Is OGX Good for Your Hair? Here’s What You Need To Know

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With countless videos on TikTok that have amassed millions of views posted under its hashtag, OGX is a brand that is being talked about — for better or for worse.

If you’ve come across this content, you’re probably left wondering about these questions:

Is OGX good for your hair since it’s used to style Zendaya’s tresses?

Or is it harmful, as many creators — and a lawsuit — claim?

Let’s do a deep dive into this topic and find out.

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OGX Beauty: An Overview

OGX was founded by Todd Christopher, who sold his first set of hair care products out of the trunk of his car

Later, he got a gig with Vogue International and marketed products under the name Organix. 

However, an issue about misleading labeling arose in 2011, saying that the brand is purposefully positioning itself as organic, even when it is not. 

To settle the dispute, Organix changed its name to OGX; three years later, Christopher sold a 49% minority stake in the company to The Carlyle Group. 

And in 2016, both owners sold the company to Johnson & Johnson.

Today, OGX is one of the most popular shampoo and conditioner brands in the United States, rooted in its mission to “create salon-quality haircare for everyone.” 

In fact, in 2019, the brand generated over 120 million dollars worth of sales, outperforming all other shampoo brands in the country.

Why Do People Love OGX Products?

How did OGX rise to this level of popularity?

Affordable and Accessible

First off, it’s a drugstore brand with product lines that sound and smell fancy.

As far as users are concerned, you get to have a nice product for a fraction of the price of other brands.

It’s also available everywhere. Whether you’re shopping online or hitting the nearest cosmetic store, you’re sure to find an OGX shampoo or conditioner without breaking a sweat.

A young woman wearing a bathrobe is applying conditioner on her long hair in the bathroom.

Extensive List of Products for Various Hair Concerns

Additionally, OGX seems to have something for just about every hair concern.

Need a shampoo for dandruff? You can try the Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

For those looking for products that are specially made for blondes — like purple shampoos for natural blondes — you have the Sunflower Shimmering Blond Shampoo.

Similarly, for dry, dull, dehydrated, or damaged tresses, you have these options:

And that’s not even the full product list. There are still a lot more you can check out to your heart’s content.

No Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Etc.

Finally, OGX claims that their formulations are free from ingredient classes considered not beneficial or downright harmful for your hair.

These include the following:

  • Sulfates. Used as cleansing and foaming agents, sulfates can strip moisture off your hair, which might make it dry and frizzy. 
  • Parabens. Parabens inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold in cosmetic and hair care products, but they are believed to cause scalp irritation, dryness, and even hair loss. 
  • Plastic microbeads. Microbeads are considered helpful for scrubbing or exfoliating purposes; however, they can contribute to a host of health issues, especially as they’re tiny enough and can possibly get through your scalp and into your body. 
  • Phthalates. Phthalates make hair care product scents last longer, as well as give them gelling properties. But using phthalates may contribute to hair loss and trigger eczema.

On top of all these, you’ll find a lot of nourishing ingredients in many OGX products. 

The Good Stuff You’ll Find in OGX Products

Central to answering the questions “Is OGX good for your hair?” and “Is OGX shampoo good or bad?” is knowing what kind of things are included in these products.

And for the most part, you’ll find that there are quite a lot of good things you’ll get out of their range of shampoos and conditioners.

These include the following:

Biotin and Collagen

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is an essential component of keratin — the protein that makes up our hair, nails, etc.

Collagen is also an important building block that provides structural support for our body’s functioning. 

Both biotin and collagen are considered beneficial for hair health, and both are believed to have a positive effect on stimulating hair growth and alleviating hair loss.

OGX’s Biotin & Collagen collection is formulated to deliver the vitamins and proteins that are necessary to boost shine and give more volume to your tresses without weighing them down.

Argan Oil

Sourced from a tree that is native to Morocco, argan oil is another excellent ingredient found in many haircare products.

This oil contains a potent mix of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E to nourish your locks and give you the following benefits:

  • Frizz protection without bogging down your hair strands
  • Strength to stand up to heat and styling damage, even for color-treated hair
  • Boosted hydration by coating your strands in a protective layer that keeps out the bad stuff

As such, finding it in the OGX range of shampoos, conditioners, and oils promises that you can also look forward to shinier, healthier hair — without the product buildup.

Pearl Extracts and Sea Kelp

Another powerful duo, pearl essence and sea kelp make up the formulation of the OGX Liquid Pearl range, which offers several beneficial effects for the hair.

Pearl contains antioxidants that can promote cell repair and aid in collagen synthesis, which can provide scalp protection from various issues.

Sea kelp, on the other hand, can do everything from nourishing and strengthening hair to adding volume and thickness. 

This is because it’s rich in vitamins and minerals that promote better hair health; these include iodine, which directly influences the production of the thyroid hormone and can alleviate hair thinning.

Avocado Oil

Like the best lightweight oils for hair, avocado oil provides a whopping list of perks for your hair, due to its vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content.

These are as follows: 

  • Detangles hair and makes it easier to style
  • Strengthens hair strands to prevent breakage
  • Moisturizes dry, flaky scalp and eases dandruff
  • Protects hair from damage brought about by pollution, seawater, etc.

Avocado oil is present in many OGX products, such as the Ever Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo.

Coconut Milk and Oil

Coconut offers a plethora of benefits for your locks: hydration, heat and environmental protection, damage control, hair growth, hair loss prevention, and dandruff treatment. 

You’ll find coconut milk + coconut oil in OGX’s Coconut Milk collection.

Cocoa Butter

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, cocoa butter — which you’ll find in this OGX shampoo — can moisturize your tresses with its high concentration of saturated fats.

It also makes them softer and stronger and protects them from damage

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can protect your hair from dandruff, prevent hair loss, and reduce product buildup to encourage optimal hair health. 

OGX features tea tree oil in their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment.

A woman in a white towel is brushing her black hair with a wooden brush.

OGX Products: The Controversial and the Bad

So if it’s all good and well, why are there videos that ask “Is OGX shampoo bad for your hair?” or “Is OGX bad for your hair?”

Here are a couple of reasons why.

The Lawsuit

In 2021, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Johnson & Johnson’s OGX products for containing an ingredient that reportedly caused scalp irritation and hair loss among thousands of people. 

The suit was started by one woman after she noticed adverse effects from using OGX products, despite having purchased them for their claim to revive and nourish hair. 

The complaint soon picked up support from countless others who experienced the same effects. 

It was found that the products contained DMDM hydantoin, which is a preservative that slowly releases formaldehyde after coming into contact with water. 

The suit alleged that Johnson & Johnson duped consumers into thinking that their products were free of this substance and other toxic substances as they announced back in 2012.

And while they actually made good on this promise, they failed to do the same for the OGX range of products when they acquired them in 2016.

OGX products that were named in the lawsuit to contain DMDM hydantoin included the following:

  • OGX Biotin + Collagen shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Anti-Breakage and Keratin Oil shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Detox + Pomegranate & Ginger shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Marula Oil shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Extra Strength Hydrate & Repair shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Nicole Guerriero Midnight Kisses shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Nicole Guerriero Mistletoe Wishes shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Nicole Guerriero Ice Berry Queen shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Extra Strength Hydrate & Repair and Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Ever Straightening and Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Kandee Johnson Candy Gumdrop shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Kandee Johnson Frosted Sugar Cookie shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Kandee Johnson Sparkling Cider shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls shampoo and conditioner
  • OGX Hydrate + Defrizz and Kukui Oil conditioner
  • OGX Youth Enhancing + Sake Essence conditioner

As of this writing, this lawsuit has been reportedly dismissed, though no explanation was offered for its dismissal.     

OGX, for their part, announced that they have stopped producing products with DMDM hydantoin as of September 2021.

Instead, they’re replacing this harmful preservative with sodium benzoate, which is considered generally safe when used according to the recommended amount. 

Other Potentially Harmful Ingredients In OGX Products

While the brand has adopted a more proactive stance toward ensuring that its product formulations no longer contain DMDM hydantoin, there are still certain substances in its ingredient list that may warrant a long, hard look:

  • Fragrance. OGX reportedly uses chemical fragrances in many of its products. The danger is that these substances are associated with hair loss, as well as other conditions like asthma and infertility.
  • Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate. While it isn’t as harsh as sulfate, this cleansing agent may also dry out the hair and leave it frizzy. Curly hair, in particular, might not react well to this ingredient.
  • Salt. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in shampoos, but it’s not recommended for those who’ve just had a keratin treatment as it can strip keratin off your hair shaft.
  • Silicone. Non-water soluble silicones (which are found in some OGX shampoos) tend to result in product buildup. When this happens, you’ll need to clarify once in a while to wash off the residue.

Finally, OGX products have albumen and whey, which means that they are not vegan.

Are OGX Products Good for Your Hair? 

A woman is brushing her long hair in the bathroom.

So when it comes down to it: is OGX good for your hair?

Customer reviews indicate that they are indeed effective at making hair look and feel better. They’re also affordable and easy to find. Plus, they smell nice.

However, it also cannot be discounted that they contain ingredients that may not be ideal for certain hair types and conditions.

When using these products, it’s best to practice discernment and evaluate whether the presence of some questionable ingredients will fare well for your locks.


Is OGX a Good Shampoo?

There are many variants of shampoos made by OGX. Customer reviews say that, for the most part, they have multiple benefits for your hair.

With that said, some shampoos contain ingredients that you might want to avoid if you’ve just had a keratin treatment.

Or if you don’t want chemical fragrances in your products.

IS OGX Conditioner Good for Your Hair?

Like OGX shampoos, OGX conditioners also sometimes have salt, chemical fragrances, sulfonate, and silicone.

If your specific hair concerns won’t be negatively impacted by these substances, their conditioners might be great for your hair.

Is OGX Good for Curly Hair?

Yes, some products by OGX don’t contain the ingredients that should be avoided for the Curly Girl Method.

These include the Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo, the Shea Soft & Smooth Conditioner, and the Quenching Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Moisture Mousse.

Is OGX Argan Oil Bad for Your Hair?

The earlier formulation of some of OGX’s argan oil shampoos contained DMDM hydantoin, which is considered harmful to hair health.

However, the brand has since discontinued these variants and is, instead, switching to a safe preservative in their upcoming releases.

How To Make the Most Out of OGX

So is OGX good for your hair?

As with anything that concerns our bodies, practicing due diligence in checking out products is recommended when choosing which OGX products to patronize.

Once you decide, pay particular attention to how the products affect your hair. 

Your experience is really the only defining benchmark that you should consider in this process.

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