16 Top Hair Wavers for Short Hair To Achieve Mermaid Locks

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Mermaid hair has been making waves all over social media — and for good reason.

modern triple curling hair iron

It looks effortlessly sexy, adds a relaxed but still stylish vibe to any outfit, and suits anyone.

But what about those of us with short hair? Is achieving mermaid waves even possible if our tresses are not long enough?

Thankfully, with hair wavers for short hair, it’s possible!

Here are 16 of the top of them.

Remington PROLuxe 4-in-1 Adjustable Waver
Editor's Pick
  • Pure Precision technology allows for four depth settings for custom waves
  • Ceramic coating and temperature lock for safe, even heating 
  • High heat settings enable faster wave setting 
Conair Double Ceramic 3 Barrel Hair Waver
Budget Pick
  • 30 heat settings and varied barrel sizes to suit different hair lengths and types
  • Equipped with Turbo Boost for difficult-to-style spots
  • Double ceramic barrels for even heating and consistent styling
Drybar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Wand
Premium Pick
  • Ionic and infrared technologies that heat hair from inside out while reducing frizz
  • Interchangeable attachments for flexible styling
  • Adjustable temperature controls

What Is a Hair Waver?

A waver for hair is a styling tool that creates waves and curls in minutes through the use of heat and specially designed barrels or rods.

To use a hair waver, you clamp the heated barrels down on your hair section by section to provide even, consistent results.

As such, they create natural-looking waves and curls in a wide variety of sizes and textures, ranging from big and loose to small and tight.

There are two main types of hair wavers:

  • Three-barrel waver. As its name suggests, this type of waver features three barrels, which work simultaneously to curl your locks.
  • Deep waver. Clunkier than a curling iron or wand, a deep waver often has one big rod with all the barrels lumped together.

Benefits of Using a Hair Waver for Short Hair 

Investing time and effort into finding the top beach waver for short hair will yield a lot of benefits. 

This is because hair wavers offer a lot of perks for short hair, including the following:

Suits Short Hair

Some hair wavers offer smaller barrel sizes to help you successfully create waves on short hair. 

They come with barrels or rods that are between 0.5-inch to 1 inch in size, which means they can easily clamp down on hair, even if it isn’t long.

Ensures Safer and More Convenient Use

With a hair waver, you just need to grip the handle securely and let the barrels do the work. It also saves you a lot of time because once you power it up, it’s good to go.

Works for Various Hair Lengths and Hair Types

Hair wavers come in various barrel sizes for all hair lengths and hair types. Some units even let you swap out sizes as you see fit.

Allows for Flexible Styling

Speaking of swapping out barrels, hair wavers allow more flexible styling as you can adjust heat settings and barrel sizes according to the specific wave pattern that you want. 

You also get more consistent waves, as you’re clamping down in sections instead of wrapping your locks around the rod — which can cause waves to curl towards different directions.

Minimizes Potential Heat Damage

Finally, many hair wavers for short hair come with adjustable settings to help you control how hot or cool you need the tool to be.

If your hair routinely gets subjected to heat, this will definitely be a welcome respite. After all, repeated exposure to heat can cause frizz and weaken hair, among other adverse effects. 

Choosing a Waver for Short Hair: A Buyer’s Guide

How do you know which hair waver is best suited for your needs? Here are some features to consider:

High-Quality Material

In most instances, you’ll find hair wavers that are made of tourmaline or ceramic (or both!).  

These are believed to produce negative ions, which seal the hair cuticles so that they lay down flat, reducing the potential for frizz and flyaways.

They also help break down any moisture in your tresses to make them dry quicker.

When choosing a hair waver, make sure to get one that’s crafted with these high-quality materials. 

Safety Features

Your hair waver must also have various safety features, such as automatic shutoff (which means it shuts off automatically when not used for a certain amount of time) and anti-slip properties (which means it won’t slip from your grip).

These are not only important to ensure you use your tool safely, but they also make sure you can enjoy your hair waver for a long time.

Different Wave Styles

The top hair wavers offer different styling settings or come with features like adjustable or interchangeable barrels that make it easy for you to achieve various types of waves, whether tight, loose, deep, or tousled. 

When shopping, choose a hair waver that allows you to do this.

Adjustable Heat Settings

As much as possible, your hair waver should also have adjustable heat settings. This will allow you to find the optimal temperature for your unique needs.

For instance, you can opt for a lower temperature if you have fine hair to minimize heat damage or a higher one if you have thick hair to ensure successful styling. 

Ideal Barrel Size

To successfully curl short hair, opt for smaller-sized barrels, like those between 0.5 and 1 inch.

Some wavers also come with interchangeable barrel sizes, which is great.

These will help you find the perfect fit for your hair length and make sure you create long-lasting waves.

Top Hair Wavers for Short Hair: 16 Options

Now ready to take your pick from the top hair wavers for short hair to help you achieve your picture-perfect mermaid curls? 

Here are your best bets.

Remington PROLuxe 4-in-1 Adjustable Waver

This waver does everything a waver should do, except in a really, really good way.

Benefits: Easy to use; creates waves that last all day; only takes 30 seconds to heat up; shuts off automatically


  • Pure Precision technology allows for four depth settings for custom waves
  • Ceramic coating and temperature lock for safe, even heating 
  • High heat settings enable faster wave setting 

No wonder it's one of the most highly rated products of its kind on Amazon!

Whether it’s your first time using a hair waver or you’re a seasoned pro at it, this waver from Remington is a must-have in your styling arsenal.

With relatively thin barrels, it’s ideal for short locks. And it’s designed with Pure Precision Technology and four depth settings that allow you to create different wave patterns, from tight waves to loose and beachy ones.

Its tips also stay cool, so you can switch between different settings and achieve various wave patterns at any time.

Aleath Hair Waver

Hair wavers are designed to deliver anti-frizz benefits, but this one takes it to the next level.

Benefits: Clamps down easily on short hair; easy to hold; heats up quickly


  • 6 times more negative ions for superior anti-frizz properties
  • Comes with an anti-skid handle, anti-scald top, heat insulation and more safety features
  • Dual voltage for convenient use anywhere

An added bonus? It's also available in light pink!

If you want to make sure that your mermaid waves stay frizz-free all day, this waver’s ceramic material has that covered. 

It also features three 0.25-mm barrels which can easily clamp down on short hair. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced!

Moreover, it has two adjustable heat settings to suit thin and thick hair.

And with its range of safety features, it’s built to give you lasting waves without the risks of burns.

INH Hair Insert Waves Here

Want something beauty editors love? This one from INH is a favorite.

Benefits: Easy to carry and portable; ideal for beginners; easy to hold; heats up in seconds


  • Neutralizes positive ions to nourish your hair while it creates waves
  • Designed with safety features such as automatic shutoff and even heat distribution
  • Comes with a swivel cord for easy maneuverability

You also get heat-resistant gloves with your purchase.

A bestseller, the INH Hair Waver doesn’t just create waves on short hair, it also helps hydrate and nourish your locks as you style them.

And it creates waves that last for up to 48 hours! And it works in mere minutes, so you can be on your way and ready to slay in no time.

Conair Double Ceramic 3 Barrel Hair Waver

What if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a waver? Conair's got you.

Benefits: Affordable; turns off automatically; easy to use; creates long-lasting waves


  • 30 heat settings and varied barrel sizes to suit different hair lengths and types
  • Equipped with a Turbo Boost for difficult-to-style spots
  • Double ceramic barrels for even heating and consistent styling

Imagine getting all these perks for less than 20 bucks!

For those looking for a budget-friendly option that still delivers, Conair’s 3-barrel offers all the goodies associated with hair wavers — and more!

It also comes with special settings to suit every hair type and reach hard-to-style spots.

For instance, it has 0.75-inch barrels, which can easily work their way down short hair.

Additionally, it’s easy to clean; just unplug it and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Hair Waver

With 6 heat settings, there's no stopping what you can do with this tool.

Benefits: Ensures ease of use; easy to carry when traveling 


  • Tourmaline technology that eases frizz and damage
  • Adjustable barrel plates and rotating tip to create different wave patterns
  • Instant heat recovery for optimal safety and product longevity

And it works for everything from fine, thin hair to thick, damaged hair!

What sets this apart from the other hair wavers for short hair on this list is that it comes with a rotating tip, which allows you to change wave styles as you please.

And it has multiple heat settings for various hair types. So whether you have fine short hair or thick short hair, this waver’s got you.

Amika High Tide Deep Waver

Crease-free waves all day, every day? This one from Amika will have your short hair turning heads.

Benefits: Allows for easy creation of waves; delivers volume without frizz; suitable for different hair textures


  • Negative ion technology locks in moisture so your hair feels and looks healthy
  • Custom mold design creates seamless, even waves
  • Adjustable temperature and tourmaline ceramic barrels to meet various styling needs

Plus, it's got a kickstand, so your waver can rest safely on your countertop or vanity!

With 0.7-inch barrels, the Amika High Tide Deep Waver allows you to style short hair effortlessly, so you can rock mermaid waves anytime you want.

It’s also super easy to use: just press a button to open the clamp, insert your hair between the barrels, and get your waves! 

The best part? It has a custom mold that leaves no mark on your tresses for smooth results.

Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Hair Waver

An award-winning option, this hair waver will definitely make your hair look like a winner.

Benefits: Heats up quickly; delivers long-lasting curls; easy to operate 


  • Triple barrel design makes for speedy, consistent wave creation
  • Crease-free clamps for natural-looking beach waves
  • Can go up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit

Just heat it up and get ready to create ripples of awe in any room you enter.

One of the first hair wavers to launch, the Babe Waves is an established product that has won accolades for its excellent performance and quality results.

It heats up quickly, comes with adjustable heat settings, and creates crease-free waves that last. 

It also comes in various barrel sizes, including the ideal size for those who don’t have long locks!

No wonder it changed the game when it was released — and why it continues to do the same.

Drybar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Wand

Feel like splurging? The Drybar hair waver is a worthy investment.

Benefits: Easy to use and transport; helps you create different wave patterns; reduces frizz


  • Ionic and infrared technologies for frizz- and hassle-free styling  
  • Interchangeable attachments for different styles
  • Adjustable temperature controls

An added perk: you get excellent customer support from the brand.

If you don’t need to worry about price tags, this premium buy is worth every penny. Not only does it help you create beach waves on short hair, but it also keeps your locks hydrated and shiny.

It’s also built for your safety, with its automatic shutoff feature.

And it comes with three interchangeable attachments, allowing you to achieve different wave styles on your hair! 

Wavytalk Beach Waver

Want hydrated and shiny waves? You can't go wrong with this one from Wavytalk.

Benefits: Takes 15 seconds to heat up; provides thorough and effortless styling; creates waves even on fine short hair


  • Heat-insulated shell and tip and safety lock for comfort and safety
  • Has an argan oil layer for soft and shiny hair
  • Tourmaline coating and U-shaped design for anti-frizz and anti-slip

It also comes in a cute color, which makes it the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Do you want tight, tousled, defined, or relaxed waves? You can get all four with the Wavytalk hair waver. 

And with its small-sized barrels, it’s easy to use around hard-to-reach areas on short hair.

Even better, its barrels feature an argan oil layer to give you sleek, moisturized waves!

Plus, with its heat-up time of 15 seconds, you’re sure to get mermaid waves in minutes. It also has five heat options for various types of hair.

Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Adjustable Multi-Hair Waver

Looking for something that's stylish, high-performing, and easy to hold? Look no further than this tool.

Benefits: Creates stylish waves; heats up quickly; easy to operate


  • Adjustable waver barrel plates to achieve different wave patterns
  • Variable heat settings of up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Universal dual voltage for portability anytime, anywhere

Just run your fingers over the buttons and away you slay!

Need a lot of heat for quick styling and long-lasting waves?

Hot Tools’ hair waver has one of the widest temperature ranges on the market and 0.75-inch barrels for all hair lengths!

You also get adjustable barrels, which allow you to achieve the specific type of wave that you want. And when styling, you can rely on its black gold surface to provide even, safe heating.

BondiBoost Wave Wand

One of the most popular wavers, this one from BondiBoost has been making waves for a while now.

Benefits: Creates waves on short hair in seconds; easy to carry on the go; offers smooth styling results without frizz


  • High-grade tourmaline ceramic glaze composition for frizz-free, moisturized waves
  • Adjustable barrel sizes and temperature to accommodate various styling specifics
  • Designed for international travel

It’s got an anti-slip handle that lets you style your tresses safely!

The BondiBoost Hair Waver has been all over the Internet for the way that it makes creating waves easy, fun, and safe! It’s definitely a go-to product that lives up to the hype.

This tool comes with slim one-inch barrels, which means you won’t need to sport hair that goes down to your waist to create waves.

With this product, you get instant heating that creates waves in no time and last all day.

And the best part? It’s lightweight and portable, so you can style your hair anytime, anywhere!

Revlon Tourmaline + Ceramic Hair Waver

Need something from a trusted brand? This Revlon hair waver won't disappoint.

Benefits: Easy to carry while traveling; prevents frizz; helps you achieve long-lasting waves


  • Tourmaline ceramic coating for reducing potential heat damage
  • Sensitive sensors that automatically adjust heat to the ideal setting
  • 30 heat settings for precise and flexible styling

And with a locking switch, you can look forward to easy and safe storage.

If you need a lot of room for creativity, the Revlon Hair Waver’s 30 heat settings and small barrels will allow you to achieve any style on your short hair — and make it look salon-worthy!

It also leverages both ceramic and tourmaline coating to keep your waves shiny and frizz-free all day. And it’s easy to use and store.

Dopheuor 3-Barrel Hair Waver

Looking for another cost-effective option? This one delivers premium features without breaking the bank.

Benefits: Produces waves that last all day; works on short, medium, and long hair


  • Temperature-resistant ceramic technology provides even heat distribution for safe and effective styling
  • Negative ion-producing curler to eliminate frizz and hydrate locks
  • 3-barrel design for fast and efficient wave creation

And as it heats up in only 30 seconds, you're sure to get your mermaid waves in mere minutes!

If you want to share your hair waver with someone with a different hair texture, that’s not going to be an issue with this one.

It goes from 180 to 210 degrees to suit thin and thick hair. 

And with its small-sized barrels and ceramic glaze coating, you’re assured of safe, even heating to create soft, smooth, and long-lasting waves on your short hair — keeping you looking pretty from day to night.

Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Deep Wave

From the US to anywhere in the world, you can have beautiful mermaid hair whenever you feel like it!

Benefits: Easy to hold; gives you deep, salon-worthy waves; travel-ready


  • Nano ceramic technology that creates shiny, S-shaped curls
  • Extra deep plates for more wave styles
  • Can go up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit 

And it comes with a tangle-free swivel cord, so you can perfect your look without any hassle.

Yet another option from Hot Tools, this deep waver is perfect for looking great whenever, wherever.

It’s also one of the most highly rated hair wavers for short hair on our list.

It heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, but it has instant heat recovery; this means that the tool stays hot even in the event of a temperature drop, so it stays consistent and safe all throughout use. 

It’s also travel-ready, as it comes in dual voltage!

BLUETOP 3-Barrel Hair Waver

Want a hair waver with a lifetime warranty? Your purchase is forever covered with this one from Bluetop.

Benefits: Heats up in 40 seconds; creates waves that stay in place for days; keeps your hair shiny


  • Advanced ceramic coating heating + negative ion protection technologies for fast, nourished waves
  • Designed with safety features such as an anti-skid matte handle and anti-scald top
  • Goes up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit

This waver has dual voltage, so you can bring it abroad!

The Bluetop Hair Waver features advanced material composition and technology that delivers quick and long-lasting waves.

And with triple 1-inch barrels, it’s perfect for short hair.

It also goes from 0 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit in 40 seconds, keeps your waves looking and feeling smooth, and comes with various safety features.


Unlock unlimited wave patterns with this 5-in-1 kit.

Benefits: Makes styling easy for beginners; allows for versatile styling; offers great value for money


  • 20 million negative ions for frizz-free, shiny curls
  • Two temperature control settings for fast, even heating
  • Comes with interchangeable barrels and curling wands

And it comes in a stylish rose gold color so you can style your tresses...in style!

For those who want to make the most out of a hair waver kit, this option from Bestope Pro is a professional-grade styler that offers great flexibility for all your styling needs. 

It comes with adjustable attachments, including a three-barrel hair waver and curling wands in different sizes!

Plus, with negative ion technology and the ability to heat up in 30 seconds, it promises quick, long-lasting, frizz-free waves that look fresh.

How To Use a Hair Waver

A woman is using a curling iron on her hair.

How is a mermaid hair waver for short hair used?

If you’re rearing to see the process behind the magic, here’s how to wave your hair with a waver.

  1. Dry your hair using any method you like.
  1. Divide your hair into two parts, then clip the top section of your hair out of the way, until you get to it later. It’s best to work in sections to make sure you get consistent waves.
  1. Power up your hair waver and choose the right heat setting; if you’re not sure about how hot it should be, start with the lowest setting and gradually work your way up until you find the ideal temperature.
  1. Then take one to two inches of your hair and clamp down on it with your waver. Hold it for a couple of seconds, then work your way down the length of the hair section.

    Make sure that you’re following the pattern of your clamped waves, so they will all look uniform.
  1. Take another one to two inches and repeat.
  1. Do this until you’ve worked on every section in the bottom part of your hair.
  1. Then unclip the top part of your hair and, again, work in sections until you’ve worked your way through all of your hair.
  1. Once you’re done, let your hair cool for at least five minutes.
  1. Then comb through your tresses with a wide-toothed comb.
  1. Apply hair spray to seal the look.


Are Hair Wavers the Same as Hair Crimpers?

Hair wavers may be mistaken for hair crimpers. 

These two are almost exactly the same, except for one major difference: crimpers often have textured plates with serrated edges, whereas wavers have barrels.

Crimpers also have smaller heated plates for curling. Hair wavers, on the other hand, come in a variety of barrel sizes to suit different styling needs.

Are Hair Wavers the Same as Curling Irons?

Hair wavers feature the same design as curling irons, for the most part. But instead of a single barrel or rod that curls tresses, wavers typically have three barrels. 

With a curling iron, you have to wrap your hair around the rod. So if your hair is not long enough to cover the rod entirely, you might end up touching it and get burned accidentally!

On the other hand, with a hair waver, you’re just clamping down on your hair section by section. So it’s easier to curl your way through all of your hair, even if it’s short.

How Do You Make Waves in Short Hair Stay in Place?

Use the right heat setting, follow the product manual, and use post-styling products such as a lightweight and nice-smelling hair spray.

Choosing the Top Hair Waver for Short Hair

With hair wavers for short hair, you can live out your mermaid dreams, but that requires finding the right product for your specific needs.

When choosing, consider important factors such as material composition, availability of adjustable features, safety components, and the right size.

And of course, let your experience lead.

Some products, even if they’re designed to be perfect, might feel off for you; choose the tool that gives you optimal convenience and value for money.

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