What Are Halo Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Halo Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide

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Clip-in and tape-in extensions have enjoyed the limelight these past years.

But a new hair extension type is now gaining more popularity, and the positive comments it’s getting are spreading like wildfire all over social media.

These new go-to hairstyle saviors are called “halo hair extensions”! 

But first things first, what are halo hair extensions? Why should you choose them over other hair extension types? 

If you’re curious about these extensions, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to unravel the mystery behind this trend and show you why they’re worth the hype.

Read on for a deep dive into this latest hair trend!

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What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

This type of hair extension features a flexible, nearly invisible wire with a weft of real or artificial hair that blends in with your hair color. It has the shape of a circle, similar to that of an angelic halo (hence the name). 

Halo extensions are low-maintenance and non-damaging because you don’t need clips, glue, or sewing tools to attach them to your head. All you need to do is let them sit comfortably on your head like a crown.

So if you avoid hair extensions because you find the process of wearing them daunting, you’ll find that halo-type hair extensions are much simpler to use.  

How Do Halo Hair Extensions Stay in Place Without Clips? 

The loop wire in halo hair extensions is designed to wrap snugly and tightly around your head, creating a secure hold along the occipital bone to keep the extensions intact all day. 

High-quality halo hair extensions typically have adjustable wires that can be customized to the circumference of each person’s head. This helps make sure it fits properly and comfortably. 

That said, many users also use hair pins or apply hair gel or spray can help keep their extensions from sliding.

Why Should You Choose Halo Hair Extensions?

Now you know what halo hair extensions are, you may be wondering why this new hair extension type is getting so much hype on various social media platforms and becoming the top choice for hair extension newbies.

Let’s get into the details of its benefits. 


No one wants hair-damaging and scalp-irritating hair extensions, right? 

More girls love halo hair extensions because they don’t require the use of clips that pull on hair or glues that contain irritants to attach securely to the head. 

If you’re looking for a quick, non-invasive, and temporary hair fix, you shouldn’t skip out on halo hair extensions. 

Instant Hair Fix Anytime, Anywhere

Since halo hair extensions are designed to only have one single hair weft that could perfectly fill the side and back areas, you can literally switch up your style in less than a minute!

Also, they’re pretty easy to stash away in a bag or box, so you can carry them around and level up your hair game anytime, anywhere. 

Easy To Remove

Semi-permanent extensions like keratin bonds or tape-ins force you to wear them constantly while doing daily activities, such as sleeping or taking a shower.

On the other hand, halo extensions are temporary. This means you can remove them and put them back on as you please.


Choosing halo natural hair extensions or their expensive synthetic counterparts guarantees durability.

With less use and less exposure to environmental stressors, halo extensions can last for up to 24 months with proper maintenance. 

100% Natural-Looking and Volumized Hair Look

Halo hair extensions can give you natural-looking and volumized hair in an instant. You can easily adjust, layer, dye, or style them to make them blend in seamlessly with your natural locks. 

Salon Visits Not Required

Semi-permanent extensions require regular salon visits because when the extensions become visible and less seamless when natural hair starts growing out. 

So when you need to take them out and secure them back to your roots, you need to devote time and money to have them touched up by a hairstylist. 

With halo hair extensions, salon touch-ups are not necessary! You can take them out and readjust them at home. 

Can Anyone Wear Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are best used for thin, long hair that reaches past the shoulders. This is because extensions are easier to hide under lengthy tresses. 

That said, short-haired gals can also use halo extensions, but they’ll need to exert extra effort to conceal their extensions properly. 

If you have short hair with a blunt cut, you’ll need to have the ends thinned out for your halo extensions to look well blended.

Another trick you can follow is styling your locks strategically. If you want to wear halo hair extensions on your short hair, make sure to curl your tresses and hair extensions to add more texture. 

Doing this will help create a seamless and natural blend between the extensions and your hair.

Real vs. Synthetic: Which Is Better for Halo Extensions?

The most obvious choice between the two is high-quality real human hair.

However, there are plenty of synthetic hair extension brands that sell quality pieces at more expensive prices. 

If you’re torn between these two types, we’ve come up with a guide to the differences between them below to help you choose wisely. 

Human Hair Synthetic Hair
Sourced from virgin or processed human hair Mimics actual human hair; made from acrylic, nylon, or polyester
Super silky and softMore expensive types are softer and glossier
Long-lastingLength of lifespan depends on styling habits
Can be dyed, washed, and conditionedCan be colored using synthetic hair dyes
Can be safely straightened and curled using hot hair toolsMore expensive ones can be curled or straightened using hot hair tools
Style may be ruined when exposed too much heat or rainResistant to rain and humidity

One of the best halo hair extensions for human hair that we recommend is the Fshine Invisible Halo Hair Extensions, which gives you longer and thicker hair in 30 seconds. 

For synthetic halo hair extensions, check out the KooKaStyle Invisible Wire Halo Hair Extensions, which lie smooth and flat on the head like an invisible headband.  

Both of these products are among the best halo extensions for thin hair on the market.

How To Put on a Halo Hair Extension

An infographic featuring how to put on halo hair extensions with specific instructions

With this temporary type of hair extension, you can easily switch up your hairstyle anytime you want in less than five minutes!

However, if you want to keep them secure, you need to follow these steps to properly put on halo hair extensions.

Brush Your Hair and Extensions

First, brush your natural hair to free it from pesky tangles. Then brush your extensions gently using a wide-tooth comb, a paddle brush, or a specialized extension brush.

Part Your Natural Hair at the Crown

The part should start at one to two inches from your hairline and go down to the area right above your nape. Tie this section into a bun.

This ensures a seamless blend and frames your face with the front sections of your natural hair.

Secure the Halo Onto Your Head

Before you install the halo extensions, make sure the length of its string best fits your head size. Once this is sorted out, place your halo over the bun you created.

It should feel like a headband that sits securely and comfortably above your ears.

Conceal the Extensions

Lastly, take down the bun and gently brush through your natural hair to smooth everything out. Your natural hair should cover the string and the extension weft.

Remember to be extra cautious when combing over the string and extension hair to avoid moving them.

Check out this video for detailed steps on how to put on halo hair extensions: 

Halo Hair Extensions DIY Steps

Wondering if it’s possible to make your own halo hair extensions at home? The answer is definitely a big yes!

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to create and customize halo hair extensions as long as you follow the steps below.

Get a String and a Hair Weft

Look for a strong and stretchy clear nylon string as well as a hair weft that has the same shade as your natural hair. 

Cut and Stack the Hair Wefts on Top of Each Other

If the hair weft fits your hair length and volume perfectly, you can skip this step. 

However, most DIYers opt to cut their hair weft to make it look less artificial and ensure it fits their existing hair length and volume.

So cut your hair weft into two to six pieces depending on your preference. Then use liquid gold, bonding glue, or a thread and needle to stack the pieces on top of each other to make them appear fuller and thicker.  

Tie Your Hair Into a Bun

Separate the top section of your hair and tie it into a bun. This will help you properly measure both the lengths of your weft and nylon string to make them fit snugly on your head.

Secure the Ends of the Weft

Take the weft of hair and place it along the parting you’ve just created above the nape. With this, you’d be able to see where both ends of the weft are. 

Then use two clips (any kind you have at home) to secure both ends of the weft so they stay in place as you visualize and measure the length of the nylon string you need to cut. 

Measure and Cut the String

Measure the length of the nylon string by placing it along the part of your hair near the scalp. Stretch it out until it reaches both sides of your head. 

It’s also a good idea to measure it against both ends of the hair weft to ensure it fits your hair weft properly.

Once you’ve determined its ideal length, make sure to leave a few inches on each end of the string to be safe. Then cut the string.

Attach the String to the Hair Weft

Attach the nylon string by tying them about 0.5 centimeters from both edges of the weft. Make sure they’re tightly tied and do at least two knots. Don’t cut the extra inches off the string in case you need to readjust.

Adjust the Extensions as Needed

Wear the halo extensions you just created and check if they’re secure enough. If they are too loose or too tight, you can readjust them by untying the knots you made and redoing them based on your new measurements.

If everything is good, cut the excess strings off.

Check out this helpful tutorial video to see how it’s done:

Care Tips For Halo Hair Extensions 

The golden rule of hair care extensions applies to halo hair extensions, namely that the longevity of your extensions will be determined by how you properly care for them. 

To ensure your halo hair extensions last longer, follow these recommended care tips:

Handle With Care

Always be gentle when handling halo hair extensions, especially when putting them on and taking them off. 

Don’t tug or pull on the hair or the wire of the extensions; doing this may damage them and shorten their life span. 

Brush Gently

Before putting them on in the morning or taking them out at night, remember to brush your halo hair extensions gently with a soft-bristle brush or a loop brush. 

Also, regular gentle brushing will help prevent tangling and keep the extensions looking smooth and shiny. 

Wash With Care

When washing halo hair extensions, it’s important to use a gentle, sulfate-free, and hair extension-friendly shampoo and conditioner

Don’t rub or scrub the extensions too rigorously. This can cause tangling or, worse, breakage. Instead, gently massage the shampoo into the hair and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

Use a Heat Protectant Before Styling

If you want to use heat-styling tools on your halo hair extensions, use a heat protectant spray to create a protective barrier that minimizes the amount of heat absorbed by the hair fibers.

Also, remember to keep the temperature of your heat-styling tools low. Never go over 350°F to 375°F for human hair extensions, and use an even lower temperature setting for synthetic extensions.

Remove Before Going to Bed

Sleeping with your halo hair extensions will not only create tangles in the extensions but also put extra strain on your scalp, which can cause pain and discomfort. 

So we recommend removing your halo hair extensions before hitting the sack to prevent damage to your natural hair and to the extensions.

Store Properly

When you’re not wearing your halo hair extensions, store them properly in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight and heat. 

You can store them in a protective bag or box to prevent them from tangling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Halo Extensions Fit?

Halo hair extensions should fit comfortably on your head like a crown. 

If your halo extensions feel too tight or pinched, move around, or slip off easily, it’s highly likely that your halo extensions are ill-fitting. In this case, feel free to readjust the string of your halo extensions.

It’s important to ensure that all bands, clips, and/or loops used to attach the halo are properly secured so that you don’t experience any slippage while wearing it.

Otherwise, you won’t get to enjoy the full volumizing effect of your beautiful extensions.

Can You Dye Halo Hair Extensions?

Yes, halo hair extensions can be dyed, especially if they’re made with 100% Remy human hair (or human hair extensions with hair cuticles kept intact). 

Hair extensions come in many colors and shades, so you may not even need to dye them to get the exact hue you desire. 

But if you do want to dye them, you need to consider the type of hair extensions you are using. 

If you have human hair halo extensions, we don’t recommend dyeing them with synthetic hair dye products like fabric dye, acrylic paint, or even food coloring as these may damage or destroy your natural hair strands.

If you have synthetic hair extensions, it’s best to use hair dye products that are synthetic hair-friendly.

Get That Extra Volume With Godsent Halo Hair Extensions

The quickest answer to the question, “What are halo hair extensions?” is that they’re made for those who need a quick hair fix or a confidence boost! 

In other words, if you want to change up your look easily, wearing halo hair extensions is the way to go!

They provide added length and volume, which is great if you’re looking to add some drama to your daily hairstyle. They also have a natural look that won’t draw unwanted attention. 

So if you’re considering making a change, why not try out halo extensions and see what they can do for your look?

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