10 Best Eyeshadows For Green Eyes

10 Best Eyeshadows For Green Eyes

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Are you in the 2% of the population with enchanting, emerald eyes? If you answered yes, you’re one special gal!

 Colorful eye makeup close up

Since your eye color is unique from what most people have, we’re pretty sure you’ve asked yourself which colors suit your green eyes best.

If you need help in looking for the best eye makeup to bring out your green eyes, then you’ve totally come to the right place for answers!

Whether you’re going for a natural, sweet, bold, or sultry look, there are eyeshadow palettes that can help you achieve whatever eye makeup look you desire.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the best eyeshadow palette for you? 

Have fun choosing from our 10 best eyeshadows for green eyes, and learn about the different tricks to make them stand out more!

Prism Makeup Highly Pigmented Palette
Editor's Choice
  • Intense pigment payoff
  • Has 40 colors
  • Multi-purpose
Almay Green Eye Palette
Budget Pick
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • With five eyeshadow colors
NARS Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow Palette
Premium Pick
  • Intense pigment
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Has four colors

Factors in Choosing Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Before you get too excited in buying eyeshadow palettes for your green eyes, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind. 

As you may know by now, having a set of unique-colored eyes makes choosing eye makeup more challenging. 

That said, these factors should be considered so your eye makeup looks as beautiful as you’d hoped it to be:

Shade of Green

Do note that there are different variations of green eyes: from hazel green and dark green to light green and blue-green, which could either have gold, brown, blue or gray flecks.

All these should be considered when picking eyeshadow colors.

Dark green eyes usually go well with warmer tones as these help brighten the eyes, while those with lighter shades complement cooler tones better.

Hair Color

Your hair color should not overshadow your lovely set of emerald eyes. Remember to apply warmer tones of eyeshadow if you have light-colored hair and cooler tones if you have a dark hair color.

Which Colors Are Best Paired With Green Eyes?

So what is a good eyeshadow color for green eyes?

Finding the perfect eyeshadow colors to bring out your green irises may be a little tricky at first. The easiest way to tell if a color complements your eye color is to incorporate a little bit of color theory. 

With the help of the color wheel, you can determine which colors complement your type of green by looking at the colors opposite to it. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve noted down the colors that are best paired with green shades:


This is the stark opposite of green in the chromatic wheel. The flat-out red color would not only add boldness and adventure to your look, but it would also make your green-colored eyes stand out brightly and vividly.


A darker or peachy pink shade is great for green-eyed beauties. This is perfect as a lid base shade and also looks lovely when applied on the lower lash line to give a sweet, feminine look. 


This color has reddish undertones, which effectively make emerald eyes pop. Purple shades highlight your green eyes’ yellow and gold flecks. When applied on the eyelids, purple adds vibrance and glow.


Gold shades with red undertones look beautiful with green eyes especially those with brown and yellow flecks. This provides an excellent accent for a sultry, hypnotic, or magical look.


Shades of copper or bronze are an excellent eye shadow color for green eyes with jade-colored flecks. These metallics complement hazel green eyes perfectly, making them appear even more mesmerizing. 

Silver and Charcoal

Wearing a touch of silvery shimmer with smokey charcoal tones along your lids, especially during evening glam events is definitely stunning. Whenever light catches the metallic hues, they give a very ethereal effect on your green irises.  


As they say, you can never go wrong with neutral colors. The same is also true when using a neutral eyeshadow for green eyes. 

Whether you have a pale, vivid, dark, or olive shade of green eyes, neutral tones such as soft and dark browns, khakis, tans, and taupes could effortlessly make your peepers stand out. 

Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Green Eyes

No matter what shade of green your eye color has, there is a perfect palette out there for you.

Excited to choose which ones you need from our list of best eyeshadows for green eyes? Scroll down and pick!

Almay Green Eye Palette

An eyeshadow palette that’s richly pigmented and doesn’t irritate sensitive green eyes? You need to try this out, now!

Key benefits: Hypoallergenic, lasts all day, pigmented


  • Shimmery finish
  • Cruelty-free
  • With five eyeshadow colors

Best of all? This palette doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg!

What makes this product stand out from the others is its etched numbers on each color palette. These provide you a step-by-step guide for which color is best applied first on your lids. 

This eye makeup palette was tested by an ophthalmologist and was formulated free from common irritants such as fragrance and parabens. Ideal for sensitive eyes!

What makes this even more amazing? Its base eyeshadow is enriched with vitamin E, which cares for your lids by protecting them from environmental stressors and enables long staying power. 

Prism Makeup Highly Pigmented Palette

Going for an eyeshadow palette where you can find all shades that can best complement your green eyes? This is the eye makeup product for you. 

Key benefits: Ideal for different skin tones and types; intense pigment pay off; multi-purpose


  • Features warm and cool-toned shades
  • With matte, metallic, and shimmery textures
  • Has 40 colors

This eyeshadow palette is great for professionals and beginners alike!

Forty highly pigmented colors in one eyeshadow palette? Yes, it surely exists!

If you still can’t figure out whether reds, browns, or purples can do a better job at making your green eyes look greener, we recommend buying this palette so you can try all its shades.

See for yourself which shade is a perfect match for your type of green. 

The bonus part? These long-lasting colors are multipurpose; you can use them for defining eyebrows and contouring

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Looking for an eyeshadow palette with a variety of finishes that can help you achieve any makeup look you desire? We got you, girl!

Key benefits: Highly pigmented; smooth and blendable; recommended for daily use


  • Comes in nine colors
  • Has matte, shimmery, and metallic finishes
  • Comes in a travel-friendly compact case

Rock any eye makeup look and make your emerald peepers stand out with this richly pigmented color palette!

Got an impromptu presentation with the boss or an unplanned night out with friends? Worry no more because you can always look your best with Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette!

This product has various earth shades of eyeshadows that go with green eyes, are easily blendable, and can create a smooth finish.

This could be your go-to palette because the colors are stored in a small compact case, making it ideal for everyday use and on-the-go use!

Maybelline New York The 24K Nudes Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Want to achieve different stunning eye makeup looks for green eyes using just one palette? That’s possible with this product!

Key benefits: Creates versatile looks; perfect for day-to-day use; easy to apply


  • Has 12 shades
  • With dual-ended eyeshadow applicator
  • Has powdery, shimmery, and metallic finishes

At an affordable price, this palette already has 12 different colors that go well with green eyes, plus an eyeshadow applicator to boot. Totally worth it!

This eyeshadow palette offers 12 shades of dazzling, very pigmented eyeshadow colors mixed with metallic gold pigments that could definitely make your green eyes pop.

From sparkling aubergine and shimmery gold to metallic nude and gilded smokey colors, this palette allows you to customize any look you desire!

Since this product promises easy application, you can effortlessly create duo, trio, or even quad color combinations as long as you have the right skills. We’re excited to see you rock any eye makeup look!

Viseart Etendu Minxette Pigment Palette

This product is an excellent everyday eyeshadow palette for a green-eyed beauty like you!

Key benefits: Incredible color payoff; suitable for all skin tones; superb blendability


  • Has 12 colors
  • Lightweight and ideal for travel
  • Has creamy and metallic textures

Although this palette is a bit pricey, we’re sure you won’t regret spending on such a wonderful palette made for green eyes!

When this product’s copper and bronze-hued shades are perfectly combined, they effectively highlight hazel-green eyes with jade-colored flecks.

Another reason why it’s listed as one of the best eyeshadows for green eyes aside from the perfect shades is the travel-friendly case that makes it super accessible. 

For your daytime look, you may opt to apply the shades from the palette’s top row, while you can go for the middle and bottom rows for a bolder, more dramatic evening look. Either way, anything would surely look good on you!

NARS Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Searching for a premium palette that’s not bulky on the makeup bag and offers beautiful shades that complement your emerald eyes? This could be the perfect product for you!

Key benefits: Intense pigment; long-wearing, ideal for all skin tones especially deep ones


  • Gives matte and glittery finish
  • Powdery texture
  • Has four colors

This product promises unmatched quality that stays all day on your lids! Totally a great investment. 

Named after the iconic NARS Orgasm blush that sells one product every minute, the high-quality Orgasm palette is so richly pigmented that it gives incredible color payoff with just one stroke.

That alone explains why it’s more expensive than the rest!

The NARS Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow Palette features sparkling gold, brass, bronze, and shimmering deep rust-red shades. It has most of the best color eyeshadows for green eyes. Beautiful!

Another great thing about this is it lasts all night on the lids and doesn’t have any product fall-out on the cheeks when applied. 

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette

This neutral-toned eyeshadow palette is another excellent choice that can highlight your green eyes!

Key benefits: Highly pigmented; blendable; easily glides on the lids


  • Cruelty-free
  • Has 16 saturated shades
  • Has velvety, rich textures

You can never go wrong with neutral shades. So snatch this amazing makeup palette for your green eyes now!

If you’re more into highlighting your green eyes in a more subtle manner, we highly recommend this palette from NYX Professional Makeup.

This features a huge range of bronze and nude colors that can easily make any shade of green stand out.

At a very affordable price, you already have 16 highly pigmented shades that easily glide on your lids. Totally a good find!


This brown-hued palette has a beautiful mix of mattes and shimmers that are perfect for those with green-toned eyes.

Key benefits: Lasts all day long, great color payoff, glides on smoothly


  • Has matte and shimmery finishes
  • Packed in a compact case
  • Has nine colors

This is another excellent go-to palette alternative that is easy to wear and lasts all day long on your lids. 

Another one on our list of the best eye eyeshadows for green eyes is the nine-colored palette from MAC. 

Its range of brown hues accentuates unique emerald-toned irises and are also vividly pigmented, so you won’t need to apply several layers for the colors to be visible.

This eyeshadow palette is also contained in a compact case, which makes it totally ideal for people who are always on the go!

Revlon So Fierce Prismatic Eye Makeup

This is another excellent and affordable product that offers intense pigment payoff in just one stroke. 

Key benefits: Intense pigment; easily blendable; crease and smudge-proof


  • In gel and creamy formula
  • Has matte and shimmery finishes
  • Has four colors

This prismatic eyeshadow palette can definitely give your green eyes a stunning, ethereal look. We totally can’t wait for you to try this!

You’d be surprised how this palette can give a crystal, luxe-looking finish on your lids while only demanding a very cheap price tag!

It has four intensely pigmented eyeshadows that make green eyes pop. Its fade-proof and no fall-out formula makes it one of the best eyeshadow products for green eyes that you should grab now.

For best results, apply this with a damp eyeshadow brush for a more intense, saturated effect.

IDUN Minerals Eyeshadow Quad Palette

This palette is another incredible product that can be applied every day while not irritating your emerald irises. 

Key benefits: Long-lasting, safe for contact lens wearers, hypoallergenic


  • Cruelty-free
  • Has shimmery and matte finishes
  • Comes with four gorgeous shades

This line captures classic colors that are best suited for green-toned eyes. 

If you’re big on cruelty-free eyeshadow products, the IDUN Minerals Eyeshadow Quad Palette can assure you that no animal was harmed in formulating this palette. 

This product features four beautiful shades that are perfect for your green eyes: two different shades of brown, gold, and pink.

When these shades are perfectly combined and blended, the resulting look can make your eyes even more stunning.

This eyeshadow palette is also highly recommended for those who wear contact lenses daily or occasionally. Thoroughly tested by ophthalmologists, this product is guaranteed safe for sensitive eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Green Eyes Look Greener?

If you want to make your green eyes look brighter and greener, there are a few simple tips that you can use. 

You can experiment with different eyeshadow colors to bring out the green. Shimmery golds, bronze tones, and pinks are also good options. 

Additionally, using eyeliner in deep brown or black will help create contrast between your eye color and skin tone. 

Finally, adding mascara is always beneficial for making your eyes appear larger and greener. 

Does Gray Eyeshadow Go With Green Eyes?

Gray eyeshadow is a versatile shade that can be used to create both subtle and dramatic looks. 

Green eyes come in many different shades, so finding the right gray eyeshadow for them can be tricky. Cool grays tend to work best on green eyes as they bring out the green tones in the eye.

For a bolder look, try darker charcoal or gunmetal gray shades. 

Accents of shimmery silver or gold also pair well with green eyes and create a stunning effect. 

Remember to blend your shadow upwards toward the brow bone and avoid harsh lines along the crease for a polished finish.

Practice Makes Green Eyes Stand Out

When you want to make your green eyes pop, practice is very essential.

Just like practicing how to shape your brows or mastering liquid eyeliner maneuvers along your lash line, applying eyeshadow on your lids necessitates trial and error. 

All of us went through a phase of not knowing which eyeshadow color and eye makeup technique best enhance our features. The same is also true for people with green-toned eyes. 

Most of us got out of that phase unscathed because we were persistent in practicing. After all, we’re doing this for our own sake. 

With regular practice, you’ll soon be mastering how to make your green eyes stand out like the rest. 

We’re all rooting for you!

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