Deep Set Eyes: How To Tell If You Have Them + Makeup Tips

Deep Set Eyes: How To Tell If You Have Them + Makeup Tips

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What does it mean if you have deep set eyes?

Well, it simply means what it says. The eyes are set into the skull, which is farther in than most people’s eyes are.

Some may also refer to this as “deep seated eyes.”

People with deep set eyes usually give an illusion of having a very prominent brow bone.

With the eyes set back, the brow bone appears to overshadow the eyes. As a result, the eyes may look small.

But there’s a way to bring out those deep set eyes.

With makeup, you can make them look twice as big.

In this post, we’re going to talk extensively about having deep set eyes and how to make them look bigger and not overshadowed.

So let’s begin.

Do you have deep set eyes?

You’re probably wondering whether you have them or not. Or why it’s important to make this distinction.

Knowing your eye shape is crucial to discovering the most flawless eye makeup that’s suited for you.

Think of your makeup as a pair of jeans.

You’re not going to wear one that’s smaller than your size, or else, they will fit you badly and an uncomfortable one at that.

Now, applying that logic on having deep set eyes, you won’t need to highlight your brow with your makeup.

Because what for?

Your brow bone has already overshadowed your deep set eyes.

How To Know If You Have Deep Set Eyes

There are nine shapes of eyes. Later we will look at each one, but first let’s start with deep set eyes.

Deep Set Eyes

Typically, people with deep set eyes have a highly prominent brow bone. As a result, their eyes have set into the skull.

As for deep set eyes makeup, pink or beige shadow is ideal on the eyelid.

This shade can brighten the area, diffusing any natural shadow cast by the prominent brow bone.

We will go more into the topic of eye makeup for deep set eyes below.

Celebrities With Deep Set Eyes

Celebrities who are known for their deep set eyes include Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift.

Taylor swift as an example of celebrities with deep set eyes

How to tell if you have deep set eyes?

The best way to determine if you have deep set eyes is to look at them from the side.

As the name suggests, the eyes are deep set into the skull. This means the brow bone sticks out.

Another method is to use lights. Having prominent brow bone, it will likely cast a shadow, making your eyes look smaller while accentuating the circles under the eyes.

What does having deep set eyes mean?

It’s rare that having deep set eyes can have a serious impact on one’s health or life.

But why is it important to distinguish this from other eye shapes?

Well, having deep set eyes may affect how you apply makeup.

Once you know your eye shape, applying your makeup becomes easier. It helps you understand what makeup techniques and products to use to enhance your look.

For deep set eyes women, the goal is to make the eyes appear bigger, brighter, and less shadowed while reducing the prominence of the brow bone.

Eye Makeup For Deep Set Eyes

Ever wondered why you can’t recreate a certain makeup look or achieve your desired result?

That’s because there is no cookie-cutter technique for all eye shapes.

With each eye shape, there is a particular way on how to apply makeup.

In the case of your deep set eyes, the idea is to make your peepers stand out.

Want to know how you should approach your makeup style for your gorgeous eyes?

Celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest has some tricks up her sleeves to enhance and bring them out.

1. Focus on your makeup’s placement.

First, you’ll want to brighten up the area around your eyes. This will put everything forward and make your peepers stand out.

“For deep-set eyes, you want to focus your eye shadow right at the lash line and blend from there, stopping before you get to the crease of your eyelid,” Nikki said.

2. Add a pop of shimmer.

A light-reflective shade or something that’s similarly shimmery will add brightness to the crease.

Pop a bit of shimmer along the lash line. Don’t forget to use some in the inner corners too.

This can make the area stand out.

3. Use long lashes.

Having long and defined lashes are great on any eye shape. But in the case of deep set eyes, they’re not just flattering; they’re important.

Lashes can make your deep set eyes stand out. So you might want to consider using mascara.

Your best bet is to pick a curling and water-resistant mascara.

4. Look to get a winged effect on your deep set eyes.

Do you want to get a more dramatic look for your eyes?

You can use eye shadow along your lash line and into the crease, applying it as you normally would.

But as you reach the outer thirds, take an elongated stroke and flick it a bit to achieve the desired overall look.

When doing this, look straight into the mirror to get your flick right.

How To Enhance Your Deep Set Eyes

Would you like to bring out your deep set eyes?

Deep Set Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Here are some of the things you need to get your desired look.

1. Concealer is your best friend.

Got unwanted blemishes or bright red acne flare-outs?

Concealer is an important beauty secret that you should know about. Especially if you have deep set eyes.

Because your eye shape already makes dark circles more apparent, using a concealer (like a peach color correcting concealer) can help minimize its prominence.

The obvious problem areas that require concealing are under the eyes as well as the inner corners.

Wondering why you’d want to do this?

Hiding the dark circles can make you look younger, brighter, and healthier.

To neutralize the bluish hue around your eyes, you can use a peachy shade for your concealer. This shade will cancel out the dark circles, blending perfectly with your skin tone.

Now, with the blue or dark hue no longer that visible, follow it up with a powder (that’s also a concealer) for extra coverage.

2. Contour your eyes.

Right after working the dark circles under your eyes, next is to address how your brow bones overshadow your eyes.

Right under the brows, you can see a crease. This is where you should contour, around the eyelids.

You can use a slightly warm hue to soften the area and reduce its prominence. That way, it will draw away attention to this portion.

3. Sculpt your eyes with matte shades.

You don’t want to add something shimmery to the area under the brow and along your eyelids. When you do that, it will draw attention to it; this will become contrary to your purpose, which is to hide it.

Instead, use matte shades. This will help sculpt your eyes.

4. Play with colors 

Are you looking to experiment on different colors on your lids?

I think it’s OK to play with different hues. Do as much as you like.

Even if it’s not visible, it leaves a pleasant surprise every time you blink or close your eyes.

What’s important is you bring the eye shadow high and well-blended, creating a more natural look.

5. Keep the lower lashline light.

When the lower lashline is dark, it creates the illusion that your eyes sink deeper.

While you can keep the upper lashline darker, the same cannot be said for the lower.

So keep it light; lighter than the hue of your eyelids. But not too light that it’s completely bare.

6. Lashes really do the magic.

With the right lashes, they really bring out your eyes, creating a big difference.

Long and defined lashes are flattering. But just make sure that mascara you use won’t smudge along your upper lids.

For deep set eyes, consider using a lengthening mascara.

If your lashes are thin, a volumizing mascara will do wonders along with your lengthening mascara.

Other Eye Shapes

If you don’t have deep set eyes, you may have one of these other eye shapes. 

Wide-Set Eyes

What does having wide-set eyes mean?

People who have eyes that are spaced apart by more than “one eyeball width” are deemed as having wide-set eyes.

The best thing about this particular eye shape is that it can make you appear younger. Just take a look at the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer and elegant former first lady Jackie O.

Wondering how to apply makeup on wide-set eyes?

The goal is to create the appearance of having closer eyes.

So to do this, it takes a masterful application of dark liner on the top and bottom areas of the lash line; preferably close to the inner eye.

However, the makeup should not appear as a heavy line over the lid. Rather, it should start as a thin line, starting near the tear duct and pulling toward the outer eye. The line should get thicker as you pull outward.

Close-Set Eyes

Just as the distinction implies, close-set eyes are eyes that are set less that one eye width apart from each other.

Gorgeous beauties like Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Bilson are known for their close-set eyes.

The focus in the makeup for close-set eyes is to make them appear a bit farther apart.

To do this, apply shimmery along the inner corner of the eyes. Nude, pink, or frosty white shade will do.

Once the shimmery catches the light, it creates the illusion of having bigger eyes that are set farther apart.

Almond Eyes

The bewitching Janet Jackson and the timeless beauty Jennifer Garner are known for their almond eyes.

What’s great about having almond eyes?

They are the standard of beauty since time immemorial. Cleopatra, anyone?

Almond eyes are shaped like, well, almonds. Its opposite classification is round eyes; if you can see the entire iris of the eyes, those are round eyes.

With almond eyes, a portion of the iris will disappear, tucked under the eyelids.

Another wonderful thing about having almond eyes is that it lets you pull off a winged eyeliner effortlessly.

Wondering what’s the best way to apply makeup for almond eyes?

This shape is the best and easiest eye shape to put makeup for. With your eyeliner, you simply follow the contours of the eyes.

However, avoid applying liner on the lower lid. Putting shadow or dark liner under may result in having your eyes look smaller.

Monolid Eyes

If your eyelids do not have a crease, then you have monolid eyes. Pretty as a picture, Sandra Oh is known for this eye shape.

With flat, no-crease eyelids, it results in having the appearance of a less defined brow.

So for purposes of applying makeup, you need to create a gradient effect that will give dimension and definition to the eyes. Curled eyelashes can add more dimension.

Hooded Eyes

The opposite of monolid is hooded.

This eye shape features a fold of skin that hangs or droops over the natural crease in the eyelids. As a result, the eyelids tend to look smaller.

Actresses with hooded eyes include Lucy Liu and Blake Lively.

For its makeup, darker shades are ideal for hooded eyes. When lighter colors are used, this will only draw attention to the eyelids, making its bagginess more apparent.

Avoid over-highlighting the brow bone; this will tend to emphasize the focus on the hooded eyelids.

Downturned Eyes

What do the ravishing Marilyn Monroe and the prepossessing Katy Perry have in common?

It’s their downturned eyes.

Some of the most attractive women in history have downturned eyes.

With liquid eyeliner, you can create “cat eyes.” Using thick lines, pull outward as you line your eyes, extending to the outer corner. And as you reach the outer corner, shift your liner at a certain angle to make the winged liner.

Upturned Eyes

Now, the opposite of downturned is upturned, which is what Angelina Jolie has.

With upturned eyes, the lower lid tends to look larger than its upper counterpart.

The focus of the makeup for upturned eyes is to use the eye shadow to create a proportional appearance for the upper and lower lids.

Protruding Eyes

Eyes that are large and round and really stand out, what are they called?

Those are protruding eyes; these are eyes that seem to protrude from their socket, creating a prominent effect.

Christina Ricci is known for her big, beautiful eyes.

Do you have deep set eyes? 

Let us know your favorite makeup for deep set eyes in the comments below!

taylor swift with the text makeup tips for deep set eyes

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