5 Best Mini Flat Irons for Short Hair in 2022

5 Best Mini Flat Irons for Short Hair in 2022

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What are the best mini flat irons for short hair?

There’s a lot out there, so looking for the right one is a bit challenging. Not to mention, time-consuming, right?

So how do you find the perfect short hair flat iron for you?

Before you hit the “Add to Cart” button, I invite you to go over my top 5 picks. These are some of the best-selling flat irons for short hair.

In this post, I will also share a quick guide on what to look for in a short hair flat iron. So even if you don’t like my selection, you get a good idea when shopping for one.

multiple hair straighteners on a counter including a mini flat iron

Getting Mini Flat Irons for Short Hair

Got short hair and considering getting a flat iron?

That’s a great idea.

Despite its small frame, mini flat irons pack a punch.

These tiny but mighty beauty tools can style hard-to-reach areas. Yes, even those baby hair strands seldom get attention.

But here’s something you need to consider. Not all flat irons are the same. Some have top-of-the-line features; others are not travel-friendly.

So the specs may differ from one product to another. It’s up to you to choose one that meets your needs.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying A Flat Irons for Short Hair

To look your best, you need to have the right tool for the job.

Let’s break down the top 4 things that you need to consider when looking for a mini flat iron.

1. Dual Voltage

This may be a crucial factor for some people.

Let’s say you intend to travel and bring your mini flat iron with you. So you need to consider having a dual voltage option. It’s essential, especially if you’re traveling overseas.

With a dual voltage feature, you can use your beauty tool wherever you are in the world. That’s because you can easily adjust accordingly to that country’s power provision.

There are mini flat irons that don’t have the dual voltage feature. So if it meets the country’s electricity, it’s practically useless. However, the solution is simple. Just bring an adapter. But if you forget to bring one, it can be a problem.

2. Size

If you want to bring it along with you, then a small and compact flat iron is what you need.

Here’s another benefit to getting a mini flat iron instead of a regular-sized one.

A mini flat iron can reach your tiny hair strands. Sure, you can do that with a regular-sized one but at a huge risk of accidentally burning yourself. So for safety and precision, I’d rather choose a mini flat iron to do the job.

Most mini flat irons for short hair measure around six to seven inches in length. Plus, they are lightweight, so they don’t take up much space.

3. Heat

Don’t let its size fool you. Mini flat irons for short hair can also reach the same temperature levels as the regular-sized ones.

However, some mini flat irons don’t have adjustable heat settings. You will notice that these beauty tools only have an on and off switch with a single temperature option. People with sensitive or damaged hair may want to have multiple heat settings.

If you prefer adjusting the heat levels, then this is something you should check.

4. Non-Slip Handle

When you’re working with short hair, I highly advise that you get a mini flat iron with a non-slip handle.

Because you’re working on tiny hair strands, it can be easy to lose control of the beauty device. This can lead to accidents or injury.

So choose a mini flat iron with an ergonomically right, non-slip handle. You should be comfortable working on your hair and not constantly think about your grip. That way, you can style in confidence.

A woman holding a small hair iron

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Think short hair is easier to style than long hair?

Well, it’s not. Especially when you’re using a flat iron.

While long hair entails more time in styling, it takes a lot of effort and patience for short hair. Not to mention, the risk of getting burnt.

Short hair comes with its own set of issues, particularly when curling or straightening it. That’s because the strands aren’t long enough for the flat iron to grab onto. You can’t also put it close enough to your scalp or else the flat iron will scorch you.

Want to style your short hair?

You need a mini flat iron. It’s perfect for styling your short hair for a variety of reasons.

Most mini flat irons for short hair have a compact design. This is great for control and comfort when operating the device.

And with its compact design, you can safely and comfortably style your hair. All that without worry about accidents or burning your scalp.

5 Best Mini Straighteners for Short Hair

Are you someone with short hair?

Ditch the regular-sized flat iron and let go of the struggle with styling your hair.

Curl or straighten your hair comfortably with any of these mini flat irons for short hair.

Check out my top picks.

Best Budget Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair

1. Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron, 3/4 Inch
  • Turbo Heat Flat Iron: With ceramic coated 3/4 inch floating plates and a Turbo Heat Boost button, this flat iron quickly delivers gentle, even heat to flatten, straighten...
  • The Heat Is On: Featuring 25 heat settings and a 30 second heat up, this flat iron delivers up to 400 degrees F while the uniform heat recovery system ensures consistent...
  • Wavy or Sleek: Whether you want to add volume and flip or create pin straight styles, Conair's full line of ceramic, double ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, and titanium flat...

You’ll love the modern design and outstanding features of this styling tool.

At the top of the list, check out Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron.

It has a rounded edge that makes styling easier. You can use it for straightening or curling your short hair without hassle.

If you’ll notice, Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron has narrower plates. So you can get close to the base of the hair strands without scorching your scalp.

Also, check out the plates on this styling tool. Perfect for reaching the shortest hair strands.

And because the plates are of ceramic material, it heats up evenly and gently. It’s perfectly safe and comfortable to use.

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron also features ionic technology. This feature lets you style your hair, making it smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking. With its negative ions, you can reduce the frizz while locking in the moisture in your hair.

Here’s another cool thing about this product. Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron has 25 heat settings. And it only needs 30 seconds for its plates to heat up, reaching up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

And thanks to its dual voltage feature, it’s ideal for international travel.

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron is the perfect styling device for your short hair.

Best Professional Small Flat Iron

2. GHD Gold Hair Straightener

ghd Mini Styler - 1/2 inch Flat Iron, Gold Professional 1/2 inch Styler, Hair Straightener, Ceramic...
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
  • Professional Finish, includes protective plate guard
  • Cooler, lighter body

Looking for a flat iron that heats up really quickly?

You’ll love the GHD Gold Hair Straightener.

Perfect when you’re on the go or running late but need a quick fix. Simply because the GHD Gold Hair Straightener doesn’t take time to heat up.

It only takes 25 seconds for each one-inch ceramic plate to heat up. And the temperature levels can reach up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

But wait til you hear about this next part.

GHD Gold Hair Straightener has dual-zone sensors that monitor the temperature levels. What this means is that it regulates the heat to reduce the risk of damage to your hair or skin. Isn’t that wonderful?

With these dual-zone sensors, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. It’s perfect for thin or fragile hair.

GHD Gold Hair Straightener also has an automatic sleep feature. The device automatically sleeps after 30 minutes of use. So if ever you forgot to turn it off because you were in a hurry, fret not. No need to run home to switch it off.

What I love about the GHD Gold Hair Straightener is that it has a dual voltage feature. Perfect for international travel.

3. BaByliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron Blue 0.5 Inch
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron delivers superior heat retention & smooth, shiny hair in a compact (total length 6", plate width 1/2"), travel-ready...
  • Nano Titanium plates offer even heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions leave locks smooth & shiny.
  • Use this Nano Titanium flat iron to smooth & straighten hair. At a total length of 6" take it with you everywhere!

Here’s a tried-and-tested brand that knows its way around hot curlers and straighteners.

Check out BaByliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron.

This brand got you covered. From hot rollers to curling irons.

Here’s what I love about this straightening iron. It’s perfect for people who are looking to minimize the use of styling products. And it’s also ideal for travel because of its compact size.

BaByliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron measures six inches in length. On the other hand, the width of its place is about half an inch. However, there is an option for a one-inch plate.

What I love about this product is that it provides ample heat distribution and retention. This lets you style your locks in just seconds of plugging it in. At its optimum, this mini flat iron can reach up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wondering what makes this mini flat iron an ideal travel buddy?

BaByliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron has dual voltage settings and comes with a thermal storage pouch. So it’s perfect for bringing it anywhere with you.

It’s also lightweight and compact. So you can easily squeeze it into your luggage. Or even in your handbag. It won’t take up much space.

And with its mini size, this product is perfect for reaching into the tiny hair strands. You’ll never miss the short strands. It will even cut the time it usually takes you to style your hair.

But here’s some quick piece of advice. You may want to spray heat protectant to your spray before using this heating device. That way, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your hair as a result of the heated styling.

Once you’re done using it, you return the BaByliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron in its thermal pouch. It can cool down in its bag.

Best Ultra Thin Flat Iron For Short Hair

4. FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron

FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron, 1/2"
  • Ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high speed heat recovery
  • Adjustable professional temperature from 140 Degree to 450 Degree
  • Three layers of baked Ceramic infused with tourmaline

From the brand that features innovative technology to create the best styling tools.

Check out FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron.

This brand offers a full range of hair products and tools.

Did you know the brand’s products are a common fixture in many professional hair salons?

Not only because the products are reliable but the company also loves to support hairstylists. So it does its best to develop styling tools and products that preserve hair health. And it does so well as the company never fails to deliver excellent results.

FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron features advanced tourmaline ceramic plates. This is great for your hair as it delivers equal heat distribution that’s gentle on your locks.

Whether you’re curling or straightening, your hair will be smooth and flowing when you use this styling tool.

The heat settings for this mini flat iron starting at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. But it can go as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Thick or thin hair, this product is perfect for you. And because it features universal voltage, you can bring this anywhere with you.

Make curling or straightening easy with FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron.

Mini Flat Iron With Temperature Control

5. Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, Black
  • 1 inch Floating Plates for Easy Glide
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • 450° Fahrenheit Salon High Heat

Last on this list is this impressive styling tool. Makes for a gentle, snug-free styling experience. Great for short hair.

Introducing Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron.

This styling tool comes with pearl-infused ceramic plates. I’m not talking about fake pearls; they’re the real kind of deal. These pearls, help you create the ultimate shine for your hair.

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron is durable and highly reliable. And you might think it carries a hefty price tag. Well, think again. It’s affordable; truly value for your money.

What I love about this styling tool is its temperature control lock. This prevents the device from overheating.

Here’s another cool thing about this styling tool. It has an automatic shut-off feature. So this gives you peace of mind as you leave your house. You don’t need to worry whether you’ve turned it off. It will switch itself off after 60 minutes.

Another wonderful feature of the Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron is its one-inch floating plates. This allows easy gliding as you style your hair.

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron only takes 30 seconds to heat up. It can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

So if you’re ready to take your styling skills to the next level, check this out. Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron delivers top-notch salon performance anywhere you may be.

Do you have a favorite Flat Irons for Short Hair?

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