Russian Volume Lashes: Types, Styles, Steps, and More

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Have you ever wished for lashes that look extra full and totally captivating? 

Want lashes that make you look gorgeous first thing in the morning?

Well, that wish is about to come true with Russian volume lashes!

These eyelash extensions make your eyes look even more enchanting. They create a dramatic and voluminous look that will make heads turn wherever you go.

A close up of a woman's eye with long lashes.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Russian volume eyelash extensions.

We’ll cover the different types and styles, the process, and how it differs from other lash styles.

Continue reading and let’s find out how you can achieve that bold lash look you’ve always dreamed of!

Trust us, once you try Russian Volume lash extensions, you’ll never look back!

What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian volume lashes are a popular and innovative lash extension technique that originated in Russia.

These extensions involve crafting manual lash fans from two to five thin mink lashes. It uses the same synthetic fibers as classic mink lashes, so they possess feather-light qualities.

The lashes used in long Russian volume lashes are much thinner than the natural lashes, ranging from 0.03 to 0.07 mm.

This allows lash artists to safely apply multiple extensions without causing any damage or strain to the natural lashes.

This creates a mesmerizing fullness, stunning volume, and intense lash line darkness that can captivate anyone!

Pros and Cons of Russian Eyelashes

Before you get your semi-permanent Russian volume eyelashes, let’s first weigh the benefits and risks.

This is important so you can evaluate what to consider before you decide.

Here’s a table that shows the advantages and disadvantages of Russian volume lashes extensions:

Russian lashes deliver an eye-catching fullness.Russian volume lashes can be more expensive.
Russian lashes often last longer than classic extensions.The glue used can cause allergic reactions in some people.
Russian lashes work for both fine and abundant natural lashes.It’s necessary to have regular appointments to preserve the look.
Different lengths and styles cater to personal preferences.

While Russian volume lashes offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider the potential risks before deciding to get one.

Russian Volume Lashes vs. Classic Lash Extensions vs. Hybrid Lash Extensions

How exactly do Russian volume lashes differ from other lash extension types? 

We’ll break down Russian volume, classic, and hybrid lash extensions so you can easily pick the extensions that match your taste and gives you the look you want.

With volume lashes, classic, and hybrid lash extensions to choose from, it’s important for us to know their differences:

  • Classic lash extensions: If you prefer a natural, timeless look, classic lashes are your match.

    They subtly enhance your lashes, making them fuller and longer without appearing too dramatic. 
  • Volume lash extensions: On the opposite end, a volume eyelash extension like Russian eyelashes brings boldness. Longer and thicker, they grab attention and last long.

    Yet they’re not everyone’s choice. Some like a style between bold and natural.
  • Hybrid lash extensions: These lash extensions balance drama and elegance.

    They merge the volume lashes’ fullness with the classic lashes’ grace.

Choose which among these eyelash extension types feels right for you. Get ready to show off your beautiful eyes and feel amazing with your new lashes!

A woman's eye in closeup with long lashes.

Different Russian Lash Volumes

Russian volume lashes offer a diverse range of styles that cater to every lash lover’s dream. These lashes come in different types in terms of thickness.

Here are the different volumes of Russian lashes, where the numbers represent the number of lash strands to put on each natural lash’s base:

  • 2D style or light Russian volume lashes offer a more natural look.
  • 3D Russian volume lashes bring more volume.
  • 4D creates a fuller lash line.
  • 5D Russian volume lashes result in a lush and dramatic effect.
  • 6D delivers an intense and unforgettable allure to your eyes.

If you’re aiming for Russian volume lashes mega volume, choose anything from 6D and beyond.

Some even offer 8D style for extreme D curl Russian volume lashes, but keep in mind that these will be heavier for your eyes.

Whether you want a subtle look enhancement for your everyday look or a touch of elegance for a special occasion, there’s a Russian lash volume perfectly suited to bring out your unique beauty!

Different Types and Styles for Russian Volume Eyelashes

Russian eyelashes allow for a range of captivating types and styles, each with its own distinct effect on the overall appearance of the eyes and face in general.

The following sections will discuss some prominent types and styles you can achieve with these featherweight Russian volume eyelashes.

Russian Volume Lash Types

  • Natural Russian volume

    Want a more natural look? Natural Russian volume lashes enhance your eyes with a touch of fullness and elegance.

    It’s like giving your lashes a little boost, ensuring your eyes look effortlessly captivating without being overly dramatic.
  • Classic Russian volume lashes

    This is a classic style with a bit more volume than the natural look. It gives your lashes a noticeable boost.
  • Hybrid Russian volume lashes

    The hybrid Russian lash style combines Russian volume lashes with classic lash extensions for a mix of volume and length, which provides a textured and dimensional appearance.

Russian Volume Lash Styles

  • Russian volume lashes cat-eye style

    Channel your inner feline with the cat eyelash extension. This style emphasizes the outer corners of your eyes, creating a subtle winged effect that’s both alluring and playful.

    This is the perfect choice when you want your eyes to have a hint of flirtatious charm.
  • Russian volume lashes wispy style

    Looking for a whimsical dreamy vibe? The wispy eyelash extension is here to deliver.

    These lashes feature a combination of varying Russian volume lash lengths, giving your eyes a soft, feathery appearance and textured effect.
  • Russian volume lashes doll-eye style

    Enhance your gaze with the doll-eye style, where the lashes are longer in the middle than the corners.

    Creating a voluminous and fluttery appearance, the result is a wide-eyed, charming look that beautifully frames your eyes and adds a touch of allure to your overall appearance.

Russian Volume Lashes Procedure

The Russian volume lash process is a meticulous art that transforms your lashes into captivating works of beauty.

different materials needed for eyelashes extension laid in a pink counter top

Want to know what to expect before the procedure? Here’s how it usually goes:

  1. Choosing the desired lash extensions’ length, thickness, and style
  2. Eyelash cleansing
  3. Putting gel pad and aligning it to the bottom lash line
  4. Securing bottom lashes and inner corner lashes
  5. Picking up lash extensions with tweezers and dipping them into eyelash glue to attach them to your natural lashes
  6. Brushing the lashes with a lash brush for a flawless finish

This Russian lash treatment process takes time, but it promises stunning results!

Check out this video if you want to know how Russian volume lashes are done:

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The Russian volume lashes’ full set procedure typically takes around two to three hours, depending on your desired fullness and style.

You don’t have to worry about the duration. This is a relaxing procedure where you can lay back and indulge in self-care while the lash artist works their magic.

How Much Does the Procedure Cost?

The cost of eyelash extensions ranges between $150 and $400 for a Russian volume set.

This depends on the materials, length, thickness, salon location, and popularity of the lash artist.

Dos and Don’ts After the Russian Lash Treatment

Now that your eyes are adorned with gorgeous lash extensions, let’s talk about the essential dos and don’ts to keep those lashes looking their best.

Check out this table to ensure your lashes remain as enchanting as the day you got them:

Clean your lashes regularly to prevent eye infections.Avoid oil-based products as they can weaken the lash adhesive, causing your lashes to fall off.
Gently clean lashes without rubbing or pulling to prevent loss of your natural eyelash.Don’t sleep with your face directly on the pillow because it can influence lash loss.
Choose water-based mascara and eyeliner as these products are gentle, won’t harm your lash extensions, and will keep the adhesive.Don’t perm, tint, or use eyelash curlers since these can break the glue bond and compromise the longevity of your extensions.
Sleep with a silk pillowcase to prevent damage as silk allows the lashes to slide instead of getting pulled.Avoid brushing wet lashes as this can lead to unintentional pulling, which might result in lash loss.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your beautiful lashes last as long as possible. Treat them with care, and they’ll continue to enhance your eyes’ allure!

Russian Volume vs. Mega Volume vs. American Volume

With the different volume eyelash extension thicknesses available, it can become hard to differentiate all of them.

Russian, American, and mega volumes can accentuate your eyes in unique ways. This allows you to choose a lash look that resonates with your personal style.

Check out the differences among these eyelash styles:

  • Russian volume: When it comes to Russian volume, think lush, full, and gracefully arched lashes.

    This technique creates a thick lash line that beautifully frames your eyes, with the arch following an even curve.
  • American volume: Unlike the sleek uniformity of Russian eyelashes, American volume lashes exhibit a wispy and slightly disheveled aesthetic, with spikes extending beyond the primary lash line to achieve a more voluminous appearance.
  • Mega volume: Mega lash extensions are no doubt the ultimate in volume and drama. Six or more extensions come together to create a voluminous effect similar to Russian volume.

    The key distinction is the length as mega volume extensions are typically longer.

Your choice between Russian volume, American volume, and mega volume depends on the vibe you’re aiming for. But each one gives your eyes a unique kind of wow!

Russian volume offers a full graceful look, the mega volume brings drama, and the American volume adds texture and depth.

Your eyes can now tell your story in a way that feels just right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Russian Volume Lashes for Everyone?

Russian volume works for everyone. They’re for people who want thicker lashes, regardless if they naturally have thin or full lashes.

These lash extensions are also for people who want to enhance their eye shape or simply desire a convenient and long-lasting beauty solution.

Can I Wear Mascara on My Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

Wearing mascara on eyelash extensions is not recommended.

It’s usually unnecessary due to their fullness. Mascara can potentially clump the extensions together and shorten their life span.

How Long Do Russian Volume Lashes Last?

With proper care and maintenance, Russian lashes should last anywhere from six to eight weeks before requiring a full set or infills.

If you adhere to the dos and don’ts provided by your lash artist, it will significantly extend the life span of your lash extensions.

How Often Should I Have Volume Lashes Infills?

Infills are recommended every two to three weeks to replace any shed extensions and maintain the fullness of your lashes.

If you need a fresh set, the artist will remove your eyelash extensions to ensure your natural lashes remain healthy.

Do Russian Volume Lashes Damage Your Natural Lashes?

When applied and maintained correctly by a lash expert, Russian eyelashes should not cause damage to your natural lashes.

Follow the aftercare instructions to ensure the health of your lashes.

Should You Get Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian volume lashes offer a journey of self-expression and a fantastic opportunity to achieve the full, luxurious lashes you’ve always dreamed of.

It allows you to select a look that resonates with your personality and enhances your beauty.

You can choose how thick you want it to be, how long, or even which style you want to achieve with it.

If you want natural-looking Russian lashes, go for the 2D type. Otherwise, opt for 6D and above.

Russian eyelashes last longer and suit busy schedules. It’s a flexible choice that lets you express your style.

So say goodbye to the hassle of mascara and hello to effortlessly stunning eyes with Russian volume lashes!

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