10 Top Makeup Train Cases You Need In 2024

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Got a collection of makeup products but can’t figure out how to organize them? Owning a makeup train case can help!

Whether you’re an amateur, enthusiast, or a professional makeup artist, a lover of makeup like you should have a secure organizer to store your cosmetic essentials. 

Why do we think it’s worth the investment?

Aside from proper storage, makeup train cases allow you to bring your makeup tools and products anywhere, hassle-free.

A black and white makeup case full of makeup products on a yellow background

Not only do they keep your products away from dust and harmful microbes, your tools will also be safe from other people’s playful, mischievous hands. Worth it!

Excited to find out which ones you need? We’re sharing with you our own list of the 10 top makeup train cases that are truly worth the price. 

Scroll down to select the best for you!

MOMIRA Makeup Bag with Mirror and Light
Editor's Choice
  • Provides large storage
  • With 4K silver-plated cosmetic mirror
  • Has built-in lights with 3 adjustable lighting modes
Stagiant Vegan Leather Makeup Bag
Budget Pick
  • Large storage
  • Has removable dividers convertible into 5 compartments
  • Waterproof
Jula Vance Medium Makeup Train Case
Premium Pick
  • Transformable into a free-standing workstation
  • With fullscreen mirror and 6 dimmable LED lights
  • Has built-in speakers, USB port, and extra outlet for hair tools

What Is a Makeup Train Case + Why Do You Need It?

You’ve already spent thousands of dollars on top-rated eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and other makeup products, so why hesitate to invest in makeup train cases for proper storage and organization? 

Cramming all of them into one boring bag doesn’t sound chic!

A makeup train case allows a chic way to keep your cosmetics product collection and tools safe and organized. 

Even your ancestors knew how valuable a makeup train case is because its prominence dates back to the era of train travel, hence the name.

For travelers who needed easy access to their toiletries and vanity essentials, a separate makeup case came in handy.

Although we admit that choosing the top makeup train case can be quite a challenge due to its variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, we advise that you choose one that will not only fit all of your products but also one that’s functional and stylish.

Makeup train cases come with different compartments and interesting organizational features to neatly store items.

Having distinct sections makes it much easier to find what you need quickly when you’re in a hurry.

Also by having dedicated space for particular items, you can easily see when you are running low on certain products so you can restock accordingly.

Many have special features such as detachable bags, mirrors with lights, and adjustable dividers for extra convenience too. 

Whether you’re going for convenience or needing one that will help you take your entire makeup collection on the road, we have options for you!

Top Makeup Train Cases We Recommend

Teamoy Travel Makeup Brushes Case

Looking for a makeup case that can fit into your handbag? We highly recommend this product!

Key Benefits: Durable; great storage space; easy to carry


  • Padded foam on all sides for excellent protection
  • Has multiple elastic slots for makeup brushes of many sizes
  • Dual zipper design

It has 4 available colors such as teal, misty rose, pink, and black. You’re free to pick whichever matches your style!


This travel-friendly makeup bag is ideal for those who prefer a simple zippered case that can fit into their handbag or luggage.

The case has a main section with detachable dividers, which are easily adjustable to carry pressed powder, concealer sticks, lipsticks, etc. 

Also, its stitching design adds chicness and elegance, which is a plus!

Although some would wish the bag to be sturdier, it’s already a good buy for its quality and affordable price. 

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Have you been searching for a professional-grade makeup train case that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? We found it for you!

Key Benefits: Lightweight; plenty of storage space; multi-functional


  • Made of high-quality Oxford fabric and nylon lining
  • Has removable or adjustable dividers
  • Interiors are shock-proof, waterproof, anti-wear, and spill-proof

This has an excellent brush storage system that guarantees a hassle-free experience for all users.

Apart from being a great storage for cosmetic products, this makeup case allows you to safe-keep your jewelry items, toiletries, and electronic accessories.

The Relavel travel makeup train case comes in different colors and in small, medium, and large sizes. 

Also, despite being lightweight, it promises shockproof, anti-wear, waterproof, and spill-proof interiors, making it perfect for frequent travelers! 

While some people prefer the case’s depth to be deeper, we still think this is one of the top train cases for makeup available in the market. 

Rownyeon Cosmetic Bag

If you’re looking for a classic-looking makeup bag that can do the job, this might be a great storage case for you.

Key Benefits: Sturdy, easy to clean inside-out; large capacity


  • Made of luxury PU leather fabric
  • With an adjustable padded divider
  • Dual zipper design

This case’s top handle strap passes the chic vibe too!

The Rownyeon Cosmetic Bag is ideal for those who are always on the go because it only weighs 15 ounces and is not bulky.

Aside from its adjustable padded compartments, it also has two internal pockets dedicated to special, tiny items. 

The case’s exterior is made from synthetic leather, so it’s waterproof and spill-proof. Never worry about leaks and spills!

Stagiant Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

You can store and organize your cosmetic products and tools using this very affordable makeup case!

Key Benefits: Durable, waterproof; large storage


  • Made with synthetic vegan leather
  • Has removable Velcro dividers convertible into five compartments
  • Has a dustproof cover to protect tools and products

Whether you are a professional or just a simple lover of makeup, you can travel anywhere stress-free with this durable and portable makeup case.

Looking for an affordable but high-quality makeup case? The Stagiant Vegan Leather Makeup Bag might just be the makeup case you need!

This only weighs 0.6 pounds, so it’s lightweight and easy to travel with. You definitely don’t have to worry about leaving your favorite makeup products behind because this offers a large storage capacity!

Not only does it have adjustable dividers, it also includes a large elastic pocket that’s perfect for storing eyeshadow palettes, four slots for various makeup products, and a mesh pouch.

Totally one of the top makeup travel train cases out there!

GZCZ Large Travel Makeup Bag

A makeup bag that’s easy to carry around while enabling you to store several makeup products? This one is definitely a good buy.

Key Benefits: Waterproof, provides plenty of space; multi-functional


  • With an adjustable shoulder strap
  • With built-in 10 pieces of adjustable dividers
  • Made from PU leather with hard plastic cover

This makeup train case in large size has both a top handle and an adjustable strap. Perfect for travel!

This makeup travel case highlights a waterproof, shake-proof, and anti-wear design. Sounds great, right?

With its 10 adjustable soft sponge dividers, you can freely fit different makeup products and store them away neatly.

Its flexible shoulder strap enables you to carry the makeup case on your shoulders, which allows you to free your hands or attach it to your suitcase. Anything is possible!

MOMIRA Makeup Bag with Mirror and Light

Looking for a makeup train case with a mirror and lights? We got you!

Key Benefits: Waterproof; resistant to abrasion; provides large storage


  • With 4K silver-plated cosmetic mirror
  • Has built-in light with 3 adjustable lighting modes
  • Built with 6 detachable EVA partitions 

It’s better than the rest because not only does it have a built-in mirror, it also has a switch-enabled, adjustable light!

Don’t own a ring light? How about buying a makeup case that comes with a full-screen mirror with light? Definitely a great idea!

This makeup train case’s built-in light has a switch and can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. It diffuses light with different color temperatures: cold, warm, and natural.

With its 6 detachable partitions, it can accommodate multiple makeup products and brushes of different sizes too!

IFSTAR Portable Makeup Train Case

This makeup case is made with a strong silver aluminum frame combined with metal corners.

Key Benefits: Great storage space; secure, travel-friendly


  • With built-in mirror
  • Lockable with keys
  • Removable dividers

If you’re looking for train cases for cosmetics that can guarantee security, this might be the product that best fits your needs!

The IFSTAR Portable Makeup Train Case is very sturdy so you won’t have to worry about damaging your cosmetic products while hand-carrying them, running with them, or when riding public transport. 

You can also do your makeup wherever you go because it features a built-in mirror in the case’s lid.

When opening the case, a tray will be automatically extended, allowing you to organize or use your cosmetic brushes and pieces of jewelry right away. 

Rolling Train Case 5-in-1 with nail polish holder

Struggling to find a professional makeup train case for your makeup gigs? You might want to check this one out!

Key Benefits: Fits multiple-sized objects well; easily accessible; durable


  • Trolley type with removable 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Built with high-quality aluminum
  • With 4 out of 5 removable parts that enable 4 combination styles

You can convert this makeup train case into different styles depending on your preference and needs.

You probably won’t mind investing in a makeup train case that promises premium quality and fulfills several functions!

This trolley-type train case has adjustable dividers that can be rearranged to fit items of different sizes. 

The fun part? The top section of the case can be transformed into a handbag because it comes with a comfortable shoulder strap. 

Best of all, if you are into aesthetics, this case comes in pink to match your chic taste!

BYOOTIQUE Foldable Rolling Manicure Table Nail Desk Makeup Train Case

Looking for a makeup train case but better? This makeup train case might just be for you.

Key Benefits: Can be converted into a nail or tattoo station; portable, durable


  • With an expandable floor-standing table
  • With built-in radio and speakers
  • Plenty of dividers

With all its impressive functions, anyone would be willing to invest in this travel train case for makeup!

Anyone who has enough budget wouldn’t mind investing on this makeup train case that can double up as a portable makeup/nail/tattoo station. 

Not only that, this has a built-in mirror, radio, speakers, and USB port to double the fun even more!

This also features 4 wheels that can be rotated to 360 degrees, two of which can be locked if you’re trying to put up a station. 

Your valuables are kept safe because it has lockable latches on the cover and a password lock on the door. Definitely worth the investment if you’re a traveling professional!

Jula Vance Makeup Train Case

Have you been searching far and wide for a makeup case train with handy features for professionals? Look no further!

Key Benefits: Transformable into free-standing workstation; can be charged to a power bank; high-quality


  • With fullscreen mirror and six dimmable LED lights
  • Has built-in speakers, USB port, and extra outlet for hair tools
  • With a password safe lock

This train case makeup is truly worth the price and hype because of the many things that it offers.

This top-rated makeup train case is a joy to have because of its spectacular features. 

Its bowl-shaped feet that are adjustable to fit uneven floors and have four detachable wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees for easier travel.

The case has four removable storage trays plus three other compartments that can accommodate several cosmetics supplies. 

The six LED lights that come with the case can be adjusted between white, warm white, and natural temperatures via an easy touch screen button.

If you’re big on security, this case also features a password safe lock so you won’t be needing keys anymore!

different kinds of make up laid in a pink table

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Makeup Train Case?

A cosmetic train case provides a convenient, stylish way to store and transport all of your beauty essentials. It was originally designed for train travel in the 1940s, hence the name.

A makeup train case is typically made from a durable material such as hard plastic or faux leather, and it opens up like a trunk lid to reveal several spacious compartments. 

Inside the case, there can be adjustable shelves, trays, compartments, and other organizational features to help you keep everything neat. 

Moreover, many large train cases come with wheels for easy transport. Not only does this make them great for personal travel, but they make taking supplies to salons or special events easier. 

They provide superior protection for all of your cosmetics, which keeps them safe from damage when not in use. 

Where Is the Top Place to Store Makeup?

The best place to store makeup is in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight. 

If your bathroom has a bright window and the temperature fluctuates, you should avoid keeping your makeup there as this can cause your products to spoil faster. 

Instead, look for somewhere you can control the environment and temperature like a dresser drawer or even in a bag under the bed. 

Also, make sure that all items are clean and securely closed before storing them, and try to keep brushes separated from other items as they can attract dust over time. 

An organised storage space will help you easily find the products you need when getting ready, keeping everything tidy and helping the items stay fresh for a long time.

How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

If you have a variety of cosmetics and don’t know how to organize them, there are many useful tips you can use. 

First, separate your items according to their type, such as eyeliners in one drawer, lipsticks in another, etc. 

Another way is to store the items according to their expiration date, with the oldest at the front so they can be used first. 

Also, consider purchasing containers or organizers such as makeup train cases to keep them neat and easily accessible. You can also label the containers for easier tracking. 

Finally, take note of what products you have on hand so that you don’t over-purchase when it’s time for a beauty shopping spree! 

With these simple tips and a bit of creativity, you’ll have all your cosmetics neatly organized in no time!

Is A Makeup Train Case A Must-Have?

Yes, all makeup lovers are aware that owning a makeup train case is a must-have especially when it comes to safekeeping and organizing cosmetics products and tools. 

Spending a bit of money won’t hurt if it means providing proper storage for your makeup collection whether you’re at home or in transit. 

Feel free to choose from our top 10 list of the top makeup train cases for premium-quality storage!

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