20 Fun Rainbow Hair Color Ideas You Can Try in 2020

20 Fun Rainbow Hair Color Ideas You Can Try in 2020

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Are you looking for rainbow hair color ideas?

Can’t decide which look to pick?

When you need help choosing what color to try next, here are wonderful styles to spice up your look and make heads turn.

Why opt for rainbow colored hair?

Woman with rainbow colored hair

If you want to make a bold and brilliant statement with your looks, you get endless potential with a rainbow hairstyle.

With the gorgeous colors, these rainbow hair color ideas can bring your look to a whole new level.

In this post, I’m going to share my favorite rainbow hair color ideas.

You can pick from a variety of styles.

Whether you want to go minimal with just a few streaks or go all-out with the rainbow highlights.

Glam it up with these rainbow hair color ideas.

If you check on Instagram, you’ll notice how big of a trend this rainbow hair color style.

You’re probably thinking celebrities can only wear this hairstyle. Well, guess what. You can too!

Why resign yourself to normal hair color?

Did you know you can always opt for an unconventional shade and look fabulous?

Achieve an enchanting look with these vivid and colorful locks.

Check out these beautiful rainbow hair color ideas.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, picking the right one that suits you perfectly can be a daunting task.

So I’ve gathered a wide selection of the best rainbow hair color ideas.

You can choose to cut your locks short or grow it out; add a few streaks or completely cover it with highlights. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re just getting started in this cool hair idea or looking to experiment with the right rainbow blends, then this post is for you.

Looking for rainbow hair tips?

Take your hairstyle to the next level with these rainbow hair color ideas.

1. Check out this gorgeous rainbow hair braided style.

These multi-colored tresses look awesome, don’t they?

With pops of bright hues in braided fashion, this is one of the best rainbow hair color ideas I’ve encountered.

See how the captivating locks are delicately woven together with the plaits closed at the back, adding some volume to the hair.

With an impressive hairstyle like this, you can surely turn heads. It’s alluring that people will stop in their tracks.

If you’re looking to grab hold of this gorgeous hair trend, make this rainbow hair braided style your own.

2. You’ll love this flowy and feathery layer of blue, green, and yellow rainbow hairstyle.

Looking for a  way to jazz up your hairstyle?

Check out the idea behind this rainbow hair color style.

This captivating style features one base color, and from there, it goes multi-colored. Notice how green and yellow (and a little bit of purple) blend in beautifully.

It’s one color for every grouping all the way from the roots down to the ends.

If you want your tresses to pop, try this bold and beautiful rainbow hairstyle. It’s fresh and easy to maintain.

3. Don’t these gorgeous rainbow hair highlights look awesome?

Looking for a great way to frame your face and accentuate your features?

Check out this beautiful rainbow hairstyle. It features gorgeous waves that flow smoothly past the shoulders.

You can wear it in an updo or let it loose. Either way, the lightly textured hairstyle looks good.

This sultry style is simple to touch-up and requires less maintenance, which is perfect if you’re always on the go. It’s a messy chic look that’s cool and sexy.

4. Looking for short rainbow hair color ideas?

Who says you need to have long tresses to pull off these lovely rainbow hair color ideas?

Here’s an enchanting hairstyle that can turn heads.

Show off your bold nature and jolly spirit with these luscious locks.

Notice how the gorgeous waves blend well with each colorful section. It’s a great way to create a rainbow cascade that’s fit for a happy and lively personality.

For a quick, on-the-go style that’s easy to maintain and wear, you’ll love this short rainbow hair idea.

5. Would you like to try this vibrant pink ombre rainbow hairstyle?

Check out the shift of colors in this seductive rainbow hairstyle.

See as pink turns to yellow then blue and back to pink. This gives these tresses the kind of vibrancy and volume that grabs people’s attention.

If you love pastel colors, this is a wonderful rainbow hairstyle to try. It’s easy to wear and maintain.

You can achieve this romantic hairstyle and make your mermaid fantasy come true. Tell your stylist about it.

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6. Need ideas for long rainbow hair?

Here’s a rich, layered rainbow hairstyle with jewel streaks.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

These gorgeous locks feature the right blend and warmth, creating a beautifully woven rainbow hairstyle.

See as the luxurious texture and brilliantly rich hues result in strands that look like magic. It’s like you’ve stepped out of a dream.

If you’re looking to rock rainbow colored hair, give this sexy style a try.

7. Here’s a delightful peekaboo rainbow hair idea.

Want to get the best of both worlds?

This beautiful hairstyle features a fun surprise underneath.

Discover the lovely blend of natural hair and vibrant color in this beautiful rainbow peekaboo hair idea.

This lovely style is perfect for the ladies who are not yet ready to take the plunge and commit all the way.

If you’re looking to try a rainbow hairstyle but just not yet completely ready to put both your feet through the world of vivid colors, this is a fun look you can try.

You can wear this one hair up or let it wave and flow down.

8. Check out this sexy blue and pink pastel rainbow hair idea.

Want to add color and vibrancy to your hair?

Don’t be afraid to go for bold and vivid hues.

Give your look a whole new revamp. Try this adorable hairstyle, which features gorgeous waves and a pastel blend of blue and pink.

See how the shades play well with bright blue and pink colors. This rainbow hairstyle displays a complementary spectrum; a marriage of hues that blend perfectly to create a jaw-dropping piece.

9. Here’s a very attractive melange of rainbow colors.

Isn’t this a strikingly gorgeous display of hairstyle craftsmanship?

Make a bold and daring statement with this pastel rainbow hair.

Neons and pastel colors really look good when they go together. This beautiful combo lets you have more room to play in.

And if you’ll notice, curls and waves really do the trick. It can transform a simple look into an intricate and eye-catching work of art.

10. Check out the gemstone gothic blend of colors in this rainbow hairstyle.

Who says rainbow hair color ideas should only be limited to pastels and neons?

Want to achieve a dark, rocker-chic look?

Check out this beautiful cascade of gemstone colors. It looks gothic without the overbearing gloomy and pessimistic aura. This hairstyle is kind of cute actually.

With this gemstone gothic blend, you get a cute and sexy look without overprocessing your natural hair. So it’s perfect if you’re not yet fully committed to the rainbow hair color style.

Also, this gorgeous look is perfect when you’re not much into highlights and opt for the darker shades.

11. Here’s another short rainbow hair idea that features pastel colors.

Isn’t this a beautiful way to rock a rainbow hairstyle?

Borrowing from the shining and shimmering, unicorn-inspired look is this cute piece. It’s got a blue base then spruced with a variety of colors.

The horizontal sections feature hues that fade in and out, creating a lot of texture and volume to the overall look.

When you want hair that really stands out, check out this beautiful look with a soft and romantic twist.

12. Show off your rainbow roots with this luscious look.

Here’s a trendy hairstyle that prominently features a stylish blend of blue, green, and purple.

With a hint of each major shade, this rainbow colored hair is a gorgeous display of gemstone hues. It’s a perfect piece if you have medium-length hair.

Notice how the vibrancy of colors really pops out, creating an intricate look.

13. Check out this messy-chic, rainbow ombre hair.

Want to have a dreamy, mermaid feel for your hair?

This one’s a wonderful rainbow hairstyle that goes from root to tip.

As you can see, there are other colors in this piece, which results in a vibrant and unique style.

You can recreate this look quite easily. Just pick a base color and add a rainbow of colors.

If you’re tired of having the same look, why don’t you try this bold rainbow hairstyle?

14. Looking for pictures of rainbow hair in blondes?

Here’s a blonde girl with rainbow hair.

But you don’t have to be a blonde to recreate this rainbow look. Bleach or lighten your locks then apply the rainbow of colors; that’s how you can achieve this blonde rainbow hairstyle.

Even if you put in vibrant colors in this hairstyle, the blonde base will tone everything down.

If you want to create a beautiful hair transformation, this hairstyle can do wonders for you.

15. Love the look of braided rainbow hair?

View this post on Instagram

Fruity pebbles braids baby, who's with me? 🙌

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Check out this romantic yet playful display of rainbow colored hair.

This gorgeous hairstyle features a careful balance of hues, which include muted neons. All that without requiring meticulous upkeep. Plus, it’s easy to wear.

Doesn’t this piece look vibrant?

It’s a great style that’s no fuss.

If you wanted to try rich and layered rainbow highlights, check out these jewel streaks.

16. Do you fancy a fiery rainbow hairstyle?

Here’s a great idea if you want rainbow hair long.

Check out this daring balayage from bright pink to vibrant orange.

This sexy hairstyle features brilliant shades and equally elegant waves, creating a luxurious texture and volume for your locks.

It’s easy to rock this gorgeous style, whether you have short or long tresses.

17. Here’s a cute rainbow design under hair.

Want to add a little bit more fun into your hairstyle?

It doesn’t get better than this.

Check out the undercut that features a cool surprise.

While it may require more upkeep than most of the rainbow hair color ideas here, it’s certainly worth it.

18. Don’t you just love this rainbow curly hair?

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✌🏾and 🧡

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Why settle for just a rainbow hairstyle when you can make it more interesting with curls?

You know you got a keeper when people turn their heads and admire your locks.

This gorgeous hairstyle features two amazing go-to styles that are both daring and fun.

19. Rainbow colored hair with vibrant streaks of brilliant hues.

It’s no fuss and features an iridescent blend of colors.

Looking for a wonderful hairstyle for your next night out?

Dance the night away with this chic look.

20. Check out this fun rainbow hair color idea.

Check out the fun and daring look with this amazing short rainbow hair.

See the iridescent blend of brilliant hues and how it creates an interesting look.

If you’re tired of sporting long tresses, you might want to try this short one.

Want to amp up your hair game?

Getting rainbow hair color is one of the top trends that can be hands down unique to you. Whether it’s soft and subtle or vivid and bold.

But before you can get rainbow hair color, there are a couple of things to take into account

Here are tips to consider in relation to these rainbow hair color ideas.

First things first, these colors can fade away fast.

So what do you do?

You’ll have to invest in color-preserving shampoo if you want the colors to last a bit longer. Plus, you may have to wash your locks a little less often than you normally do.

Got dark hair?

This is the second factor to consider.

If you have dark hair, you may need to bleach it first.

Make sure you get a perfectly blonde canvas to work with before getting the rainbow hair color. When you lighten your hair, it’s easier to bring out the colors and letting it shine through.

To do this, you may need to do multiple appointments for the hair bleaching and then getting the rainbow colored hair.

Want to give your rainbow colored hair a beautiful, healthy-looking shine?

Make sure you keep your hair extra moisturized. Look for a good Moroccan oil and treat your locks to a wonderful treatment.

Are you digging for rainbow hair color pictures?

Tired of having the same hairstyle?

Are you hoping to get a new hair fix?

Beauty lovers, rejoice!

If you are unconvinced about sporting these gorgeous colors on your locks, then these rainbow hair color pictures might do the job.

Share your thoughts below would you try one of these rainbow colored hair ideas?

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