53 Trendy Blue Winter Nail Design Ideas You Need To See

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Whether or not the holidays are over, the beautiful blanket of snow will stay for a while. So you can still have your eggnog or hot cocoa while wrapped in your cozy blanket to enjoy the rest of the cold season.

Woman's hands with blue and white colored nails with a theme of a blue winter nails

And if you don’t have snow where you’re at, well, that’s not a problem!

You can bring the frozen chill and show off this season’s vibes with blue winter nails.

The beautiful combination of cool blue shades topped with white, silver, or gold details makes the best icy-looking manicure.

Are you ready? Put on your snowsuit because it’s about to get cold when you take a look at these dreamy winter blue nail designs.

53 Blue Winter Nails Ideas

Blue nails for winter are so in right now. These are beautiful snow-kissed manicures that you or your nail artist can replicate.

For these looks, any shade of blue will do. You can try navy, light, powder, baby, or ice. Even cerulean is nice too.

Some nail art may be done using polish as white as snow. This creates a beautiful contrast with your blue base. Others opt for a touch of silver and gold to have shimmering frozen nails.

Ice Blue Nail Designs

1. Textured Icy Blue Winter Nails

Lines, sweater patterns, and snowflakes using frosted white polish are the best additions to a matte ice-blue nail base. This simple design can be applied to long or short nails.

2. Glossy Ice Blue Nails

If you’re more into smooth nails than textured ones, you can try this one. It also has the usual lines and snowflakes, but regular or gel polish is used instead of a frosted one.

3. Ice Blue Nails with Silver Glitter and Snowflakes

You won’t have a hard time looking for the silver lining when it’s already on your nails. Silver lines are the perfect accent to ice-blue nails with not-so-noticeable snowflakes.

4. Ice-Cold Colors on Stiletto Nails

Achieve the coldest-looking manicure using icy, frosty blue gel polish on two nails and white polish with silver glitter on the rest. 

5. Sweet and Dainty Icy Blue Nail Designs

Go for a beautiful, delicate look as fragile as frost with ice-blue nails accented by a French tip, snowflake, and powdery glitter.

6. Majestic Reindeer Nails

Ice-blue acrylic nails with white reindeer details create a soft, magical look for your hands.

7. Elegant Icy Blue Ombre Nails With Silver Swirls

The pinkish nude and icy blue ombre topped with flowing silver lines make this nail art look like the cold breeze outside.

8. Sheer and Simple Ice Blue French Tip Acrylic Nails

For a design pleasing to the eyes, go for these almond-shaped nails that are diagonally tipped with frosted ice-blue polish and accented with silver glitter.

9. Ice Blue Ombre Nails

This manicure has a smoothly blended white-to-blue gradient effect. The ombre is made even more beautiful by snowflake nail art and accent nails filled with chunky glitter and more snowflakes.

Blue and White Winter Manicure

10. Minimalist Two-Color Glossy Polish

Get glamorous winter nails the easy way. One fingernail from each hand is painted with a dark blue glitter polish, and the rest in a glossy sheer white base with line details or glitter gradient.

11. Christmas Stamped White Nails

Want nails straight out of a Christmas book? This incredible design is expertly done using a dark-blue stamping polish on a matte white base.

12. Blue Blizzard Nails

You can add icicles to your nail art design to make it look even colder. Crisp white ice details look really great on solid, glossy dark-blue polish.

13. Festive Winter Nails with Colored Rhinestones

Not up for something simple? Well then, try this! Feel free to add sparkling jewels and other 3D elements to glamorous blue and white coffin nails.

14. Charming Sweater Nails

No more ugly sweaters! These blue and white nails look as cozy as your Christmas pullovers but much cuter.

15. Deep Blue and White Frosty Nails

One of the best winter mani you can get is matte blue and frosty white nails with winter elements.

16. No-Mood-for-Glitter Blue and White Nails

Winter nail designs don’t have to be glittery and shimmery. You can also have glossy nails for the winter season by making Christmas patterns in cobalt blue and white.

17. Blue Winter Nails With Scandinavian Accent

Get longer nails in dark winter blue, and complement the matte blues with the nostalgic traditional Scandinavian knitwear patterns in matte white and an entire nail in powdery silver glitter.

Light-Blue Winter Nail Designs

18. Holographic Snowy Blue Nails

Move your fingers and you’ll see different colors from this iridescent blue polish. That’s so cool! And it’s made even cooler with the added overlapping snowflakes.

19. Light Blue Nails with Glitter and Rudolph

Add the adorable, world-famous deer to your light-blue snowy nails and sprinkle each nail with silver or light-blue glitter.

20. Azure Blue Nails with Chilly Details

The matte azure-blue color used as a nail base gives a good contrast to the powdery accents in this winter nail art: bows from presents, icicles, snowflakes, knitwear patterns, and a tiny amount of holographic elements.

21. Dreamy Matte Pastel Blue Nails

Walk in a winter wonderland with these matte pastel-blue nails decorated with sweet frosty details. The nails remind us of ice cream for some reason, which makes them even colder!

22. Cobalt-Blue Shimmery Nails

These cobalt-blue Christmas nails accented with glittery blue polish and snowflakes on some nails are enough to offer you a subtle yet snowy look.

23. Soft Ivory-Blue Winter Nails

Have just the right silver sparkle and 3D elements like ribbons, pearls, and rabbit ears to complement your ivory-blue nails for that really sweet wintertime look.

24. Sky-Blue Manicure

Get stylish matte sky-blue stiletto nails decorated with a little light-blue glitter, snowflake, and knitwear patterns on some nails. These will look nice for holiday parties!

Snowy Dark-Blue Mani

25. Dazzling Royal Blue Glitter Nail Art

These long nude and clear acrylic nails are decorated with deep-blue polish to make your dull, cold night sparkle.

26. Sleigh Ride Nails

These square nails are short but definitely not simple! A silhouette of Santa’s sleigh is amazingly put together in black against a matte gradient blue sprinkled with little silver glitter for the best sleigh ride ever.

27. Triple Color Winter Nail Art

Can’t let go of the holidays yet? Use glossy dark-blue polish and let accents of silver glitter and beautiful dark-blue snowflakes pattern on matte white nail polish remind you of it.

28. Snow-Covered Forest Nails

Get nails with hand-painted pine trees covered in snow against a winter night sky. The nail art design will surely make you feel the freezing season.

29. Vibrant Cobalt-Blue Winter Nails

The snowflake details also look fine when not applied to every nail. Just two or three decorated nails will make the design stand out. The rest of the nails in this look are painted in plain glossy cobalt.

30. Jewel Speckled Matte Nails

If you don’t particularly like snowflakes, you can go for white flowers and jewels. This nail art can be worn not just in winter months. It’s for all seasons.

Winter Wonderland Cute Nail Art

31. Cute Polar Bear Nails

Blue and silver are the most common frosty combination of colors. Make your simple nail color much cuter with baby blue and added polar bear nail art.

32. Frosty the Snowman Inspired Ivory-Blue Nails

Short nails will get cuter when accented with a snowman, winter mittens, and some silver and white snowflakes on ivory blue.

33. Winter Gnome Mountain Peak Nails

Winter gnomes are also another way to make your deep-blue mountain peak-shaped nails look playful.

34. Icy Blue Acrylic Nails with Olaf

Our beloved Frozen character, Olaf, will surely give you the chilly yet cuddly winter feeling when you add him to snowflake- and glitter-decorated milky-blue and milky-white nails.

Dark Winter Blue Nails

35. Dark Teal Winter Nails

Feel a bit cozier with these dark teal nails. They’re a combination of matte, glittery, and glossy polish with some snowflakes and knitwear accents.

36. Short and Easy Midnight Blue Sparkly Nails

If you’re not a fan of nail art but you also don’t want your nails to look plain, this sparkly dark-blue polish will still give you winter feels.

37. Chilly Grayish Blue Nails

Go for a deeper shade of blue if you don’t want something too loud on your nails. These glittery dark-blue and matte white nails with muted snowflake stencils are perfect for the cold.

38. Dark-Blue Winter Nails With Sweater Decals

You’ll feel below zero with these dark-blue nails on almond nails accented with sweater pattern decals and blue foil.

39. Navy Blue Glam

This winter nail design is another dark take on snowy blue nails. Paint one nail white with sugary glitter to make it glacial. Embellish with rhinestones, icicles, and snowflakes.

Partly Blue Snowy Nails

40. Fashionable Blue-Tipped Nude Nails

If you don’t want to go all blue, you can get blue tips instead. Neutral tones like nude can go well with frosted blue diagonal tips on squoval-shaped (square and oval) nails.

41. Blue-Tipped Snowflakes Almond Nails

Glittery blue diagonal tips on a nude base also look great with almond nails. They can make your blue winter nails look longer. Draw an embossed white snowflake each nail as a winter accent.

42. Blue-Bottomed Gradient Nails

Get these milky white nails with a glittery blue gradient effect at the base. It’s perfect when wintertime is almost at its end.

43. Sharp as Icicle Nails

What can be a more perfect choice for blue winter nails than nails shaped and designed like icicles? 

Have your nail stylist use clear gel and clear plastic or cling wrap over or underneath the nail to form the ice. 

Paint a subtle light-blue gradient and a little light-blue glitter near the cuticle and draw frosty white winter accents.

Blue and Gold Winter Nails

44. Luxurious Slate Blue and Gold Wintertime Nails

Silver isn’t the only metallic color you can pair with light-blue shades. You can also use glittery gold polish to make your nails look expensive.

45. Magnificent Blue Nails With a Touch of Gold

Let your nails scream royalty with this stylish royal blue nail art. The added gold accents can definitely make a statement.

Blue Winter Nails That Stand Out

46. Nails With All Shades of Blue

Why not try everything if you can’t decide on one blue shade? Go from dark to light blue and end with white nail polish.

47. Blue Winter Sharp Nails

Amp up your stiletto nails with deep-blue polish and paint them red underneath. Add wintry details as your nail art and you’re good to go. This set has a clock to celebrate the New Year countdown.

48. Extra Long Extra Glam Nails

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this one’s for you. Long, jeweled light-blue winter nails are definitely fit for an ice queen.

49. Sophisticated Queen Elsa Nails

Speaking of an ice queen, here are Queen Elsa-inspired nails. Have one last winter hurrah before you let it go.

50. Icy Blue Nails with Glitter

These nails are totally craving attention! The length, the edges, the design, everything stands out in a beautiful, non-clashing way.

51. Embellished Winter Wonderland Nails

If you’re one of the people who can never have too much on their nails, try 3D elements like gems, embossed ribbons and reindeer, and the glacial icicle effect.

52. Super Long Icy Blue Christmas Nails

White rabbits, snowflakes in different colors, and sweater patterns are all in your hands. And as if that’s not enough, this look has stiletto pinky nails with the glacier effect for more oomph.

53. Jazzed Up Winter Ice Blue Nails

Take your matte light-blue and white winter manicure to the next level by adding silver rhinestones to one of your acrylic nails, sugary glitter, and snowflake accents.

FAQs About Icy Blue Winter Nails

What Nail Colors Are in for Winter?

Aside from blue, nail colors that you can try this winter are emerald green, plum, red wine, and burgundy. These colors are rich and deep and can go starkly stand out against your white-covered surroundings.

What Does Wearing Blue Nails Mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, when a girl is wearing blue nails, it means she has a significant other.

That, or you just really want to unleash winter vibes.

Do Blue Nails Match Everything?

Unfortunately, no. Blue isn’t a neutral color that can go well with any color of your clothes or any skin complexion.

If you’re having doubts about using blue nail polish, you can start with navy blue. This shade is a combination of black and denim blue, which makes it match well with many colors.

Unleash Frosty Winter Nail Designs

Winter doesn’t have to be so bitter and dreary when you have gorgeous, blue winter nails.

To make the look more beautiful, you can add winter wonderland details. You can never go wrong with matching your blue polish with colors like blue, white, silver, nude, and gold.

Interested in Other Nail Designs?

Get inspired by these nail art ideas:


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