an ombre touch?

Try this one out.

2. Check out this rose gold blonde hair color idea.

Do you love soft pastel pink color?

Light up your hair with a touch of soft pink.

This gorgeous style features a luscious shade that’s nothing short of amazing.

3. Say hello to copper rose gold hair.

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A touch of orange and copper can work beautifully for your hair.

Check out this simple yet pretty look.

4. Dark rose gold hair looks amazing.

See how the dark roots contribute to the overall look.

Notice how the color shines through. It’s impossible to miss.

With a blending this good, you’ll love this dark color.

5. Gorgeous rose gold color with highlights in pink balayage.

Get the best of both worlds with this captivating hairstyle.

Check out the stunning red and how the pink balayage pops right through.

If you’re looking to jump into the trend, you might want to consider this cool and simple look.

6. Do you want it long and flowy rose gold hair?

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Got long locks?

Ombre is a great way to style your long and flowy hair.

You might want to check out this alluring blend of rose gold and warm strawberry blonde. Notice it fades to pink from the roots to the tip.

Here’s advice. Consider going to a professional stylist when you opt for this color. This particular tone can turn to orange if done incorrectly.

7. Turn heads with this sultry rose gold pink hair.

Get ready to grab people’s attention with this gorgeous pink tone.

It’s unapologetic yet undeniably luscious. See how the soft pink shade shines through the layers.

To maintain this pink hair healthy-looking, you’ll need to use conditioners often.

8. Dark brunette? Check out this rose gold ombre.

Want to add an interesting feature to your warm brown hair?

Add a rose gold balayage from your roots to tips. With a shade not too bright, the ombre maintains a distinction that doesn’t oppose the beautiful brown.

9. Here’s a great subtle rose gold style with a glossy shine.

What could be sweeter than soft and shimmery rose gold locks?

This lovely style can be best complemented with girly curls. It adds to the distinction and overall interest of the look.

10. Cute and wavy hairstyle with a rose streak.

You can’t go wrong with wavy hair.

This rose gold ombre blends perfectly to create a cascading effect.

If you’re bored with your current hairstyle, try this gorgeous look.

11. Looking for short rose gold hair ideas?

This style doesn’t disappoint.

It looks sleek, soft, and flowy, showing off the gorgeous color and shine.

To maintain this healthy look, moisture treatments and conditioners are a must.

12. Be sultry and sexy with long rose gold hair.

Are you a sucker for glamorous, wavy hair?

Then this look is perfect for you.

Check out the sleek, big waves that look so effortlessly beautiful.

13. Don’t you want a rose gold hair color this cute?

Want to go daring and bold with your hair color?

Check out this rose gold hue.

What I love about this are its waves. Plus, you can style it in twists or buns.

Transform your locks into a gorgeous thing of beauty.

14. Here’s an ashy soft rosy shade with balayage roots.

Soft and subtle does it.

Lighten up your hair with this gorgeous pink glow.

Get this ombre look and walk around beautiful.

15. This perfect strawberry rose blonde will look great on you.

Do you have blonde hair?

Try this strawberry blonde shade and give your locks a glorious glow.

16. Turn heads with this captivating rose gold redhead.

Don’t you want to have hair this pretty?

The full rose gold style sure looks fabulous.

17. Subtlety is the epitome of effortless style.

Do you have a stylist who can deliver this unique color?

A hint of rose gold hair color does the trick.

This is a perfect option for ladies with a blonde base color.

18. Pink rose gold ombre in a silky, smooth fashion.

While it may take time and patience to maintain this style, it’s worth it. I mean look at it.

Don’t you want to rock this look?

It’s got big smooth waves that are perfect.

19. The sweet touch of rose blonde.

Care to dip your hands in bright hair color?

Let the pink highlights on your rose gold looks peek through.

20. Glam up your classic bob with this gorgeous light rose gold hair.

Wondering if rose gold hair works for your short locks?

Check out this gorgeous style.

21. Flowy and smooth with a touch warm rose red shade.

Want to get that distinctive touch of strawberry romance?

Discover the sweet blend of rose blonde with this gorgeous hairstyle.

22. Get hints of pink, peach, and blonde throughout your rose gold hair.

Are you looking to dress up for a special date?

This cute hairstyle is perfect for you.

23. A yummy strawberry blonde rose gold shade that looks stunning.

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As if rose gold hair isn’t gorgeous enough.

Check out this captivating touch of strawberry pink.

24. Beautiful balayage on dark rose gold hair.

Looking for ideas for dark rose gold hair?

Hope this one inspires you.

25. Here’s another dark brunette style that features rose gold hair ombre.

Ombre is a great way to go if you’re starting with a darker shade of brunette.

See how the hues blend beautiful together to achieve the gorgeous fade to pink.

26. Check out the layered rose blonde combination.

Looking for a coppery shade that looks gorgeous on you?

You’ll love this style. Check out how the highlights and texture perfectly blend together.

27. Beautiful rose gold highlights for this gorgeous wavy hairstyle.

Can you tell where the rose blonde ends and where the pink begin?

To maintain its stunning look, don’t forget to use a lot of moisturizing treatments.

28. We heart this rose blonde hair color.

Get the best of both worlds with this awesome style.

Check out the underlying red blends perfectly with the rosy shade.

29. Get sassy rose gold hair that looks effortlessly beautiful.

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Don’t you just love the bounce and volume on this one?

To maintain this style, you got to mega-moisture it often.

30. Strawberry rose blonde looks amazing.

The flow and blend of the colors look nearly natural on this hairstyle.

Swap your everyday look with this gorgeous rose gold locks.

How to get the rose gold hair that’s right for you?

You’re probably wondering what’s the best shade to get for your locks.

Well, here are tips to consider if you’re looking to get this look for your hair.

In addition, this hairstyle may require more care and upkeep if you want to maintain the color longer.

Deciding which rose gold shade to get.

This is the first step to take.

On the color spectrum, there are several shades that you can choose from. Pick one that appeals to you.

Need helping choosing which shade to get?

I may have a couple of suggestions.

If you have yellow-based, warm skin tone, pick a cooler shade of rose gold for your locks.

On the other hand, if you have a cooler skin tone, choose a warmer shade of rose gold hair color.

You’re lucky if you have a neutral skin tone. You can practically pick any shade of rose gold you like.

What shades are warm and light?

Rose gold shades with a hint of red tonality are considered warm. Auburn and bright red mixed with the touches of gold and pastels are the commonly picked warm shades.

The lighter variation of rose gold can come off as having a strawberry blonde hue. Also, the cooler tones may have lavender or violet throughout.

Here’s how to get rose gold hair.

While it’s possible to get the desired rose blonde locks at home, you can get the best results if you go to a professional.

If you haven’t tried bleaching or dying your hair rose gold or have done so but with unfavorable results, then you should see a stylist.

That said, here are the universal steps to getting a beautiful color.

If you’re not sure if this hair color is right for you, do a trial run.

Test your locks with hair shadow. Try rubbing the product on your hair. Wear it for some time. Perhaps take a few selfies before washing it out.

Or you can wear a wig to see how it looks on you.

Once you’re fixed on a particular shade of rose gold hair color, make your appointment with a stylist (or if you want to go DIY, buy your supplies).

Rose Gold Hair Color Video Tutorial

Having your hair colored at the salon.

Decided to go to the salon for your rose gold hair dye coloring?

If you have blonde hair, you won’t need much lightening. Although you can ask your stylist for this shade with highlights to add dimension to your locks.

Ask your stylist about the color, gloss, and tone combinations that are right for your hair.

Got red hair?

Now, this may require a bit of lightening. You may need to ask your stylist regarding the use of peach, pink, and metallic gold shades if it’s right for your hair.

On the other hand, if you are a brunette, bleaching and rose gold dye may be necessary. It may take a couple of visits to the salon before you get the results you want.

Are you looking to dye your hair at home?

When you opt to DIY, you need to be extra careful.

First, make sure you have all the things you need to carry out your hair project.

Get the color (and bleach), application brushes, and gloves ready. You may need a few towels and a timer too.

Before you start on the rose gold hair dye process, you will need to make your hair strong and healthy beforehand. That’s because bleaching can cause serious damage to your hair.

To begin, you’ll need to do a protein treatment for hair. This will be followed by a deep conditioning treatment.

Wondering what’s a good bleaching option to use?

You can try L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach. It’s a good product that contains a rich formula that nourishes while it bleaches.

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach, All Over
  • Customizable, permanent bleach results- all over, ombre, or highlights
  • Inspired by the Pros
  • Use with Colorista Semi-Permanent Color

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach can lighten all over and give you gorgeous results.

Looking for a beautiful rose gold hair color formula?

Once you’re done with the bleaching process, you can now start applying the color.

Here are two products I suggest you use.

If you want cool tones for this shade, check out Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Pearlescence Pastel Permanent Hair Color.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Pearlesence Hair Color, 9.5-89, Pastel Candy, 60 Gram
  • With uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention
  • Developed with colourists for colourists Igora Roya
  • Explore our portfolio of permanent colour developed

On the other hand, L’Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Color in Peach features a warmer tone. It’s ideal for light blonde or bleached hair.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Light Bleached or Blondes, Peach
  • For light blonde or bleached hair
  • Semi-permanent hair color created with pure direct dyes in a conditioning hair-mask
  • No ammonia, no peroxide

To keep the texture looking soft and smooth, treat your hair with a color-protecting conditioner.

Does rose gold hair fade?

Yes, it does. Just like any other hair color product.

So comes the next important question.

You’re probably wondering how long does this color last?

Following normal wear, it takes about three to four weeks for the color to be gone. It gradually fades out with every time you wash your hair.

Would you rock rose gold hair?

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