How To Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

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With lash extensions, you can effortlessly get the instant gratification of fuller, longer eyelashes without the need to curl your lashes and wear mascara every day. 

But when these beautiful synthetic lashes start falling off, they will need infills for a maintained look. 

Young woman with eyelash loss problem removing makeup indoors

Given your daily responsibilities and busy schedules, you can’t always take time to go to the salon and have them retouched. 

These situations might have you asking, “Can I remove eyelash extensions at home?” or “How do I remove eyelash extensions safely at home?” If you want answers to these questions, give this article a quick read!

Fast Facts

  • Professional removal by a trusted lash technician is the safest and most effective method for taking off eyelash extensions.
  • DIY removal methods are an option if professional removal is not convenient, but they must be performed with extreme caution.
  • Several DIY removal methods are available, including using makeup remover, a hot shower, face steaming, a DIY cleaning solution, oil-based cleansers, Vaseline, or non-comedogenic oils.
  • Refrain from pulling, rubbing, or tugging on eyelash extensions to prevent natural eyelash damage and eye infections.

Can You Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

What happens if you can’t make time to go to a lash salon to have them removed? Can you remove eyelash extensions at home?

If you want your lash extensions removed for some reason, experts suggest you wait until they fall out on their own or have them professionally removed by a lash tech.

Removal can be a tricky process. If done incorrectly, it could lead to further damage or even loss of your lashes. So we always recommend consulting with your lash artist.

Fortunately, you can use DIY methods to remove your lash extensions. However, you need to be very careful when doing so!


These methods include what your lash stylist told you not to do after getting a fresh set of lash extensions.

Oil-Based Cleanser Method To Remove Eyelash Extensions

After getting a set of lash extensions, the rule of thumb is never to use any oil-based cleansers since they can shorten their life span and cause adhesive failure. 

Since your’e looking for ways to remove your lash extensions, you should add oil cleansers to your skincare kit! 

Hydrophilic oil based cleanser cleansing balm swatch. Gentle makeup removing cream isolated on blue background.

It will be a win-win situation for you: you can use it as a face cleanser and also use it to dissolve the lash glue! 

Step 1. Prepare What You Need

To double-cleanse and remove your eyelash extensions at the same time, prepare the following:

Step 2. Pour Product Onto a Cotton Pad or Ball

Pour a small amount of your chosen cleansing oil or cleansing balm onto a cotton pad or cotton ball.

Step 3. Cleanse Your Lashes

Gently apply the oil- or balm-soaked cotton pad or cotton ball over your eyelash extensions. Be sure to apply the oil to the lash roots, as this is where the adhesive is.

Step 4. Wait for the Oil To Work

Allow the oil to sit on your lashes for a few minutes. The oil will start to break down the lash adhesive, making it easier to remove the extensions.

Step 5. Gently Remove the Extensions

After the oil has had time to work, use a clean cotton pad or your fingers to gently pull off the loosened extensions. Start from the outer corner of your eye and work your way inwards.

Step 6. Repeat if Necessary

If any extensions are still stubbornly attached, apply more oil and wait a little longer. Then attempt to remove them again.

Step 7. Wipe Away the Oil Cleanser

Use a clean, damp, soft towel to gently wipe away the oil from your eyelids and lashes.

Step 8. Cleanse Your Eyes With a Water-Based Cleanser

Wash your face with a gentle, oil-free cleanser, such as a gentle water-based cleanser or face wash, to remove any remaining oil and adhesive residue.

Step 9. Pat Dry

Use a clean, soft towel to pat your eyelids and lashes dry. Avoid rubbing as this can be harsh on the skin.

Non-Comedogenic Oils To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

If you’re not fond of oil-based cleansers, you can opt for oil — the most budget-friendly, convenient, and natural option out there!

While any oil you have on hand will do, we highly suggest using non-comedogenic ones to avoid clogging pores while you do this.

Two bottles of essential oils, perfect for removing eyelash extensions at home, on a crisp white background.

Step 1. Prepare the Oil of Your Choice

Some of the safest oils you can use to remove eyelash extensions are the following:

  • Olive oil 
  • Castor oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Argan oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Aloe vera oil

Step 2. Apply the Oil Using a Cotton Ball or Spoolie

Put two to three drops on a cotton ball or spoolie. Gently rub the cotton ball on your eyelids and press it on your eyes and then downward, or keep combing the lashes with the spoolie. 

Focus on applying it to the lash roots to ensure that you cover the entire lash area with the glue.

You will be amazed by how easily the oil can detach the glue and the eyelashes from your skin! 

Step 3. Leave the Oil on if the Lashes Don’t Come Off

Some of the extensions may not come off immediately. If this is so, leave the oil on for a few minutes then use your cotton ball or spoolie again. Repeat until all extensions are removed.

Quick Tip

For stubborn lashes, cover with a cotton pad after applying oil, and then cover the cotton pad with a hot towel. The hot towel will directly steam the extensions for easier removal.

Step 4. Wipe Away the Oil

Soak a washcloth in warm water, then use it to wipe off the oil from your skin. You may also add micellar water to the washcloth before doing this.

Here’s a video of the entire process:

Using Eye Cream for at-Home Lash Extension Removal

Eye creams or moisturizers containing oil can help break down eyelash glue. So if you have eye products with sunflower, jojoba, argan, or other oils, they can help get the job done! 

The effects will be more targeted because you specifically use an eye product! Plus, the eye cream can serve as an eye treatment as well! 

A pink background with avocados, skin care products, and a bottle of water to enhance skin hydration.

How To Use Vaseline To Remove Eyelash Extensions

You can remove extensions easily and safely using Vaseline if you want minimal damage to your lashes. 

Vaseline is powerful enough to dissolve the bonds in semi-permanent lash adhesive, allowing easy removal. 

Moreover, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin since it is safe to use on your eyelashes and around the skin of your eyes. 

Step 1. Take a Small Amount of Vaseline

Get a thin layer of Vaseline onto your clean fingers. You can also use a Q-tip, spoolie, or cotton ball.

Step 2. Apply the Vaseline Onto Your Lashes

Gently apply the Vaseline onto your lash extensions, making sure to completely saturate all of them without touching your eyelids or eyeball.

Step 3. Leave the Vaseline On

Keep the Vaseline on your lashes for 15 to 30 minutes. This will let the Vaseline soften the lash extension adhesive.

Step 4. Gently Remove the Extensions

After letting the Vaseline sit on your lashes, gently remove the extensions one by one using your fingers or a cotton pad.

Step 5. Wipe Off and/or Rinse

Lastly, gently wipe the Vaseline off from your skin with a warm, damp washcloth until it’s gone. Rinse your eye area with cleanser or face wash if needed.

Here’s a tutorial video if you need guidance: 

How To Remove Your Eyelash Extensions at Home Using Makeup Remover

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to remove your eyelash extensions at home using makeup remover:

Step 1. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

You’ll need the following:

  • Q-tips
  • Spoolie
  • Clipper
  • Eye makeup remover or makeup remover wipes
  • Cotton pads

Step 2. Clean the Lash Extensions

Using your spoolie, thoroughly clean the lash extensions with lash extension cleanser and water before removal, making sure you remove any debris that may be stuck in the glue.

A young woman is carefully removing eyelash extensions at home with cotton pads.

Step 3. Use Q-Tips To Remove the Lash Extensions

Gently remove the lash extensions by holding a cotton pad under your eye, then gently tugging the lash extensions using a Q-tip.

Step 4. Use More Makeup Remover for Resistant Lashes

If you can’t see the glue that holds your lash extensions in place, use a cotton pad with makeup remover or a makeup remover wipe (like these ones by Burt’s Bees) to gently scrape away any glue.

If you feel any resistance, that means you may need to use more remover to dissolve the eyelash extension glue

Apply more remover and gently continue pulling until you feel the glue loosening.

Hot Shower Method To Remove Eyelash Extensions

A woman is taking a hot shower in a bathroom at home.

If you want to loosen your lash extensions, a hot shower is one of the most natural ways to work wonders! 

Step 1. Prepare What You Need

Before stepping into the shower, prepare the following:

  • Oil-based cleanser
  • Spoolie
  • Cotton pad

Step 2. Cleanse Your Lashes Before Showering

Before you start, make sure your lashes are clean and free from any makeup or oils. Use an oil-based makeup remover to clean your eyelids and lashes.

Step 3. Take a Hot Shower

Get in the shower and allow the hot water to create steam in the bathroom. This will help to loosen the adhesive on your lash extensions.

Stand with your face directed toward the steam, keeping your eyes closed to avoid getting water in them.

Quick Tip

When you feel your lash extensions loosening up as you shower, resist the urge to rub, pluck, or pull your eyelash extensions. You don’t want to damage both your eyes and natural lashes.

Step 4. Use a Cotton Pad While in the Shower

While in the shower, use a soft, clean cotton pad to rub your lashes gently. Do this very delicately as harsh rubbing can damage your natural lashes.

Step 5. Remove Loose Lashes After Showering

After a good hot shower, you can use a tweezer to remove the released lash extensions gently. 

If one of the lash extensions hurts when you try to remove them, don’t force it or else you’ll pluck out your natural lash. Just remove the ones that come off easily.

Quick Tip

Lash extensions are designed to stay in place for several weeks, so it may take some time for them to naturally shed or loosen. You may have to repeat this process for days or weeks to completely remove all extensions.

Face Steaming Method for at-Home Lash Extension Removal

Face steaming is the answer if you want a shortened version of the shower method!

Steaming your face can soften the lash glue used on your lash extensions. Plus, it removes any stubborn bacteria or dirt particles that were left behind as you remove your makeup. 

A woman is sitting in bed, doing face steaming carefully removing her eyelash extensions at home.

Step 1. Gather What You Need

To do this method, prepare the following:

  • Hot water
  • Bowl
  • Olive/coconut oil (optional)
  • Q-tip (optional)

Step 1. Prepare a Bowl of Hot Water

Boil water, then prepare a large bowl and pour the hot water into the bowl.

Step 2. Lean Toward the Bowl

As the hot water steams, lean your face toward it and let the steam evaporate toward your eyes. 

Make sure not to open your eyes and don’t come too close to the hot water while doing this method if you don’t want to burn your face. 

To be safe, keep your eyes shut for at least five to 10 minutes as you steam your face. Eventually, this will help your lash extensions come off naturally. 

Step 3 (Optional). Apply Oil

After steaming, you may apply a small amount of oil (olive oil or coconut oil) to your lashes with a clean Q-tip. Gently rub the extensions to encourage them to slide off.

DIY Cleaning Solution Method To Remove Lash Extensions

If you are down for a DIY solution, you can create a simple lash cleansing solution to help dissolve the remaining lash adhesive. 

A young woman is using a cotton pad to remove eyelash extensions at home.

Step 1. Gather What You Need

To do this method, prepare the following:

  • Hot or warm water
  • Bowl
  • Soap
  • Liquid makeup remover or eye makeup cleanser (optional)
  • Cotton pad
  • Q-tip

Step 2. Mix Water and Soap in a Bowl

All you need to do is fill a small bowl with warm or hot water and add soap. If you want, add a liquid makeup remover or a gentle eye makeup cleanser to your cleansing solution. 

Step 3. Apply Your DIY Solution

After creating the perfect cleansing solution, get a cotton pad and use it to apply the solution to your lashes to soften the glue and remove your lash extensions gently.

Step 4. Use Q-Tips To Remove Loose Lashes

Once you feel some lash extensions loosening up, gently use a cotton swab to clean off any glue residue.

Is Removing Eyelash Extensions Painful?

Eyelash extension removal should not be painful. If you follow the suggested lash removal steps and use the right products, you’re not supposed to feel any pain at all. 

You’ll only feel pain if your lash extensions are incorrectly applied, if your extensions aren’t loose enough, or if you’re getting an allergic reaction. 

Also, forcibly plucking or pulling at your lashes can be painful. So as much as possible, refrain from doing so. Always make sure that the lash extensions are loose enough before gently removing them.

Woman having eyelash extensions applied by a lash artist

Potential Risks of DIY Lash Extension Removal

Remember that unlike falsies, eyelash extensions are kept in place by professional-grade glue and are attached to your natural lashes. 

So you cannot remove it the same way you remove strip lashes. Two major potential risks may occur if you incorrectly perform a DIY lash extension removal. 

You Risk Damaging Your Natural Lashes

If you’re constantly tugging your extensions, you can probably remove your natural lashes with them. 

Damage can happen when you rub or pull the extensions, detaching the lash extensions while breaking the natural lash. Even the slightest pressure can lead to severe consequences and bacterial infections such as trichiasis or blepharitis. 

Once your natural lashes get damaged, they could take several months to grow back to their original length or thickness. 

You Risk Getting Eye Infection

Since bacteria can easily to your eyes, keep your eyes closed throughout the lash extension removal process. 

But if you do the lash removal yourself, you won’t be able to easily apply the DIY solutions while your eyes are closed. As a result, there’s a high risk that you can get an eye infection. 

If you let a licensed lash tech do the work, they can guarantee that they will only use sterilized tools and that no product will reach your eyes. Hence, you’re less likely to get an eye infection with the help of the pros. 

What Is the Best Eyelash Extension Removal Method?

If you are looking for the safest way to remove eyelash extensions, the answer is still booking a lash removal appointment with a trusted lash technician

The average lash extension removal service ranges from $25 to $35. The entire process involves certified lash techs using professional-grade lash solutions and removers that are highly effective in breaking down lash bonds. 

So you can guarantee that the removal process will be a hassle-free and pain-free experience. 

But if you’d like to attempt to remove your lash extensions at home, be gentle and careful when using any of the methods listed above. 

A woman is getting her eyelashes extensions removed at a beauty salon

Should You Do Eyelash Extension Removal at Home?

Getting a professional lash extension removal service is the safest and best method. 

However, if you cannot make it to the lash salon and you can’t wait for the extensions to naturally fall out, you can always try the DIY alternatives listed in this article to remove your extensions. 

Whichever route you take, be very careful when working around your eyes.

Also, if you don’t want to damage your natural lashes permanently, make sure not to pull, rub, or tug your eyelash extensions. 

Try our tips and let us know what worked for you!

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