7 Top Hot Rollers for Short Hair In 2024

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One of the trendiest ways to curl your hair is by using hot rollers.

This styling tool from the past is definitely making a comeback. You’ll see videos on Tiktok and YouTube of people getting big, retro-style waves using heated rollers.

A brunette woman having hot rollers put in her in short hair

But most of them have long hair that’s easy to wrap around rollers of any size. 

If you have short hair, you may already know that curling chopped locks isn’t that easy.

But don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve selected eight of the top hot rollers for short hair in this article. With these tools, you can get salon-quality curls with short hair minus the hassle of using a curling iron.

Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter with Hot Rollers
Editor's Choice
  • Comes with 30 soft foam rollers and shields in different sizes
  • Uses steam to heat rollers for a more gentle styling
  • Dual voltage
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Rollers
Premium Pick
  • Contains 20 nano titanium ceramic rollers, 20 butterfly clips, and 20 metal clips
  • Ultra-fast and even heating with far-infrared heat
  • Healthier styling
Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter
Budget Pick
  • Includes 20 velvety rollers in 3 sizes and color-coded J-clips
  • Works with ionic conditioning technology
  • Built with thermal wax core to retain heat for a longer time

What Are Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers are electric styling tools for creating curls. They’re also called heat curlers, heated rollers, electric curlers, or electric rollers.

This tool may be new to you, but it has actually been around for decades. It’s something our grandmothers likely used to style their big curls.

Electric hair rollers look like regular rollers, but the difference is they use heat for faster, longer-lasting results.

Different brands use different technologies to heat the rollers. That said, they all have the same function, namely to heat the rollers before they’re used as curling rods.

With hot rollers, you can create various curls, from gentle loose waves to tight ringlets.

They are more convenient to use and gentler on hair than curling wands.

Keep in mind that, like other curlers, creating a specific curl type takes practice with hot rollers.

How to Use Roller Sets for Short Hair

Don’t know how to use hot rollers for short hair? To guide you along the process, we’ve come up with step-by-step instructions below. 

Choose your roller size

The size of the roller you choose should depend on the length of your hair.

Jumbo hot rollers have bigger diameters of about 1 ½ to 2 inches. These are not recommended for locks that are chin-length or shorter.

Small and medium rollers are best for short hair because their thin size allows you to wrap your strands fully around each roller.

The size may also vary depending on the style you want to achieve.

For tight curls, small rollers for short hair are ideal. On the other hand, big curlers for short hair are perfect for adding volume.

Prepare your hair

When using hot rollers for short hair, remember that they work best on clean and dry tresses.

You may use a gentle shampoo before styling, but we recommend skipping the conditioner. This is because when hair is too soft or slippery, the curl might not hold well.

Be sure to use a heat-protectant product as well. While the heat from hot rollers is much lower than that of curling irons, it may still be damaging to your strands.

Additionally, if you have fine hair, you may also apply a hair mousse to get more volume.

Get your rollers ready

The method for heating up rollers depends on the brand you’re using. See to it that you follow the directions on your set of choice. 

It’s also helpful to know which part of your roller is safe to hold in case it gets too hot.

Once your rollers are ready, you can go ahead and use them on your locks.

Divide your hair into sections

Divide your hair into four sections. You may use hair clips or hair ties for this.

The thickness of each section will vary based on your desired curl size. 

However, for short hair, we recommend going for 1-inch sections to ensure more well-defined curls. Of course, you can always go thicker if you want looser waves. 

After dividing your hair into sections, secure each one with a clip.  

Roll your hair

When putting on rollers, it’s best to start at the top of your hair. This will help you avoid tangles and ensure every strand is curled.

To get started, grab the topmost section. Then start rolling from the ends of the strands and work your way up toward the scalp. Make sure to pull your hair tight and roll it away from your face.

You can roll each section in the same direction. But for a more natural-looking result, go for alternating directions.

Once your hair is all wrapped up, use pins or a clip to keep the rollers secure. 

Let the curls set

Allow the rollers to cool before you remove them. This will take around 15 to 20 minutes.

The longer you keep the hot rollers on short hair, the better your curls will set. You can also spritz on some hairspray while the rollers are still up.

If you’re getting ready for a special event, you can take this time to perform other prep tasks like putting on your makeup.

Unroll the curls

Once your hair and rollers have cooled down, begin removing the clips and rollers gently by starting at the back of your head.

Then run your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves. 

Remember to avoid brushing your hair because this can make your curls less defined.

See how easy it is to use hot rollers for short hair with this tutorial video:

7 Top Hot Rollers for Short Hair

Now that you’ve learned about hot rollers and how to use them, it’s time to check out our list of the top hair rollers for short hair.

Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter with Hot Rollers

These rollers from Caruso are heated with steam to help minimize the risk of damage from overheating. This lets you style your hair in a gentler and more moisturizing way.

Key Benefits: Gentle on hair; suitable for use with a hair dryer or hood dryer; versatile enough for various styles


  • Comes with 30 soft foam rollers and shields
  • Accommodates various hair lengths with multiple sizes
  • Dual voltage
  • Can be used for natural or synthetic hair

Create gorgeous curls quickly and easily with the Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter.


When it comes to heat curlers for short hair, Caruso is a top brand. For decades, the name has remained popular and trusted around the world.

Why is Caruso a crowd favorite? It’s because this brand knows how to form a great curl, as proven by this incredible hair product. 

With this 30-piece steam setter set, you have everything you need for styling.

It features rollers in multiple sizes, from petite (⅜-in) to jumbo (1 ¾-in), making it ideal for short hair.  

Moreover, this hair setter uses a steam pod that needs water to heat up the rollers and infuse them with moisture. 

Once your strands are wrapped in each roller, moisture can penetrate them more efficiently and create beautifully styled curls.

This is an excellent, less challenging alternative to a wet set, which is a styling method that involves rolling your hair while it’s still wet and using mousse to secure your curls. 

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

These rollers use ionic conditioning technology to give you shiny, frizz-free curls.

Key Benefits: Produces smooth, long-lasting curls; heats in 2 minutes; makes styling easier


  • 20 velvety rollers in 3 sizes
  • Color-coded J-clips
  • Built-in indicator light for guaranteed safety 
  • Safe for all hair types

Give your hair healthy-looking curls with the Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter.


This set of hot rollers from Remington comes in different sizes to give both long- and short-haired individuals a full head of curls.

All the rollers have a velvety coating, so you don’t have to worry about your strands getting caught and tugged when removing them.

Additionally, each roller has a thermal wax core that allows it to retain high heat for longer to create long-lasting curls.

Another benefit of this product is its ionic technology, which neutralizes positive ions that cause hair damage and frizz

For best results, keep the rollers in for 30 minutes to an hour.

This budget-friendly roller set for short hair is definitely a must-have.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Rollers

Go from straight to curly in the blink of an eye with the help of the ultra-fast heating BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium hot rollers. This brand is respected and admired worldwide because of its professional durable tools, so you can be sure of its quality.

Key Benefits: Leaves hair looking healthy; generates gentle far-infrared heat; heats up fast


  • 20 nano titanium ceramic rollers
  • With 20 butterfly clips and 20 metal clips
  • For all hair lengths

For salon-quality, shiny, and voluminous curls and waves, use the BaBylissPRO hot rollers.


Some heat-styling tools have hot spots or sections with extremely high heat that can damage your hair.

Well, that won’t be a problem with the Nano Titanium Hot Rollers from BaBylissPRO. It uses far-infrared heat to provide a more even and gentle temperature, avoiding excessive heat.

This pack contains 20 velvety flocked rollers in the following sizes:

  • 6 small
  • 6 medium
  • 8 large

Plus, it includes both butterfly clips and metal clips, so you can choose which one is easier for you to use in securing your rolls.

The only complaint we have about this product is that it’s not travel-friendly. The set is rather large, and it’s not dual voltage.

Remington T|Studio Thermaluxe Setter

Transform your hair with Remington’s latest innovation: the Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology. This produces even, consistent heat to make your curls last the whole day.

Key Benefits: Curls in five minutes; delivers high heat from the inside out; easy to store


  • 20 dual-heated ceramic rollers + clips
  • Cord storage
  • Vertical design
  • For shoulder-length and fine hair

For fast and effective curling of your short hair, try the Remington T|Studio Thermaluxe Setter.


America’s favorite setter brand just got even better!

With the Thermaluxe technology, Remington’s electric curlers can deliver the perfect amount of heat to set your curls.

What’s more, the dual heating action allows you to achieve a beautiful hairstyle in just five minutes.

This hot roller set comes with 20 ceramic curlers in two sizes:

  • 8 medium (1 in)
  • 12 large (1 ¼ in)

It’s best used when you want to get big, bouncy, and long-lasting curls or a fresh blowout look for short hair.

Remington Thermaluxe also has a compact, space-saving vertical design that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

It also features convenient cord storage around the base of the setter.

Conair Compact Hair Setter

Sometimes, using styling tools with different parts like rollers and pins can get confusing. This is why we love Conair’s color-coding system. It lets you know which pins go with which rollers. So convenient!

Key Benefits: Delivers a tangle-free, secure hold; secures hair without dents


  • Comes with 20 rollers and 20 pins
  • 85-second heating time
  • Easy grip
  • For all hair types

Get big curls from a small case with the Conair Compact Hair Setter.


Conair is an affordable brand that delivers high-quality styling tools. And with their compact hair setter, you’ll get beautiful curls and waves, even on short hair.

This set features a heating pod, 20 multi-size rollers, and 20 color-coded pins, all in a small, lightweight case!

The sizes of the rollers vary from small to large rollers, allowing for numerous styling options. 

Additionally, the heating pod comes with a light indicator that signals when the hot roller set is heated and ready. In just 85 seconds, your rollers will be ready to use.

Enjoy smooth, gorgeous curly hairstyles with Conair!

CHI Smart Magnify Hot Ceramic Rollers

What we love about these rollers is its innovative platform design, which makes heating up hot rollers safe and hassle-free. 

Key Benefits: Maintains heat for up to 15 minutes; delivers smooth, tangle-free voluminous hair; creates curls that last


  • 9 velvet-finished small rollers
  • 9 plastic clips
  • LED illuminating platform base
  • For natural waves

Redefine voluminous hair with the CHI Smart Magnify Hot Ceramic Rollers.


With the Magnify Roller Set, you can achieve voluminous curls for your short hair at home with ease.

Simply place the rollers down onto the platform and they will quickly heat up the optimal temperature. When they’re ready to use, a red top will appear on top of the rollers. No guesswork needed! 

Plus, this product uses ceramic PTC technology to only heat the actual rollers. This means the platform is still cool to the touch.

The rollers also comes with a thermal storage bag that keeps everything neat and organized. It’s also easy to bring with you while traveling. 

However, some of the reviews indicate that it does not come with clips as advertised. So keep in mind that if you choose this product, you may have to use your own clips.  

Infiniti Pro by Conair Gentle Curls Steam Roller Set

Steam and condition while you curl with the Infiniti Pro by Conair Gentle Curls Steam Roller Set. You’ll get a gorgeous hairstyle without damaging your strands.

Key Benefits: Gently steams strands; creates long-lasting curls and volume; avoids exposure to damage of dry heat


  • 12 medium-sized rollers
  • Steam technology
  • Up to 30 minutes of use
  • For all hair types

Say goodbye to fried hair and say hello to stunning curls with the Gentle Curls Steam Roller from Conair.


Unlike most hot rollers for short hair, this roller set works with steam to heat up the rollers, so your locks won’t be exposed to dry heat.

The heating case comes with a clear window at the base to let you view the water level. This way, you can gauge your waiting time perfectly. 

When full, the steam will last for 30 minutes. Plus, you can steam four rollers simultaneously to save time. 

These medium hot rollers are perfect for short hair. Since they don’t catch hair strands, you can roll them up easily and remove them quickly once the curls are ready.

FAQs About Heat Rollers

What size of electric curlers for short hair should I use?

If you want to add volume, you can use jumbo hot rollers for shoulder-length hair. But for chin-length bobs or shorter hair, we suggest using small to medium rollers.

Should heated rollers for short hair be used on wet or dry locks?

Hot rollers work best on dry hair. If you style your hair with this tool while the strands are still wet, the curls won’t hold.

Worse, your strands are more prone to damage when they are wet. This is because the cuticles are lifted, making hair more porous.

Can all hair types use hot rollers?

Yes! This beauty tool can be used on any hair texture and type. However, if you have naturally curly or permed hair, you might want to smoothen it first with a flat iron to easily roll your strands.

Use Hair Rods for Short Hair

Hot rollers are not only a more gentle alternative to curling wands and flat irons, but they also work on short hair. They can give you curls that will last through the day — and even longer. 

Pick one of our recommended hot rollers for short hair to make sure you get a high-quality product that lets you achieve your desired hairstyle.  

Have fun styling! 

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