What Is the Bixie Haircut? + 20 Hairstyle Ideas

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No, we didn’t misspell that. We really are going to talk about what stylists call the bixie haircut.

This cut is neither a pixie nor a bob. What is it? It’s a combination of these two styles, giving you the best of both worlds!

In the ’90s, lots of celebrities wore it, including Meg Ryan, Winona Ryder, and Drew Barrymore. 

A young woman with short hair is smiling on a white background.

Nowadays the ’90s bixie haircut has been making a comeback, becoming recognized as a fun and chic hairstyle for all ages. It’s been reinterpreted and restyled to fit modern tastes and aesthetics. 

Plus, it’s become more versatile, so it can be worn in various styles by individuals with different hair types.

Are you ready to find out how you can look your best with a bixie cut?

Continue reading to discover how the bixie cut is done and how it can be styled.

What Is the Bixie Haircut?

The bixie was a popular haircut in the ’90s that’s being recreated today. If you’re not a hairstylist, you may see this cut as a grown-out pixie or a shorter bob, but a bixie is neither of those two.

Instead, it borrows elements from these two famous cuts and merges them together to create choppy, shaggy layers with feathered ends.

To help you understand what a bixie looks like, let us briefly tell you about the bob and the pixie.

What’s a Pixie Cut?

The pixie is a women’s haircut that’s short at the back and sides, and slightly longer and fuller at the top and front. 

Its name is derived from the magical pixie creature from English folklore, which has the same characteristics as the hairstyle — tiny and playful.

What’s a Bob Haircut?

A bob is another short haircut that falls just above the shoulders or around the chin. This cut comes in many variations, but the classic bob is a one-length, jaw-grazing cut.

What’s a Bixie or Pixie Bob Haircut? 

The bixie cut features an artful blend of a bob and a pixie.

It has the highly layered fullness of a pixie, particularly at the crown part of your head. This is merged with the length of a short bob at the back.

To picture this cut better, try imagining an inverted triangle. Your hair is full at the top, but it becomes slimmer as it goes down.

The bixie is a versatile style that can be customized according to your hair texture, hair density, and facial features. It can also be styled to match your personality and unique sense of style.

It can be shorter than chin-length, and the fringe area can be long or short too.

How a Bixie Cut Is Done

Can you DIY a bixie? 

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend you give yourself this haircut. It’s a complex process that’s best done by a professional.

But let us give you a glimpse of what your hairstylist will do to help you achieve the bixie.

First, your hairstylist will start by using hair clips to divide your hair into the following sections:

  • Fringe area
  • Crown section
  • Side partings
  • Back section
  • Nape parting

Nape Area

Your stylist will start cutting your hair at the nape area.

Now the aim of the bixie haircut is for the lower back section of your hair to push forward. To achieve this, the stylist will part the nape area from the center out towards the side, dividing the hair in the area into two sections.

Next, they’ll grab and lift one section at a horizontal 90° angle toward the ear.

Then the stylist will shorten the section using the point-cutting technique, where they place the point or tip of the scissors at an angle to cut the ends of the strands. 

After this, they’ll do the same for the other section. 

Then the stylist can clean up the nape or just leave it looking a bit shaggy, depending on your preference. 

Upper Back Section

For the upper back section of your head, your hairstylist aim will be to create layers.

Another thing that makes the bixie haircut different from a bob is that the layers at the back are disconnected, which means the length of the upper back section is noticeably shorter than the nape section.

To determine the length, the stylist will release the back section and cut it with no elevation to match the nape.

Once the back section has been cut to the right length, your stylist will begin layering it. They’ll divide this area into more sections and elevate each one at a horizontal 90° angle before point cutting them.

Front Sides

For the sides of your hair, your stylist’s goal will be for these areas to have plenty of movement while framing your face.

Starting at the top, the stylist will establish the target length to about 3 to 4 inches from the roots. Keep in mind that the length may vary depending on the volume of your hair. 

Then your stylist will stand in front of you, gather the sides of your hair, and compress them vertically into a single section.

After this, they’ll lift the section to a 90° horizontal angle and cut it from top to bottom using deep point cuts.

This technique will mold your hair right to your face.


The crown will look fuller and shorter to mimic the pixie cut.

To layer this area, the hairstylist will take sections of your hair in the crown from one side of the head to the other, ending at the parietal ridge.

These sections are then lifted to a 90° vertical angle and cut with medium to large strokes using a razor to create texture. This will also create the shortest pixie pieces on top.


The bixie cut pairs well with almost any kind of bangs — side-swept, curtain, and full, heavy blunt bangs.

Your hairstylist will cut your bangs to achieve the specific style you want.

To help you choose the right type of bangs, here’s a quick chart of the best fringe style you can get to flatter your face shape and accentuate your best features.

Face ShapeBest Bangs to Get
HeartWispy or crescent bangs
RoundThick, side-swept bangs
SquareLong and layered bangs
OvalBottleneck bangs
DiamondCurtain bangs
OblongFull bangs
PearSide-parted curtain bangs

To help you visualize the process of creating the bixie haircut even better, here’s a comprehensive bixie cut tutorial from Sam Villa Hair Tutorials.

4 Bixie Ideas for Different Hair Types

Not sure if the bixie haircut will suit your hair type and texture? Take a look below at our styling ideas for straight, wavy, and curly bixies. 

Bixie for Fine Hair

A woman with short hair wearing black coat, facing on the side

If you have extremely fine hair, you can easily achieve the wispy look of a bixie haircut.

But if you want a professional-looking style, you can always ask your hairstylist to lessen the layers to make the overall look neater and less shaggy.

Style tip: Use hair spray to further tame the layers.

Bixie for Straight Hair

A short, brown haired woman wearing makeup isolated on a white background

For straight hair with a little more volume, this classic bixie with a side part and long bangs is ideal. 

To achieve this, your stylist will go for shorter layers to help collapse the volume at the ends and avoid a triangle shape.

Style tip: Use a round brush and a hair dryer to give your locks a lift.

Bixie for Wavy Hair

A short, wavy brown haired woman wearing makeup isolated on a gray background

The cute choppy layers of this cut look great on short wavy hair. We love how the loose waves are styled inwards, creating short C-shaped curls.

Style tip: To style those charming waves, use hot rollers specifically designed for short hair.

Bixie for Naturally Curly Hair

A curly and short-haired woman wearing makeup and black turtle neck isolated on a gray background

The layers of a bixie haircut will help you show off your natural curl pattern.

Since your hair will be cut tight around the edges, you don’t have to worry about your hair feeling weighed down.

Style tip: A curly bixie requires minimal styling. Just use your trusted curling gel or cream, and you’re good to go.

12 Bixie Haircut Variations

During your next salon visit, you’ll need to tell your trusted hairstylist about the specific bixie look you want. Since this cut has lots of variations, it’s best to show photos of the style you’re going for.

Below, we’ll show you different variations of the bixie haircut. Feel free to show your stylist any of these hairstyle ideas to help you achieve the cut you want. 

Bixie With Long Side-Swept Bangs

A short haired woman with long side-swept bangs. Facing on her side, smiling isolated on a gray background

If you’re not ready to lose the length just yet, try this long pixie bob haircut. It has long front layers to frame your face beautifully.

This style works best with round face shapes.

Style tip: To style your bangs without heat, twirl them while they’re still damp and pin them to the side where you want the bangs to fall.

Shagged-Out Bixie

A blonde and wavy haired woman wearing eyeglasses, smiling isolated on a light colored background

This hairstyle can work wonders for both thin and thick hair.

If you have thick hair, the disconnected layers of a shag help remove some of the weight at the ends.

On the other hand, if you have thin hair, its shaggy layers can also add volume. Talk about a dual-purpose cut!

For the layers to work to your advantage, your stylist should know how to perform the right layering techniques to help you achieve your specific goals.

Style tip: To style this look, air-dry your locks and apply a lightweight texturizing product like Beauty by Earth Sea Salt Spray & Texture Spray to enhance its shaggy appearance.

Bixie With Crown Layers

A blonde, short, and wavy haired mature woman, wearing makeup and a necklace, smiling. Isolated on a white background

This is a great option if you want your bixie haircut long at the back but short at the top.

It’s also an ideal haircut for women over the age of 60 because it helps give a modern twist to a familiar retro look.

Style tip: Accentuate your crown’s body by getting shadow roots, a hair coloring technique that makes your roots darker to create the illusion of natural root growth.

Choppy Bixie

A blonde woman with a bixie haircut posing isolated on a black background

This messy, choppy pixie bob is perfect for short hair. This is because the razor-cut layers and choppy ends give texture and movement to the hair.

Styling tip: Move the layered ends toward your face using the tips of your index and thumb, then secure them into place with styling clay.

Side-Shaved Bixie Hair

A woman facing at the side wearing black sleeveless with a short side-shaved haircut isolated on a gray background

While the bixie haircut is edgy on its own, you can add even more boldness to the look by getting one side of it shaved.

Whether the side is slightly faded or completely shaved off, it makes the hair look so much sexier.

Styling tip: Use a volumizing hair mousse and blow-dry your long hair. Then gently smooth it away from the shaved side.

Slicked Back Bixie

A blonde and short haired woman wearing makeup looking at the camera. Isolated on a gray background

Bixies usually look messy, but if you want a tidy version of it, go for this sleek hairstyle.

Not only will it keep the layers of your bixie nice and neat, but it also show off your gorgeous features.

Styling tip: Brush your hair up and tuck the sides behind the ear. Use a water-based pomade to hold your hair into place without making it too stiff or greasy. 

Feathered Bixie

A blonde and short haired woman with a feathered cut looking at her side while closing her eyes. Isolated on a white background

We love the wispy layers on this bixie that mimics a grown-out pixie cut.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look like you have thick hair without looking too messy or bulky, this feathered cut is the right one for you.

Style tip: Washing your hair only once a week and using a dry shampoo in between can help maintain this messy, textured look.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

A woman with a short haircut and bangs isolated on a white background

You might be familiar with the asymmetrical bob, but did you know that you can also apply this same style to a bixie?

Here, one side is noticeably longer than the other, which frames the face nicely. This is by far the best pixie bob cut for a square face.

Style tip: Use lightweight hair oil to keep this style smooth and frizz-free.

Bixie With Full Bangs

A brown and short haired woman with full bangs

A bixie cut works well with different types of bangs. That’s just how versatile this hairstyle is.

Take this look, for instance. The heavy full fringe complements the bixie and adds shape to the cut.

Style tip: Change this hairstyle every now and then by parting the bangs to the side or splitting them down the middle.

Blunt Cut Bixie

A blonde and short haired woman with a straight blunt ends isolated on a gray background

We love this variation of bixie haircut. Instead of having stacked layers at the back, this one has straight blunt ends.

This cutting technique makes the style lean more toward a bob cut while keeping the fullness at the top.

Style tip: To prevent your hair from looking flat, use dry shampoo several times throughout the day. This will not only refresh your hair but also give it body.

Vintage Bixie

A blonde and short haired woman with vintage curls looking at her side, isolated on a gray background

A pixie bob haircut looks really romantic when paired with vintage curls. The soft curls make you look like you came from a ‘60s Hollywood movie.

It can be worn at formal parties or even on evening dates.

Style tip: Create your curls using curling wands with thin barrels or flat irons for short hair.

Tousled Bixie Cut

A wavy and short haired woman, posing and wearing a makeup

This tousled bixie cut makes your hair look sweet and sassy. It creates soft waves with fewer layers than usual for a more laid-back hairstyle.

Style tip: This hairstyle looks best on those with wavy hair. However, if you don’t have naturally  wavy hair, you can still achieve this look by using a large barrelled curling wand to create the soft waves.

4 Hair Color Ideas for Bixies

Ash Blonde Bixie

The back of a woman with short ash blonde haircut isolated on a pink background

A muted silvery blonde color like ash blonde makes the bixie haircut look more elegant but still edgy and unique. This hue flatters pale and pinkish skin tones particularly well.

Style tip: Keep your ash blonde hair color cool and bright by using a purple shampoo once a week.

Brunette Bixie

A brunette woman with a pixie bob hair cut isolated on a black background

Dark-haired girls can have fun with the ’90s pixie bob cut too. If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, this cut will add depth to your hair and accentuate its rich hue. 

Style tip: You can also add subtle light brown highlights to emphasize the layers and create the illusion of denser tresses.

Rainbow Bixie

A short haired woman with a multicolored hair, wearing makeup on a silver background

Everyone you meet will surely do a double-take once they see this multi-colored bixie haircut on you. 

To achieve this, ask your stylist to paint your strands with different unnatural pastel colors to add dimension to the overall look.

Style tip: This look is best achieved using semi-permanent hair colors from beloved brands like Manic Panic or Arctic Fox.

Gray Blended Bixie

A short haired mature woman with a gray blended bixie haircut, sitting. Isolated on a blue background

When you wear this hairstyle, you can embrace your grays gracefully. The brushed-up soft waves of this look make the trendy bixie haircut appear sophisticated and age-appropriate.

Style tip: Blend your grays as you grow them out by getting lowlights.

FAQs about the Bixie Haircut Trend

Is a bixie cut good for thin hair?

A bixie is one of the best haircuts for thin hair. The layers in this cut add fullness and dimension to your flat locks.

Are mixie and bixie the same?

The mixie and bixie haircuts are similar when it comes to looking like a pixie at the crown and front part. However, they have different styles at the back.

A mixie is longer at the back, resembling a mullet haircut where the M in the name comes from.

How pricey is a bixie haircut?

A bixie costs the same as other regular haircuts, so it may cost around $60 to $80. But if you’re planning on getting your pixie bob cut colored as well, expect the price to go a lot higher.

Try the Bixie Haircut Today

Plenty of hair trends are coming back from the past, and one of them is the bixie. A combination of the bob and the pixie, this haircut has plenty of layers that add volume to your hair.

Because the bixie can be customized to different hairstyles, you have so many options.

You can go for a short layered bixie for a low-maintenance style or a shaggy bixie for an edgier look. And you can wear it with or without face-framing bangs.

Whatever your hair type and hairstyle preferences are, you can hop on the bixie trend and try this unique cut for yourself!

Thinking of Other Hairstyles?

Let us show you more style inspiration:


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