MGK Haircut: Machine Gun Kelly’s Sought-After Hairstyles

MGK Haircut: Machine Gun Kelly’s Sought-After Hairstyles

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Making a statement — that’s what the MGK haircut is all about.

Machine Gun Kelly has been known for his eccentric fashion styles, and his hairstyles reflect this quirkiness.

Over the years, he has worn numerous hairstyles that stood out in the hip-hop scene.

And just like other celebrity looks, many people have loved and tried to copy MGK hairstyles.

If you’re one of those who have been inspired by Machine Gun Kelly’s hair, then continue reading.

We’ll cover MGK’s famous hairstyles so you can determine which one will work for you and your face shape.

We’ll also show you how to achieve and style each look to make it your own.

Who Is Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper who has become a global sensation with his mix of alternative rock and hip-hop music.

He’s expressive not just in his work but also in fashion and is always seen experimenting with new brands and styles.

With each year, he also displays a new hairstyle that’s edgy and daring, which was made possible with his hair transplant.

MGK’s Hair Transplant

Observing the rapper’s now super thick hairline, hair surgeons believe that MGK has undergone FUT or follicular unit transplant.

The procedure involves cutting a strip of skin from the back or side of the head and extracting individual hair follicles.

These follicles are then transferred to the balding parts of the scalp.

MGK had admitted that he had thin hair and his bald spots can be seen in his photos from the past.

But now, his implants gave him a full-bodied head that he can experiment on.

MGK Haircuts

As we’ve said, MGK has had a number of haircuts after his hair transplant, but we’ve chosen the two most famous Machine Gun Kelly haircuts.

Modern Mullet

A young man wearing pink sweater and eyeglasses with short, curly hair, smiling

MGK definitely added an edge to his look with the modern mullet.

This haircut isn’t the traditional mullet your parents probably had in the ’80s. It’s a modern take on the classic cut.

While the classic mullet is defined by its short sides and long tail-like back, the modern mullet has a long length at the top and back without too much of a tail.

This results in less contrast between the front and back, so you’ll get fewer looks of shock from other people.

And to make things more trendy, the sides are slightly faded.

A modern mullet is a flattering haircut that suits most face shapes but works best with diamond shapes since it gives fullness at the top and bottom.

Machine Gun Kelly rocked his modern mullet with a sandy blonde color, which made the look more noticeable. He also made it laid-back by adding a messy texture to his locks.

How do you ask your barber for this cut?

Nowadays, people would simply save a photo of their desired haircut and show it to their barber. 

But if you can’t find the exact image you have in mind, let us help you with how to request a modern mullet.

The cut is pretty straightforward. Just ask for a length at the back that you’re most comfortable with.

You can choose a clean neckline or let an inch or two of the hair reach your nape, just like MGK’s cut.

Then ask for number 2 sides that taper into a zero.

As for the top, go for about two inches in length and have it textured to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Here’s a quick look at what would happen at the salon when you ask for a modern mullet.

How do you style the modern mullet like MGK?

The messy modern mullet works best on thick or coarse hair, and we’ll give you some tips on how to make your locks look that way.

  1. After getting out of the shower, spritz on texturizing spray on your damp hair. Try Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for a refreshing beach hairstyle.
  2. As your hair dries, run your fingers through it in scratching motions to create a naturally messy look. The more tousled it looks, the better.
  3. If you want your style to last for days, use hair clay for added hold.

Faux Hawk With Taper Fade

A young man with a short-length faux hawk with a taper fade, looking down at the side

Machine Gun Kelly has also worn various short hairstyles, but the MGK short hair we love most is the rebellious short-length faux hawk with a taper fade.

The style breaks away from the traditional mohawk cut, making it perfect for expressing yourself without going overboard.

What are the differences between a mohawk vs faux hawk?

Although MGK has worn the mohawk hairstyle as well, we can’t help but be biased about how much nicer he looks with the faux hawk.

But what’s the difference?

The mohawk cut has shaved sides with a long dramatic strip of hair that runs from the front to the back.

As for the faux hawk, the sides are clipped short and they blend into the top part of the head, so there’s no great distinction between the top and sides.

The faux hawk is perfect for those who have a straight or wavy hair texture, but it can also work on curly hair if done right.

Furthermore, round facial features benefit most from this haircut.

How do you ask for a faux hawk MGK haircut?

The faux hawk is such a versatile look with plenty of variations, so if you want your MGK hair cut, it’s best to show a picture of it to your stylist.

MGK’s faux hawk has short hair on the back and sides and is one to two inches long on top. Then the front is a little longer and bulkier.

How do you style your hair like Machine Gun Kelly’s faux hawk?

The faux hawk looks best on people with thick hair because it’s easier to give the hair a lift if it has extra volume.

But if you have a fine hair type, there’s no need to worry because a hair mousse like John Frieda Air-Whipped Foam will do the trick.

  1. Apply the hair mousse to your damp hair to create that much-needed lift.
  2. Blow-dry your hair while brushing it forward and up.
  3. Scoop out a small amount of pomade or hair gel and rub the product between your palms.
  4. Sculpt your faux hawk into shape by rubbing your hands upwards through your hair.

Below, we have SkinCareWhiz demonstrating how to style a faux hawk.

Machine Gun Kelly Hairstyles

MGK hairstyles exude a big amount of personality. The notable features of his different hairstyles are texture, layers, and vibrant colors.

Beach Blonde Hair

A young man with beach blonde hair wearing an earring, looking at the camera

If you’ve been a follower of MGK’s hairdo since the beginning, chances are you’ve seen Machine Gun Kelly’s brown hair. That’s his natural hair color.

And since he got a hair transplant, he’s been making bold moves in unnatural hair colors.

Such is his beach blonde hair. His light-brown hair was bleached to a level 10 and toned to a beautiful, very light sandy blonde.

If you want this color, you have to be ready to bleach your hair. It may take a couple of sessions to achieve this lightest level.

That said, do note that bleaching can dry out your hair, so it’s best to follow up with a deep conditioner or a protein treatment.

How do you bleach your hair at home?

Here’s what you need:

And here’s what you need to do:

  1. Divide your hair into four sections (six sections if your hair is thick). Secure the sections using hair clips.
  2. Put on your gloves and place the towel or cape over your shoulders.
  3. Mix one part bleach and two parts developer in the plastic bowl.
  4. Get a small bunch of hair strands at the back section of your hair.
  5. Apply the bleach starting at the tips going up and end one inch away from the roots. It’s important not to bleach your roots at the same time as the rest of your hair because the roots process quicker due to body heat.
  6. Continue applying the bleach until all the sections are done.
  7. Go back and apply the mixture to the roots.
  8. Let the bleach sit on your hair for 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the product instructions.
  9. Rinse your hair thoroughly and use a conditioner.

Rough and Wavy

A young man with a short, wavy hair that has bangs sitting on a chair while holding his phone

Whatever haircut Machine Gun Kelly is sporting at the moment, he always made sure to style it with a tousled texture. It’s like taking the just-got-out-of-bed look to a whole new level.

But it’s not as easy as literally waking up and just getting on with your day. You need to be armed with a selection of styling products that will help you achieve the look.

Choose from any of these styling products to achieve the look:

These products can be your key for giving your hair body to achieve that much-coveted MGK hairstyle easily.

Apply one of them to your hair (whichever you feel most comfortable using) and work on your hair using your fingers. Roughly rub up and down, left and right, until you get the disheveled look.

Pink Hair

A young man with pink hair wearing white shirt isolated on a white background

Just last year, Machine Gun Kelly proved that pink hair isn’t just for teenage girls.

He attended his “Life in Pink” documentary premiere party in a full pink outfit and pink hair, with his fiancée Megan Fox in matching colors.

If you’re digging this hair color and want it for yourself, go ahead. It’s totally achievable.

Start with bleached level 9 to 10 blonde for the vibrant color to work.

For dyeing your hair pink, we recommend using a conditioner-based semi-permanent dye like Manic Panic and Arctic Fox.

These two well-loved direct dyes are vegan and gentle on the hair.

Man Bun

A man wearing blue shirt with a man bun facing at the side isolated on a white background

This hairstyle is popular all over the world, and MGK is one of the celebrities who have pulled the man bun so well.

To achieve this look, you need to grow out your hair to shoulder length. The waiting part is the only thing difficult in doing this top knot style.

Once you’ve got the desired length, the rest is pretty easy to do.

Just brush all your hair up, gathering them to where you want your bun. Then twist the hair into a knot and secure it using an elastic.

MGK likes his top knot just at the crown and paired with fades on the sides. You can do that too!

FAQs About MGK Hairstyles

What haircut does MGK have?

Machine Gun Kelly has sported various haircuts, but his most famous ones are the modern mullet and the faux hawk.

Did Machine Gun Kelly shave his head?

If you have watched the “Papercuts” music video, you would notice that MGK was bald. However, that was just a bald cap.

The shortest MGK haircut we’ve ever seen was his buzz cut, which just left about a millimeter of his hair’s length.

Does MGK have a perm?

No, MGK didn’t have a perm. His hair is a natural type 2a, which is a bit wavy. And according to his stylist, he enhances his waves with regular use of a texturizing powder.

Make a Statement with MGK Haircut

MGK used to suffer from hair loss, and he had a transplant to deal with this problem.

That’s why he’s now able to boast of his full, textured hair and experiment with it.

If you want an edgier look, go get an MGK-inspired haircut. The rapper’s style features messiness and stunning colors that will turn heads.

What other haircuts can you try?

Read these articles to discover more haircut ideas.

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