Red Hair With Highlights: 20 Gorgeous Styles To Try

Red Hair With Highlights: 20 Gorgeous Styles To Try

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Have you always wanted to try having red hair with highlights?

Being blonde or brunette is one thing. But it can be extraordinary to be a redhead.

I mean, it’s a kind of color that can turn heads. It’s gorgeous and immediately catches people’s attention. And when you compare it to, say, blonde, it’s not often we see redheads, right?

So, in a way, having red hair is kind of special.

Want to try red hair with highlights?

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to do on your hair, then you will love what I have in this post.

From black to brown highlights, these are gorgeous options that you can do on your red hair.

Whether you want it light or dark, these outfits can really make your red hair with highlights shine.

A change in season calls for new hair ideas.

When spring is just around the corner, it’s time for a new look. And what better way to shine than sporting red hair with highlights.

But why red highlights in your hair?

Red just pops out. It attracts attention and in a good way.

Whether it’s fire engine red or copper tone, this color is a great option for your hair.

Over the years, the popularity of red hair with highlights increased. On the part of the dye market, this meant creating new different hues. In turn, this is great for us since there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Today, there are countless options that we can consider when we want red hair with highlights. The sky is the limit. There are more highlight choices and gorgeous shades that can make your hair look fabulous.

Red hair with highlights ideas

Do you want to try red hair with highlights?

Here are wonderful ideas to get a fresh new look with this unique hair color.

Whether you’re a natural redhead or just looking to try a new hue, you’ll find inspiration in this post.

1. Want to try red hair with highlights and lowlights?

Here’s a great example of a warm tone. Check out the shade of red with hints of highlights.

With this tone, it can really light up your complexion.

Red can truly be a unique hue. And if you add highlights, your locks will look awesome.

Just take a look at this example.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

This beautiful hairstyle is edgy and dimensional. Although it may need a lot of TLC for it to last long and stay fabulous.

2. Do you want to pull off red hair highlighted?

Want to look like a stunner like Melisandre or Jean Grey?

Here’s a wonderful idea for red hair with highlights.

Check out the bold red shade. It’s a great look that can really bring out the beauty of your complexion.

Red can really make you stand out and in a good way. This color can make you a head-turner.

And if you’re looking to amp up this style, add the right kind of highlights to really bring out the attention-grabbing look.

Want to turn heads when you enter the room?

Give this hairstyle a try. You’ll look stunning for sure.

3. Check out red hair with brown highlights.

Are you looking to add “oomph” to your hairstyle?

This is a lovely look that can bring your locks to a whole new level of gorgeousness. It’s fresh and stunning.

If bold red isn’t your thing, if it’s too daring, then you can try this subtle shade that cascades and gradually fades to the tips.

The multi-color feature adds dimension to your hair, creating an eye-catching effect.

And if you want to make it more interesting, you can complement the stunning color with streaks of golden shade and a layered chop.

You will look and feel your best with this fabulous hairstyle.

4. Take a look at this red hair with black highlights.

Want a sultry style that brings a lot of “oomph”?

Strut this gorgeous head of hair.

These fabulous locks feature a tantalizing blend of red, brown, and black. Then paired with cascading waves that flow seductively.

People can’t help but say “wow” when you sport this captivating hairstyle.

With its rich colors and subtle hints of brownish red, these elements create an alluring look that will surely be the envy of many.

5. Are you ready for highlights with red hair?

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Red hot 🔥 hair by Monica

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Do you have a naturally blonde or black hair and want to try something new?

Check out this sexy layered lob that features a shade of red that really pops out.

If you like the edgy and daring look, you’ll love this hairstyle. It’s gorgeous and sultry.

The bright red color is really eye-catching, creating a beautiful effect and dimension on your hair.

If you want a taste of wavy, seductive curls, a red-colored wash will transform your look, making you more ravishing and sexy.

6. Check out these beautiful red lowlights.

Do you want a more natural look?

You’ll love this red hair with highlights hinted with a brownish shade.

With the red shade all over the hair, it’s beautifully designed in a way that you can still see the undertones.

What I love about this look is that it’s got a lot of layers while the gorgeous blend of colors works together beautifully.

Notice the smooth flow of hair as the subtle highlights brighten the overall look of the style.

The best outfit to complement this hairstyle is something that’s a different shade of red. Blue, perhaps.

A color other than red will create a gorgeous monochromatic effective that will bring out the alluring look of your sultry locks.

So if you’re looking for a subtle design, you’ll love these locks.

7. Do you love red hair with purple streaks?

If you want to pull off the look of Melisandre, this is the closest hairstyle.

Notice the blending of red and black tones to finish a gorgeous look. All it needs is a matching red lipstick and you’re a head-turner.

This hairstyle looks great on both short and long locks.

You can use a warm shade of brown for the highlights.

What’s great about this hair color is that it can be easily worn regardless of the tone of your skin.

If you’re looking for a fun and carefree style that lightens your hair, go for these lovely locks. This hairstyle gives volume and definition, making you look gorgeous and beguiling.

8. Would you like to try dark highlighted red hair?

Are you looking for new ideas to achieve your serious hair goals?

Check out this beautiful redhead shine that’s accentuated with warm streaks of blonde and dark undertones.

The contrast of colors creates a monochromatic effect and a magnificent look.

And have you seen the delicious curls?

What better way to highlight the subtle brownish red that with cascading wavy locks.

Doesn’t that make you say “wow”?

People will surely do when they see you strut this lovely hairstyle.

9. Do you want short red hair that is highlighted?

Want to keep your hair short?

Check out the subtle streaks of red on this short hairstyle.

It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s easy to manage.

Notice the careful balance between red and black to a tee.

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have natural black or dark hair.

If going full, bright red becomes too daring for you, you can start with red highlights on your hair. It creates an interesting style that looks lovely.

10. Strut this red color hair with highlights.

Do you want to pull off a rockstar chic look?

You’ll love this hairstyle.

Well, it’s not really completely red. But you can see the color at the tips, which makes for an interesting look.

Notice how the color stands out, creating a magnificent contrast that brightens the whole look.

It’s an effortless look that’s luscious and captivating.

11. Looking for lighter highlights for red hair?

Natural red hair is simply gorgeous. But you can make it even more beautiful when you introduce lighter highlights for red hair.

Notice the glint of blonde and faint streaks of brown.

Isn’t that captivating?

Want to get that effortless alluring look?

Go from 10 to 100 with this fabulous hairstyle. And if you complement it with your long wavy hair, it’s a stunner.

Don’t you just love the blending of the colors?

12. Subtle red hair with highlights.

Do you see the many undertones in this hairstyle?

Notice the layers of colors as they blend and play beautifully to create this gorgeous effect.

The most noticeable shade is brown. So if you have brownish hair, this is a great look for you. It looks fun and fabulous.

13. Are you looking for brown and red hair highlighting ideas?

Don’t you just love the careful balance between red and shades of brown in this hairstyle?

Notice how the entire hair length features different colors; there are more than two actually. The varied shades create a beautiful effect that looks magnificent.

The tint of red plays well with the streaks of brown and blonde, dazzling you with an overall look that’s alluring.

If you’re looking for new ideas on how to pull off a blending on shades, this is a wonderful example.

Doesn’t that look minimalist and chic?

14. Here’s another delightful dark red hair color with highlights.

Do you love to rock in chunky dark red curls?

Check out the triple combo delight of red, dark brown, and black in this gorgeous hairstyle.

It’s an effortlessly chic look that you can pull off with your long, wavy curls.

Isn’t that a stunner?

From a monotonous 10, these triple combo and curls just pushed it to 100.

Let the red shade pop out like a cherry on ice cream with this ravishing hairstyle.

15. Could you pull off this bright red hair with lowlights?

You can!

If you’re a natural redhead, it will just take little work to transform your locks into a shockingly gorgeous.

You’ll be a head-turner in no time.

For the natural blondes, red and yellow can still look beautiful together.

Wash it with rich, brownish-red and you can create a ravishing look.

Pair it with cascading curls and you’ll make people say “Wow!”

16. Do you want gorgeous short red hair with blonde highlights?

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Color by Nikki cut by Tommy

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Check out the clean layers against a blonde backdrop.

And have you noticed the strawberry highlights?

This gorgeous hairstyle is a wonderful example of chic and minimalist.

The simple strawberry shade creates a beautiful texture while the blonde sets the perfect base for the brown and red tones.

Pair it up with soft layers on short hair and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Isn’t that lovely?

17. Check out these strawberry low lights on red hair.

Here’s another chic and strawberry blonde hairstyle.

It’s effortlessly sultry, featuring a subtle blend of blonde and strawberry.

And to add texture to the overall look, add the cascading curls.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to pull off red hair with highlights, you might want to check out this effortlessly gorgeous style.

18. Check out this copper red hair with highlights this fall.

Do you have soft brunette locks?

Check out the warm blonde streaks to create a feminine look.

At shoulder length, it’s a beautiful style if you want to try short red hair with highlights.

See how the colors blend together to create a charming look. This hairstyle will shine even more especially under natural light.

With this magnificent pairing of soft brunette colors with hints of blonde, you’ll get a charming look that’s perfect for the change of season.

19. Create a gorgeous contrast with warm highlights.

Do you want to accentuate the warm highlights on your hair?

Create lovely depth and monochromatic contrast with this gorgeous design.

This sweet hairstyle is very feminine.

You’ll turn heads and make people say “wow” when you rock this chic look.

20. Here’s a gorgeous natural red with light highlights.

Make your hairstyle stand out with this fabulous blend of red and blonde.

See how the streaks of blonde allow the hints of red to stand out. No color overpowers another.

And to amp it up, check out the wavy curls.

Overall, this gorgeous hairstyle creates the right amount of edge.

Do you prefer red hair with highlights or lowlights?

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