10 Top Remington Hair Straighteners For Sleek Locks

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While we promote embracing our natural hair, we understand that some people would like to have a change of style every now and then.

After all, our hair is versatile and can be styled in different ways.

So it can’t hurt to change your hairstyle even just for a day, right?

Well, that will only be true if you use the right styling tool. 

A black hair straightener isolated on a pink background.

You see, cheap, low-quality styling tools, especially heated ones, can cause hair nightmares. You can end up having damaged locks from overheating or tool malfunction.

This is why recommend using hair tools from trusted brands like Remington. This brand produces high-quality styling products.

But in this article, we’ll focus on the styling tools that are most popular for at-home use – hair straighteners.

We’ll show you a list of the top Remington hair straighteners and help you find the top Remington hair straightener model for your specific needs. 

But first, take a look at our top three picks below. 

Remington Shine Therapy Argan Oil and Keratin Infused Hair Straightener
Editor's Choice
  • Leaves hair shiny and smooth
  • Nine heat settings
  • Heats up in 15 seconds
  • Shine-enhancing technology
Remington Pro Flat Iron With Thermaluxe
Premium Pick
  • Minimizes heat damage and frizz
  • 30 heat settings
  • Heats up in 15 seconds
  • Thermaluxe Technology
Remington Anti-Static Flat Iron With Floating Ceramic Plates
Budget Pick
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Eight digitally adjusted temperatures
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Anti-Static Technology

The Remington Brand

Remington always makes it to the list of the bestselling flat irons all over the Internet and social media. 

Now you may be wondering why they’re so popular. 

Are Remington flat irons actually good? Well, yes! 

Remington products are known for their quality and effectiveness, and the hair straighteners they offer are no exception.

This brand uses advanced technology to design its flat irons. They infuse each tool with health-boosting natural ingredients to ensure your hair stays smooth and damage-free with every use. 

Moreover, Remington ensures that its straighteners are safe to use, with features such as

  • protective heat sensors;
  • automatic shut-off; and
  • heat-resistant pouches.

Aside from those characteristics, most of the top Remington straighteners on the market are made with an ergonomic design for your comfort and convenience.

How to Choose the Top Remington Hair Straightener

We’ve already given you a quick look at some of the qualities of Remington hair styling tools. But how do you know which tool you need?

Well, you have to remember that your specific hair type and needs should be important considerations that factor into your choice of tool.

Even the most popular Remington straightener that works for others may not be what you need.

To help you decide, we’ve listed a few features that you need to look for when choosing the top hair straighteners from Remington.


While Remington hair straighteners all have reasonable prices, some are more affordable than others.

Of course, the cost of the product is an important factor. You wouldn’t want to buy something that’s not within your budget, right?

But at the same time, you’d have to think about the long-term effects of your purchase. 

Since Remington products are known for their durability, they can last years in good working condition.

So investing in their higher-quality tools that come with a higher price tag is a wise choice. 

Special Features

Some Remington hair straighteners boast different ingredients infused in their tools that help make hair healthier and stronger, thus preventing hair damage when styling.

Here are examples of these ingredients:

  • Keratin
  • Argan oil
  • Pearl powder

In addition to protecting your locks, many Remington hair straighteners also use advanced technologies to meet specific hair needs, such as the following:

  • Anti-frizz
  • Anti-static
  • Color care
  • Wet styling

So it’s crucial to choose the product that suits your needs best. For instance, if you have frizzy hair, you may want to opt for a Remington straightener with anti-static or anti-frizz technology. 


Another important factor to consider is the plates of the flat iron. After all, these parts do the straightening.


Note that the plates in Remington flat irons come in different sizes.

There are thin plates that are less than an inch in width. These are ideally used for short hair. These can also help you style hard-to-reach areas like bangs and roots.

There are also regular-sized plates, usually one inch or one and a half inches wide.

Some Remington straighteners also come with wide plates that help straighten long hair more easily.


Plates also vary in the type of material they’re made of. 

  • Titanium – According to a few studies, titanium plates in hair straighteners carry large amounts of negative ions, which help in sealing the cuticles to make your hair shiny and smooth. 
  • CeramicResearch shows that ceramic-coated plates generate infrared heat, which is regulated and distributed evenly, preventing damage from extreme heat.
  • Tourmaline – Tourmaline has both ionic and infrared properties of the two materials above, making the straightening more effective and gentle on your hair.

Temperature Control

The ability to control the heat setting is also important when it comes to using heat-styling tools.

This is because you should be able to adjust the temperature of the flat iron for your specific hair type.

For example, fine hair or damaged hair would need a low-temperature setting at around 250°F to 300°F.

Some Remington hair straighteners can heat up to 450°F, but this setting may be too harsh for fragile hair.


The design of your choice of flat iron also plays a big role in making your styling session easier.

First, consider the size and weight of the tool. Some Remington straighteners are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for traveling. They can also keep you from getting sore arms from a long period of styling.

Another thing to think of is the hair iron’s shape. For instance, if you want a tool that works for both straightening and curling, choose a Remington flat iron with rounded edges. 

Lastly, check if the design’s ergonomic. That means it has an easy grip and a nonslip handle.

10 Top Remington Hair Straighteners

Looking for a top-notch hair straightener from Remington that can give you sleek and smooth hair? We’ve got you covered. 

Below are our top picks for the top Remington flat irons.

Remington Shine Therapy Argan Oil- and Keratin-Infused 1-Inch Hair Straightener

For smoother, more beautiful hair, use the Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener. It is infused with conditioning ingredients that help promote shine.

Primary Benefits: Leaves hair shiny and smooth; heats up in 15 seconds; easy to travel with


  • 9 heat settings
  • Shine-enhancing technology
  • Temperature lock
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

Say hello to silky smooth and radiant hair with this flat iron.


It’s not every day that you find a heat styling tool that also conditions your hair. So when you do find one, make sure to get it.

Take the Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener for example. It features shine-enhancing technology that leaves you with healthier and shinier locks after straightening.

How does it do this? Its plates are infused with micro conditioners that are transferred to your strands every time you use it.

This product also has antioxidant-rich argan oil and keratin that help reduce frizz and make your strands stronger.

Also, this Remington straightener also has a temperature-lock feature, so you wouldn’t worry about the tool accidentally changing temperature or turning off while you’re using it.

Furthermore, the design is light and compact, so you can bring it with you when you travel. And it has cool-tip bristles that ensure the heat doesn’t burn your scalp and slim plates that make it ideal for curling and straightening.

So if you want to rejuvenate your hair while you style, use this tool!

Remington Pro 2-inch Flat Iron With Thermaluxe

Most of the time, our problem when styling is accidentally pressing the heat adjustment buttons, making the straightener either too hot or not hot enough. With Remington Thermaluxe’s design, that won’t be a problem.

Primary Benefits: Heats up in 15 seconds; lessens damage and frizz; allows you to create long-lasting styles


  • 30 heat settings
  • Ceramic floating plates
  • Thermaluxe technology
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

For a hairstyle that lasts 24 hours, use the Remington Pro Flat Iron with Thermaluxe.


Want stick-straight long hair? The Remington Pro with Thermaluxe can help you achieve it.

Its floating plates have 10 times more ceramic for guaranteed durability and smooth use.  Moreover, these plates stay in constant contact with your hair, so you can straighten your locks faster.

This tool also features the highest heat setting of 450°F, which you can use to style really coarse and curly hair.

Plus, it uses Thermaluxe, an advanced thermal technology that ensures even and consistent heat.  This allows you to straighten your hair in one pass, resulting in less damage. 

It also guarantees that your strands stay nice and straight for 24 hours! 

One more thing we love about this product is that it has 30 heat settings. That’s a lot! And these temperature options are really helpful for straightening various types of hair.

What’s more, the temperature can be adjusted using a rotary knob. Now, this can appear dated to some, but it’s actually our favorite thing about this product, as it prevents accidental temperature changes while styling.

Remington 1-inch Anti-Static Flat Iron With Floating Ceramic Plates

Who knew something so small and affordable can create incredible results? That’s what the Remington 1-inch Anti-Static Flat Iron is all about.

Primary Benefits: Diminishes frizz and flyaways; makes hair glide smoothly; heats up in 30 seconds


  • Digital temperature control
  • Floating ceramic plates
  • Anti-static technology
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

Get smooth and sleek tresses with this amazing tool.


Don’t let the low price fool you. Remington’s most affordable hair straightener is packed with the good qualities you’re looking for in a styling tool.

First, let’s talk about ceramic floating plates. These plates are not completely attached to the hair iron. Instead, they feature springs, which give the plates bounce and flexibility.

Because of these floating plates, the tension and friction from the plates can be adjusted as you straighten your hair to prevent frizz. They also cushion your strands, preventing snags and tangles.

The ceramic plates also provide even heat distribution and consistent temperature.

What’s more, this Remington flat iron also boasts anti-static technology, which reduces the amount of negatively charged particles on your hair.

The result? 50% less static and fewer flyaways compared to other Remington ceramic hair straighteners. 

Another thing to love about this tool is it has 8 digital heat settings from 310°F to 450°F. It’s perfect for styling any hair type.

And if you don’t want to go through those 8 settings, you can use the maximum heat right away with its one-click turbo boost function.

As if those features weren’t enough, the Remington Anti-Static Flat Iron also has a lightweight design with a hinge lock that allows the plates to stay securely closed. This means the tool is easy to bring when you travel.

The only complaint we have with this product is that the temperature in the display is kind of hard to read in natural lighting, which is really not a big deal.

Give yourself straight and smooth tresses or beautiful loose waves that can last for days with this hair straightener!

Remington 1 1/3-Inch Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology

Here’s another anti-static flat iron from Remington that offers quick and easy hair straightening.

Primary Benefits: Allow easier and quicker styling for long hair; heats up in 30 seconds; leaves hair soft and healthy-looking


  • 6 heat settings
  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

With this tool, one pass is enough to straighten every section of your locks.


Most of the time, straightening our hair takes too long because we need to slide the same section of hair between the plates multiple times before it becomes silky straight.

Well, that’s not a problem with this Remington hair straightener.

Its plates contain two times more tourmaline, which helps reduce frizz and static.

Aside from that, the width of the plates is great for styling even the longest or thickest hair quickly and effectively. With just one pass, this tool can make each section of your hair soft, shiny, and straight!

What’s more, it has 6 heat settings for every hair type:

  • Fine or brittle hair — 310°F to 350°F
  • Color-treated or textured hair — 350°F to 390°F
  • Thick hair — 370°F to 410°F

With adjustable temperatures, it minimizes the risk of damage to fragile hair.

Truly, this Remington flat iron won’t let you down.

Remington Pearl Pro 1-inch Flat Iron (S9500PP)

If you’re looking for salon-quality heat styling, you have to try Remington Pearl Pro. It’s a hair tool that even hair styling professionals use!

Primary Benefits: Heats up in less than a minute; reduces frizz; prevents damage to hair; leaves your locks silky smooth


  • Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Digital heat control
  • 60-minute auto shut off
  • 360° swivel cord

Get high-quality, salon-worthy results at home with this flat iron.


When it comes to durability and smooth results, the Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron is a frontrunner — and for good reason.

For one, its floating plates are infused with real crushed pearls that add to the smoothness of each glide. Plus, it also uses evenly distributed ionic heat.

So when you use this flat iron, you can expect smooth and shiny hair without experiencing breakage from hair pulling or overheating.

Furthermore, the iron has digitally controlled heat settings displayed on an LCD screen. And this comes with a temperature lock, so you won’t unintentionally change the temperature while styling.

According to this Remington straightener’s reviews, it can last in good working condition for up to a decade.

In addition, the downside we’ve observed about it is that it has a shorter-than-average cord length.

But we don’t really mind, because what we’re after are smooth strands that stay in place.

Remington Pro Wet2Style Flat Iron (S25A10)

If you don’t have time to dry your hair, the Remington Pro Wet2Style Flat Iron is for you! It works on damp hair, so you don’t need to use your hair dryer before straightening your locks.

Primary Benefits: Can be used on damp or dry hair; heats up quickly; styles large sections of hair


  • 10 digital heat settings
  • Steam vents
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

Cut down your styling time with Remington Pro Wet2Style!


When you use a hair dryer before your hair straightener, you’re doubling your locks’ exposure to high heat.

To prevent this, Remington designed a straightener that works on both wet and dry hair.

It features a steam option that you can activate by holding down the “+” button. This unique venting system releases steam as you style your hair.

And for added heat protection, the plates are coated with ceramic and titanium.

What’s more, it offers 10 heat settings, so you can find the right temperature for your hair type.

With this hair straightener, you really won’t need to worry about heat damage.

Remington Pro Wet2Straight 1-inch Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Technology (S7311)

Also designed for damp hair, the Remington Pro Wet2Straight is a variation of the Wet2Style that makes your styling process more convenient.

Primary Benefits: Makes hair look sleek and healthy; prevents heat damage; can be used on damp hair


  • 30 heat settings
  • Unique steam vents
  • Ceramic + titanium plates
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

Dry and straighten your hair in one step using the Remington Pro Wet2Straight.


As we’ve mentioned, blow-drying and then straightening your hair means double heat exposure, which can lead to more heat damage. 

Luckily, the Remington Pro Wet2Straight can be used on damp hair!

See the holes at the sides of this flat iron? Those are steam vents, where the water from the strands is released in form of steam.

That makes drying and styling your hair possible in one easy step, ensuring less damage to your locks. 

In addition, tests confirmed that Remington Pro Wet2Straight can style three times faster than other wet/dry straighteners.

So it gives you straight, beautiful, and healthy-looking hair in minutes!

What’s more, it has 30 heat settings that you can adjust using a rotary knob at the inner part of the flat iron.

Remington Pro 1-inch Flat Iron with Color Care Technology (S8A900)

One tip you always hear to make your hair color last longer is to avoid using hot styling tools. But with the Remington Pro Flat Iron with Color Care Technology, you don’t have to skip the styling.

Primary Benefits: Promotes healthy color and safe styling; creates sleek hairstyles; heats up in 30 seconds


  • 5 digital heat settings
  • Heat-control sensor
  • Ceramic plates with color-lock coating
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

This budget-friendly hair iron can help you make the most out of your dye job.


Remington has produced innovative products that address specific hair problems, and one of them is color fading due to heat.

You see, heat can cause damage to the hair cuticles, and when they become damaged, the dye pigments can quickly lose their grip on your strands and consequently fade.

With this in mind, Remington created this flat iron with their signature Color Care Technology.

How exactly does this flat iron offer less damage and prevent color fading? The ceramic plates are infused with the following protective ingredients:

  • UV filters
  • Keratin oil
  • Micro conditioners

These protect your strands from heat damage and help lock the color in.

In addition, the flat iron has a heat control sensor that, when activated, detects when the plates get too hot. When this happens, the temperature will automatically lower to prevent overheating.

And just like other Remington hair straighteners, this flat iron has a swivel cord but with added length, so you can easily style your hair from any angle.

So if you love straightening your hair and experimenting with hair color at the same time, this tool is for you.

Remington 1-inch Ultimate Ceramic Flat Iron (S6501)

Want to have a luxurious-looking tool without breaking the bank? Try the Remington Ultimate Ceramic Flat Iron with its gorgeous gold color.

Primary Benefits: Glides easily and smoothly; heats up in 30 seconds; offers hair protection for less frizz and more shine


  • 6 heat settings
  • Ceramic floating plates
  • Ultimate Ceramic Technology
  • 60-minute auto shut off
  • 360° swivel cord

Remington Ultimate Ceramic Flat Iron offers a smooth glide for fast straightening with less heat damage, which is why it’s one of the best Remington hair straighteners.


If we haven’t stressed it enough, we’ll say it again. A smoother, easier glide results in faster hair styling and less heat exposure!

That’s why this Remington product uses Ultimate Ceramic Technology that delivers even heat distribution, so you can have smoother hair with less frizz. 

It also has the Remington trademark of floating plates that allow constant hair contact for an easier glide.

With this, straightening your curly hair won’t take long.

And if you want an even faster result, use the highest heat setting right away with just a click of the Turbo Boost button. In seconds, the flat iron will reach a temperature of 410°F.

But of course, you can adjust the temperature with its six heat settings.

However, we’re not a fan of this tool’s LCD screen because it has no backlight, making the temperature hard to read.

If that’s not a big deal for you, then go ahead and buy the Remington Ultimate Ceramic flat iron.

Remington Pro 1-Inch Multi-Styler with Twist & Curl Technology (S16A11)

Yes, we’re talking about hair straighteners, but wouldn’t it be nice if we can have a styling tool that can both straighten and curl our hair effectively? That’s what this Remington Multi-Styler promises.

Primary Benefits: Creates bouncy curls, beach waves, and sleek straight hair; takes 20 seconds to heat up


  • 5 digital heat controls
  • Heat control sensor
  • Ceramic titanium floating plates
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff
  • 360° swivel cord

Straighten and curl using one tool with the Remington Pro Multi-Styler.


With this tool, you don’t need to buy two separate stylers. You can create different styles easily.

This is because the Remington Pro Multi-Styler has a unique twisted design that makes curling easier but still effectively straightens hair.

Another notable thing about this product is its intelligent heat control sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent overheating.

And if you don’t want the styler to control the temperature, you can simply turn the feature off. That won’t be a problem because you can still adjust the temperature with the tool’s five heat settings that range from 300°F to 450°F.

Also, the ceramic titanium floating plates offer fast, even heat and ensure a smooth glide.

Similar to the previous flat irons, this has an automatic shutoff feature, so you can operate it with total peace of mind.

The downside is that people with fine hair complained that the tool doesn’t work well for their hair type.

The upside is that it’s one of the top Remington hair straighteners for those with medium to thick hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Remington hair straightener worth it?

Remington is a trusted brand when it comes to beauty tools, and their hair straighteners don’t disappoint.

Considering their incredible durability and reasonable price, Remington flat irons are something you should invest in if you’re always straightening your hair.

Which Remington hair straightener is best for thick hair?

If you have thick hair, you’d want to use the Remington Pro 2-Inch Flat Iron with Thermaluxe. It has wide plates with a heat capacity of 450°F, making it ideal for thick or coarse strands.

Get the Top Remington Flat Iron Today

Straightening your hair can be easier and safer when you use high-quality tools. 

A woman's hair being straightened by a stylist using hair straightener in a salon

The straightener of your choice should be durable and high-quality. It should also use advanced technology to deliver great results.

As you can see from our reviews of Remington hair straighteners above, we are happy to report that their tools tick all the boxes in our checklist of quality standards! 

So if you want professional-looking results and full styling control to give you sleeker, straighter tresses, use a flat iron from Remington.

What Other Styling Tools Can You Use?

Here are other hot hair tools we love:


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