“How Long Do PolyGel Nails Last?” Your Question, Answered 

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If you’re the type who likes to try the latest nail trends and enhancements, then you’ve probably already come across — or even used — PolyGel nails. 

They’re a fantastic addition to the world of manicures and another option you can consider getting for yourself besides the more common gel or acrylic nails. 

A closeup of a manicurist polishing polygel nails using a wooden nail file in a salon

So if you’re fairly new to the nail game, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll explore what PolyGels are and why you should consider getting them for your next manicure. 

More importantly, we’ll also answer one of the most important questions regarding nail enhancements: how long do PolyGel nails last? 

What Are PolyGel Nails?

PolyGel nails are the hybrid result of combining the best qualities of both acrylic and gel nails. 

If you like the durability offered by acrylic nails along with the easy application of gel nails, then getting PolyGel nails is the right option for you.   

PolyGel is an all-in-one, pre-mixed formula that combines acrylic powder and clear gel. It comes in tubes you will squeeze out and apply using a PolyGel brush. 

However, you will need a UV or LED nail lamp to cure and harden your nails afterward, but the result is so worth it.

PolyGel started as a product line by the brand Gelish, which is owned by Hand & Nail Harmony. The term “polygel” has become somewhat generic in the industry, and various brands now offer similar PolyGel-like products with different formulations and names.

Why Should You Get PolyGel Nails?

They might be a relatively new nail trend compared to acrylic and gel nails, but PolyGel nails are definitely out to give these two a run for their money!

  • Similar to acrylic nails, PolyGel can be strong and durable, making them perfect for those who want their hands to look stylish as ever despite their busy days. 
  • But unlike acrylic nails, PolyGel nails are more flexible, so the beating they experience from these activities will not directly transfer to your natural nails.
  • Like using gel polish on your nails, PolyGel nails are both user-friendly and easy to apply, and you can even DIY them at home! 
  • PolyGel doesn’t set until they are cured, so you can definitely take your time perfecting your nail design.
  • PolyGel’s thick consistency makes it malleable and versatile to conform to any nail shape you may have.
  • Best of all, PolyGels are safe for your natural nails
  • They also come in various colors, so getting them in your favorite color won’t be too hard to do!

How Long Do PolyGels Last?

Longevity is definitely an important factor when it comes to the nail game. After all, you will want to enjoy having beautiful nails for as long as possible!

So onto the question — how long do PolyGel nails last? 

With proper care and application, PolyGel nails will last you about three to four weeks on average

Of course, the length of time your PolyGel manicure will continue looking as great as ever will depend on how well you take care of them. 

If you’re super careful, you might enjoy them a bit longer, but how long do PolyGel nails last if you constantly use your hands for work?

Well, if you’re constantly exposing your nails to wear and tear, they may only last you three weeks or less. 

Does PolyGel Last Longer Than Gel Nails?

How long do PolyGel nails last compared to gel nails?

The winner here is PolyGel; they stay on a week or two longer.

A closeup of a manicurist's hand sanding the polygel nails with an electric buffer in a salon

Gel nails aren’t as durable as PolyGel or acrylic nails. At best, you’ll get to enjoy them for about two to three weeks before they need to be replaced or reapplied.

PolyGel nails, on the other hand, can last about four weeks, so that’s almost twice the length of time that gel nails have!

Does PolyGel Last Longer Than Acrylic Nails?

Now how long do PolyGel nails last compared to acrylic nails?

Longevity-wise, PolyGel nails don’t last as long as acrylic ones. 

While PolyGel nails last about four weeks, acrylic nails, on the other hand, last longer — anywhere between six to about eight weeks. 

But given that our nails grow over time, acrylic nails would need a fill every three weeks or so to cover the gap that will form between the cuticle and the bottom end of the acrylics. 

You might not encounter the same issue when wearing PolyGel nails.

How To Make PolyGel Nails Last Longer

Like all nail enhancements, enjoying them longer will depend on how well you treat them. 

Here are some ways to make your PolyGel nails last much longer:

  1. Prep your nails correctly. PolyGel nails may last longer if they’re correctly applied, so ensure you’ve cleaned and prepped your nails thoroughly before applying the product. 
  1. Use high-quality PolyGel brands. While there are a lot of PolyGel products in the market, always go for high-quality ones than cheaper brands that may not be as durable or long-lasting.
  1. Use gloves. If possible, use gloves when doing activities like household chores or when you’re dealing with harsh chemicals or even water as they might damage your nails.
  1. Use cuticle oil. Cuticle oils are great to use not just for smoothing and sealing your PolyGel nails but also for keeping your nails hydrated and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PolyGel Nails Break Easily?

PolyGel nails should not break too easily, especially if they are properly applied. That’s why prepping your nails before the application process is super important.

Also, make sure that the PolyGel isn’t applied too thickly, or else the LED light will not be able to go through the product and harden it well. If the PolyGel stays soft in the middle, that may cause the nails to break easily.

Why Do My PolyGel Nails Keep Popping Off?

There might be several causes for your PolyGel nails to pop off, such as

  • an incorrect application process, like not using enough primer or applying too much PolyGel on the nails;
  • not curing the PolyGel nails for the appropriate length of time; or
  • poor nail preparation, such as not cleaning or prepping the nails properly.

How Do You Apply PolyGel Nails By Yourself?

Trying PolyGel nails by yourself is definitely a great option, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to step out and have your next manicure session at a nail salon.

Most kits will include instructions on how to apply PolyGel on your nails with dual forms that you’ll be using along with the PolyGel. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Prep your nails properly. This includes cutting them to your desired length; cleaning them well of all leftover nail products, oil, and dirt; pushing back the cuticles; and applying your nail primer.
  2. Apply a gel base coat on your nails.
  3. Prep your dual forms and make sure you’re using the correct size for your nails.
  4. Squeeze out a small amount of PolyGel from the tube and apply it under your dual forms.
  5. Use a slip solution to spread the PolyGel evenly under the dual form.
  6. Apply the dual form over your nails.
  7. Cure your nails under a UV light or LED nail lamp for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  8. Remove the dual form, leaving the cured PolyGel on your nails.
  9. Trim, file, and shape the PolyGel to your desired length.
  10. Apply a gel top coat on your nails.
  11. Cure your nails again under a UV light or LED nail lamp.
  12. Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate your nails.  

You can also watch this video tutorial for DIY PolyGel nails at home:

How Many Times Can You Fill PolyGel Nails?

One of the beautiful things about PolyGel nails is that you can get them filled in anytime! Unlike acrylic nails that need to be filed before filling, PolyGel nails’ fill-ins can simply be applied on the regrowth.

It’s great for rebalancing the nail, taking the weight off the top nail.

Is PolyGel Bad for Nails?

Nail enhancements are designed to be gentle and safe on nails; this goes the same for PolyGel nails. They will not damage your nails!

However, when PolyGel nails are applied incorrectly, then they can damage or hurt the natural nails. For instance, the PolyGels can be overfiled or overcured under the UV lamp. 

Another possible problem is when PolyGels are peeled or picked when removed, thereby damaging the natural nail underneath.

Try the Trend of Long-Lasting PolyGel Nails

PolyGel nails are definitely a great alternative to using either acrylic or gel nails. You get to enjoy the strength of acrylic nails while experiencing the easy application of gel nails all at once!

A woman getting her nails done at a nail salon.

Of course, you’ll definitely want to make your PolyGel nails last for as long as possible. Knowing how long PolyGel nails last will give you a good idea of how to care for them better so that, hopefully, they last a bit longer.

For fantastic-looking PolyGel nails, always make sure to care for them the right way!

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