50 Heart Nail Design Ideas For Valentine’s Day

50 Heart Nail Design Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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The heart is a universal symbol of love, so incorporating it into your nail design can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show your romantic side. 

beautiful heart nail designs

Nails with heart designs are a popular choice for the month of love as they are a fun and festive way to show your love and appreciation for someone dear to you.

You can choose to go with a more subtle heart design or go all out with hearts on every nail. No matter which design you choose, heart nail designs are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Still got no design in mind? You’ve come to the right place! 

Browse through our 50 chic and stylish heart nail designs and get inspired to wear them on Valentine’s Day!

Heart Nail Design Trends to Try Now

These are the specific heart nail designs that are trending now. People all over social media are posting about their own creative versions of these:

Nails With Heart Tips

This is a unique take on the classic French manicure. Instead of the traditional off-white color for French tips, this trend paints the heart’s top part on the tips.

It could use different colors and textures depending on one’s preference. 

Tiny Heart Patterns

The classic way to create heart nail designs is to have hearts all over your nails or to paint tiny heart patterns. 

It is super fun and easy to make, and there are a lot of available press-on nails and stamping plates with this kind of nail design.

Beaming Hearts

This trend is sometimes regarded as the “Powerpuff Girls’ Pulsating Hearts” design. This features multilayered hearts in different shades that appear to be beaming from afar. 

Totally a chic and nostalgic trend, don’t you think?

Hearts as Accents

Another way to switch up your nail design is to add hearts as popping accents. 

Life is too short to wear the same plain color of nails every day. Also, the heart design is not a complicated shape to find and create! Whether you’re going for a 2D or 3D heart accent, you can easily take your nail game to the next level. 

Stylish Heart Designs For Nails

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or someone on a date this Valentine’s Day, heart designs on nails can be worn by anyone regardless of their relationship status. 

From classic or amped-up French tips to glittery pink nails and everything in between, there are trendy nail art heart design options for you!

Have fun looking!

1. Funky Heart and Sparks

Love is always magical for everyone. Add a fun twist to your nails by adding glitter, stars, hearts, and unconventional colors to make your Valentine’s date funky and memorable! 

2. Black Hearts on Classic French Tips

Go all out with extra long square-shaped nails featuring classic French tips with black hearts and sparks all over. Don’t forget to finish it with clear gloss for a luscious finish.

3. Bright Red Hearts and Tips

If the traditional French tip isn’t your style, try replacing the classic white with bright red and fill one nail with hearts to let the world know you’re super in love!

4. Red Hearts on Nude

This minimalistic heart design nail art has a way of stealing hearts. All you need to do is use a nude color as your base and stamp little red hearts in the middle.

5. Gothic Romance

Hearts are traditional symbols of love, but with nail art, the possibilities are endless. You may include your own interpretation of romance by adding in skulls and chains. 

6. Black Hearts on White

This nail design features a white base with cute black hearts on some nails. If you want clean white nails with a little bit of accent for Valentine’s Day, go for this design.

7. Pink and Purple Hearts

Can’t decide whether you want purple or pink for Valentine’s? Why not have them both by sticking hard gel nails in pink with purple hearts on your right and purple with pink hearts on the other?

Best of both worlds, don’t you think?

8. Red Hearts and White Tips on Nude Nails

Celebrate Valentine’s day with classic white French tips with your ring fingernail overloaded with hearts!

9. Ace of Hearts

The meaning of the Ace of Hearts is  “desire for love”. Sounds like a perfect theme for Valentine’s day, right?

10. Heart Overload on Pink and Green Gradient

Two contrasting colors such as pink and green create a perfect blend to make white hearts pop on nails. 

This stylish heart design on nails can be easily done using nail stamping plates!

11. Pink on Nude with Infinity Heart

Pink French tips are a stylish way to celebrate love month. Adding an infinity heart accent is also perfect to symbolize your enduring love. 

12. Black Hearts on Glitter

These nails feature black hearts on a glittery silver base. They totally scream elegance and sophistication! Best of all, this polish changes colors depending on temperature!

13. Galaxy and Heart-Holed Tips

Stand out in the crowd by painting your nails with galaxy hues. What makes this design exceptional from the rest is instead of painting the heart designs, the nail tips are holed in heart shapes. 

14. Colorful Heart Frenchies

Feeling festive in love month? Color your almond-shaped nails with nude as base and add colorful heart patterns that extend all the way to the tips.

15. Black Hearts on Nude

A minimalist heart nail design that you can try is very simple to make. Use a nude color as your nail base, put a single black heart near the cuticle, and finish it off with a clear gloss on top. 

16. Lavender Hearts and Stars

There’s something special about pairing hearts and stars together on lavender, white, or nude nails. You’re in luck because we found a design that incorporates all of them together!

17. Sparkly Hearts on Lavender Tips

These cute heart nails feature pink sparkly hearts in nude and lavender French tips. The pretty color combination is quite a head turner. 

18. Red Hearts and Studs

For a romantic twist to your Valentine’s day-inspired nails, add rhinestones and red hearts all over to own the night. 

19. Hearts and Gems

These matte pink square-shaped acrylic nails are accentuated with gems and hearts. 

What makes this one of our favorites is the design features gems that are arranged in half-cut hearts on each finger and would only appear whole if two fingers are close together. 

20. Valentine’s Day Charms

This design features different Valentine’s Day charms in shades of purple such as hearts, glitters, kiss marks, and a love note on extra long square nails. This is totally one-of-a-kind!

21. Paired Hearts

This may look like a broken heart rhinestone nail design at first glance, but if you put your fingers close to each other, it forms one big heart of rhinestones on deep red polish, giving it a romantic twist. 

22. White Hearts on Metallic Lavender

These long coffin nails are painted metallic purple with some nails accentuated with matte white hearts. If you’re looking for a chic way to steal the show, get metallic yet pastel nails. 

23. Embossed Hearts on Pink Tips

Color your French tips with shades of pink and white and amp them up with an embossed pattern of little hearts. 

24. Golden Hearts on Ombre 

This open heart nail design features golden hearts on a nude ombre base with a shimmery clear top coat. Its simplicity and elegance make it perfect for any season, especially on Valentine’s Day. 

25. Gray Hearts and Glitter

Who says you can’t wear gray on Valentine’s Day? You can play around with gray, white, and nude and incorporate these for Valentine’s Day nail trends to match the mood for love.  

26. Name Initial and Hot Pink Hearts

Be extra romantic by wearing the initial letter of your lover’s name on your nails. Match it with hot pink-colored hearts and white matte sparks on a cream base.

27. White and Brown Hearts

If you want a mix of light and bold for Valentine’s day, you can paint most of your short nails brown and leave one white. 

The brown nails get a single white heart, while the white nail gets the brown double heart nail design.

28. Heart Cherries

These bright sheer pink gel nails with cute cherry-heart designs are best suited for sweet girls like you! The heart-holed tips also add charm to the overall nail look. 

29. Cartoon Hearts

This nail design features delicately hand-painted cartoon hearts that look sassy on nude nails.  

30. White Hearts on Purple Gradient

This design features a unique take on French tips because instead of the purple gradient coloring the entire tip, it only colors half of it, making it quirky and unconventional. Finish the set with matte white hearts on the tips.

31. Blue and White Heart Tips

Heart-shaped tips are super in during Valentine’s season. If you don’t want to go the traditional red heart route, no one’s going to stop you if you’re opting for blue and white on nude this time. 

32. Pink Heart Beams

This multi-layered hearts design is all over the internet, and we totally get why! This design can be mixed with different shades and patterns, making it very eye-catchy when worn. 

33. Hearts and Streaks in Orange Shades

This nail design features hearts and streaks in different shades of orange. This may be best worn during the Valentine’s season, but this style can also be fabulously worn all year round!

34. Pastel French Tips

Mix and match pastel-colored French tips on glossy nude nails. This subtle twist on your short nails looks cute and trendy for your Valentine’s date night!

35. Hearts on Glitters

Lights around Valentine’s night shine prettier than on other days. Match the beautiful atmosphere by wearing glittery nails with pastel-colored hearts!

36. Heart Strings

If you’ve found someone to whom your heart is forever chained, let them know! But if you feel like it’s too soon to tell, show them hints like pink-nude nails with strings of hearts. We hope they’ll get the message!

37. 3D Hearts on Metallic Pink French Tips

Are you the type to wear your heart on your sleeve? You can do it quite literally on metallic pink French tips on long square nude-colored nails by attaching 3D hearts. 

38. Coffee and Cream and Hearts

Wearing nails with heart designs in coffee hues match any length and skin color! 

This is even perfect to wear if you’re meeting the love of your life for the first time over a coffee date. Perfect timing? Definitely!

39. Minimal Hearts on a Nude Base

If a white base is too light for you, go for a nude base this time! It’s a perfect color to make minimal accents — such as little red hearts — pop. 

40. Colorful Hearts

Add a fun twist to your nail design with hearts by painting them in different pastel colors!

41. Metallic Hearts

Pink metallic hearts on translucent white nails add sophistication to your overall nail look. If you’re aiming to give a good impression, this nail design can help you with that!

42. Pink & Black Pop Art Heart Nails

These pink and black pop art nails with rhinestones are too cute. Whether you’re meeting your friends or someone special on Valentine’s Day, this is a pretty heart nail design that you can wear. 

43. White Hearts and Rhinestones on Nude Polish

Another way to switch up your traditional French mani is to add beautiful accents such as white hearts, lines, and rhinestones at the cuticle. Just the right blend of fun and elegance! 

44. Burning Love

Channel your burning passion and love by wearing red French tips with white flames and red hearts. Although you can find other ways to symbolize your love, wearing them on your nails will always be an enjoyable way to interpret it.   

45. Autumn-Colored Hearts

This nail design features hearts in autumn hues such as red, orange, yellow, and brown. If the autumn season holds a sentimental value for you, feel free to memorialize it on Valentine’s Day by wearing this nail design.  

46. Black, Gray, and White Valentines

If none of the bright colors matches your personality, you are free to wear black nails even on Valentine’s Day. You can still sport a heart nail design by painting your base with black and gray with hearts and glitter.

47. White Hearts on Rainbow Gradient

For those who don’t want to limit themselves to one or two nail colors, this nail design with white hearts on a matte rainbow gradient base is totally their match!

48. Green Marble and Hearts

We’ve already featured different styles and colors, but what about green marble? 

This nail design features a green marble texture, with little dark green hearts here and there as accent. You’ll love this for sure!

49. Pride Hearts

“Love knows no race and gender.”

Wear this statement confidently on your nails through beaming hearts in rainbow hues. 

50. Dreamy Neon Hearts

Falling in love feels like you’re on cloud 9, and this nail design just perfectly embodies that!

These gel nails are painted with a sky-blue base and topped with pink neon hearts and white clouds as accents. The design is all too dreamy and romantic, just like the feeling of being in love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Heart Nail Design Hard to Recreate?

A heart nail design is far from being the most difficult design that exists. 

In fact, it is quite easy to accomplish a basic heart shape with either freehand painting or the use of simple stamps and stencils. 

To make more intricate heart shapes, one can play around with different tools such as dotting tools, angled brushes, stickers, or stamps. 

If you don’t want to go too complex, you can always add glittery accents or colorful polishes to make your heart shapes pop. 

With a little bit of practice, anyone can easily master creating heart design nails!

How to Create a Heart Nail Design?

To get started, choose the shade of polish you want to work with. If you’re feeling bold, pick something bright and fun like red or pink. 

Once the background color is on and dry, start brushing heart shapes on each nail. 

If you’re not confident about drawing, get creative! You can stack 3D hearts, rhinestones, and pearls for a different effect. 

There are other designs that you can recreate depending on your preference. Scroll up to see which designs you want to do and research more about the steps, or you can refer them to your nail stylists. 

Express Your Love Through Heart-Designed Nails

Beautiful multi color heart nail designs

Nail art is a fun and creative way to show your personal style and reveal your feelings, especially love! 

These heart nail design ideas are a perfect way to bring a bit of color and sparkle into your style. Whether you opt for something subtle and romantic or bright and bold, these designs will certainly make a statement.

Ultimately, choose something that will make you happy and confident when you look down at your finished nails.

Have fun experimenting with different looks until you find the right match for this romantic occasion!

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